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I Did not Ask for this Gift

Posted on February 18, 2010

Hello, I will tell you my weird experience. It was very confusing and horrifying for me because I was so lost about things in my life and you will find out why. I am 19 years old and currently living in nice apartment with my husband.

It started when I was 3 years old. I was playing with my friends outside, my friend kicked the ball away from us by accident and it went to the tree. I said “I’ll get it.” I ran to get it, and I saw an old lady approaching behind the tree, she picked up the ball. I was startled and I just walked back. She said “Don’t be afraid, here you go.” she smiled. So She gave me the ball and gave me a smile. I just stared at her for some reason (I don’t remember.) And she asked me a question “Can you help me?” I nodded. She said “I have something for you but don’t you ever think it’s bad. Use it to help others. She took out her hand and wanted me to take her hand. I was scared and she smiled, I mean why not, It’s not like I am gonna get hurt. So I took her hand and she held my hand for few seconds. She said “Thank you, God bless you.” she walked away and I wanted to see where she’s going. So I walked behind the tree and there was no sign of her. So I just went back and played with them.

When I turned 5, Things started to happen. I would see things and I would be curious and ask them questions or talk to them. My mother came to me and told me who was I talking to? I got angry, because I thought she was teasing. I told her I am talking to a funny man who was telling me jokes. My mom said “Knock it off, that’s not funny at all.” I was confused after she sent me back to my room. I was thinking about what happened there. All in sudden I feel like I needed to look out on the window and I saw the funny man again. She smiled and waved. I was upset and closed the shade.

A few months later, I was having my birthday party. I had presents and great time with my family. I was making a wish and I blew it. But then 1 candle wouldn’t go out. I blew harder and harder. It just didn’t move. I was laughing, telling them that they did good job tricking me but My parents were in amazed. My mother took the candle and just turned on water to put the candle out. In results, it just gave her a big cut on her index finger. Which she went hospital and got 4 stitches. She told us that it was kitchen accident. I didn’t believe her because she’s always careful with cutting and she never cut her finger before.

I had a nightmare that I was chased by 2 big hooded figure and I was crying asking for help. And an old lady grabbed me and put me behind her. She said “BE GONE!” and the hooded figures disappeared. She turned and smiled at me telling me it’s time for me to help. I woke up crying because that was the same old lady I saw 2 years ago.

I was in my room playing with my toys and then just reading my books like Winnie Pooh or fairy tales. I heard a knock in my closet door and I was scared but I said “Come in” there was a pretty girl with bowtails on her left and right side of her hair. She asked me if I could let her stay with me and play. She said her name is Ruby and I was excited because I thought she has like magical door to go enter people’s houses. I asked her if she can show me, and she replied “What are you talking about? I live here.” I got confused and I said “No you don’t I live here.” She got upset and told me that she’s telling her mom. She ran out of my room and I followed her. But she disappeared. I ran to my mom and told her where’s Ruby? My mom told me that she never heard of ruby and asked me if she’s my new friend. I just freaked out and went to my parents bed and fell asleep.

I woke up in middle of night and I realized my dad carried me and put me in my room. I saw in the corner and there was Ruby again. I walked to her and she was crying, I just started feeling sad. She asked me where her parents is. I got scared, I said I don’t know and told her that she can live with me. She put a smile and asked what happened to her piano, is it fixed? I told her that the piano was never broken and it’s in the living room. She told me to follow her. As she got on the keyboard, she told us that it not Ruby’s piano. I told her it’s my family’s piano. She didn’t saw anything, she was playing and I thought it was the best thing I ever heard in my life I mean I never heard something like that. I sat down and closed my eyes and listened to her playing.

When I opened my eyes, I realized the living room wasn’t mine. It was painted lightly red, weird light fixtures, and old furniture that I haven’t seen. I said “Ruby, where are we?” She just kept playing and I walked to her tapping her shoulder. It seems that I didn’t exist. So I walked in front of her waving, yelling to get her attention. She seem like she doesn’t see me anymore. The door open, a man that really scared me to death! He had like a sledge hammer, Ruby turned and she screamed, He tried to hit her with his sledge hammer but instead it hit on the piano, Ruby went under the table, crying, asking for mommy. I was crying so hard, I couldn’t move, I tried to help but I couldn’t It was like watching a movie. So he put the sledge hammer down and pulled her leg across. She screamed and he picked it up and smashed her head with it several times. I saw it, I was so scared, I pissed at myself. The man looked at me and I screamed so hard. I felt like my body was being shaken. In back of reality it was my mom shaking me. She asked me What happened? She hugged me so tightly. I cried so hard. She said “Why is your body shaking did something happen? Tell me please!” She was also crying.

