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Growing up Psychic

Posted on February 17, 2010

Ever since I was born I had the ability to see ghosts. I mostly noticed them in the home and felt a bit scared of them. When I was four I noticed this woman possibly thirty years of age and she had this scowl on her face and I felt that we shared the home with her. She had dark brown hair and although she never bothered me she did watch me a bit.

I remember one time my mom was playing a racing game and she fell asleep while playing (It’s not a habit of hers and never was.) Then the ghost took over playing the game I remember it because my mom woke up thinking she beat the game while sleeping by the time my mom woke up the ghost had given back the controller and I thought doesn’t she see the woman next to her? (we moved when I was five).

I was attacked by two different Demons when I was six years old.

I woke up in the middle of the night one night and I couldn’t move. I tried my hardest I couldn’t even move my head. I soon gave up and noticed the room was freezing. (This was the middle of summer) So I covered up myself with a blanket as best I could, it was kind of hard because my sister was sleeping at the end of my bed. Then something caught my eye. I looked to see and there was a little girl in the hallway. I watched her a few minutes thinking it was my sister. She moved awfully quick and I thought I wish I could move that fast. I then decided it was time to tell my sister it was bedtime. I walked on my bed and I stepped on my sister. By then I was frightened because I didn’t know who would be in the hallway if it wasn’t my sister.

I tried waking my sister up but she wouldn’t wake so I gave up by that time I was terrified. I then thought turn on the light it was pitch black in my room (I don’t even know how I knew it was a little girl in the hallway). After staring at the wall that I thought held the light switch I jumped up, felt around, couldn’t find it, freaked out and put my hands around my legs and tightly closed my eyes. Then I heard a click. I didn’t dare move but I opened my eyes and the light was on. I got up and was sore and I looked behind me to expect someone to be there but there wasn’t. I looked in the hallway as far as I dared and no one was there. I contemplated turning off the light but thought better of it and climbed in bed next to my sister.

The second demon attack occurred in my parents bedroom as I refused to sleep in my own room afterward. I dreamed I was in pitch black when red stairs appeared and I knew I was to walk up them. I was curious as to what was on the top so I climbed the stairs. It took awhile for me to reach the top and when I stepped on the last step before the landing I was pushed by a shadow figure and I was falling and the stairs disappeared. I was so scared thinking I would reach the ground and all my bones would break. I woke up and sat up immediately and I breathed like I never breathed before.

I tried waking my mom and my sister up but I couldn’t so I laid to my back to the hallway. I knew something was there I could feel his eyes on me. I tried not to look but I couldn’t not look so I did. Behind me there was a man. I mistook him for my dad at first and tried going back to sleep before he carried me to my room. After a couple of minutes I realized he should of been here by now and I looked back and he was in the same spot yet he looked like he was walking forward. I looked at where his feet were supposed to be and he was floating a couple of inches off the ground. I was going to climb off the bed to turn on the light but I was stopped by an unseen force. I then had to sleep with the demon in the hallway.

What I believed turned on the light and prevented me from getting off the bed was a woman ghost. I saw her once when I was sleeping in my parents room. I woke up to the room different. The woman was watering a plant near the window. When I remembered where I was the room went back to as I remembered it when I went to sleep but the woman was still there and she gave me this really good feeling. She told me to go to sleep and I fell asleep laughing because she was no longer watering a plant but a table. That was soon before we moved.

I also remembering having premonitions and visions since I was 10.

My first one I remember was it was after an uncles funeral and I returned to school. I was sitting at my desk and suddenly I started balling (I never cried in public before) it was this feeling like my whole world was ending and I didn’t know why, I thought funeral. I then later told my dad we were going to a funeral and he said we just to one. I Thought it doesn’t work that way and I felt indignant that we weren’t going to go. Then my dad found out my niece died he asked how I knew I just thought it was common knowledge I answered. Didn’t everybody?

