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Evil Apartment in Vancouver BC

Posted on March 18, 2011

In 2003 my girlfriend and I moved into the ground level apartment in a three story house at 5th ave and Blenheim in Vancouver, BC. Our suite was two bedroom with a living room, washroom and bedroom in the front, kitchen was more or less in the middle and the master bedroom was in the back of the house as was the laundry room. The top two floors were rented out to 3 girls in their 20′s.

We were in the house only a couple months when we started getting a strange smell that would show up in the kitchen and hallway area. It was very similar to rotting flesh but not like any dead animal smell either of us had smelled before. When it first showed up the first few times we would search everywhere but never could pinpoint it’s origin. The weirdest part about the smell was that it would just show up at random times for a few minutes and then be suddenly gone. I asked the girls upstairs if they had ever smelled it and they said no.

It was around the appearance of ‘the smell’, as we called it, that we both started to experience a definite bad feeling or presence in the apartment, the feeling of being watched, shadows and forms moving regularly in our peripheral vision and we started to hear a lot of strange noises especially in the kitchen in the middle if the night. It would clearly sound like someone was walking around the place and we would hear knocks, taps, clothing rubbing and footsteps as well we heard dishes and glasses clink when no one was in the kitchen. We used to get up out of bed thinking someone was in the house but there was never anyone there. After a while we got so used to it that we just stayed in bed. One night was especially noisy, it actually sounded like a group of people were shuffling around the apartment and we heard muffled voices murmuring. In the morning we got up and there was a 10 inch child’s plastic ball on the floor in the kitchen. We had never seen the ball before and there weren’t even any kids living on that block at the time. The weirdest part was the ball was covered in dirt like it had just been dug up, it was pretty creepy and we threw the ball away immediately.

After about 6 months things started to really get weird. Things started gong missing with a pair of slippers and a candle holder from the bedroom being the most memorable. We were both having frequent night terrors, the picture in our room fell off the wall during the night a few times and one night I woke up at 3:12 am, I’ll never forget the time, and saw a what looked like a black cloud or shadow the shape of a person come through the bedroom door, change shape into a like a tube and then turn horizontally and go out the window through the glass about 5 feet off the ground. I was terrified and unable to sleep the rest of the night and we both sat awake with the lights on until dawn.

We decided to move into the front bedroom even though it was much smaller both of us didn’t ever want to sleep in the back bedroom again. Unfortunately the noises and the shadows and the night terrors just continued. Soon after one of my girlfriends friends who had just moved west moved in with us for what was to be a few months. Long story short, she moved out after a few weeks and told us she was having terrible nightmares and wasn’t getting any sleep in the master bedroom. Although we didn’t discuss the goings on with her she did tell us that she thought the apartment was ‘creepy’ and felt ‘uncomfortable’ there.

The last straw was we were both awoken to what sounded like growling and both saw a large black form, like an undulating shadow move past our bed and up into the ceiling. My girlfriend went to stay with friends after that night.

During all this our solid relationship deteriorated and we broke up, I feel due to the bad vibes in that place and we both moved out for good after less than a year. One last interesting note, a couple years later I was going through boxes of stuff I had from that place in storage and smelled ‘the smell’ needless to say I threw out every last thing that was ever in that place.

Sent in by D. Alexander, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “Evil Apartment in Vancouver BC”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I have often read that when there is a foul odor, especially rotted flesh or human fecal matter, that it is an indication of a more diabolical activity rather than ghost. Thank goodness you made it out of there. Evil things can also influence relationships to break up as with what happened here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Past cult or rituals must have happened there. Or the place could be a portal from another world; like your kitchen & masters bedroom. When you moved on to the house, did you made some renovations? Even simple things like moving an old item from one place to another, can significantly affect the ambient energy into the house. Causing these paranormal events.

  3. Christina says:

    Scary! Much creepier than any movie can EVER reproduce. Glad you got out of there before any harm came to you, but sorry it was a dagger to your relationship.

    Take care,

  4. D. Alexander says:

    Hi guys, I submitted the story, thank you for your comments. I have an update of sorts regarding the apartment. Anonymous asked if we made any renovations to the unit and the answer is no because we only rented it. However, recently I coincidently learned from a local contractor who did some plumbing work there a few years before we moved in that a pair of previous tenants were heavy hard drug users who regularily used crack in the unit. It is my opinion that the huge amount of negative energy surrounding such terrible substance abuse was trapped there and caused the manifestations that we experienced long after they moved out. Again this is just my opinion but it is enough to give me an explaination of sorts and some closure. I had never experienced anything like that before nor have I since and am thankful it was an isolated experience but I am getting creeped out thinking about it as I write this. Take care. Sincerely, D.

  5. Chelsi-anna says:

    Demons go there

  6. Chelsi-anna says:

    That what you saw was a demon transform but dont look them up and dont go to a catholic church because thsts how the devil makes success. Believe me mu grandma was catholic and she saw demons all the time til she became pentacostal.

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