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Get Me Out of this Room

Posted on April 1, 2010

What I’m telling you is absolutely true, I promise no hoax or anything! Its not that scary unless you have experienced it yourself.

I was born in the house and have always live in the room, but two years ago I woke up, I don’t know why I just felt really really cold, it was in the middle of supper, and I live in the desert so it was very unusual. I sat up and looked around. I saw something in the corner of my eye by my fire escape door so I looked over there and standing there was a man with short brown hair, a muscle shirt and baggy pants. I had just watched Boogy Man so I hid under the covers for about ten minutes and when I felt hot I came out from under the covers and the figure was gone. I thought nothing of it again until last year.

My friend Victoria had just spent the night and I was sleeping on the roll away bed in the corner like right next to my bed. I woke up to my new dog, Oreo, growling. I thought it was at some cat at first so I smacked her then right next to the other side of my bed stood the man watching me. I blinked and he was still there so I hid under my covers again. I told my parents that morning, they told me to lock my fire escape door and my windows because they were never locked so I locked them.

Nothing happened for a while and then, one night I was in my room with my new dog, Miska,and she was sitting next to me then out of the blue she started whining while I was petting her. I stopped because I thought I was hurting her or something. My door was open but I was the only one inside at the moment. Miska jumped on my lap and hid her face in my arms just as the door stopper flew away from my door and my door slammed shut. I jumped up and ran to the door. Miska, while I was doing this, was freaking out. I opened it and let Miska out with me and ran outside to where my mom was. I was shaking so badly and was pale my mom got out her phone and dialed 911. I stopped her just before she pressed the button to call. I told her what happened and she said it was just a gust of wind and said if I kept seeing things she was going to send me to the loony bin. I argued with her that is was a ghost. I let it go.

That night I had a dream about the guy I had woken up in my dream to see, the man smiling evilly at me a knife in his hand. I woke up then not sure if it had been a dream or not. I thought it had just been a nightmare so I went to sleep again and woke up that morning. I rounded up all the crosses in my house besides the one hanging in my parents room, which I only found two; a rosary and a small cross which was held by a doll and hung up both over my head. But a couple weeks before that happened my friend had spent the night and she claimed she had woken up and saw a large dark figure in my bathroom and said my dogs were growling at it. She said she tried waking me up but I wouldn’t wake up so she just fell back asleep. OK to continue with the night when I hung up the crosses that night it happened just last week I was about to fall asleep and Oreo was asleep at the end of my bed by my feet. I was trying to get to sleep. I covered up Oreo with my old small blanket and just as I was about to fall asleep Oreo began breathing heavily like it was hard for her to breath so I sat up thinking she was hot and took off the blanket. I looked above her and saw a shape like a face above her but morphed into a blur almost three seconds after I saw it – I’ve seen it many times before just never thought anything of it – it flew towards my bathroom and as soon as it disappeared Oreo started breathing normal again. I sat in bed weighing my options either to get up and run to my parents room or stay in bed. It sat there for a couple minutes, got up ran and opened my door and ran all the way to my parents room close to tears. They came and put me to bed then I couldn’t sleep so I slept on the couch with the lights on.

I will tell you more on my next haunting.

Sent in by Amber, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Dreams, Nightmares

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26 Responses to “Get Me Out of this Room”
  1. Poodle says:

    You deserve to be haunted for smacking dogs.

    • naurtoxhinata says:

      how can u be so rude to him/her.maybe she just wanted her dog to get quiet so if she can hear or see anything dat her dog see or heres.

    • Ana Karina says:

      you know what i understand you poodle i dont think its nice to smack dogs or hurt them in any way, but i dont think you shouldve put that she shouldve been haunted for that

      • shauna says:

        your animal cruelty you smacked the dog orjeo

        • queen vidia of the night creatures says:

          its not abuse if she does it in corectional behavor and anna you are realy nice for sticking up for amber =P

  2. anna says:

    maybe you should take some pics and hopefully there is something in the pic so your mom will believe you.u should do some checking round and maybe youll find something.well i do want to hear more so i cant wait.thanks for the story.

