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Posted on September 1, 2009

Hi there people! My name is Marife, turning to 18 this coming Saturday. I’m presently residing at Nueva Ecija, Philippines. All I can say in this site is its very organized and I really like it (specially the stories).

Some Filipinos believed in the paranormal activity but some didn’t. It hurts a lot when you try to explain strange things but they think that you are crazy. I know some of you felt this and it hurts so much if our own love ones didn’t care nor believe us (and also they are the one who mocked us that we are mad). Since this is a paranormal site I will confidently share my experience.

It was happened to me last June 23, 2009. When I heard a shocking and sad news. My sister was confined in the hospital because of mild stroke. During that time I was attending my classes in our school (I will make a follow-up story about our paranormal investigation in our school) but my heart was filled with sadness and nervousness. I can’t go in hospital because I was badly needed in our activity. (a role playing of some folktales in our Philippines Literature)I was the leader and also the director of the said role play so I can’t leave my members. When we finished I received a SMS came from my mom and she said that I don’t have to go in the hospital (even I want to) coz if I go there I might cause some problem (because they know that I am sensitive and they were afraid that I will react negatively to my sister’s condition. I have the so called “demon-tongue” whenever I talked negatively It will happen!). She also ordered me to come home early so I can watch the house. I felt sad but I don’t have any guts to protest so I abide my mom.

When I got home 6:00pm, I really felt something strange. I can’t even breathe well. I decided to bought something to drink to lessen my nervousness. I went to nearby store and buy some refreshments. It gave some comfort but I felt a cold air pass by my face. So I hurried to come home, I hurriedly walk and when I was about to enter our gate I heard a screech of brakes and loud noise. I looked behind me and I saw my beloved dog lied dead and her head is bleeding! I felt mixed feelings, I can’t move I was shocked and my eyes were open wide!(actually our house is nearby to hi-way or road and it was my first to saw a incident like that). I try to move, I confusingly knocked at the door even I have the key (maybe because of the fear).

Our driver open the gate and he also saw my beloved dog (her name is Lyka, a brown talented dog) and I told him what happened and he just said before the incident happened all of our dogs were howling but he doesn’t pay any attention to it. He pick the dog and put it in to the sack. He will give it to his uncle. His relatives will cook it (Here in Philippines we ate dog’s meat). At first, I send a SMS to my mom, but since she is not responding to my SMS I decided to call her (during that time I was alone coz our driver give my dead dog to his uncle). I call her and then the lights went off! (I felt that all of hair except in the head were standing stiffly). My mom answered my call. I told her about the bad things that happened to my dog and the unexpected power interruption. I also ask her why she’s not answering my SMS. She ask me “when you send SMS, is our dog dead?” I said I don’t know, maybe. She said when I send a SMS my sister was in 30-70 situation (it means she almost died) and when I called her (at the same time our lights went off) my sister was miraculously recovered! She also said that maybe my dog sacrificed her life just to save my sister’s life. After the call our lights went on. I was so happy until know I can’t believed that God will make a miracle in our family. But after experiencing this kind of paranormal activity my faith to God was strengthen.

Exchange-Life occurs when some of your relatives are in critical condition (like my sister). I know its God will to exchange my dog’s life in order to save my sister’s life. Until now I don’t know the real explanation about this kind of phenomenon.

Sent in by Marife Buenaventura, Copyright 2009

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104 Responses to “Exchange Life”
  1. Karen M. says:

    That was really interesting, but if it really was some kind of exchage, shouldn’t the dog have a proper burial, instead of being eaten? I’m not picking on your culture , taste is a question of culture, we eat snails, but I’m not sure everyone likes that!

  2. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.
    I LOVE snails, but I can’t help but feel that dogs and cats are domestic animals meant to be pets – not food. Oh, man, I have a hard time with that. Sorry Marife.

  3. Karen M. says:

    DarStarr, really? The best ones are the green ones from Bourgone, but not with the garlic and butter/parsely, the best way to serve is with a vinigrette made from echalotes, wine vinegar and olive oil!

    P.S. Caretaker I know this is not an exchange recipe site, I�ll go back to topic!

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    well it may well have been and its strange that all the dogs in the area were howling at the same time before this happened.! its to bad that you couldn’t go to be with your sister but i respect you for following your mother’s request! some cultures eat dogs and i hope its not for the lack of money to get other kinds of meat. did you tell your mom the dog was dead? i hope your sister recovers and all is well with your family! thanks for a very interesting story!

  5. Pat says:

    I too, was taken a back by the man merely seeing a poor dead dog as their DINNER! How awful (and by the way I would not EVER eat a snail)….that said I am very thankful that your sister is fine now… scary how one thing can help another thing happen.. a life for a life but that poor dog sacrificed her life she should not be eaten…..

  6. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.
    You are making me hungry! I live near Cleveland Ohio and use to drive 2 1/2 hours to Columbus to go to this rest. that had the BEST Escargot! mmm.
    I so agree with you! If that poor dog sacrifided herself she should have been give a proper buriel! I understand it is a different culture and all, but to eat a PET! and it was a pet! wow. oh, and snails are very good if cleaned and prepared properly!

  7. Fenwinkel says:

    Well, I believe there is an animal soul and a person soul, so I can’t really get to the belief that the dog’s soul went into your sister. I think that everything that happened was just a coincidence.

  8. DarStarr says:

    I totally agree! Animals DO have souls, so I don’t believe that the dogs soul went into her sister, but I kind of took it that she believed the dog gave up it’s life so that her sister could live. Either way, not cool eating that poor animal.

