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Ghostly Pet Lovers

Posted on June 9, 2010

In my adult years, I used to always have a parakeet as that was the pet of choice when I was growing up and they always seemed to work out well in apartments. One morning I moved the small mirror in the bird cage. I was having a real struggle and broke off one of the two prongs by which it hangs on the bars. I hung it crooked by one prong and kind of leaned the bottom against the perch.

I went downstairs, and when I came back upstairs about three minutes later, the bird cage was sitting crookedly, half on and half off the counter and the mirror was straight – it was hanging on the one good prong and the teensy piece of prong that was still left!

About three years later, in another apartment, my precious Tweety passed on and I purchased another parakeet. I took him out of the cardboard container and placed him in the cage. I went to the kitchen for a couple of minutes, and when I came back, my new parakeet was standing in the middle of the floor! Was he an escape artist or was he helped out of the cage by unseen entities?

I now have a cat who drives me crazy with his incessant meowing. I have asked the spirits to pet him or find another way to keep him quiet, but so far no luck. Seems they pick and choose what they want to do.

Sent in by Sandy Fuersich, Copyright 2010

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24 Responses to “Ghostly Pet Lovers”
  1. Hippogriff says:

    I guess you have some bird-loving entities in your hands! Good luck with the cat!

  2. trolldoll says:

    birds are pretty smart. i’m sure your bird couldn’t move a cage by itself!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think ur parakeet goout by itself.
    Mine got out of a closed window on it’s own.

    • Sandy says:

      I looked all over the cage but couldn’t figure out how the bird could have gotten out by itself. The door on the cage was a slide up/slide down affair, and when I did anything in the cage, I had to hold it up with one hand while putting my other hand in. Seemed to be pretty impossible for a baby parakeet to somehow push the door up and squeeze out the bottom. But I guess anything is possible!

    • Sandy says:

      Anonymous, I’ve been thinking about your bird mysteriously flying out of a closed window. I am guessing that it disappeared, so you assumed that’s what happened…or did you actually see it miraculously go through the glass? Depending on how long ago that happened, is it possible that it flew into a wall and is lying behind your couch, or headboard, or some other piece of furniture?

  4. Dana says:

    Wow, this is around your tenth story this month. You should write a book!

    Okay, all of your stories are quite different, but there’s no reason for me to assume that your making anything up. If there is some sort of other worldly being toying with the parakeets, it may be that it really does like animals or that it’s just trying to get attention and that’s just how it chose to do it. Either way, it doesn’t seem like it means any harm to you or the animals, so it’s probably safe to just let everything be. I happen to own parakeets and cats as well! My cat’s have had some ghostly experiences but my parakeets are very mean so I don’t give them as much of my attention.

    • Sandy says:

      Dana, I swear that every story I have submitted is true. Remember that they cover a period of many years. My friend says I should write science fiction books, but my mind isn’t that creative. I can take something that has happened, write it down and make it readable, or fix up something someone else has written, but as far as coming up with my own story, I wish I could!

  5. cookie says:

    awww i think kitty mght need some toys to keep him quiet…lol my the spirits really do like birds alot more.i should ask how old is the cat…maybe if he’s a young cat he would want alot of attention as they get older they don’t demand that much…..

    • Sandy says:

      Cookie, Garfield (he looks exactly like the cartoon cat) is 2 1/2 years old. I adopted him from a shelter when he was one. I sometimes wonder what he went through during his first year to make him so clingy.

    • Sandy says:

      Just thought of something else…keeping in the mystical realm, there are pet psychics (I found several on the internet) whom I can call or email and they will diagnose my cat’s problems. However, I’m not sure I believe in them…

      • cookie says:

        i don’t really think they might help, i guess maybe the life he had before you got him has him that way, my boyfriend has a cat who was a stray he called him grumpy and that’s just how he is very grumpy with everyone except my boyfriend who he took awhile to trust him.so i guess that’s his problem. =( i hope as he gets older he would get better

  6. big barney says:

    god….how many stories are you gonna submit?? if the cat is annoying then try feeding your bird to it…maybe that will work!

    • trolldoll says:

      bb if you can’t say anything decent, don’t say anything at all!!

    • Sandy says:

      You are in luck! I’ve run out of stories, although a few things have happened lately that I’m not ready to call paranormal.

    • cookie says:

      do you have to be so mean….some of these ppl go through alot……all they want to do is to share their story to see if someone readin can help them out…..gosh try to be a little more sensitive instead of a snob

      • AnNa says:

        i agree hes always rude and cant say anything nice,i know he can he has his own opinion something like that.but it seems like every story hes mean.

      • Sandy says:

        Cookie, Trolldoll and AnNa, thanks for the comments, but I think Barney was commenting “tongue in cheek” as I thought some of his comments on my other stories have been quite funny, so I didn’t take offense; but then again, maybe I have a warped sense of humor.

  7. brittany lott says:

    Sandy i think i know exactly what,s going on i had a two parakeets tiki and stormy i miss them so much turns out their death could have been prevented i recently saw on the internet that parakeets have very sensitive respiratory systems and anything from some hair spray to air freshener can slowly poison them also i found that the cages with the fake metal painted on if they start to chew it will also cause poisoning the ghost male or female must have known this that is why it took the bird out to protect it from the cage if it was a painted cage and thats probably why it tried to knock over the other birds cage unfortunately its to late for tweety but maybe this new info will help you keep another bird to live to full age just start getting real stainless steel cages and keeping your bird away from any fumes keep the air clean around it and the temperature warm hope i helped

    • Sandy says:

      I had no idea that bird cages can be poisonous. Thanks for the heads up. Since dogs, cats, birds, and the other usual pets people have don’t live as long as we do and we can therefore sadly lose so many in our lifetimes, I think we should have parrots or turtles as pets which can outlive us…

      • cookie says:

        that’s a thought but if they out live us who will look after them when we go =)…..when my dog died last year i think i still used to hear her bark for sometime….she was my best friend…she was a part of my life for 13yrs…..hmmmm we get so attached to our pets we jus can’t help but miss them when they go

        • Sandy says:

          Cookie, you know, you are right…I guess it is good to give an animal a good home and love it for the short period of time it is with us. I’m sorry about the loss of your beloved pet. I know I still get choked up when I think of some of the pets I have lost. A pet psychic I saw on TV told one lady that her dog which died a year earlier was still with her, so I believe your pet is still with you, too.

  8. Sarah says:

    Normally I would just think that the bird somehow got out by itself but having read some of your other stories and knowing that you have had lots of paranormal encounters already I think it is possible that it was helped out. Some cats are just naturally more talkative that others. My Mothers old cat named Sid hardly ever made a noise but my four year old cat Ginger never stops meowing!

  9. debchew says:

    Maybe your cat feels the presense of something there and is frightened somewhat.It may be friendly but the cat is still frightened so it is trying to tell you it needs your reasurrance by wanting to be held and petted and told not to be afraid.
    Ok Barney let me have it since I’m sure you think I’m a wacko for telling Sandy to talk to her cat.I believe animals know somethings you are saying and can be calmer while listening to the softness of your voice.As for your comment to Sandy…not nice at all.

    • Sandy says:

      Debchew, Garfield fooled me once — he kept looking up at the ceiling mesmerized, then started walking around the room craning his neck looking all around the ceiling where it meets the walls, so I thought wow, he was seeing spirits I couldn’t see. Well, when I finally got closer and looked, there was a fly up there! I decided that would be a good Christmas present for him — a box of flies! So I try to debunk all my experiences to keep from being fooled again…and I’m sure you will think I’m nuts, but I look forward to Barney’s responses with his sarcastic sense of humor.

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