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Haunted Home in Arkansas

Posted on July 22, 2009

A Haunting in Arkansas

The home in which I grew up in rural Arkansas was, by all outward appearances, a completely normal and unassuming house. Situated next to a dense forest and built on heavily sloping terrain, its brick exterior enclosed several bedrooms and living areas on two levels, all evenly divided between a main floor and an equal-sized walk-out basement. Over the course of my 13 years in the home, I experienced several incidents that by themselves amount to little, but in totality (and with the benefit of hindsight) make me wonder if our family of four wasn’t always alone.

Events were merely curious at first; my bedroom lamp turning on by itself, for instance, or an unnatural and unexplainable noise that I’d casually write off. Gradually, things became even more inexplicable. For example, I had a sizeable collection of small die-cast metal airplanes neatly displayed on my small coffee table. For three straight days at one point, I’d return home from school to find them all rearranged to form elaborate designs on the table. The rest of the family adamantly denied involvement. On another occasion, I was awakened and heard distinctly, for what seemed like hours, the distinct sound of a ball being rolled to and fro along the length of the attic. What makes this unusual (outside of the thought of somebody “bowling” in the middle of the night) was that our attic wasn’t one of the traditional sense, but more of a crawl space below the roof composed of nothing more than widely-spaced two-by-four cross-beams and insulation. In other words, there was nothing for a heavy ball to roll upon! And yet I laid there for a long time, knowing this, yet unable to deny what I heard over and over and over until I fell back asleep.

I finally reached an age, as most kids do, when I began to desire more privacy and as a result, moved into one of the bedrooms downstairs. I wasn’t, however, ever completely comfortable down there, persisting to stay only out of pride and machismo. And then one night, when my sister and I were home alone – I in the shower adjacent to my bedroom and her watching television in the living area – one of the “loudest” events occurred. I had just exited the bathroom wearing a robe and had stopped in the living room to ask my sister something when we were shocked by the most violent noise we’d ever experienced in that house. It sounded distinctly as if someone upstairs had picked up my parent’s heavy five-drawer dresser (a physical impossibility for one person) and had thrown it angrily on the floor. The sound was localized in nature (almost directly above our heads, where our parent’s bedroom was) and was accompanied by the “peripheral” sounds of fragile items atop the dresser shattering and breaking upon the floor. There aren’t two more level-headed people in the world than my sister and I (even as kids), but we instinctively sensed something dangerous or evil. We immediately evacuated through the back door and sprinted (yes, I’m still wearing only a bathrobe) through a path in the woods to a neighbor’s home. “Bobby” didn’t doubt our breathless story; he grabbed a shotgun and flashlight and ran back to the house with me in tow. We searched every nook and cranny of the large home….and found absolutely nothing amiss.

While residing there, I never took the time to contemplate or summarize the scattered events of my childhood and, eventually, I departed for a college out of state. Shortly after enrolling, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call from my distraught sister. Evidently, she herself had been wakened by a call (we, like most socially active kids of the day, had our own phone line) from someone demanding to speak to me. She had, she claims to this day, a sense of dread right away, due in large part to the distant and almost inhuman quality of the voice. She informed whomever it was that I was away at college. The caller persisted in speaking to me and completely ignored her insistence I was not home and her queries as to whom she was speaking. Finally, after her third or fourth explanation that I wasn’t available, the voice (according to her) seemed to almost reach through the phone and burst into her bedroom, screaming, “LIAR!” The malevolence with which it spoke brought her to tears, which didn’t improve with daybreak. Even my father, who tolerated even less bull—- than my sister or I, was atypically disturbed by her account.

I’m in my thirties now, and incidents of childhood are as sharp today as they ever were, so much so that I finally asked my mother about here memories of the home. She was reticent to deal with the subject at first (my parents lived there for eight additional years after my departure), but finally admitted to a few things. She, for instance, claims to never have been comfortable downstairs. It wasn’t something she could explain specifically; she merely didn’t like being down there, adding cryptically that she wondered at times how I ever tolerated living down there for five years. She also recalled being wakened several times by the inexplicable sound of rhythmic metallic tapping emanating from the master bathroom in the middle of the night, but always forced herself to ignore it so she could fall back asleep.

Despite the oddity of it all, it wasn’t without some degree of sadness when the house was sold. Fond memories far outweigh the strange. Nevertheless, through our neighbor of old who still resides nearby, we know that the purchaser didn’t stay long and the home has changed hand multiple times since.

Written by Chet, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Haunted Home in Arkansas”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    i must say that this was most expertly explained with out a doubt and no i don’t for minute doubt what you say is true! i was held in suspense through the whole story! i would hope that maybe you could shed a little more light on the property by some research. i am most astounded by the phone call your sister recieved, and i’m sure it was a most terrifying event! thank you for relaying this time in your life as it was well worth the time to write it as it was to read it! and if you have more to tell us please do!!

  2. kutin says:

    i find it interesting too that you tolerate in the room down stair for so long . I would be too scared to even stay there for more then a month. So I guess your mother didn’t want to scared you and your sister so she kept it for herself for so long. So have you ever tried to find out about this place , and something on its history to help you know why it have the paranormal activity happening? I kinda want to know its background too. Anyways , that was a great story. Like the scare factor of it :) .

  3. CMF says:

    Yeah, this is a perfectly renedered account of actual paranormal events, absolutely believe you. Got chills when I read about the phone call to your sister! You ever do any research on the property?

  4. Sienna says:

    Whoa, haunted things creep me out… have you guys heard of The Othersiders? it’s on tonight at 9 when they investigate Marine Warehouse, i wonder if it’s haunted

  5. cherrykisses says:

    yea i watch the othersiders every time they come on…i didnt get to watch the whole episode tho….i love that stuff

  6. ernesto says:

    that was a spooky story , the part when you herd the dresser slam down on the floor ,,,wow ….i know someone the had that happen to them and they were spooked so much that they sold there house a week later, ….maybe someone died in the house you were living in …

  7. Kandy says:

    Great story. I have a friend that’s an investigator and she’s coming up here to Arkansas, from Texas today. We would like to see this house. Where is it and do you know any history?

  8. North says:

    Excellent writing. I would be interested in the house history as well.

  9. Ghost girl says:

    this is such an interesting story. thanks for posting it. maybe someone lived there before you and died there…

  10. cwdom211am says:

    OMG!!! What a story. I’m glad you are OK , How is your sister doing today? Poor thing must have just been beside herself with fear. I hope she has a happy life today. I am really glad your family wasn’t physically harmed. What part of Arkansas did you live in?

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