  9. Karen M. says:

    That was a good point, I don’t think the soul of an animal could possibly repalce a human soul, I get the point the author is making though that one thing died so another could live, but I’m not sure about all that. To Pat, kids in the United States don’t know what they’re missing, I”ve got a tiny type who loves snails, smoked salmon , salads, brocolli, ect… and you can’t take him to McDonalds, cause he won’t eat there!

  10. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    Consider yourself blessed! I think half the problems now-a-days with children being obese and hyper ect. is due to all the awful stuff they eat! When I was growing up it was a TREAT to go to McDonalds, NOT the norm. My nephew had a Taco Bell and Pizza Hut express in his high-school for goodness sake! You little one is eating what kids should!!

    • Caretaker says:

      Most parents make the mistake right from the beginning of filling their children full of salt, sugar, high fructose corn syrup and junk. Our daughter rarely gets any candy or sweets except for fruit. NO SODA, POP, or whatever you might call it. She loved veggies and fruit and will actually ask for water! We know people who give their babies a lot of candy and chips and even put pop in their bottles! Whenever we visit family and friends it seems that they always want to give her cookies and candy and then they act like we are weird for not allowing it.

  11. Karen M. says:

    DartStarr, yes absolutlely, but you know obesity is now becoming a problem among kids over here now because of all the McDonaldz, Dominos pizza, subway and Quick fast food that has just arrived here, in fact subway just opened here 6months ago! My gosh where did your nephew go to school, that they had that?

  12. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.
    He went to Horlick High in Racine Wisconsin (yes, my brothers family are cheeseheads! lol) And I thought it was just insane that these kids could eat that junk at school!
    If more parents took the time to actually cook and FEED their children properly like you and Karen M. do, I think a LOT of problems would be solved. I applaud you both!!!! :)
    I understand that a lot of people will use the excuse of: “Oh, we both work ect” but I have to tell you, my mom started working full time when I began school and we had a full home-cooked meal every night and we SAT together and ate as a family.
    Ok, done preaching!

  13. Karen M. says:

    Caretaker, that is not weird at all, it’s just weird to them cause that’s what they do. My kids don’t even like soda ( that’s weird) instead they drink that flavored water. Here my kid’s eat in the cantine at school or the cafeteria and they get everything on the menu an adult would except for the wine of course, dessert is fruit or cheese or yahgourt,! That is great that you are like that, me too people can’t understand why my kids don’t like all that sweet stuff!

  14. D.R. says:

    I never gave that junk to my kids when they were little and although they LOVE McD’s, they have pretty good eating habits on their own now. My daughter will take a tomato before candy bar any day… When I get back tomorrow I will share some of our paranormal experiences. She is extremely psychic. I’ve been too busy reading these today to share much and now I have to leave… I’ve shared some on another website before, but this one is a lot more interactive. I love it! See y’all tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

  15. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    I don’t think it is weird at all that your kids don’t like soda! I think it’s fantastic! Soda is EVIL! LOL!
    So glad you are here! Can’t wait to read your experiences!

  16. trolldoll1681 says:

    when i was a kid, my dad drank pepsi, we kids got to drink 7-up or just a tiny cup of pepsi and the family always sat down to dinner together meat and taters kind of meals i never had a cavity till after i was 18!! the family that eats together stays together and its a shame that families are so busy these days that they don’t do it!!!

  17. eyepriestess says:

    Going back a few years here. When i used to mention that my baby daughter would stay awake until about 9pm before going to bed, some of our friends would say that they would put a drop of whisky in their last milk feed bottle. I couldn’t really get my breath on that, surely anyone knows that would be bad on a liver that wasn’t fully formed yet.

    Same with my daughter, i hardly ever let her drink pop, it really does keep you slim keeping off pop (fizzy drinks).

  18. eyepriestess says:

    Troll doll, what you said is soooo true, a family should always eat together, i absolutely agree. I was only talking to my eldest daughter who is away from home now and has a family of her own. I said that they should eat at the table and talk instead of on trays in front of the TV. I noticed signs of that when i went round yesterday (i have a key) that her fiance had set the table and there were signs of candles being lit etc.

    Just simple romance like that keeps a relationship strong.

  19. Jamie says:

    Well, while ya’ll are at it (lol) I cut out soda only 2 weeks ago and already lost 5 pounds, not to mention I feel better. My kids are only allowed non caffeine soda, and that is only once a day at dinner, after that they get strictly water, since they were given the “treat” of a sprite. lol.
    Dar when I was little it was a treat to go to mcdonalds for us too! But you know whats crazy is my mom would cook all kinds of fattening stuff like fried chicken and potatoes with homemade cream gravy, and we stayed skinny, but eating a week of mcdonalds and kids blow up like balloons lol.

  20. eyepriestess says:

    Hmmmm Jamie, fried chicken and potatoes with homemade cream gravy is not good, no, no way

    But my mum wants to know, what’s the recipe for that yummy sounding cream recipe by the way?

  21. Karen M. says:

    My mom did too, and if you think about it we should be fat, but she was really strick with eating habits, there was no eating between meals and if you did it was a apple or something. My mom was a health nut, just to tell to what extent she was, remember when you used to have to mix kool-aid with sugar, my mom mixed it with honey……… this day I still get chills thinking about it!

  22. eyepriestess says:

    Cream gravy i meant Jamie.

