Evil Shadow and Poltergeist

Posted on January 12, 2012

It was 1982 I just got married and moved in with my husband. At the time he worked on an oil rig in the gulf coast. Even though he would be gone a week at a time I wasn’t scared to stay by myself. It was on the third night that he was gone that I had my first experience of what would be a fight for my soul.

I woke up around 2:30 am with the feeling of being watched. I was lying on my husband’s side of the bed when I turned over towards where I felt the presence. To my surprise there standing was my husband, or so I thought. I called out his name he did not answer me for the exception of just staring at me without blinking his eyelids and his body was flashing like a light bulb going off and on.

As I got out of the bed and walked over towards where he was standing he just stare without answering me. He turned towards me that was all. When I got closer to where I could almost touch him he vanished right in front of me. Needless to say this scared the you know what out of me. I turned and ran to turn on the bedroom light on but nothing was there. I went through every room in the looking for him. I searched the closets and even outside but nothing. I sat up for the rest of the night with every light on in the house.

When he came home I waited until we were eating breakfast when I asked him if he missed me hoping that maybe on some spirit plane that maybe if we were thinking of each other at the exact time that would explain what happen. But all he said was of course he missed me why? Well I swallowed real hard and said that I woke up to find him standing by side of the bed. Of course he dismissed it and suggested that I was dreaming. I left it alone.

Several months went by without any more experiences until spring. I was washing and drying clothes, etc. when each time I walked into our bedroom to put our clothes in drawers when I noticed the picture of Mary mother of Jesus was lying face down on the nightstand so I picked it up and put back in it’s place walked back to laundry room to get another load of clothes to hang in our closet when I turned around to walk out the bedroom when again the picture of Mary was gone. When I walked over to look for it there it was lying face down on the floor, again I picked it up and put it in place and left the room to get the last load of laundry. As I was putting up towels in our bath the room begin to feel strange. I walked back into the bedroom to see if I could see anything as I went into the room it felt as if all the oxygen had been drained from it. The picture was gone and I begin frankly searching for it when I finally found in between the water bed mattress and frame of the bed. The only human way that could have happen would be you have to pull the mattress away from the frame and put there intentionally. I freaked. I grab the photo and my car keys and left the house.

I drove down by river that was a short drive from our house and sat there trying to tell myself there was a logical reason for this to happen knowing all along it was impossible. I could tell no one for the fear of being called crazy. The only comfort was putting a cross and rosary beads around my bed post only to find them missing then I get another and put around my neck.

I’ll begin waking up several times a week early in the morning hours to see a shadow man figure standing in the doorway of the bedroom. When I’ll set up it would turn and walk up the hallway. I’ll get out of bed to follow it but there was nothing to follow. I was scared but I felt like I had no one to talk to at least then. I would hear footsteps during day and night. I tried moving the bed at different angles only to wake up seeing the dark figure or sometimes these white flashing lights in a human form. I would be touched and sometimes could feel someone sat on the bed. The lights would flash on and off.

I was soaking in a tub of warm water with the bathroom door open since I was home by myself. The air felt funny again and I could feel a presence coming down the hall. I jumped out of the tub and slammed the bathroom door and locked it as if that would keep me safe. I sat on the floor and prayed for God to help me and after awhile I felt safe enough to come out of the bathroom. I wanted to tell my husband and I did only for him not to believe me. I felt alone going through this.

Finally a friend of mine came to stay with us because she had a hard time getting along with her stepfather it was a answer to my prayers. She would be there with me at night when my husband wasn’t so I felt better but things didn’t change.

One night my husband and I were sleeping when she came running into the bedroom saying that the sliding closet doors were opening then closing by themselves. I knew she was telling the truth and since I never said nothing to her about my own experiences he had to believe her, but no he didn’t believe her. He thought we had an over active mind. That morning she told me she was going back home because she could fight something she could see. I didn’t want her to go but how could I ask her to stay and go through hell. No one should experience that. She said I could come stay with her but I didn’t I knew I couldn’t run it would only follow me. Sometimes when I would drive down the driveway only to see a black shadow of a man standing in the window. I would sat in my car until I felt I could safely go into my home. I would be cooking when the light would go off and on and footsteps coming up the hall towards. I would run outside leaving everything still on on the stove. My husband would drive up and ask what was wrong and why did I leave everything on in the kitchen. I tried to tell him but he would only tell me it was fear of being there by myself. This went on for years.

One night my brother was staying the weekend with us. Knowing I wasn’t alone I went on to bed but left our bedroom door open. I could see the frickling of the TV. I drifted off to sleep when I felt what I thought was my husband coming to bed. I felt the covers being pushed back him getting close to me. I begin feeling him stroke my legs and my gown being pulled up and this heavy weight on me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe that when I open my eyes to see it wasn’t my husband but something really black and heavy I’ll screamed as my husband ran into the bedroom he admitted to me he saw a dark shape go into the wall. I had him stay with me in the bathroom until I finished showering. I literally felt rape. I couldn’t sleep for days after that. My husband fell asleep on the couch when I had gone to bed.

The next morning we each asked the other why did he/she just stood there that previous night staring and turning and walking out of the room. Neither of us did so but it was clearly something that could take the shape and look of the other. He called the priest who married us. He blessed the house and us and for a little while it was finally peaceful in the house. But within a few months after it started back even more stronger than before. My husband once again called the priest but we were told that this was something that we had to fight. That it was a fight of good and evil and had to be strong and have faith. It finally slowed down but never ever completely went away.

I do have faith and believe in God and the Devil. There are battles being fought everyday. I don’t any of these experiences on anybody. I hope that one day there will be answers to why some see and go through this and others don’t. But no one needs to feel alone and ashamed for something they did not ask to go through hell.

