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Ghostly Footsteps of a Visitor I Call Tyler

Posted on March 17, 2010

Tyler showed up in my life about a year ago I believe. He showed up when I was really down on life, so much was going wrong at the time, it was hard to even pretend to be happy.

He scared the crap out of me! I was trying to fall asleep and then I heard what sounded like someone running across the roof, so I went and got my dad. He checked it out, but when he came back in he said I was just imagining things. I figured he was right, that I was just paranoid.

A few nights later it happened again. I didn’t even bother getting anyone that time, I knew they wouldn’t believe me, so I ignored it. It happened around the same time every night 12 – 3 am. I would just turn up the volume on the television or roll over and force myself to go to sleep. It kept happening but no one else in the house was experiencing anything. I was beginning to think I was losing it.

Then one of my friends stayed the night, and I had just finished telling her about the footsteps on the roof. I knew she didn’t believe me but then it happened. We both heard the sound of someone running on the roof. I was so relieved to see the shock and fear on her face, the same expression that mirrored my own, that I started laughing hysterically, I mean I wasn’t crazy!

One night I was writing and trying to think of names for characters. The name Tyler kept popping up in my head. I didn’t want to use that name but it stayed stuck in my head. A few minutes later I got a text message, it was a forward saying “Hi my name is Tyler… If you don’t send this to ten people I will kill you.” I took it as a sign and that’s how Tyler got his name, and you bet I sent that forward.

The footsteps stopped for a while but I always feet his presence, even when I’m not home. I stayed the night at the same friends house and their keys came up missing from the key ring holder on the wall. The next day they were back. My friend also felt someone touch her leg but there was no one close enough to her to reach and there was nothing she could have brushed up against. I just continued to ignore it.

Recently things have been changing. I still don’t hear running on the roof, but about a month or two ago I was sitting outside in our yard, our Christmas lights were still up so I could see just fine. I was on the phone with a different friend, a religious one, and I was telling him about Tyler. When I finished summing up what happened he said he heard static and couldn’t hear me too well anymore, then I heard footsteps behind me in the leaves. I turned and scanned for a person or animals but there was absolutely nothing. I told my friend and he told me to go inside but I was being stubborn and refused. I stayed in the yard until the footsteps sounded like they were right behind me. Then I went to the porch and sat. I kept hearing the footsteps, I couldn’t take it anymore and went inside. I felt defeated.

I’ve been able to handle all of that though, but just a few weeks ago I was trying to fall asleep, I almost was asleep actually when I heard raspy whispering in my ear, I couldn’t make out what he said. I was so scared I got tears in my eyes, but I knew fear would only encourage it, so I swallowed the fear I had and forced myself to sleep. I think Tyler is testing his boundaries and I’m not sure what to do. If you have any advice for me I’d really appreciate it and thank you for reading my story.

Sent in by Rosie Vinson, Copyright 2010

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25 Responses to “Ghostly Footsteps of a Visitor I Call Tyler”
  1. big barney says:

    big barney will pray for you…..hopefully this tyler spirit will leave you alone on your own. if not you may want to contact your local priest. do not show fear around him. it will only make him more evil and stronger

    • rose.v says:

      Thank you so much, i really appreciate that a complete strabger is willing to keep me in their prayers… i hope you will read my next story about the truth behind Tyler

  2. Nana says:

    Wow, that must be hard to go through that without people believing you. I’m not sure on what advice to give, but try sprinkling salt around. Salt traditionally symbolizes purity and that often keeps spirits away, if only for a bit. If you can, try to get someone to bless the house. That often works against spirits. But one of the most important things is to try and get support from people. It will help a lot and will take some of the pain away, and it will make you feel a whole lot better.

    Good luck and stay safe!

    • rose.v says:

      It was hard until i got the answers i was looking for… and thank you for the suggestions

  3. anna says:

    it sounded like you liked tyler when he was there with u.what would of happened if you didnt send the text to 10 different ppl?i wouldnt of done that.but thats just me.in a way it sounds like hes threating you.not in so much words but if he is, get ride of him.how tell him that hes not alive that hes dead and move on.thansk for the story.let us know what happens.

