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Grandma’s Room

Posted on August 4, 2009

My grandmother lived in a mobile home on a one acre piece of land and ever since I was small I would always have these weird dreams. One day I decided to take a nap in her room. I felt what I thought was dozing off but then I got up and I remember my mom and my aunt were in the kitchen cooking. I walked past them to the other side of the home and into the living room which was fairly dark. I started seeing skulls in the dark floating there was like five or so with red eyes and laughing at me. I started to move back and they started chasing me. I ran right past my mom and aunt and into my grandmas room, jumped on the bed I was napping on and woke up. It was weird and scary!

Others times I had these like nightmares. I was awake and could see people walking around me but I couldn’t move or talk. It felt like someone was holding me.

Also in my grandmothers room, my sister has experienced more eerie things like she once saw a man with what she called an Abraham Lincoln hat standing in my grandmothers room door way. Days later she said she was asleep with my grandmother in my grandmothers room and she woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and something urged her to look out the window and what she saw was that same man standing outside looking back at her. She went back to bed and started praying till she eventually feel asleep.

Another time before my grandmother passed we were all in her room. She had two beds in there since it was a big room. My sister and I in one and my grandmother in the other. I was awakened by my sister who was asleep but she was lying down flat on her back and her body was jumping up and down. I was so scared I screamed and grabbed her arm, she turned and looked at me and stopped. I asked her why were you doing that? She looked at me like, what are you talking about? She says she didn’t feel herself jump or anything.

My sister has always been known to be weak in health. She has a bad heart and would constantly be fainting. There were two occasion which I remember her always passing out at funerals or in churches during funerals. Well one day she was in my grandmas room sleeping there was no one home since my grandma would leave early in the morning to yard sales and sometimes I would go to. So she said she woke in the morning and was walking toward the doorway in the room to go to the kitchen when she started feeling dizzy and felt like she was going to pass out. At that moment she said she saw two figures that were blurry because she was so dizzy walk into the room towards her. She described them as wearing long white gowns. One was dark complected and the other was a lighter skin tone. She said each one grabbed one of her arms and pulled her back to the bed. She said the feeling she felt was really peaceful and she knew she was safe. She assumed it was my mom and my brother because he is darker than us who happen to noticed she was about to pass out. She said the two people started to caress her face and saying, “its okay, your going to be okay,” and then she said she passed out. When she awoke they were gone she went around the house looking for my mom and brother, but then realized she was alone!

I don’t understand why these weird things would happen in that particular room. When the mobile home was bought it was a single wide and that room was actually built on. Now that my grandmother passed away back in 2004 the house kind of became abandoned. Most of her things were moved out and we eventually grew up and moved. So after she passed away, I would say three months later, I went to the house which still had running water, electricity, and furniture. I had to move out of my apartment and didn’t want to go stay with my mom because we were fighting my moms younger sister who also needed a place to stay went there. I remember we were in my grandmothers room since that was the only room that had a TV, I was upset because I had this weird feeling that I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to leave. I kept telling my aunt that we should leave and rent a room and I don’t want to sleep there. Of course I was left with no choice so I just went to sleep.

That night I had a dream and it started first with scent. I could smell my grandmothers cooking (by the way she was a great cook and well known to the family because of her gourmet cooking) and there she was cooking, making tortillas. She looked so beautiful, almost like she was an angel. She was smiling. I remember all of my family was there surrounding her in excitement because we got to see her one last time. I guess we knew she was dead but God brought her back to us so my mom told me to call my uncle – my moms brother (him and my mom got in a huge fight and stopped talking after my grandmother passed away) and tell him to come quickly so he could see my grandma.

My grandmother looked at all of us with excitement as we showed her around her house. It seemed like she had just been away for so long and finally came back. We went into a room that had a display of trophies from all my family who had played sports, some of my uncles (her sons) and few of my brothers. She looked at them with her eyes full of happiness then suddenly she let out a painful scream and fell to the ground. We all gathered around her asking her what was wrong. My mom told me to call an ambulance and I remember the sirens of the ambulance off in the distance and she just laid there in pain.

I remember my mom holding her and we all saw her face turn from this beautiful complexion start changing to a rotting corpse! I woke up with a scream and started crying. My aunt turned the light on, scared because I was screaming. I started crying so much I couldn’t even talk to her. Finally I told her about my dream and she thought it was amusing but I was terrified. I really wanted to leave more than ever then. Said it was probably my grandmother who was upset with me because I was making such a fuss to stay in her house. I don’t know but I think it was weird how all these things happened in that room. No one stays there now because it has been gutted and my family is hoping to remodel it since it was such a welcoming home to all us after all we were raised in that house. It is just so creepy.

Hope you like the story not a great writer where I go into detail sorry; please feel free to post comments.

Sent in by “Its me”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “Grandma’s Room”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    i really don’t think the mobile home was haunted, i believe it was the land. the man with the top hat belonged to a house long gone most probably. i’m sorry you’ve had trouble with your family and i believe you and your dreams. the dream was strange that it started out so well but then turned so morbid. i really hope your life is better and the dreams have left. try not to stay in grandma’s mobile home, good luck its me

  2. Ghost girl says:

    wow…I don’t think it was your grandma. She would have probably make you dream something good about her…I don’t really know, because I’m not really good in ghost things…By the way, very cool story. My grandma isn’t dead, but she is the only grand-something left. I never met the other three

  3. bhavishath says:

    it is really a strange experience. if it is still going on in that room please try to solve this issue. may your grandmother R.I.P.

  4. *TRISHA THOMPSON* says:

    wow thats freaky i think it was the land that yor grandmas room was on was haunted maybe there was like a private grave there

  5. NATALIE says:

    WOW VERY SCARY .. do you think maybe it was your grand mother’s spirit making have that wonderfull dream but them evil spirits took over and made it a nightmare ??
    so weird .. most def somthing in that room …and land

  6. Naomic[ : says:

    Ok pretty freaky i hate hauntings that disturb you but give them respect.it might’ve been your grandma giving you a good dream BUT something evil must of taken over the dream.:O

  7. Pat says:

    I tend to agree that the land is haunted- not the mobile home. I am so sorry for that terrifying dream- honey your Grandma is ina better place and try to remember all the good memories of her. Maybe once it is remodeled the bad things will be gone too.

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