Ghost in North Yorkshire?

Posted on January 18, 2010
Ghost Picture from North Yorkshire Moors in England

North Yorkshire Ghost?

Hi. I’ve always had an avid interest in UFOs, ghosts and all paranormal. This is the first photograph I’ve ever taken that has completely overwhelmed me! I was speechless to say the least.

Me and my ex-girlfriend had recently returned from a great trip in northern England, mainly the desolate, remote and frankly quite eerie North Yorkshire moors. I had my new digital camera and took literally hundreds of pictures of the beautiful panoramic landscapes. Now, I often capture many ‘orbs’ but this photo is simply fantastic.

We noticed nothing at the time the picture was taken, however upon arriving back home in the Midlands around a week later I was scanning photos on my PC when my girlfriend suddenly grabbed my hand and said ‘STOP!’ She insisted I zoom in to the centre left of one particular picture, (SD 10306) which I’d taken of the rather stunning snow covered fields. (The date on the alien/ghost picture is 19.01.2009, time is 14:14).

At first I never saw it but as soon as we zoomed in… we just turned to each other slowly, and quite frankly swore, which I wont repeat. All my friends and family are scratching their heads in awe. I’m not to sure where to send this so I thought I’d start with you.

Ghost in the North Yorkshire Moors of England

Ghost in the North Yorkshire Moors of England?

Ghost in the North Yorkshire Moors of England?

Zoom of Ghost in the North Yorkshire Moors of England?

Colin Foster

Colin Foster in North Yorkshire Moors

Please please can you put our minds at rest with this photograph. I’ve even included a couple of photos of me to try to prove the authenticity of my pictures.

Sent in by Colin Foster from Wordsley, West Midlands, England, Copyright 2010

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39 Responses to “Ghost in North Yorkshire?”
  1. Tony L. says:

    I don’t know what it is but it sure has a cocky stance. If it is really a ghost I doubt that I would have liked its company in real life. He still has that, “hey! watch me. pay attention to me.” attitude in the afterlife. No wonder he’s alone.

  2. Deepak says:


    I dont know just suddenly just few minutes back, something just strike into my mind to read some real ghost stories, so i made search on net and open the first link..following the first link bring me to this story… when i have seen the date of the picture that u have mentioned here, that is 19-01-2009, i was amazed that why today means on 19-01-2010 i m reading this story… i can’t figure out anything.. so i just putting me thinking as a comment… i m really surprised…

  3. Fenwinkel says:

    This is the first ghost picture I’ve seen where the ghost appears to be both bald and naked! I wonder what the story is behind the reason he is wandering there.

  4. Open mind. Col* says:

    Hi Tone, thanks for your observation, i agree. Either this spirit or what ever it really is has a bad attitude (still) or the thought crossed my mind that he was an ancient muscular soldier, who maybe perished here!
    If i remember right, when i checked the map i noticed the symbol of ”crossed swords” which i believe signifies this was an old battlefield!

    I took the photo exactly a year ago today! How weird it got published now, again.

    Anyway back to the photo, i still remember having the feeling of been watched, however it was only my girlfriend Sophie & i there at the time. Verdict: unexplained.

  5. Col* says:

    Hi Fenwinkel,

    Yeah, i never thought about him been bald. Hmm, interesting. Maybe it was some ancient tribal tradition to shave heads before a battle ?


  6. Daniel says:

    Hi im daniel im 16 and i live in north yorkshire we regularly visit the moors, i only looked to see because it was the date before my birthday but now looking again the white figure looks like old jack, The story is that he was in a major depression after his son died and his wife killed herself so he walked his dog out near the river, took his lead off, and hung himself with the lead, apparently the dog stayed by its master til it died of starvation. To this day you can supposedly hear the dog howling and then you get a terrible headache, not a normal headache, as if the blood is rushing to your feet, then you see old jack swinging from the branches and the dog calling at his masters feet.

  7. Cool bastard says:

    u can tell the photos been tampered with, nice try though. and ancient battlefield. Seriously

    • Caretaker says:

      Can you be a little more detailed? How can you tell they were tampered with?