    Hey, how the heck did this thread turn into a fine dining thread? ha ha

  23. DarStarr says:

    You are so right! I think the problem with McDonalds is that all that fast food stuff is processed and loaded with fat and salt. Homecooking, even though it might not be the best of choices, is still home-cooked. And I’m sure you guys didn’t eat fried chicken and cream gravy EVERY night. Plus, too many kids now a days don’t go and play outside like we did, we didn’t sit in front of the tv or video games, we ran, rode our bikes – played kick the can ect. Kids don’t do those things now a days.
    And sitting down and eating together IS the best thing you can do for your kids! ABSOLUTELY!!!

  24. DarStarr says:

    Oh, and Jamie,
    Congrats on the 5 lbs.!!!! that is awesome!!!!!!

  25. Jamie says:

    haha ok eyepriestess…
    first, you get a little oil (about 2 teaspoons) and put in a hot pan (over medium high heat)
    pour in about 1 teaspoons flour (to make a roux), mix with the oil with a whisk, nonstop, until it is sort of thick yet runs when you’re not stirring (add a little oil if its too thick and continue to whisk)
    add one cup of milk slowly, and continue to whisk
    as it thickens, add one more cup milk
    as it thickens, add one more cup (and so on until you have the amount of grave you need)
    the trick is not to add more milk until the gravy youre already stirring is thickish
    add salt and pepper to taste…
    seems pretty easy but takes practice because of the roux

  26. Karen M. says:

    DarStarr, studies have proven that children who eat dinner with their families do better in school and are less likely to experiment with drugs or alcohol.

  27. DarStarr says:

    I can believe that! I think back to the conversations my family and I had at our dinner table and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  28. Karen M. says:

    Poor CareTaker, as he spends out his days in a house full of women ( he is grossly out numbered), now he has to listen to all us on our recipes!

  29. DarStarr says:

    After my brother moved out of the house, my poor dad was in the same situation as Caretaker, a house full of women! Even our dogs were all girls!!! But I have to tell you, my father was one of the BEST men I have ever known, so us girls MUST have done something right! lol!!! :)

  30. Jamie says:

    darstarr youre a girl?! i thought you were a dude! dont know why.

  31. eyepriestess says:

    Karen (Eddie) and me (Patsy) didn’t eat round the table with our parents did we Eddie darling? ha ha it’s the alcohol that we have trouble with

  32. DarStarr says:

    Yes I’m a girl! whatever made you think I was a guy! oh, man! Now I’m going to have a complex – lol!
    EP – U R too funny!!!!!!!!

  33. DarStarr says:

    P.S. Dar is for Darlene :)

  34. Karen M. says:

    EP (Patsy) no more nightclubs for you darling! DarStarr, I never thought that you were a guy, I thought that also about Dar cause my mom’s name is Darlene and everyone called her Dar!

  35. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    Really! that is awesome! I don’t come across many Darlene’s! Yay!

  36. Fenwinkel says:

    Aaaargh! Every time there is a new posting here, I get a new email in my inbox — and as a poster said above, when did this turn into recipes and how to raise children? I’m just deleting them without reading them from now on. Seeing how many people posted these comments here, maybe the Caretaker should open a new site where people could raise topics other than paranormal and comment on them. Looks like it would be very popular.

  37. Miriah says:

    Man this story gave me chill’s. Yea I dont agree with eating the dog,but if you think about it this way. The dog sacrificed herself for a human to live. So wouldnt it make more sense to eat her,rather than just put her in a hole to rot. Im just saying lol. Anyway this was an amazing story and an awesome cultural lesson to. Also the comment’s on eating snail’s hmm one word hypocrits. Besides noboday care’s really who’s kids eat where and how much wieght you have lost. Paranormal not day to day life. Please try to get a handle on this caretaker. Before the comments become uselesss and boring. Thanks.

  38. eyepriestess says:

    Miriah, there is nothing wrong with talking to each other on the thread, you can see how the subject got changed and everybody was just having a bit of fun with each other. Nobody on here is boring at all.

  39. mary says:

    happy birthday yaaaaa……. happy for ur sister’s recovery

  40. Karen M. says:

    EP, I agree it’s not like we do this all the time!

  41. Pat says:

    It’s hard to tell how powerful the human body is. Yes, you dog could of gave it’s live to save your sister (I am sorry about your dog by the way), but your sister could of recovered by herself, and your dog could of been hit by accident, although the power surge was strange. Ask if anyone else’s lights went out, and ask the doctors what happened to your sister.

    I hope you and your family have a happy life, and your dog to be remembered.

  42. Robbie Scifres says:

    Fenwinkle – read what interests you and delete the rest like a mature adult. Come on, I know you can do it. You probably just had a bad day, right?

  43. Robbie Scifres says:

    Mariah, what is with you guys, the moon is full. Maybe that’s it. Well I think the story would be very unsetteling for anybody. The sister is sick, the Mom tells Marife not to come to the hospital so she can’t go and be with her sister, and then she sees her pet dog run over and carted off for….. We can’t judge what other people do, dog was eaten by some native American Indians and Colonial settlers during really hard times. We really don’t understand hunger because most of us are way too lucky, we live in a place and time of plenty for most of us. Keep in mind that 1/3 (?) of the world is starving because of war and drought or war. The French probably ate snails back in pre-history during a time of famine and then they became such a part of the diet they never stopped – the same is probably true in countries where dog is eaten. Did you know that Chihuahua’s were breed and raised not only as pets for the elite in Aztec society but they ate them also like some people eat cornish game hens today.