Sent in by Bernice, Copyright 2012 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Evil Shadow and Poltergeist”
  1. jeff says:


    That was some experience. I admire your faitn and conviction that you can fight back. I’ve seen things in my life, even when I was just five years old. Why do some see, and others don’t see? I’m not really sure. I was born in a Christian family. More than a few of us were actually teachers, preachers and missionaries…, so that is where I’m coming from.

    Let us know if these events are still happening. I’m sure we can pray for you and your family.

    Consider this when you may have doubt. We really do live in a world of good AND evil. It is impossible that these things should not happen. They do happen. Jesus addressed this very sort of thing to impress upon us that we aren’t simply going to be shielded from every sort of harm for all of our life. We have to put on our own armor to repel the attacks of our spiritual enemies, or even those that are here in the flesh.

    You have a wonderful testimony/story of your life. It will give courage to many people we may never personally meet. People don’t seem to testify in church like they used to. It is a good thing to let others know your experience. We all need to be encouraged from time to time. Keep the faith. Peace.

  2. carri says:

    I agree with you the enemy is real. Not too many people see these things. The ones who see these demons, black shapes, spirits we call crazy. A lot of people in Mental Institutions also see spirits but we lock them up. It is funny as I am typing I heard a large thud in the basement. But no one is home. I believe some people in mental wards are possessed.
    I had to battle the enemy several times. I had to get a priest to bless the house. But it did not help. I finally had to move. But I think the ghost or demon has followed me to my new house. I see things once in a while here. But the haunting where I saw black shapes, and heard footsteps and voices was pretty frightening. Those spirits were trying to drive me crazy. I finally had to move out of that haunted house.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am glad you come here for help. Most of the people here can understand how you feel. It is nice to know your husband finally saw something and realized you told him the truth. Personally I don’t think the priest is powerful enough to handle whatever it is. I have heard Catholic churches are very good at helping people to get rid of evils spirits and demons. Do you want to do some research and get it a try?

  4. Bernice says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I wish we had this techology some 40 years ago it would have help me alot. We can help each other by keeping faith in GOD. There are strength in numbers. As one we can beat Evil. I believe we are seeing the coming of Christ. The Lord didn’t mean for us to hurt each other spiritually or physical. As I get older I see so much Evil in this world. Let’s keep in touch!!

  5. faerchfan says:

    i thought it was funny that the title says the word “poltergeist” and this took place in 1982 and the movie Poltergeist came out in 1982 :) i was watching it last night with my sister. i didn’t know it came out in 82 thought i thought it was 70s.

  6. Buddy says:

    I was surprised that it took you a few years before you thought of actually doing something about the bad thing that has been happening around you. If I were you I’d let my curiosity take over and try to figure out what that thing was instead of being afraid, so that I would know what to do in case it does something funny. A well known entity that tries to rape or engage in sexual activity with women are called “Incubus”, lustful entities that feed off from the life energy of its victims. But then again incubus is not well known for mimicking people, The only known kind of entity that can mimic a person, stand still without much response (or blinking) engage in sexual acts with its victim is a type of earth bound spirit. It falls under the fairy category, this type of entity is often seen in remote places. They often copy the appearance of either living or dead people, recounts of people encountering this type of entity tells that they never respond to anything a person says, even yelling at their face. Often described to be blankly facing ahead without blinking or regard to anything around it, and the common description that distinguishes this entity is that it’s always bare footed even though they are dressed, they don’t have any foot wear on their feet. These entities would often mimic the husbands of women who are far away so that they can lure the women for sex and impregnate the women with its offspring, if impregnated the resulting child will be hideous and will often be taken away by the entity right after birth, as often told in folk lores. The people of old found simple ways to get rid of this spirit, you don’t need special items, most of them can be found in the kitchen. Natural crystals like salt can drive this entity away, putting up strong smelling herbs also helps, like vampires garlic is also used to shoo this unwanted entity away. One thing you could have done though is NAIL the picture of Jesus and Mary on your wall, bet you never thought of doing that as well. Since the entity can’t stand seeing items of divinity it would often try and get rid of it like what it did to the pictures you mentioned.

    You see, a little snooping around could have saved you years of frustration and fear. I suggest, rather than being scared, try learning something about it. But of course, like what they say, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, but with power comes responsibility. It would be wise to use that power wisely and with caution. That is why God gave humans the ability to think. Most of us may not have supernatural powers, but knowledge is a great power that many people never even try to explore or use. I hope next time you’d be wiser, Gob bless…

  7. Bernice says:

    Hi buddy, if you read my story right you would’ve seen that I did do something I immediately put rosary beads around my bedpost that came up missing each time, I wore a cross around my neck, said prayers and had crosses on the walls in the bedrooms, and living room as well as the picture of JESUS in my dining room. I tried doing research regarding the home, no one died in the house or on the land the any of the elders could remember. This thing was pure evil but when no one believes you and the church leaves for you to fight I felt alone especially 30 years ago. By the way the priest I meantion was a family friend to my husband whose whole family was Catholics. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER BUT IT WAS MY POWER AND FAITH IN JESUS THAT HELP ME MOST THEN AND NOW.

    • Buddy says:

      Simply blessing the house clearly angered the entity lurking in your house. It just proved that rituals without much faith behind it is useless. You’re right, the most powerful protection against these unwanted entities is faith in God, many people now-a-days says this is complete rubbish, but I beg to differ. Having complete faith in God keeps these things away (at least for me and the immediate people around me) since I have learned how to trust him and call upon him and abide by his commandments, I never had any problems with nasty ghosts. Some people might laugh at the stuff I just wrote, but it’s true. It’s just sad that not many people believe in him anymore…

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