      • ChronicMidori says:

        Looks like he took a picture of a dummy (I say dummy because it has no defining features to it at all. No hair, no clothes, just the basic shape of a human male…) reduced the opacity to make it translucent, erased the feet and put it on a layer over the photo of the scenery..
        Checkout the arm on the right side of the body. It goes behind the chest near the armpit due to the angle the fake figure is standing. However, there is a clear line vividly defining the chest from the arm.. How does that work?? Somehow the background goes through the arm specifically so the viewer can define the shape of the chest? No, that does not logically work in the slightest.. That leads me to believe that it’s not even the shape of a real person photoshoped… It’s a cartoon image that’s had it’s opacity reduced, which explains why it’s feature less and naked.. Same thing they used for all the IPOD ads of the silhouettes of people dancing with the IPOD.

        IMHO I could have done better…

        Look at how the whole figure is the same density (or opacity), that’s what gave it away to me.. You should have reduced the filler too Col, it would have made it blend in more and harder to see the distinct outline of a featureless figure… Next time get an action shot of a person moving, it would be more believable… They have some great tutorials on YouTube for making ghost photos, you should check them out. You could use some pointers from professionals…

        • Open mind. Col* says:

          ChronicMidori: Im not going to get defensive here because i know its not photo-shopped, this is the real mcoy my dear dissillusioned friend, i really feel deep empathy for folk like you, i dont need help from the Pro’s, why would i, the spirit world granted me with a truly unique photograph here.

          You make me laugh, you write like you’r an expert analyst, im not suggesting you’r just a computer geek who thinks he knows everything, but calm down my friend, sometimes even the mighty ‘you-chronicmidori’ can be wrong.

          Just relax and go with the flow dude. For a laugh though i challenge you to replicate my ‘genuine’ photo and send it in to TRUEGHOST-TALES, im sure Caretaker will put your ‘effort’ on here for all to see, then just to give me the smug ‘last laugh’ i personally will offer to send it to the same experts (who validated my picture as genuine) and see if they all pass your ‘effort’.
          No offence but…good luck, oh and peace my friend :o )

          • ChronicMidori says:

            No, no, no.. You got it wrong Col..

            First things first, I’m a she not a he..

            I don’t think I know everything, the moment a person claims that, they prove they actually know nothing… Honestly, I don’t mind being proven wrong, I love learning new things.. I guess that’s a big difference between me and you… Your totally misunderstanding me dude! If I see no logic to a claim I feel the need to right the imbalance by adding some where it’s lacking.. I break down everything logically, just like I broke down your picture. That’s how it is done in Photo-shop, the steps it would take to accomplish your picture.. I’m no professional, I’m still a novice but I do avidly use the program… Your right about one thing, I’m quite the computer Geek. I wear the title with pride thanks. I’m not worked up either, actually, I’m quite amused.. I enjoy a good debate, esp in typing.. :)

            A challenge! Sounds fun, I obviously can’t replicate your exact image, but I can make one comparable (if not better..). Ok I’ll post one, but don’t expect it tomorrow, it’s really not that important of a subject for me to be that fast.. I’ll get around to it as I see fit. In case you haven’t noticed, that’s kinda the way I roll…

            • Open mind. Col* says:

              Ahh, your a ‘she’, my friend says that would explain your cocky attitude! Obviously i disagree as that could be pecieved as a tad sexist and we dont want that do we? :o ) ok then as you insist..first things first:
              I didnt mention that experts had validated my unique photo in the story, simply because i hadnt sent the pic to be scrutinised at that point. Photo was taken Jan 2009 and i sent it off in March. It took them 6 months of intense analysis to reach their results. Im pleased to say that out of 6 photo experts, 2 of them weren’t sure how to explain it and 4 concurred that the ‘ghost’ was in the frame when the photo was taken and they couldnt find any sighns on manipulation. Needless to say i was thrilled. If you can find a way of swapping emails i would be more than happy to send you these all important expert results. You say you dont take this subject to seriously, and you occassionaly ‘pop-on’ here on your break, hhmmm so i guess you can understand why im confused there, because for someone who aint interested you sure write an extremely long ‘post’ lol, possibly the longest post yet! Strange that is. I didnt ask you to send in a obvious ‘fake copy’ of mine on purpose, admitting its a fake, you insisted that i ‘photo-shopped’ my image (and the experts agree i didnt) and you very arrogantly boasted you could do a better job! All i said was ok if your ‘fake’ is so good, then do it dude, and we will see if it passes the expert eye (as mine proudly did). No hard feelings, i too enjoy the friendly debate :o ) i will be patiently awaiting your ‘perfect’ hoax. Good day :o )

              • ChronicMidori says:

                Ya, I’m very long winded… And a bit cocky too… I’ll admit it.. lol

                I’ll make one, but it won’t be perfect… Perfection is pointless because then you have nothing left to achieve…

                • Open mind. Col* says:

                  To Chronic: I never once asked you to do a ‘perfect’ hoax, all i asked was for you to keep your word, you arrogantly boasted that my ‘real’ ghost pic was a fake, and that you could ”do better” so all i asked you to do was ”do a better” job than you think i did. Obviously your ‘effort’ must pass the tests (as mine did), otherwise you havent kept your word and done a better job. Im still waiting for ‘fantastic effort’
                  Peace, Col

  8. Cool bastard says:

    well, its a little blurry and it looks so unnatural.