    Marife – hang in there. Its confusing right now. God gave your sister her own miracle which mean she still has something important to do here on earth – so it’s not her time yet. All the other things were just unfortunate coincidences. I hope you and sister both get better and move on with your lives.

  44. Karen M. says:

    Oh Robbie, how I like you! I am half American/French, therfore I reside in France! I have to add that snails are no longer a part of our staple diet, as times have changed, now they are expensive! Like the gavage with ducks to produce fois gras, it’s the same when the Americans ate buffalo and now they are extinct!, or almost! We all have to do what we do to survivre. I AGREE with you 100%! ……………..P.S. the full moon is shining through my window now, and my cat is acting all crazy!

  45. Fenwinkel says:

    Robbie, (chuckle) I wasn’t having a bad day until umpteen emails came onto my screen unrelated to the story! I’ll bet this is the longest one that has ever appeared and deserves the golden blah award.

  46. eyepriestess says:

    I don’t really believe for one minute Marife would be that bothered, talk about go over the top sometimes, and it was cute funny emails…oh come on!!

  47. eyepriestess says:

    Oh forgot to say Chiawaha recipe…sorry but that is sick, why don’t you just eat meat from the butchers shop?

    Ok this story is reallly creepy!! ya know, the one that started this thread ;)

  48. Sai Chan says:

    Marife Buenaventura,
    I don’t know if you are on this site or not. But you have to see a medium. There are things coming up.
    You have a spirit/spirits followed.
    Yes, the dog’s life was exchanged for the health of your sister.
    Bury the dog or not is not a problem at this case. But eating the dog may be, if the dog’s spirit is unrested.

  49. Sai Chan says:

    If you delete part of my comment because you think it is rubbish or not true. I don’t see why you’re not deleting the ones said by other people’s about recipes.
    If you delete part of my comment because you think contradicted to your concept, which I think benefits to the public, then I think you should delete this one comment, and all of my stories and comments before, and the one not published yet.
    I am very discontented of your behaviour. It’s immature!
    Also, let me remind you that you have to change the fonts of this site, without that abrupt, and authoritative form that one will tend to persecute and hate.
    This is a healthier advice which I didn’t mention before, but for the public health.
    But still the hate is not from me.
    We just have different approaches in life.

    • Caretaker says:

      Sai Chan – I do not understand where you see hate or immaturity. I apologize if it offended you when I removed part of your comment. I have also not approved several other comments which were not about the story but about the recipes, cooking, etc. I should not have approved those in the first place as it really isnt fair to the author of the story. I dont want to remove the posts that have already been approved but any future comments about recipes will not be published.

      I respect you and value your opinions and advice here and I acknowledge the fact that you have written a lot of very helpful comments.

      I do not understand what you mean by “Also, let me remind you that you have to change the fonts of this site, without that abrupt, and authoritative form that one will tend to persecute and hate.” can you please explain? Are you saying the fonts lead to persecution and hate? I would really like to know.

  50. Sai Chan says:

    Dear Caretaker,
    I’m amazed that you printed my last comment.

    About the fonts in this site–I see persecution and hate in a comment,
    but totally different when appeared in my email.
    In the email, I can see deep to what the author trying to mean.

    This site, needs more feminine style, in the fonts, that can create thinking.

  51. Jamie says:

    sai chan, are you seriously upset about the FONTS on this site?? If it were your site, you could do so, but it is not your site. Something to think on….

  52. Sai Chan says:

    It is nice of me to have said things, which you deleted, to explain the topics of people mentioned of cooking and recipes, were just problems that can be settled, by a one statement of mine, and that explains the unknowing but unnecessary paranormal
    one can get into by absence of good nutrition.
    And by that statement of mine, you have the ground of not deleting those people’s comments.
    Instead you deleted mine, that’s why I had the ‘remark’ to you.

    If you had respected me, you would have considered me more carefully to what I’m trying to do.
    I was just serving like a helper to you, however was ignored.

    I don’t know if this story is extracted from other site or not.
    Even if extracted, people without knowing but seeing an author being exploited like this, who will dare to contribute any more.
    But if it is original, and you were the advocate and leader to the food topics,
    then you are very disrespectful to the author.
    You’re wrong even going either way.

    Also I had even missed out the warning I would’ve wanted to remind D.R. , in case be misunderstood of me being a sarcastic critic.
    –Tomato is poisonous when raw, and candy bar can agitate the ‘hot’ thinking, and that could reason some to his/her daughter being extremely psychic.

    Further to the type of fonts–for example, the top of the character ‘e’ is too pointed, and should be smoothed out and lengthened.

    In case, you forgot what I said, of what you deleted, is at following.

    Bad food brings forth unnecessary paranormal! It’s the chemicals within that’s bad that can change mind and body.
    Fast food oil contains ‘trans fat’ or ‘hydrogenated oil’ and that is big poison. Pops are chemicals too, but a lot better than diet pops.
    Home cooked food without its own favor aromatically brought out, means the poison within hasn’t been disintegrated.
    If overcooked, the nutrients will also be lost and mutiated, and can create extra poisons.
    Salt or sugar or oil is good to necessitate the chemical reaction of food to disintegrate the poison.
    How much, and when to add and the amount of heat are techniques required.
    Symptoms of these chemicals overly ingested will be of showing anger or obese at parts such as outer sides of thighs.

    • Caretaker says:

      OK Sai Chan there are your remarks about cooking.