We then moved again (We did move around quite a bit). We lived there for a while, a year or two, when my sister and I were going to visit a friend who lived on a farm. There was this rural road we’d walk to get there. I saw this really pretty lady walking, maybe she was early 20′s, and I stopped to talk to her. My sister was acting up which was odd because my sister was friendly as I was. I don’t remember a lot of our conversation but I do remember she said she liked to travel. I think she mentioned going somewhere in two weeks. The woman asked who I was talking to. I said my sister and she said hello to my sister and I thought my sister was a bit rude for not saying Hi back so I told her to. She looked at me weird. I asked where she lived because we had to get going she said she used to live there pointing to a house behind us but she said she lived here now. I thought she was pulling my leg because who lived on the street when they had a home to go to. I told her I’d visit and my sister asked me questions who was it was talking to and what we were talking about I even pointed out where she said she lived.

We then went to our friends house she tried telling him I was talking to a ghost but I didn’t believe her when she said that. I was talking to a real live person. Or so I thought. I went to her home as promised a couple of days later this woman answered and I told her who I was looking for. She said she didn’t live here and she slammed the door on my face when I tried describing her. I don’t blame her though maybe she was still grieving or maybe it freaked it her out or both.

My friend had a grandmother who had recently moved out of her trailer home and I was looking through the screen door the other door was wide open but the screen was locked and was glass. She left her trash behind on the floor and all of a sudden all the trash left and their was a small boy of four on a red toy. He had to turn around to look at me but he was staring right at me and this feeling of remorse entered me my eyes filled tears and I looked away for a moment and the boy was no longer their just the trash. When I saw him I couldn’t help but feel like I couldn’t move (maybe something kept him behind). I remember them saying it felt haunted. (Them: My friends and their grandmother.)

We moved when I was in eight grade and switched apartments when I was seventeen. In the first apartment the paranormal thing that happened was my dad and I were leaving and he was in the car. I went to follow him but I couldn’t open the door as I tried really hard. I never had problems opening the door before the handle wouldn’t even jiggle.

The other apartment was loaded with ghosts. It was right across from a cemetery although I never seen a ghost in a cemetery before it gave me a spooky feeling and I never looked at it at night. A ghost would talk to me at night, it was nothing more then a shadow on a ceiling and looked like a scary pumpkin carving. My sister had the room before me and when she suddenly wanted to switch rooms I was up for it. I thought the knocking on the downstairs apartment freaked her out because you never saw the person but I didn’t mind it at all it was pitch black and for all I knew it was person. It was every night at 3 am.

Anyway the ghost I talked to whenever I was about to go to sleep I’d tell him go away and he would although he would’ve much preferred to stay. I don’t remember what we talked about just mundane things he never spoke aloud I read his mind and I whispered. I don’t think he could read my mind. Then I asked what he was doing here and he answered I want your family dead. Last I ever spoke to him I was so freaked out I convinced myself I was talking to myself and whenever he showed up told him go away without a second thought. Soon he stopped coming and I read a ghost story similar to that a year later and he appeared above the Christmas tree same shape as I remembered. I told him go away and he said No! In my head I thought I better get a picture of this and he was gone (when he left I realized he contorted the lights to fit his shadow).

I’m not sure if this was before this or after that or during that but one day I was walking down the hallway to lunch I left class early and their was only six other people in the hallway with me. In a second they all appeared to be dead and bloody. When I came to I was the only person in the hallway. I missed a couple of days of school after that  and when I returned I learned there had been a school shooting in another district.

I never really talked to anyone about my visions premonitions and ability to see ghosts. It felt so normal that I didn’t know it was abnormal I always thought it was something people were born with. I have many more experiences but I feel I have may have of taken enough of your time. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Written by Delia, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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5 Responses to “Growing up Psychic”
  1. anna says:

    you know what i want to hear more of the stories you have.that was weird about the school shooting.you saw those people.and when the ghodt said i want them dead that made my eyes widen.good stories thanks.

  2. Zach says:

    Many people may consider you “gifted”, but when it gets to a shocking and extreme point like this, I prefer to call it “cursed”. I think it was very brave of you to show us all this, and we’ll try to help you all we can. I have a question. When you see these ghosts, are they see-through at all? Or do they look like normal people, like the girl you talked to on the street.

  3. Lotus S. Dust says:

    can i ask how old you are?

  4. Rose says:

    Wow! I loved hearing about your experiences! I have seen one ghost and have always prayed to see more, but nada. Please share your other stories!

  5. Carri Williams says:

    I hope your family believes in you. My daughter sees spirits and visions and I listen to her. I believe what she tells me. God has given you a gift.

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