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Dream Possession?

Posted on August 17, 2009

I have had recurring nightmares since I was about 5 years old, I’m 25 now and they still spring up from time to time. I do not understand them but I have a strange feeling that they are connected and that it is some kind of warning sign.

The recurring dream starts out with me walking up a path that is rocky and grayish granite colored, to the left side of the path there is a wall of rock that goes upwards as far as I can see, to the right side of the path there is a drop off that falls into darkness. I am following a beautiful woman whom although I do not know who she is I feel very close and connected to her, almost like she is a mother. She keeps beckoning and urging me to follow her along the path, that’s when I notice that something horrific is happening around us. There are people falling from the sky, I look upward to try and see where they are coming from but I cannot see the peak of the rocky wall. They land upon the pathway and lay with broken bodies but they are still alive, they are naked and bleeding and are crying to me to help them. I pause for a moment and feel a great deal of pity and remorse for the victims and reach my hand towards one of them. At that moment I hear the woman’s voice say. “Do not touch them, you cannot help them now, do not look at them.” I look to the woman with question upon my face, she repeats the words she spoke and then urges me to keep following her. I look back towards the victim whom is writhing and crying for help and drop my hand.

The dream then changes, suddenly I am in a black room or void, I cannot see anything and I cannot move any part of my body no matter how hard I try, then a shadowy black smoke like figure with fiery reds eyes materializes in front of me. The shadow thing then speaks to me saying, “You have done the unspeakable, you have broken the forbidden.” I hang immobilized as the shadow figure repeats its words over and over, its voice becomes louder and deeper each time until it seems to boom and echo for miles. Then I wake up shaking and my bed is soaked in sweat, and I cannot sleep after having this dream.

Another dream I feel that is related to the first is very strange indeed. I was playing music on my computer and chatting with some friends online and had stayed up until about 12:30 am I had laid down and went to sleep. The dream started out very pleasant, I was in a bright and vivid place like a sort of garden, there was bright green colored soft grass all around and nice trees and flowers all about. It seems that I didn’t enter this place in my dream, I somehow had just appeared there. I noticed three men standing in front of me beside a tree and I recognized one of them to be my uncle Steve, (I had not seen nor spoken to my uncle for 14 years). I walked over to them and my uncle turned to me, he seemed very happy to see me and asked me how I was doing and stated he was very glad I had come. He made a gesture to one of the men standing next to him and asked me if I knew who it was, I wasn’t sure and he told me but I can not remember what he said, it is all garbled now and I get confused when I think about it a lot. I felt like I had a lot in common with the man however, and he also said he was very happy to get to meet me.

I looked at the third man whom was standing sort of away from the rest of us, he leaned against the tree with his arms hanging down at his sides. He had something like black clothing on but it was seemed alive and it moved on him, his face was wrapped in dingy looking black cloth but there were parts that unveiled his skin which was blistered or scared. He then looked at me and his eyes where glowing bright green and moving like green flames, I heard my uncle say the mans name, but I cannot remember it either, and he also said the same words from my other dream, “Do not touch him, do not look at him.” The shadow man then reached his hand out to me, I could hear my uncle repeating those words but I couldn’t look away from the shadow mans eyes, they seemed to stare right through me and it was like I was entranced by his gaze. I slowly reached towards the shadow man and had a feeling of pity for him because the skin on his hand was so deformed from the scarring he had, at the same time I heard my uncle tell me not to follow (name?). I touched his hand and I felt something strange, I looked down at my hand and the black moving cloth from the shadow man was on my hand, I tried to wipe my hand off but it was like in my skin and I couldn’t get it off.

The next morning I woke up and still feeling disturbed from the dream and went to my mothers house to have breakfast with her. When I walked into the house she asked me if I remembered my uncle Steve and I said yes, then she told me that he had passed away last night in his sleep.

I have also had other dreams involving a deformed dead tree with a mans naked body gnarled in the branches all bloody, and another dream I had between the age of 6 to 12 involves dead bodies around a pyramid with an eye at the top, and in each of those dreams I hear the same message, “Do not look at them, do not touch them.” What does all of this mean? Am I being told or warned about something? Are my dreams possessed by someone or something?

Written by Christopher, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “Dream Possession?”
  1. Dena says:

    That’s creepy. I hate dreams that frighten me =O
    Maybe demons talk to you in your dreams to missguide you? I can’t be certrain.
    I’m sorry about your oncle. But sometimes we feel when someone close to us is going to passway or has. If you werent close to him… I don’t know…

  2. Eephant says:

    This is some kind of warning. It will be clear one day what it means.

  3. sandy says:

    from experinces i believe that you’ve enter into the world of the dead… your first deam tells it all… from my understanding its not good to have those type of dreams it means you’re being taken and the black figure thats real when they come to you cannot move just like in your dreams but at the same time it might of all been real too….. but what i cannot tell you is why those words are being said…

  4. joel says:

    The eye on top of a pyramid is what is on the back of a dollar bill. It originally was used, I believe, in something to do with the Masonic Temple….or artwork of that sect.

  5. Julia says:

    thats creepy.. you know it could be something to do with a sickness. something contageous and if you touch the person with it you die. that woman was protecting you from it so was your uncle. Mayby he was warning you before he diedl. sorry btw.
    i dont know… thats just wat i think

  6. raven says:

    was there like a willow style tree nearby. i feel like i have also been there before, strange is it not?