      These stories are not copied from any other site. They have all been sent in to us by the authors themselves. Raw tomatoes are NOT poison. People eat them and in fact we eat them ourselves, they are very good for you and much better than processed or cooked.

      When I say that these off topic comments are probably not fair to the writer of the story – just imagine how they might feel if they submit their experience for discussion and everyone talks about unrelated topics on their story. How can you place yourself in a position to tell someone else they are wrong “either way” on how they conduct their website? Now here I am engaging in a discussion completely irrelevant to the story….

      I am starting to feel like I am being manipulated here as to what to publish on the site. Any further comments about tomatoes, recipes, and the like will be subject to editing or deleting. If you would like to comment on the story and/or to others comments feel free. If you would like to discuss fonts or my policies or anything like that please use the contact link // to communicate directly with me.

  53. Karen M. says:

    Sai Chan I think we just got off topic because we read something that we don’t normally hear about, that is eating a dog. I think for western culture it is something strange and unheard of, other than that I don’t think anything needs to be changed about this site.

  54. Robbie Scifres says:

    Thank you Karen – there really is something about the full moon. A lot of people call it B.S. but at one time I thought I wanted to be a nurse. I went for 2 1/2 semesters and was told I had the “touch”, but I don’t have the stomach for it. So, I am not a nurse. But while I was in the program one of student assignments was to work in geriatrics (at that time – nursing homes) and one night all the patients were restless and kept ringing their bells and I made the comment that for a night shift things were hopping. The R.N. in charge told me this was only the beginning as the moon was coming in full in the next two days and things would really be crazy then – I didn’t believe her. By the time that week was out I was a believer. Cancer patients went beserk and no matter how much medication we gave them we couldn’t relieve the pain. Dementia patients got worse and one got away from the day nurses and the police had to track him down. General depression seemed to spread even among the patients who seemed normal most of the time. Those who had been mean or cruel to relatives just because they could would confess because they were afraid of dying with that on their soul. Some called out constantly – I could go and on. Sometimes it was kind of funny (when we would find a man and woman who had gotten brave and decided to consumate their love), and other times it was really sad (when we couldn’t relieve the pain of a cancer patient) but from then on I was a believer and watched it play out several times before I left school.

  55. Fenwinkel says:

    Sai Chan, I hope I am not invading your privacy, but I am curious about you. You seem to be very certain and authoritative about what you say regarding the paranormal. I am wondering if you have had any training in this area. Also, although your English is pretty good, it might help us who are reading your comments to understand you better if we knew where you live or are from. I hope I have not offended you with my questions.

  56. Miriah says:

    Im not the one with the problem. The point I was trying to make is everyone had a fit over the dog being ate. It’s a different culture,and I think we should respect that. I think everyone has gotten way off topic with this story. It’s not fair to the authour so let’s try and get back on track everyone. Oh and one other thing Robbie. My name is Miriah,not Mariah. Not being mean just saying.

  57. Sai Chan says:

    I joined this site out of your kind words you emailed me for explaining the more than half year till publishing my first story but still that touched me.
    And now I should thank you for that you printed my comments.
    Because of that, you finally have proved your kindness and your integrity, I do admire.

    You sure do have the full power of this site,
    only that my tone and my last words in my intended goodbye comments, offended you.
    I humbly apologize.
    I’d like to stay, as long as you don’t see me a nuisance.

  58. eyepriestess says:

    Miriah, alot of cultures think it is wrong to eat dogs that is why. Nobody has done anything wrong here apart from just go off subject and have a bit of fun with one another, nothing more than that. Please don’t reply i can’t believe we are being told off like this!

  59. Robbie Scifres says:

    Well I’m not the Caretaker or a Moderator but I declare a time out for anybody who is still in a turmoil over all of this. You know someting guys, I agree with eyepriestess, after all we are only human and all we did was act like humans. You know something else, our argueing (sp?) may have discouraged Marife or scared her off.

    Marife, don’t pay any attention to our craziness, we will support you just like we do each other. Come back and try again and we will try to mind our manners, okay?

    Now everybody to your time out chair for 5 minutes, then take a deep breath and come out feeling good about everybody. I will do the same.

  60. Miriah says:

    Would you care to explain how I told you off? Mmmm maybe when I called you all hypocrits. Im sorry if I offended you but thats what you are all being. I mean think about it. Your telling someone it’s wrong to eat a dog,but then people start going on about how good snails are. If I said your wrong for eating beef,but I eat pork. That would make me a hypocrit wouldnt it? That’s all I was saying. As for going off topic there are site’s for that to. I want to read people’s opinion’s on ghost stories not recipe’s. If people cant see where im coming from I dont know what to say. I wont apologize for what I said cause I dont think I said anything wrong. Seem’s to me people know im right since I keep getting comment’s.

  61. Sai Chan says:

    I’m sorry to have aroused your doubt.
    I’m a chinese, living in Hong Kong.
    The knowledge I have is just something I picked up along the way.
    Some sickness and problems are related to paranormal hauntings.
    But Westerners tend to think lengthwise, while Easterners tend to think widthwise. It’s just hard to come into terms.
    Westerners have to see to believe. If seen, and that might just be hallucination. And further, have to prove every item that ghosts can do on human bodies. But if ghost is not an item, then there is no item to prove.
    Well, I can only say if someone don’t see ghosts, they don’t see ghosts. No argument intended.
    I just wish less problems in this world, not to create more.