    • rose.v says:

      To be completely honest i do enjoy his presence it comforts me… my next story will exlplain why

      • anna says:

        i hope so.ive never heared anyone like the comfort of a ghost.and i cant wait to hear why.thansk.

  4. E.Bero/author says:

    It does sound a little frightening. The text message is really weird. I’ve never had spirit texting before. Maybe someone you told text you that. As far as the whispering and footsteps, it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to harm you. I have the same thing here at my moms house. Footsteps in the hallway at night. My moms heard whispers in her room. I’ve gotten to that point where I figure, if they really wanted to scare me they could. Maybe he was trying to ask you for something. As long as the voice doesn’t sound demonic. If it’s calming, maybe you should try to listen to what it wants. If it is scaring you, then you need to leave. I always say just leave the place. You can bless the house and give it a try but it’s not a guarantee.
    Take care.

    • rose.v says:

      the text was just coincidence as for the rest it all still happens but i’m okay with it now… i posted another story about it

  5. t.hoover says:

    i really feel for u my house is haunted to and no one believes me. also my name is tyler two maybe he is my long lost twin that has the same name as me.

    • rose.v says:

      I didn’t know what to call him at first until I got that message… but i’m posting a new story about him i hope you will read it

  6. rose.v says:

    thanks for the feed back, i really appreciate it…. I have found out the true identity of Tyler though, I’ll be posting another story about it Tyler will be included in the title again.

  7. Eliane A.K says:

    i have a similar story i soon will share with u! but the difference is that i can see him he is a small boy dark hair and black eyes he dosn’t speek he just stares at me and when he appears i shiver uncontrolably, i used to try to ignore him but it only was getting worse, so know i talk to him and when i do he disappears…i will soon continue what happened with me, but i guess u should try to talk to Ur tyler.

    • rose.v says:

      I’m not sure i’d be able to handle seeing entities, and I now know who Tyler truly is I’m not scared anymore… I hope you can find some comfort with your experiences.

      • Eliane A.K says:

        I Can’t wait to read ur next blog on tyler and when what he really is
        i personally got used to seeing this seeing entities.

  8. jk says:

    Please read what I posted on a nother story here called My Daughter Has Been seeing these for a long time. Google the book Hostage of the devil by father Malichi Martin and read the case of Uncle Ponto and Jimsie. Uncle Poto is the familiar for a kid name Jimsie. I think you can google uncle ponto and read an excerpt of the case.

  9. Jk says:

    I hate to say this and to be a pessimist here but you should not be conforted by it and whatever it told you it was, it is not, you must remember that it is a master lier and deceiver and it has been around you a long time before you ever heard them or saw them. They remain invisable long enough to watch and listen to learn all that it needs to learn about you before it ever starts to make its presence known. That is why it seems to know exactly what makes you nervous and what makes you feel comforted. Get it out of there now, I cannot imagine what it has told you to make you feel comforted by it. I can tell you that it is not and angels, spirit guide, lost love one or anything of the sort so I as many will be anxious to read the next story. Please right it though. If you need help folks will need to know what is happening.

  10. Meme says:

    What is your new story called? i am really curious to read it.

  11. Emma says:

    h’bout this. When you hear him you tell him, “Im trying to get some sleep. Maybe if youe nice Ill leave out some coffee for ya in the mornin”

  12. FaerchFan says:

    whoa thats creepy! i know alot of tylers, and my name is taylor which is similar. did you actually see him or just hear him? of course you would have written it if you saw him but did you ever?

  13. Jk says:

    Where’s the new story?????????????

  14. grim reaper says:

    When will you be posting your new story>?And what’s the title?Really want to read that!

  15. Catherine says:

    I hope every thing turns out okay, an i hope tyler will go away.

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