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Forever Nightmares

Posted on January 12, 2010

My name is Luna and I’ve had some paranormal experience on my own. I’m 24 now but this story happened when I was 15, back in Hawaii. I have a big family auntie’s uncles cousins around the world, I never met all of them just my cousins that lives in state. I was in high school and in basketball team. Since I was a little girl I’ve been having experiences that I can’t even explain, When I was 8 years old my mom put me in bed that time and I have fallen asleep I was having nightmares like I shadow dragging me out of my room, then I woke up four feet away from my bed.

Then another time was when I was 10 years old when I was watching TV watching my favorite show then all of the sudden the TV went off, I got the remote and tried to turn it on, it went back on then it turned off again I was getting frustrated because I was messing my show. I looked at the screen very closely and I can see my reflection, I clinged my eyes and kind of bend forward and I notice on the screen another shadow on my left I turned and nobody was there beside me, then I looked back to the TV and the shadow was still there. I felt a breathing on my left neck I was getting scared I looked to my left and nobody was there and turned back to the screen and my show was back on.

My mom told me it was just my imagination so I believed her, it hadn’t bothered me but I was always have nightmares. But I thought I was just watching to much scary movies. I was 15 then And it was in the middle of April. I was in Science class I seat in the back of the class because it was easier for me to pass notes and text. My teacher was talking and talking and I was bored out of my mind, My boyfriend was in that class too he sat next to me but we kept our relationship out of the public. I was looking out the door just thinking, I felt dizzy and my sight was becoming blurry. My head felt crazy like someone was poking me with a needle I held my head looking down, “Luna? are you okay babe?” Alex my boyfriend asked, “Yeah, I’m okay just a little headache.” I said then I looked out the door and I saw a shadow just peeking, I felt a coldness on my neck like I was being choked I looked back and nobody was there it was a wall, I looked back to the door the shadow wasn’t there anymore but I something was choking me and I couldn’t breath I started coughing holding my neck. Everyone was looking at me now the teacher stopped talking and looked at me, “Luna? what’s wrong?” My teacher asked now my boyfriend was holding my hand asking what was wrong, I couldn’t answer because my throat was tight when I tried to talk no words came out I was still holding my neck choking and all of the sudden my sight turned black I was hearing laughter all over.

I woke up in the nurses office and I realized that I collapsed back in the class, The nurse asked me how I was doing? I didn’t answer because myself didn’t even know what happen. I was sitting there for 5 minutes just looking down at the floor then my boyfriend came running and hugged me “What happened ?” I asked, “Babe you were screaming and you were holding your neck and your eyes went back to your head then you fell onto the floor? you were making me feel scared? Are you okay?” Alex said and I could feel him shaking, “Yeah I’m okay” I said . My parents picked me up from my school and asking me what happened and I explained it to them I saw my mom rolled her eyes. “I saw a shadow in the doorway” I said looking out the car window,”Luna ! stop it it’s in your head!” My mom said, I kept myself quite, I wanted to cry but I couldn’t.

It’s been a week since the classroom thing and I was feeling weak I was loosing my appetite I was more quite. My nightmares started coming back again, I was starting to hear voices around me so I always had my ipod with me always listening to music to ignore the voices and it worked. Me and my boyfriend were fighting often now about stupid things. We broke up and I was feeling more weaker because we went out for a year and we broke up for the most stupidest thing ever ! I went home from school, went to the couch sat there and I closed my eyes. I was crying then the TV went on I opened my eyes I looked around there was no one I decided to watch TV then the couch I was sitting on started to shake, I looked around the couch even under nothing was there then when I held my head up one of the doors upstairs slammed shut ! I stood up went to the kitchen and got a knife thinking there was someone in the house. I walked slowly up the stairs it was quite when I got up there I checked all the rooms (there were 3 bedrooms upstairs plus 3 bathrooms – one in each room.)

