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Dreams Of The Future

Posted on September 24, 2008

I have submitted a few stories here before. This particular story involves my cousin Kristi and me in 1987, when we were 10 and 11. We had a cousin named Lori. She was 18, and although much older than us, she was always so sweet to us. She was never too busy for us due to friends or whatever. She was the type who was very family involved and often made time to stop and visit us or take us out to eat for no reason.

One night, I dreamed that Lori was in a bad accident and died with someone else. In my dream, the other person was unclear. The next day, my aunt Jody picked me and my cousin Thomas up from school, which was unusual because we always rode the bus. When we were leaving the school, pulling out on the highway, we saw a terrible wreck. I suppose my aunt recognized the car involved. She stopped on the side of the highway, instructed us to stay put, and ran across the highway.

We stayed for what seemed like an eternity. When she got back, we asked if it was Lori’s car. We had plenty of time to observe, and we saw our aunt Ima Jean show up and faint in the road. Saying that now, it seems pretty obvious, NOW, but to a 10 year old the world is viewed differently. She said yes, but not much of anything else.

When we got home, we were left with an older cousin while all the aunts and uncles went to the hospital. I know what you all are thinking, and yes we have a huge family. I have 8 aunts and uncles. Anyway, when my mother got home, I simply asked her if Lori was okay. The look on her face as I asked that question said it all. Just remembering my mom’s look of grief after all these years makes me want to cry right now.

A couple of nights later, before the funeral, Kristi stayed the night with me. I had bunk beds and I was on top. I was so grief-stricken that I could not sleep. I just stayed awake and cried. Lori walked into that bedroom and said,” Don’t cry anymore. It’s okay.”

The next day I told my mom about what happened. From having a large family, there are no secrets. She told her sister, Ima Jean (Lori’s mom). Apparently, my cousin Kristi told her mom the same story, (our moms are all sisters).

Just a month ago I went to visit my aunt Ima Jean, and she told me this, and said that she knew we weren’t lying. Kristi and I didn’t tell each other, thinking the other was asleep. By the way, she did die with her best friend. Actually, the friend died a week later after not recovering from a coma. I didn’t know who she was in my dream because I had never met her.

During my childhood, we had family friends who were more like family and are still considered as such. I call them aunt Jeannie and Papa Duck. Aunt Jeannie had a brother named Raymond who had Down Syndrome. He was in his 50′s and I between the ages of baby – 12. I spent a lot of weekends at their house. Raymond was my best friend, he had a mind more in the age of mine, and he had the most impressive collection of crayons and coloring books I have ever seen. That’s how we spent our time.

As I got older, I saw him less, but always loved him as my dear friend. I dreamed one night that he had died, but I wasn’t sure how. A few days later, I learned that he indeed did die. My Papa Duck said they were home alone, and Raymond was acting weird, then he lost his bowels, which had never happened. While Papa Duck was giving him a bath, he passed away. It was caused from some type of rupture in the brain, totally unexpected.

On a short note, I dreamed that a large hurricane hit Houston, Texas about 2 weeks ago. I live in Texas. The dream only showed the radar picture. Last night, Ike, a category 3 hit Galveston Island and tore up Houston as well. What should I think of this?

Written by Kelly Strong, Copyright 2008 all rights reserved.

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14 Responses to “Dreams Of The Future”
  1. Stephy says:

    Dear, I am going to tell you this, DON’T let any dream slip away from you. If this really is so, there must be something about it. I get premonitions also, I am only partly phycic, and the dreams are never anything bad for me, always something random and borning. But I get vibes, and you need to carefully look at every dream, what feels the most real and what doesn’t, watch closely, because if it’s something really bad, maybe an accident or someone getting hurt, you can possibly try to stop it. I beg you though, to be very careful with your “gift” {not always teh kind you want} please, be careful, may God be with you.
    Talk more with me please at [email protected]

  2. catherine says:

    that is so impossible and yet it happened …
    don’t you think you must look for a psychologist ?
    just to make sure of what your dreams mean …
    you know ..
    but for me , i wish i could have that one, too …

  3. ghost_girl says:

    I`ve had something happen to me like that once before. It is a little weird when you have to think about if your dreams will come true.

  4. Randy says:

    These were not dreams in the traditional sence they were more like visions,actually anyone could be able to do that but it seems like some just have a natural gift.Someday this gift might just disappear but while you have it i would say enjoy it.

  5. Silver Wolf says:

    A psychologist would only make things worse. Most of them are so subjective they have no regard or consideration for those of us with Psychic Gifts.

    The more you use your gifts , the stronger they become. So I say keep using
    them for good and postive and keep your thoughts postive and never fear your gifts.

    I’ve had few preminitions, not so much dreams..but just feelings and I’ve been really accurate every time.

    Though it seems my greatest ability is the “Psychic Detective” , I help solve murders…..

  6. mark says:

    strangely enough u, my frend are psychic. its called precognitive dreaming. its a form of using psychic energy and foresight. its not uncommon and most of the time includes dreams of death depression and destruction. im an expert on this topic because i too am a precognitive dreamer. ive dreamt of alot of things that ended up happening. its scary yes, so wen u wake up after having a dream, dont move at all. staying still after waking up helps u process the dream.

  7. coven679 says:

    You should be careful in reading the meanings behind your dreams, it seems that you get premonitions through your dreams, it’s common but the accuracy in your dreams are not so common.

    For me most of my dreams are about everyday things that could happen a day, a week , a month or sometimes even years after i have dreamed about them. Most of my significantly premonitory dreams are scary and often happens within a couple of days.

    And then I also get some dreams that are too cryptic for me to decipher but when I encounter a specific situation those dreams often come back to memory and they help me get over whatever I am facing at the moment.

    If you can remember your dreams vividly when you wake up you may want to write them down so you can decipher the message more accurately.

    If you want to talk you can reach me at [email protected]





  10. mark says:

    coven not to sound rude or anything but was that comment directed at me? just wondering

  11. Carly says:

    i think you shoudl go see a psyvhologist or somethin and tell them bout what you been exeriencing..and stuff. I think i would be scared to have that gift..bc i would be scared that everythin i dreamed would come true and i would hate that cuz i have dreams that i get raped and other bad things…

  12. little angel says:


  13. Lee says:

    My sister dreams like that too.

  14. Estdrgn says:

    When I was younger, just a child, I had strange dreams that stayed with me.Something about them was familiar to me. I have a hard time saying this to anyone really because I find it hard to believe myself at times.Those dreams where of my future.Little snap shots of my life to come.Every time I come to the point in my life where I hit one of those life clips I dreamnt oh so long ago the feeling floods over me that I have to have some psychic ability….that’s something most people I know laugh at.I wonder sometimes if I could or should try to fine tune it.

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