    • Caretaker says:

      Blurry does not equal tampered with. I do agree that it looks unnatural, but it takes more than that to say conclusively that the photo was tampered with.

  9. Col* says:

    Hi Guys, im the gentleman who took the photograph. I swear to you all that there was no tampering involved in this photo.
    This is 100% genuine, What you see is what was i took. Im not a wizz kid with computer technology.
    Cool b*stard can think what he likes. I know its real, it still gives me shivers!
    The Sun newspaper sent their expert analasysts, who checked it out and the majority decission was that the figure was in the photo, it was added later. One expert said it maybe a scare-crow that i somehow didnt notice! In other words he knows that no-one tampered with it, this mysterious figure was there!
    I have the original emails from all the experts (which i can send you if you leave your email address, no problem).
    The bottom line from the specialists was (after 6 months of thorough analysis) was that the result was ”a mystery’. They found NO signs of manipulating in this pic, its simply a rare unknown!
    Peace Col*

    To Cool b*stard
    Of course its a little blurry. You have to admit its one of the clearer photos of �ghosts� though,
    Do you not believe that Britain is covered with ancient battlegrounds either??
    The UK is littered with them. It only makes good sense that spirits still roam there, its where thousands of them lost their lives.
    Also, it could be a ghost warrior, so obviously it looks un-natural.
    Thats because its �super-natural�

    To Daniel, thats a very interesting story. Id like more info
    We could have a lot in common. Have you also seen the other photo i sent in? The ghost/alien on the German beach? A friend of the family sent it me.
    Very interesting, you should check it out my friend.
    I also have an interest in UFOs, if anyone has any info or photos of UFOs please email me
    Peace Col*

    Note from Admin – This comment was edited to remove contact info. Posting your email address in the body of a comment is not permitted.

  10. Tony L. says:

    I don’t know. He looks a little to buff, other than the cocky thing. I don’t know that they had steroids back then. People used to be kind of small or real fat, depending on your status in life. The body outline really has weird shape to it. And on the specialist, I could send anyone a list of real or otherwise and how would they know. It’s interesting but looks kind of hinky to me.

  11. Col* says:

    Hi Tony L.
    I can send you the list from all the specialists. Upon viewing them will see that they are official and the real deal (but i got in trouble for posting email addresses on here)

    I realise that there werent todays steroids available hundreds or thousands of years ago but they may have had a similar natural equilevent, we’l never know. Also we dont even know how old this ghost is, he could have been a body buiding fitness fanatic who only died last year!

    Also ive read much old literature stating that ancient warriors had bulging biceps and thunderous muscular thighs to assist them in brutal hand to hand combat (reminds me a little of that film ”300”) which was fact based!

    Back to this photo though, we may never know what it is. All i know is i didnt tamper with it. What you see is what was there, whatever dimension ‘it’ was in is a question i cant answer.

  12. Daniel says:

    Old jack used to be a lumberjack so he could have been super buff but i dont know. Were going to the moors soon my dad says he hasnt been in 12 years so were going to investigate it. As regarding to the UFO’s ill post you my link for a really good site i use when i find it.

  13. Col* says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Ok, if you’r going up the moors, you may be interested to know this photo was taken in Killdale if i remember correctly.
    I hope this helps, Dan.

    If you need any more info just let me know. I promised myself id go back up a few days ago, (1 year to the date) to make more photos of the same spot at the same time. However we’v just had a baby boy recently and am housebound caring for him really.

    I will do it when i get a good chance. My friends and i have even spoke about camping there!

    Thanks for preparing that UFO site for me, il look forward to it. Peace Col*

  14. anna says:

    thats wicked I think those pictures look awsome.It might be a ghost you never know.For me I think so.A ghost is see through and those pics are.Thanks for the story.