I checked my brothers room last I opened it slowly and went inside went to the bathroom nobody was there I turned around then suddenly something pushed me forward my back hit the sink and it hurt the knife was still on my hand so I held it up my eyes searching around the room I heard footstep coming towards me then I felt a hand on my hand pushing the knife down to my other arm I was fighting it and the knife went closer to my skin I was kicking my legs expecting it to stop but I was kicking air then the knife went into my skin blood gushing out I screamed so loud it even hurt my ear. The pressure on my hand was gone and I dropped the knife on the floor crying sobbing screaming I got up ran downstairs I looked at my right arm seeing blood I hated the smell it wasn’t that deep but blood gushing was a lot. I felt dizzy then behind me I heard someone calling my name. The front door opened and it was my dad, “Oh my god! Luna what happened to you!” My dad asked running towards me I was on the floor in the middle of the dinning room, “Umm, I cut myself” I didn’t wanna tell them “Oh I was attacked by something and tried to cut my arm” but I know they wouldn’t believe me or even my mom.

I don’t really know what was wrong with this spirit or what did I do to make it so angry? I searched online why these spirits becomes so violent I found some information and it kind of made sense and I searched how you can handle it and I found information. But I didn’t know how to do it and especially doing it alone. I wanted to tell my parents about it I didn’t know how. It’s has been a month and I was seeing the shadow more often nor the voices, it didn’t hurt me and I was getting use to it. The weekend came and I had some friends sleepover, Audrey and Romina they were my bestfriends. The whole night was great, “Why did you and Alex broke up?” Romina asked, “It’s a long story” I said, “I heard he wants you back and he still cares about you?” Audrey said smiling, that information made me smile. It was 3 in the morning and we were tired so I decided to go to sleep and so did my friends.

I fell asleep having my nightmares again. I was sleeping in the other side of the bed, and in my dream it was the same as I was a little girl I was getting dragged down from the bed and my dream started feeling real when I felt my head hit the floor I woke up looking around and it was dark then something was choking me I screamed “MOM! DAD! HELP!” My friends woke up screaming too. Then something was dragging me out of the room I was in the hallways now jut getting dragged by something I was screaming, my parents came out of their room trying to get my hand but I was getting dragged fast I was kicking and trying to grab something. I held a Vase and threw it behind me it landed on my legs and broke into pieces I was screaming now, then it stopped my parents held me I was crying my legs were shaking, “Darling I’m so sorry!” My mom said.

We got out of the house the neighbors came out of their house asking my dad What happened why was everyone in my house screaming? It was 5 in the morning. My parents took me to the hospital. I woke up screaming my mom was on my side she held me I was crying thinking what happened that night was just a nightmare but it wasn’t it was real. My dad had called My family from across the country. I was sleeping and I was dreaming about I was in my house alone and the shadow was in front of me, I woke up not screaming but shocked and scared. My family was here now and all of them gave me a hug I was smiling now. I told them about it and how it tried to cut my arm and choking me. They were in shocked, “It follows you huh? it’s not the house that’s haunted.” My Auntie said.

Weeks came and we moved to another state. But we knew wherever we go it will follow me My dad got an exorcism for me, They said that it was gone. But I still think it was gonna come back no matter what. The entity hated me but I don’t know why? But it’s been 8 years now and I haven’t felt it’s presence. Thank you for reading my story.

Sent in by Luna, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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25 Responses to “Forever Nightmares”
  1. martin says:

    i think it is after you because you are going to do something special in the future and he is trying his very best to stop it from happening. just get your family to keep praying over you .stay blessed

  2. autumn says:

    how do u know that it was pharanormal every one has nightmares no one is safe from them, how do u know that you did not sleep walk or something like that, your t.v. could have shorted out that happend to mine and my freinds, or maybe you are thinking these things and they are really happinging, I am not trying to be rude but maybe u are thinking these things, or maybe they are real and some thing did turn your t.v. off and druged u away from your bed, but why only 4 feet, and many people expericnce things like these, part of me belives you and the other part is not so sure, your story is very interesting and I will have to look into it later, I will tell my friends about your story they will certaninly love
    it, :)

  3. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    oh my gosh, im so sorry you had to go through that. it must have been horrible.

  4. pauline estrada says:

    what a bad experience ..

    but never mind it .. GOD is with you ..

    just pray and have faith on him ..

    take care always ms.Luna ..

  5. werewolf999 says:

    poor you that must be really tought

  6. Tamika says:

    you must be really strong, i hope things went well with you and your boyfriend, and im glad your mom n dad believed you in the end :) . i would hate to get dragged down the hallway. but you are a strong girl! keep it up

  7. Nana says:

    Wow, that sounds like a really hard thing to go through, and in my opinion you’re very, very strong to have lived through it. It will probably never come back to you, as long as you continue to pray and stay connected with god.