  7. child like says:

    Could it be that it is warning your of someone who you are going to meet in your future and one you will feel sorry for him and want to help him out but shouldn’t because he is a demon in a man’s body since it’s men that you keep dreaming about. I believe each dream means something thats in your life or will be in your life. It doesn’t have to be exactly like the dream it can mean the opposite or metaphore meaning. Analize your dream and think of what is going on in your life right now or it could be something to come becareful who you meet he/she that pretends to be a friend to you ok. Let me know if I can help in anything and if you want to talk I am here ok. I had similar dreams like yours before and I kept dreaming them every three years and now it has stop. Good luck and be aware of your surroundings. God be with you. In your dreams do you feel you are in control of your dream? Next time try to change it ask a question of what or why he is here and what does he want to warn you about and see if the dream changes.
    Let me know

  8. Christopher says:

    Like most of the comments are suggesting, I feel it may be a warning, or perhaps a sign telling me what will be? I have tried to think about the questions and the shadow man before I fall asleep, what I would ask and what I want to learn from this. Whenever I have done this I have dreamless sleep, I wake up and have no memories of any dreams/nightmares. The dreams are still very real in my thoughts, like I was in the actual places in my dreams, I still remember the textures, colors, and the way the shadow figures eyes looked like. Recently a new dream has sprung up, one where I’m out at a park or resort of some sorts. I am with friends or family but cannot recall whom I was with, we go for a walk and end up in a dark isolated place, with dark green ivy growing all over stone walls and flowing water channeled in the stone, there is a statue of either a dragon or snake, there is writing on the stone beneath the statue that I cannot understand and all of a sudden i hear the same words telling me “not to touch” in a vague whisper. That is it and i wake up feeling agitated and uncomfortable.

    Also to raven’s comment, yes one of the trees did indeed look very much like a willow, it was the one the shadow figure/man was standing near.

    • maria says:

      hey Christopher. it just occurred to me last night that i have been having dreams where something possesses me and i can not move at all. very much like yours when you see the shadow figure. i cant remember much like you, maybe because i want to forget. but i believe there is something evil trying to communicate with you in your dream. i don’t know if you are religious but one thing i can tell you is that every time i have a dream like this every few years. the one thing that i do is pray. i will in my dream and can not move. i pray , i scream “lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner” then i wake up. my advise to you is to look for god. whatever evil entity that is, it wants you. pray to god. go to church and look for salvation. as will i. peace be with you

  9. Christopher says:

    Another comment to add, I have told my fianc about all of this and she seems to not understand the extent of what I’m explaining or has trouble believing its anything worth considering. She has however watched me sleep or has been woken at night because of me, she told me that I murmur gibberish often and that I seem restless, I toss and turn, and one time said i sat straight up in bed and yelled profanity as if i was threatening something away, although i do not remember doing this at all. I find that if I keep myself at having 4 to 5 hours of sleep, I’m usually so tired from work that I will sleep deeply. Doing this however doesn’t keep me from having the dreams, they just don’t happen as often.

  10. Stella says:

    As a child I had a recurring dream of a black sea, and darkened stormy skies, and an old ship with black sails, and starved (like holocaust survivors) bodies tied to every inch of the ship. And in the water there were corpses of people they had cut off the ship to drown and die… It used to scare the crap out of me, but my mum always told me it was a nightmare… She never believed me when I thought it was something more sinister then that.

  11. Shawn says:

    I wish I could offer an interpretation but who really could? I wish I understood why we sometimes have dreams that are so horrific that when we wake-up we feel our very soul has been touched by something truly evil and was in danger. What is strange about it is that when you recall the dream days later while it looked scary it and you remember it being scary it doesn’t seem bad enough to cause the kind of fear you had right when you first woke up. Was there something invading your consious at that moment of the dream? I truly believe we take the words “evil”, “demon” and “hell” for granted. Just as it is impossiblefor humantity to conceive the infinity of the universe I truly believe the true horrors of the damnation of the soul is truly unfathanable.

  12. Tyler says:

    I had a dream last night that this demon was possesing me and my body would tingle, i’d wake up and fall right back asleep to just restart the dream…all night… my uncle gave me this rock to ward away spirits and i was safe when i had it. There was another rock that portrayed the demon, the demon rock would kinda come at me and the other rock would kinda push it away? at one point in my dream i left my protecting rock in my room so i had to pick up my aunt and bring her with me to get it. Ive never had a dream scare me this much but i tried to wake myself and couldn’t finally i woke up screaming and never went back to sleep..When i woke up i instantly started texting a friend that somethings trying to possess with me without even realizing im doin it

  13. childlike says:

    I just want to say my daughter is having dreams night after night a black shadow standing by her bed seeing her sleep and she can see herself asleep watching the shadow looking at her sleep as if she is the 3rd party.
    She says it frightens her, she get a bad feeling from it and it’s a black shadow that looks not human but stands on it’s two feet. She is afraid to go to sleep and when she tells me about it her hairs stands up and she is even scared to talk about it. I don’t know what to think.
    She says she feels as if something is watching her from afar but close enough if it wants to harm her. i told her to pray before she goes to sleep but she doesn’t believe it can help and unfortunately she doesn’t believe in God. I can’t force her to believe in God she has to accept him in her life when she is ready. She did asked me to buy her a dream caughter which I had recieved one in the mail that same day she told me about it. Strange! What do you think?

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