  62. Miriah says:

    Well said Robbie lol. I wont be coming back to the site though where people choose whom they do or dont like. Also where you cant have an opinion without pissing everyone off. Caretaker maybe you should have brought up people being told off sooner. Anyway there are better sites and better people to spend time with. What a joke. Oh hurry send me messages I said something bad. I tried not to let it get to me,but everyone knows the polish are famous for there tempers. One other thing caretaker please dont publish the story I wanted on here. Thanks.

  63. Karen M. says:

    I have to apologize to the author of the story. It was never my intention to start a recipe site here. In my first comment I said that eating a dog in your culture is what you are used to where as eating snail in France is probably not to anyone’s liking either, the only thing I was trying to do was make a comparison with 2 different cultures, so that some people would know that for you it’s not so strange after all to eat a dog.

  64. Fenwinkel says:

    Sai Chan, thanks for answering me. I have great respect for the Chinese. They have the oldest religions in the world, and I believe that has given them a lot of time to get things right spiritually.

  65. spookster says:

    Pretty sure the french eat horses (don’t know about Karen M but I consider a horse a domestic animal)

    I think it is unfair of people to read someones story and write possibly hurtful comments about their culture, we all have our own and we should respect that. The world would be a very dull and boring place if everyone had the same cultures and beliefs.

    As someone very wise once said, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

  66. Sai Chan says:

    I like you as a friend. Please come back! As a friend’s support.
    If you come back to this site, I’ll tell you right here 3 short stories of dog’s haunting, just for your sake.
    If not, at least honored me with your stories, I’ll give you a fair comment.
    play_with_sai at

  67. Sai Chan says:

    Dear CareTaker,
    I had prepared to tell 3 dog’s haunting short stories for Miriah to come back, on the hope that all of us be better, and aggravate pain no more.
    But I saw something puzzling.

    Are you awared that Karen.M. is talking food again?
    Does it mean that you support her saying those?
    Or does it mean that you want no more of Miriah?
    Or simply Karen M. doesn’t care your saying of ‘food no more’, because she knows you like it.
    Or you two are related somehow?

    I’m just feeling stupid. I don’t know what’s happening.
    Because I think spookster and me are in some ways wondering too.

    • Caretaker says:

      Sai Chan – to be blunt and honest with you we have a newborn baby in the house (as well as a 2 year old) and I have been a little less attentive in what I am doing here in the office and on this site.

      To Everyone – Some comments have been removed. I appreciate everyone of you and some of you even talk with me via email, I hope that no one is upset about a comment being removed as I mean nothing personal at all.

  68. Karen M. says:

    Sai Chan, you’re always complaing about something, like fonts on this site, I did read your comment on “nutrition” you also had something to add also on food! I don’t think that you have superior chinese wisdom; you said in your story that you had published that you are 50 years old, yet you throw temper tantrums!

  69. DarStarr says:

    Sai Chan,
    I agree with Karen. The “food” subjects we have all been discussing is just to express how different all our cultures are. If you look back, a lot of it does have to do with the story. We’ve discussed how some of us felt it was wrong to eat the dog BECAUSE if the dog gave up it’s life for her sister ect.
    Yes, we are guilty of going off track a bit, but it’s nice to be able to communicate with people for different reasons. You went on and on how certain foods are poison and such, and we listened, yet as soon as Karen makes an innocent observation you are running and tattleing. I’m sorry, it just makes me angry when people jump all over you for being human.
    I truly enjoy talking with you; you seem to have the same sense of humor as I and it is a pleasure.
    I know how much you have going on right now, and I am sorry if our discussions have caused you any stress, you do a fantastic job, and seem to understand that sometimes our posts branch off from the topic a bit. It happens. I am sorry it also causes people to get angry at you.

  70. DarStarr says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, one more thing.
    I have been reading the posts and comments and for the most part everyone here is thoughtful and encouraging to the people telling their stories. There are connections being made, so don’t dwell on a few off subject comments. Isn’t that what the delete button is for?

  71. Fenwinkel says:

    Gaaaaah! 74 postings! I think it is time to all gather in a circle, hold hands, sing kumbaya, have someone with holy water sprinkle it on everyone and someone else light some sage and wave it around to get this site back on track. There was a full moon on September 4, so maybe that has something to do with it. Please no more food! Emeril must have a site you can visit for that.

  72. Karen M. says:

    DarStarr, well said, thank-you!

  73. Sai Chan says:

    Karen M.,
    Thank you for reading my comments, and my stories.
    You’re right. I am just human, nothing special at all.
    About your comments being deleted, I have no power in doing so, it’s the CareTaker’s authority and decision, not mine.
    Thanks again.

    I am normal and like good food too.
    But one shouldn’t talk about death on somebody’s birthday party.
    And one shouldn’t laugh at a funeral if the hosts are sad.
    That’s called respect. Right?

  74. Karen M. says:

    Sai Chan don’t be smug, so if the hosts are laughing at the funeral is it ok to laugh? You are so funny, I think everyone here knows that!

  75. DarStarr says:

    Sai Chan,
    I understand where you are coming from – but we were not trying to be disrepectful and I realize that it is no use trying to convince you otherwise. That was always the nicest thing about this site is that everyone’s opionions and stories WERE so different, but again, when you get berated for voicing a different opinion, OR going off subject, it does not make for a nice experience.

  76. eyepriestess says:

    I’m sorry if i upset anyone going on about food too and then getting mad myself for people which i thought seemed to be telling us off.

    It would be great if we could all make friends and start over.