I was traumatized, I didn’t talk much. I was thinking about Ruby. My mom made me go to child therapist. The therapist tried to make me talk, and I just didn’t talk to him. I was looking at the corner. He told my mother that something did happen that scared the wits of out my life. My mom tried to ask me what happened. I didn’t want to tell her. I was afraid if I told her, then the man would come. All I wanted is to see Ruby again. I went to my room and cried myself to sleep. I heard Ruby’s voice, and I turned around and there she was. I cried harder because she was covered in blood. I told her what happened. She told me that she didn’t want to tell me when I first met her. I realized that she was a ghost. I told her to let go and see her parents again. She said “No, I want to play piano.” I told her that she will play, and her parents are waiting for her. She said “You’re right, Thank you. All I needed was love.” She hugged me tightly and disappeared. I felt much better but still was traumatized.

I am gonna stop now because I have so many things to tell you. I didn’t want to make it too long. I will post it later on I hope if I have the energy to do it.

Sent in by Jamie, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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19 Responses to “I Did not Ask for this Gift”
  1. Believer says:

    What a story! I think that old lady wants you to help ghosts to pass over into the light, that’s why she asked If you could help. Just think of It as being in “Ghost Whisperer)”.

  2. NurShahidah says:

    Its a truly nice,horror and sad experience you have..Its seem the old lady that you me giving you a ‘gift’ to help a sorrow soul and people.Hope the god bless you with a good and nice deeds.

  3. courtney says:

    awwww thats depressing……if i could see spirits all the way and i met her id be alittle scared but itd be cute cause i bet her spirit was rlly pretty.

  4. KNOW2MUCH says:

    Jamie, i understand how you feel about growing up this way, i didnt ask for it either, but i have always had it.. as a child it was terrifying at times, but i really thought, untill i got older, that everyone was like me.. when i got old enough i realized that i was different. I really wish that i had had a place like this to come and talk about it.

    Now i am an adult, i am finally comfortable with myself, which has in turn has stopped all of the stress and anxiety. I guess you could say, i have accepted me for who i am. Life is much easier now!!!!

    For anyone else out there that feels this way i will say this, you are not odd or strange, there are many of us with gifts in this world.

  5. Anonymous says:

    that’s crazy…but it’s really cool that there’s another person out there with the same gift as i have now and sometimes it can scare me. even when i do hear things it frightens me but i try to deal with it as much as i can…well i hope you can deal with the gift sometime soon!!!

  6. anna says:

    thats sad.im sorry you had to go threw that.i do want to hear more.if you did tell your mom what happened she maybe wouldnt believe you.i dont know what to say just sorry that happened to you.

  7. Andrew says:

    I have no idea if the original poster will read this. Did you ever find out if something hapened to ruby in the house before your family moved in?

  8. Ideas for your ghost issues says:

    I think you need to embrace your gift. If you like to think that we all come to this place with a gift to give the world it sounds like you have found your calling.

    There are those of us left behind that would like to hear from those we love, and I imagine for those that leave this world suddenly or sometimes prematurely, don’t even realise that they are dead and need some help to move on.

  9. Anonymous says:

    its great bcuz you provide a website for some gifted children,,like me

  10. Fiddyy says:

    Hi …wow that was a nice storie tought i oni read the end cos i cant read all because i got a headache soo sorry….but how to you submit a story i try to submit a storie but it idnt show in this web page =( haha my mom also did saw this paranormal things but now she cant cos her father kinda closes her “third eye” well in chinese its like if someone can c paranormal thing they got third eye but anywayz my brother also got the “thir eye” thing but i dont weird huh..? but anywayz nice story ^^

    • Caretaker says:

      Fiddyy – There is a link at the top of every page that says “Submit A Ghost Story” there is also a link on the side of all the pages that says “Submit Your True Paranormal Story”

  11. dynamo says:

    you did a very good job

  12. Carri Williams says:

    did something happen to ruby or on that property?

  13. sarah says:

    wow cool story that was quiet strange too and interesting. What an experience.

  14. Nell says:

    hi jamie if you can read this pls post some more stories you have i find it interesting… thanks!

  15. GhostFan23 says:

    Truly amazing. I wish I could see things like that. I believe the old lady was either a ghost under a curse that would only be lifted if a human being touched her, or like Believer said, bringing ghosts into the light. About Ruby, I think that it was just a ghost that wanted to rest in peace.

  16. Lilly says:

    Advice…..please take this serious. ….
    Always make sure you’re in control of your mind…….!!– I’m rocking on the same boat as you

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have friends?How are not from here,Yes i know you see i lost my life and doctors saved me 2 times in one life.
    You come back with new friends.
    Its ok im in my 50s It all started when at 14 the number one death,got much stronger when yes again at 17 number 2 death.
    I see things then there hapenning,But i cannot stop them,No time and how would listen to me,

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