  15. Col* says:

    Hi people, ive just noticed i made a mistake.In my above comment i said that the figure WAS added later, i meant to say the experts said it WAS NOT added later. Sorry

    To Anna, thanks Anna, i still have no idea what it is, some experts said it could even be an Alien in stealth/invisible cloaking, who was spying or observng the area.

  16. meash says:

    For some reason this figure seems to be wearing a suit of armor. Is it just me?

  17. Fenwinkel says:

    Meash, sorry, but yes, I think it is just you. Suits of armor are very bulky, much bulkier than the outlines of this apparition.

  18. jim says:

    Hi Col*,just read your story and saw the pic.Good story and creepy picture,I believe you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Jim, thanks! You wouldnt believe the grief and stress i got from the ‘Sun website’

      absolutely outrageous! It got real nasty at times, people accused me of photo shopping and allsorts! That couldnt be further from the truth.

      I have not altered this image nor has anyone else.

      What you see is what was there!

      It still gives me shivers. Thanks again Jim, peace

  19. jim says:

    Col*,Jim here again,have you ever had weird things happen to you before?If so,what.I might be coming to England for vacation/work thing.Where exactly were you when you took the picture?Jim…
    be well!

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) says:

      Hi Jim, i get lots of strange stuff happen, like the feeling of been poked in my back, but when i look there no-one there! Also i see shadows movements out corner of my eye but when i look theres nothing unusual there! I believe my spooky photo was taken on Kildale moor, North Yorkshire!
      If you do come to the UK please feel free to comment to me on here and i will do my best to help, cheers Col*

  20. ChronicMidori says:

    If that’s not photo shopped, then I’m the Easter Bunny….

    Dude, I own a photo editing program too… I’m half tempted to go make one and post it here to prove my point…

    An how is posting a picture of yourself at all proof of authenticity?

    • Anonymous says:

      To ChronicMidori:
      Im tempted to say that you’r comments are chronic, but luckily for you this pic has been on here about 12 months and ive dealt with bigger, more negative ‘haters’ than you (and beat them verbally everytime), you’r very slow on the take up, where you been dude? lol, so im tired of constantly keep trying to prove myself to people like you.
      This picture is 100% genuine and i DO HAVE emails from experts from around the globe authenticating this,which im more than happy to send you.
      You say you can replicate this photo, ok heres the challenge..bring it on, put your money where your mouth is, and we’l send that to the experts, good luck and good day :o )

      • ChronicMidori says:

        :) My comments are chronic, dank, very potent! Now that’s a good way to put it! Lol, there you go caretaker, I’m not harsh, I’m chronic! That’s pimp…. I’ll take it! :D

        Well unlike some people on here, I don’t follow the stories as they are posted, I’m not on here everyday.. Did you really expect everybody to only read and respond to this on the first day you posted?? Why would there even be a little comment box attached if our comments weren’t wanted? You can’t only get good feed back.. Learn to take criticism constructively, it will help you in the long run..

        I go on this site to entertain myself while I’m waiting for customers at the toy store I work at.. I go to other paranormal sites too, but Caretaker has one of the better ones with abundant stories. Not all of them are believable, yet that’s the fun of it for me.. I mean, paranormal is a very controversial subject isn’t it? Most think it’s all fiction, truthfully, most of it is.. Being skeptical is natural, in fact it should be endorsed! I’m not a hater, I simply feel the right to speak my opinion, I’m just chronic, lol! That really does put it well..

        E-mails from professionals eh? Funny, you didn’t post that in your story as an image itself.. You didn’t really even mention it before somebody said it was fake, interesting.. I mean, you think having professionals check it out is pretty substantial, hard thing to forget.. It would have been a good addition to your story wouldn’t it? OH! you would be happy to send them to me? Oh goody, let me just post my email and…. Oh wait I can’t..

        “^*^ Do not post personal contact information such as phone number, email address or mailing address in the body of your comment.”

        How convenient for you… You must have missed that little tid-bit eh??