  3. naurtoxhinata says:

    hey take some pics of what u see.post them too.take some evps(sounds from the beyond)ask the ghost questions lk something u wud ask a preson u no.basicil dats what i can tell u if u have any evps or pics post them so i can give more info abt wht more to do wit da ghost.ps maybe dis is more than a ghost maybe ur dealing with an entity or a demon.

    • JOANNA:) says:

      i dont think he/she should take evps not yet until idk they say it makess the hautings worse

    • Nana says:

      Attempting to communicate or acknowledge the entity in any way will, in most cases, worsen the situation. Most entities (including demons) will see this as an acceptance of their presence in your life, which will furthermore make them want to stay. Joanna is right, trying to communicate with the entity is a really bad idea.

  4. Rob says:

    Poodle, that was not a nice thing to say. you should try being like Anna….. she is a sweet girl

    • anna says:

      thats sweet of u to say that,thanks

    • anna says:

      im not a girl im 29 yrs old lol.

      • Izzie says:

        At 29, you are a girl, trust me.

        • anna says:

          whats that supose to mean?

          let me guess your older then 29 and thats why you said what you said.

        • Caretaker says:

          anna I think Izzie is much older than 29 and is just saying that you are young. Its all a matter of perspective. To a 6 year old an 18 year old seems so old but to a 50 or 60 year old person an 18 year old is still a child and a 29 year od could very well seem like a ‘girl’.

          I am sure no offense was intended

  5. Anonymous says:

    I really think you should try to get your mom to beleive you. Like they said take pictures and when you try to sleep get a voice recoreder and then play back the morning. i have tried a few pictures but nothing. That was a good but scary story :)

    • amanda says:

      I’ve tried Pictures and man have they worked we have so many orbs in our house mainly in the dinning room and foyer. I’ve had countless experiences in the house. I’m scared to try the whole evp thing though I’d be to scared to come home after hearing them but I know that hey are there.. for the last two days I haven’t slept in my room which is the attic and they’re getting upset and are doing things now but thats the whole reason I’m not sleeping up there the rest of this week.. I’m tired of the knocking…

  6. tony l. says:

    How do you know she’s a sweet girl? she could be a dog beater from way back. Dog abuse could run in her family. They say that Gacy and Bundy were real nice except for that nasty killing thing, and it all starts with bed wetting, fire starting, and CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. But on the haunting thing, seeing things whle in that state imediatly before sleep or upon waking is always questionable since we are in a dream state. Has there been anything else?

    • Anonymous says:

      if thats how it all started by killing ppl by them wetting the bed i should be one wich im not but i was made fun of growing up about what i wear and just got teased i never like it at all but i didnt hurt animals or started fires or played with them.but thats me i know im not like everyone else but i just wanted to tell u what i went through.it might not be the same as gacy and bundy i know im not.thanks.

  7. Anonymous bastard says:

    the animals can see and hear things that we can’t , and can you try to know about the history of your house , to know if anyone corresponding to your description has died in ?!and thanks for the story :O)

  8. Silvia says:

    The Balinese believe the man standing over you/watching you is your brother (you have 4) who watch over you to protect you from harm. The fact that you see him means you are in tune with himj (and very lucky to be able to see him – I only saw him once when I was 10 years old).

    You are very spiritual and will most likely see the future regularly particularly if you welcome your brother and thank him for protecting you.

    • Ana Karina says:

      i dont think that hes trying to protect her because he scares her and he tried to suffocate her dog.

  9. anna's mirror says:

    when did he suffocate dog Anna. He’s not real. He can’t touch the dog

  10. Ellen from Florida says:

    It’s an evil spirit or demon. What you need to do is sit down with your parents and tell them to believe you and let them know your friend has seen the spirit.
    If they don’t believe you thats fine but believe in your self and god
    When ever you see the evil spirit, feel like its near or your dogs are under attack say “In the name of God and Jesus I command you to leave”.
    Spirits are afarid of our god and jesus. They will protect you. Also, go to your church and ask to speak to a prist. He/she will understand and ask if he can for give you of your sins and bless your house.
    I know your parents willbe freaked out but tell them they have to trust you.

    God Bless.

  11. Anonymous says:

    please reread the post they did smack the dog at first because they thought the dog was makinfg a fuss over a cat however once they realised that it was something else they did not hit the animal again.I am very glad that i do not have to deal with this and hope everything goes ok.

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