  8. Grace Sanders says:

    Did you and Alex ever got back together? You said your best friend told you that Alex wants you back.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can really relate to this story I’m 15 and have been having nightmears of a little girl and she is always with me no matter where I go this girl is angry bit I’m not to sure when or even if she is going to become angry with me or what will happen

  10. camel says:

    what does your boyfriend have to do with anything involving nightmares or being haunted i think your lieing

  11. Darc says:

    Dear Luna , I first must say i belive you there r things in this world we will never understand and in a way dont ever want to at least not me ive seen my share of things and people tell me im crazy lol but im glad your okay it must be really hard to live with but if you dont mind me wondering do you feel safe now ? I hope so lord be with u

  12. Anonymous says:

    You can think she lying all u want but I believe she isn’t and she was talking about her boyfriend cause he was there in class when it happened

  13. Nina-Luna says:

    Some of that stuff has bee happening to me too,my name is Luna too

  14. Anonymous says:

    some really paranormal stuff is happening at this very moment the computer keeps turning off and stuff keeps falling of shelfs!

  15. anna says:

    the story was long but that is scary.When I read the stories and when they tell there parents they dont believe I dont like that.Parents should believe no matter what.the story sounded like paranormal activity buy in the movie it only happened at night.im sorry that peolpe have to go through that.Its never happened to me so I wouldnt understand but I can feel sorry for anyone that goes through that stuff.luckly it hasnt been back.

  16. Dakotah says:

    yeah about your story…the nightmare part i compared alot of that to what has ben happening to me. wi ill just wake up at night after having these horrible dreams. i get so scared. some timed these dreams feel like real life, nut there not. nothing has ever happened to me in real life except i wil wake up a tmight to the darkness and see shadows/

  17. Ana Karina says:

    ok the thing that was fallowing you wasnt an entity it was a demon because ever since you were 8 years old you have been having these things happen to you. my cousin shes 15 and shes been having experiences since she was 8 too. and she told me it came back when she was 14. Like once, she was in my house and she was washing the dishes alone in the kitchen. She came into my room kind of like in a hurry. She said can u please come to the kitchen with me i dont want to be alone. i came with her and i asked her why she was so scared, she said she heard laughing in a deep voice and she saw a shadow. i comforted her and i said dont worry im here. And in the next 2 nights she had nightmares about this pale girl wearing all black and had black hair black make up black eyes. im scared for my cousin because i think a demon is fallowing her. By the way i have never had anything paranormal happen to me in my summer house where this happened to my cousin

    • Bella says:

      i kno wat its like to i started having strange experiances when i was 3, then when i was 8 and then 12.
      and i also saw a girl it was like a picture in my head all the time and she visited my dreams often, she wore a white dress and had long dark brown hair and dark eyes. i have reason to believe that she was a child beaten by her parents because she hasnt left but she has shown me things that accured in her life. and at one time i saw her with my own eyes waiting for me to come down the stairs and watching me.
      i have only been dragged out of bed twice but i have had things thrown at me, waking me up many times and i have heard screams at night and voices.

  18. Chantelle says:

    Your 24 now ?
    aand this haapened to you when you were 15 ?
    how could you be texting & had an ipod back then ?
    tsh. >______>;

    • Bella says:

      8 yrs ago didnt they have those weird phones and huge ipods?
      cuz im 15 now and 8years ago i got my 1st phone and my 1st mp3 player

  19. Suzanna Julia says:

    Maybe its preventing you from doing something, but i dunno what it is. maybe it wants to tell you something.whenever you see it, just calm down, i have experience something like this before, i was terrified ya know. you’ll get used to it though. i dunno what it is on my back but it looks like a mark shaped like a hand . ….. just remember to calm down. XD

    • Wilian says:

      Yea being calm is better then to panick i being to diffrent places with paranormal activity and being calm is the best way to fight something that you don’t see

  20. Loujain says:

    oooooo myyyy! Im glad all of this isnt still goin on, god bless you and may the lord be with you love :)

  21. Wilian says:

    This is intresting i study about the paranormal and about dreams and this is not new but usually this would happen cause of the house but the ghost kept follow you even after you move i would say it try to send you a message of some sort,

  22. Brittne says:

    I’m so sorry that happened to you when i was little i heard a deep voice talking to me. may god bless you

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