    I just got over sensitive because i had had my fill yesterday of being told off by a hoity toity police officer because i had parked very slightly on zig zag lines and then i couldn’t produce my documents on time because my licence had been lost for months. I got too mad after that and then i come on here for some light relief and everyone is fighting, it does get to you and so i apologise for being over sensitive to it all.

    Caretaker, nobody should be upset with you, you have enough on with looking after your new little baby.

  77. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    Awesome point! Thank you.

  78. Sai Chan says:

    I understand that.
    Come on. Here’s a bi…g hug from a friend!
    Smile. I’ve had no hard feelings to you at all.

  79. DarStarr says:

    Sai Chan,
    Hug accepted. Thank you. There were never any hard feelings, people need to just relax a bit. Think about it this way, if you are living with these scary, horrible experiences, isn’t it kind of nice to maybe distract yourself from it every once in a while, have a laugh or two?
    you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. You had a REALLY bad day, we’ve all had those – some of us more than others, but regardless. I thought you handled yourself maturely, so please, don’t apologize.

  80. Miriah says:

    I still dont understand how I told you off,but whatever. I dont know what it is about me you dont like. It seem�s as if I just rub you wrong. Im sorry you had a bad day, cop�s are bastard�s. What can I say? Also us going back and forth with each other isnt fair to other�s or to Caretaker. So if you would like to try and start over again im game for it. If not that�s cool to. My biggest weakness is I have a quick temper but cant stay mad. Not even with stranger�s. Lol being irish,polish is alot to handle on a good day. Anyway let me know if you will accept my apology.

    Caretaker, im sorry for my pissy attitude towards you yesterday. You are just trying to run a site we can all enjoy, and share our ghost storie�s on. If thing�s go off topic it should be fun. Not cause drama and stress for you. Especially with a baby. Congrat�s on your little one. You have probably deleted my story by now with the way I have been acting. If so I wouldnt blame you, a lot of us have been actin like cranky toddler�s. No one get mad lol cause I dont mean anything bad by that.

    Anyway Caretaker if you do still have my story please publish it. I would appreciate it. Sai Chan,please tell me your dog stories I would love to hear them. Thank you for the kind word�s when I felt like I was being picked on. You are the main reason I came back. I cant walk away from kindness when there is so little of it left in this world. That say�s alot about you as a person.

    One last thing, groan about the dog. I think people misunderstood what I was saying. What I was trying to say is I dont agree with eating dog�s. But the authour is from a different culture and it seemed like everyone went off about it. So that�s about it I guess. Sitting here and swallowing my pride, hoping that we can all just get along.

    • Caretaker says:


      Thank you for a great comment. You dont owe me any apologies and I was not offended at all by anything you said and I would not delete your story.

  81. raven says:

    I respect different religions but i don’t think that it is right to eat a dog after it has exchanges it life for might cause a bit of unrest with her spirit would it not?

  82. raven says:

    Caretaker congrats on the newborn i hope that all is well with your family

  83. Sai Chan says:

    We all have evil minds at times. As long as our hearts are not evil, we are all lovable humans. I believe that.
    Welcome back!!!

    1–A Taiwanese actress ‘Pei Chiat’ said the following. Her very best friend, was a soldier with a co-ordinate together, being ordered to get rid of the dog near their precinct. They found it and shot it at its temple. They buried the corpse and left, but returned soon out of their young’s curiosity, wanted to get a good look at a dead body. They undug it, and saw a white smoke coming up, then they fell unconsciously till the next day. They developed dry skin like the pangolin (an ant eater), scale like skin that cracked, and emitted unstandable corpse-like smell. No doctors could cure. Later, a medium was invited to help. The main thing the medium did was offering favorite food a dog would like, at its grave, and did something else to rest its soul. Seven days after, they were cured.
    From this, we can see that hate is not exclusive for humans.

    2–’Pei’ also said, her very good school classmate had a chihuahua for more than 10 years. One morning found dead at the toilet room, must have been the blow of the head into the wall at night when rushing for toilet. A few days after, this classmate dreamt of the dog jumping on the bed beside her. Without realizing it was dead already, she played with it as usual. She soon saw the mud on the dog’s feet. But the dog then jumped off the bed, running out from the room on 2nd floor, down the stairs. She saw the footprints left behind and she ran after the dog. Downstairs and out of the house until where the grave of the dog was, she stood there waking up. At this time the 1999-9-21 Taiwan’s big earthquake started to shake. After that, she returned her house, and found the dog’s footprint were really there. And there was a lamp post collapsed and peirced through her bedroom window. Somehow the dog saved her life.
    I wonder would that also be the dog was supposed to die in order to be a messenger to save her life?

    3–A man’s pregnant sister would visit from time to time. But his guard dog would bark fiercely every time she visited. She scolded back fiercely too. The man, for the sake of her pregnant sister, gave away this dog to a friend.
    Not long after, her sister gave birth to a stillborn and died of complications.
    He suspected of supernatural thing, and brought along a medium to see his friend who had his dog. His friend told him that he gave it to his neighbor, who killed and ate it, and shared it with others. But fatal accidents and acute sickness following death to every gourmets. There the medium saw the ghost of the big dog, along with 2 puppies. He then asked if the dog was pregnant the time it was killed. The reply was yes.
    So is this a case out of immense protective surge as a mother or immense hate from a dog involved, I just couldn’t tell.

    When young, I personally saw our stupid dog swalllow her fresh born babies, might be her thought of the best treatment of contraception or animal’s instinct of getting supplement for her lost nutrition or just simply mad! And I told my grandma but she didn’t believe me. She even accused me of where I hid those puppies.

