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Haunted Cell Phones

Posted on June 25, 2011

Ok now this did not happen to me but it happened to my sister in-law. Ok so let me fill you in. My brother in law got killed a year ago, (that’s enough of that). Now a couple of weeks ago she had got a text message that came from her moms phone real late at night that had read (hey, where are you at?) she text back: I am at home, why? did you need something? reply: I am busy right now text me back later. My sister in-law: mom are you ok. you don’t text me so fast , who is this? reply: it’s me stupid. My sister in-law: me who? mom quit playing, yall better give nani the phone. reply: whos playing. My sister in-law. who is this ? reply: it’s me stupid, meet me at the cemetery, I will be waiting for you there.

My sister in law finally got scared and went to her moms house and went to her room and when she walked in my mother in law was asleep, my sister in-law was looking for the phone and it was sitting on top of the dresser charging, and my sister in law woke up her mother and asked her who was using her phone? She told her that everyone in the house had been asleep for hours.

Well my sister in-law got her phone and was looking through it and there were no sent messages that had gone sent or received. My mother in law is going blind, and she cannot see well. Anyway when my sister in law was going through her phone she had seen photos in there that should of never had been there, the photos were photos my mother in-law took with another phone and of all of us, after my brother in law died. So it was weird.

They woke us all up to tell us what had happened, I asked her if she went to the cemetery. She she was all freaked out both of them, could it had been true I don’t know, but this is a quick one, another time too, my girls are teenagers and one time they stayed out with their friends and it was just me and my husband in our room asleep and I was charging my cell in the living room,me and my husband were in our bedroom. Well I had got up to go to the bathroom when I saw my light on, as I got closer to it, it looked as if someone was using it, I reached over and my mother in-law was on the line, and I said hello? She said hi mija did you call? I said no. I was explaining to her what I was doing when I saw my phone light on and it was calling her over to her cell phone on its own. We were both freaked out, and she said that it did that a couple of time and that it would hang up. This was around 3 am and there was only not one call going out of my phone, but when we switched phone to see each others phone she had had 4 missed calls from mine. Creepy Huh? Has anyone been though this before? Let me know.

Sent in by Moya, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Haunted Cell Phones”
  1. sk_chey says:

    It sounds to me like your brother is trying to get your attention, maybe somthing to do with his death. I wouldn’t be too afraid, but def. Keep an eye on it and write down every experiance that you have. Maybe try getting in contact with him through a medium. Thayts the best advice I can give you, and I’m so sorry for your loss.

  2. amoya says:

    I am having a similar problem. my boyfriend and i moved into a house recently for the summer. Our phones started clalling eachother at first. Then we would find our phones upside down all the time. After that only his phone would call mine in the house and when it did his phone would not be in the place we left it. It would be stuffed in the closet upside down or somewhere else upside down. We know this is ghost because we have been in the same room when the phone moved to another side of the room. We never see it move we just find it upside down somewhere else right after we put it somewhere. It started getting progressivley worse recently.My boyfriend and I go t in an argument on fathers day and he deleted his facebook account right after writing that he ahd the worst fathers day ever. 8 minutes later his account was reacvtivated and his page wrote to me that he had the best fathers day and even called me sweetheart like he does. two hours later when he was at work, his page added us as in a relationship when neither of us had sent a request. I wasnt home when he deleted his account that night. He texted me and told me he did so when I saw his post I just assumed he decided to reactivate his account and be sweet all of a sudden. the next morning when he saw me on facebook he accused me of reactivating his account. I told him I dont even know his password and that he had wrote on my page. he said he didnt reactivate his account or write on my page. I knew he was telling the truth. The next night I tried to type in ghost in google while at my house and google said there was no such thing. Needless to say I booked it out if the hosue and went to a coffee shop. Sure enough a bunch of stuff popped up for ghost. The night after that the ghost started getting more creative with where it started hiding his phone. And started moving other things in the house. Plus since we have moved into the house, only about a month our printer and our scanner have broken, the water heater broke and the internet is constantly not working. Plus our batteries are constantly dead no matter how much we charge them. the other night the phones started calling eachother and being flipped upside down again. Only this time after the third call I got a text from my boyfriends phone that was in the bedroom while he was sitting next to me in the living room. It said BE NICE, then I received a second text saying YOU BETTER BE NICE TO HIM. Before that my boyfriend often joked about the ghost bothering us because I was mean to him. Now we are trying to move, but until we find the house I do not stay there at night. My boyfriend works nights. So we sleep during the day and then we are both out of there before 9:00pm, we do not come back home until 7:00am. This seems to be managing things until we find a house. I am trying to find one as fast as possible and hopefully something comes up soon. Or I am getting a hotel room.

  3. Buddy says:

    I also experienced the same thing. There r=are times when my father would call me very early in the morning asking me if I called him. I often tell him that I didn’t call and we would end up wondering what caused my number to call him for some unknown reason. The same thing also happened to my sister and one of our Aunts. One day they were watching TV together when my aunt’s phone suddenly rang, when she checked the number of the phone calling, it was my sister’s number. She quickly asked my sister if she was the one calling, but it was obvious that my sister wasn’t the one making the call and her cellphone was just lying there on the coffee table out of their reach. This freaked the heck out of them both.
    One of the probable causes of this is a glitch on the phone or the carrier. Not sure if there is anything paranormal about our accounts though. But you have a very interesting story.

  4. Moya says:

    Well all I can say is I am glad I am not the only one going through this.

  5. kim says:

    I’m sure the story is pretty scary, but I got lost with all the in-laws, I couldn’t understand it or get into the story.

  6. Kelly.T. says:

    My ma has had a similar experience my daddy died of cancer almost 2 years ago earlier this year around march or so my daddy’s bro uncle dusty came by to check on ma and my brother then his phone rang and on its screen lit up in blue letters said Mike S****** is calling he handed it to my mama and she answered and there was nothing ( it was their wedding day anniversary!) yaaah my daddy is still super sweet to her and he’s not even alive! I miss him <3 <3 I love that crazy man!!!! <3

  7. LMC says:

    Thanks for sharing Moya… My cell phone does that once in awhile… I use to get those type of phone calls allot more with a land line. Sometimes all day long until I say knock it off! :-D

  8. Carla says:

    Yes. One time, and the only time this ever happened was when I was living in a condo. My phone was sitting at the top of the basement stairs on the top step. My friend sent me a text asking what I needed because I “called” around 10-15 times. I had no idea why my phone just did that. But it was the only time it ever did. Nothing was touching my phone to do such a thing!

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