        So you want me to post a fake ghost photo, that I fully admit is fake, and send it to professionals to check if it’s genuine? I think I’m missing something, that just won’t process in my brain… I feel like I just tried to divide by zero or something… Why would we send a fake photo to professionals? I’m still skeptical of these e-mails you speak of anyways.. You can’t prove anything until you show the proof, until then it’s nothing more than a claim.. And you can’t show it because we can’t post e-mails. What an interesting catch-22…

        Maybe I will make one.. I’m 3/4 tempted now.. But let’s just post it ok? I really don’t see the point in proving somethings fake that I admit is fake… I’ll get around to it, I’m a bit lazy you know. Typing is easier… :)

        I know .. I love me too…

  21. col says:

    Hi Chronic-midori

    well you boasted on June 26th, 2010 that you can and WILL do a better job than me (regarding my York Ghost photo) Hmmmm, strange that is, because we are now in August and ‘alas’ still no sign of your ‘effort’, lol.

    You said you could duplicate my picture in a couple of hours, well ive been back up to Kildale to take more photos of the same spot where i was blessed to capture the original ‘entity’, but no joy this time. Ive rested from emailing you and given you 6 or 7 weeks to do your ‘effort’ and once again ‘alas’ you have failed to supply your ‘hoax’, so i guess its fair to say… YOU LOSE!
    LoL, peace :o )

  22. peter kelsey says:

    I was on a really horrible scary tour, Edinburgh Horror Tours they caught me unawares as the first part was just really good stories, and interesting stuff, we ended up in a haunted graveyard, i kid you not, then finally we went in to the a private locked prison graveyard site, and in to the Dark Mausoleum, they claimed it was haunted, and I think they could be correct, we heard some really strange voices and noises, not a ghost but more a spirit i guess, half the group panicked and run out of the tomb some screaming, one woman claimed she was attacked.
    The company is Edinburgh horror tours, and the start there tour outside the fringe box office in Edinburgh, there web site I think is

  23. Bethany says:

    OK, I’m not attempting to bash the photographer here, nor am I claiming to be an expert analysis by any means. If the dude that took says he got it authenticated, kudos to him. I am simply stating that, in MY opinion, it looks faked. I pretty much agree with ChronicMidori’s analysis of how it could be done on Photoshop. I’m not a computer whiz, and I don’t think I could do it myself, but I have seen several shows and friends of mine that have done “ghost” photos similar to and better than this one. If col can’t take the fact that some people are simply a bit skeptical, then that goes more towards showing me that the photograph is faked than any expert analysis for or against it ever could. His attitude could use improvement when it comes to skeptics and believers alike.

    • Col* open mind says:

      Bethany, its not that i cant handle skeptisism, its that i posted this photo years ago and frankly im tired of people telling me its a fake so i do get defensive at times.

      Can you imagine if something weird happened to you and when you told people , most of them accused you of being a liar?

      You too would get annoyed.


      • Caretaker says:

        I can certainly understand it. I have had some experiences and if I talk about them most people will say I just imagined it or something. I know what happened and it is annoying when people do that but I don’t care if they believe me or not it doesn’t change what I have experienced.

  24. ChronicMidori says:

    HI! I’m back! I accept your victory and my failure Col, you win congrats!

    *shoots a confetti popper in your general direction* YAY!!

    lol, I just can’t help the sarcasm but I mean well… Laughter is good for the soul.

    I still stand by my argument but I’m not really cut out for the photo shop thing like I thought I was… It’s just not my kind of medium! Alas, I am a flame wielding Glass artist.. Truth is I never attempted.. :( lack of inspiration I guess. I think I could do it and I will upload it for perspective’s sake if or when I do. However, I am over trying to prove stuff to others. I have my opinion and you have yours, if it wasn’t for individuality the world would be a very bland place.. It is cool that you are uploading picture in general, wish people would add more or had more to add..

    I’ve been kind of over the paranormal for the past year… I been enjoying things in the here and now, things you can’t question the reality of (if you know what I mean). Yet with the world ending yesterday, the planets aligning for another round, and me finally moving out of a creepy house that I am now convinced was haunted; I find my reality altering and the paranormal beckoning to me yet again… Are my senses opening up or is magic being reborn into our world? I don’t know, but I love this site for it’s board range of topics, tales, links and perspectives from others around the globe. I just can’t keep away!

    You’ll be having to deal with me again Caretaker, but I’ll be careful to not step on any toes this time. I’ll try and shorten my comments as well (wish me luck on that one!). ;)

    • Col* open mind says:

      @ ChronicMidori

      Nice to hear from you, your latest post was nicer and more freindly than previous ones.

      I aapreciate that.

      Unfortunately my son spilled a drink over my ‘pooter keyboard and some letters only work when i really press hard!! Can you imagine the frustration?

      Anyway take care and im sure we’l speak soon

      Peace Col

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