  84. Sai Chan says:

    supplement to the 3rd story
    Might be the dog fiercely bark was to warn the pregnant woman of a dangerous conception. However good deed was ended up in unnecessary hate from others and ownself’s misery of death, and got involved in the grief of its children too.
    There I understand the immense hate would be too great to bear.

  85. raven says:

    It sounds like no good deed goes unpunish. i like the stories that you told Sai Chan.

  86. eyepriestess says:

    Miriah, I haven’t got anything against you, i don’t even really know you, but how you just commented is brilliant and of course it is good to be friends again :)

    I have Irish in me too, which does get the adrenaline going hey? ha ha

    DarrStar, ;)

  87. Karen M. says:

    I find Sai Chan’s story very disturbing, I have never heard of a dog eating it’s babies, surely this story is not true, animals also have compassion towards their young. I heard a TRUE story that was on tv it was one of those shows where they film real life rescuses. This building was on fire and there was a cat who had just had babies, I can’t remember how many she had, but she kept going in and out of the burning building saving each one of her babies putting them outside. When the firefighters got there they saved the rest, as they said that if the mother cat had gone into the building one more time she would of died from smoke inhalation……………………that’s a true story!

    P.S. I take it that they eat dog where you live Si Chan?

    • Caretaker says:

      Karen, as terrible as it sounds it is true. Not only will a dog sometimes eat its own young but cats will do the same thing. I dont know why they do it but it does happen.

  88. DarStarr says:

    I agree with Karen M.
    Those stories are VERY disturbing. And I’ve never heard of a dog eating it’s puppies either.
    Also, why was the Chihauha rushing to the bathroom? Did it use the toilet?

  89. Karen M. says:

    OK i just asked my husband and he said that if the dog does not have enough nipples she will kill one of her babies to feed the rest that it is an instinct of survival, if it doesn’t have enough it will be obligated to kill one or two of the babies!

  90. Karen M. says:

    well you learn something new everyday! That I never heard of before! DarStarr me too I was wondering if the dog was going to the toilet……………..LOL!

  91. Gina says:

    You ate your OWN PET DOG after it apparently sacrificed its life 4 your sister…….some people just not have pets plane and simple…………..jesus……………… cant believe u ate ur dog !!!!!

  92. Karen M. says:

    That reminds me of that song, I don’t love since you ate my dog, you gulped him down like a peacan log, Rover never hurt anyone why did you put him on a sesame bun, wweelll, I don’t love you since you ate my dog, special sauce, lettuce, cheese couldn’t you have said hold the puppy please, well I don’t love you since you ate my dog, You might laugh now but you’ll regret, cause he just got back from the vet and the doctor called me to confirm,, Rover had a big tapeworm!

  93. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    OMG!!! That is toooo funny! WHERE do you come up with these things?! LOL! :)

  94. Tony L says:

    That trading his life for a humans? Don’t really buy that. I don’t think that’s a straight across trade. and on the eating of him? if I thought that was so, I definetly wouldn’t eat him. he might take it back. It would piss me off.

  95. Mellisa says:

    Everyone here talking about food, eating dogs, and dogs eat puppies, while i myself curious only about the exchange life part. Am I the only one curious about it? How such things happen? it’s God’s will only, or the dog also had the will to help its master since knew its master was in danger and worried about her? I’m really curious about it.

    I had a story about dog & ghost too that has just cross my mind. here the story:
    My grandfather loved dogs and had quite lots of dogs throughout his life. there’s one unusual thing happen around his death. one of his dog was suddenly upset as if knowing that my grandpa had just died and it let out a long, long sad howl. it loved my grandpa a lot and it felt so lonely that it kept waiting next to the gate to my grandfather house for days after days. maybe it wished that my grandpa would came home through the gate like usual. one afternoon suddenly the dogs became very excited and hoping around the gate as if they were greeting somebody included the upset one. It was suddenly very happy, but no one there. my grandma saw this and confused, because she saw no one near there, yet the dog suddenly because so playful toward an empty air as if somebody there.

    around my older sister was just born and brought to home, the dogs would often suddenly became happy in the afternoon around 6 pm. they would hope around and wage their tails although no one around. well, the dogs happy, but not my older sister who was just a baby. she made noise annoyed at something as if she pissed off at something, although no one bother her nor did she need something. it was the same noise as if she was pissed off being teased. my sister hadn’t received a baptism yet. Here the important fact. My grandpa’s only had sons and he wished he had a daughter. he loved little girls. My grandma said to my mom to call someone to get rid off whatever bother my sister, since the house was old and there were spirits resided there before, she said it might be another spirit came. but my mother said “it is okay. just let it go. it is most probably Dad who came to play with her. it’s poor of him if you drive him away, since he has longed for a daughter he must be happy to finally have a granddaughter.” actually, my grandma had the same thought that it must be grandpa so that’s why the dogs was so excited when it happened. They were happy to see my grandpa coming. after my sister got her baptist it never happened again. she was always calm in the afternoon, probably he couldn’t tease my sister again since her baptism. ^o^ poor him though. he couldn’t come to tease his 2nd granddaughter, me, before I got my baptism since my house already got a blessing. ^.^
    Note from CareTaker – Thank you so much for getting this back on topic :)

    • Caretaker says:

      Mellisa – Your comment is not too long at all. If you would like to submit a story about your experience that would be great too.

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