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Dream Illusion or Reality

Posted on November 26, 2010

I assure my story is 100% true. I have been debating a long time whether or not to share this story because I kept going over in my mind whether or not what happened was real or illusion, but it most definitely seemed real and as a result of what happened I now sleep with a bible under my pillow.

One night I went to sleep just like any other night but had an extremely terrifying dream. In the dream a couple of my friends. We will call them Eric and Doug as well as myself were staying in a shack in the woods across from a department store. We had no food or supplies so we decided to go to the store and stock up on things for the weekend. While at the department store we ran into a multitude of other people I know, whom werent close friends just kinda random people I knew. I dont like big crowds so I was looking forward to going back to the cabin just to spend some alone time with Eric and Doug. However, while at the store Eric and Doug kept asking people to come over to the shack as we were (all of a sudden) having a big party. I kept trying to tell them this wasnt a good idea but they invited as many people as they could.

The next thing I remember is being back at the cabin with all of the people there having a party. I went through the cabin (which looked more like a large house on the inside) looking constantly for Eric and Doug as they were the only people I figured that were there that I would feel comfortable talking to. While in my search I began to witness strange things. First I began to see different doors opening in the cabin opening and shutting by themselves. I even saw some people glaring at a sliding door that kept constantly opening and shutting. As I stood there watching in amazement I kept thinking man I have to find Eric and Doug to show them whats happening so I decided to search again. However, this time after only a few minutes most of the people began to disappear and I kept wondering where they were going. The more I looked the more people disappeared.

Eventually, I was the only one (as far as I could see) in the cabin and I just kept thinking where the heck did everybody go and so fast. Then at that moment I heard a knocking sound. Not like a hand knocking on a door but like an extremely large force trying to knock something down. I ran to the source of the sound and I discovered a door that just kept pulsating like somebody was ramming into it trying to knock it down. I opened the door and I seen hundreds of demons in that room. They all looked the same they were all about 4 1/2 feet tall and they all had the same demonic face. The face was very rugged and evil looking and largely resembled the face of the girl off of the exorcist movies (no lie)! They all stared a me for a few seconds and then opened their mouths simultaneously. Their teeth were ridden with yellow muck and were mostly rotted. They all began moving toward me as they overpowered me, took me down and began eating my face. The last thing I saw of the dream was three of these faces biting into my own.

Now is the extremely scary part as I was waking up I literally saw a demonic figure just like the ones in my dream floating right above me. I rose into the air and nearly bumped the ceiling. As it was moving to the right it said in a witch-like voice look whos naked at you now see (I have no idea what that meant but I promise it said that) it then continued to move to the right and disappeared into my closet. I immediately sat up I was already awake I know I was. I flipped on the light and just sat there in terror for a few minutes. It was about 5 in the morning and my mom was already up as she always wakes up very early to fix breakfast. She saw my light on, walked in, and asked me what was wrong. I told her I seen someone fly into the closet. She pulled back the sheet hanging over my closet door and sure enough no one there. I told her and few others my dream and what happened however they mostly said it was just still part of my mind that was in a dream state while I was awake. I figured that is probably the truth but it sure seemed real enough and like I said Im not taking any chances I now sleep with a bible under the pillow. Has anyone else ever had experiences like this?

Sent in by Keith Ritchie, Copyright 2010

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8 Responses to “Dream Illusion or Reality”
  1. Jingles says:

    Hi, I’ve had a similar experience before, I’ve never posted the story to this site though. One night I went to bed and I had a really scary dream, I don’t really remember my dream but I know it was scary, I thought I woke up to someone saying my name, so I looked around in my room. I just wasn’t sure if I really heard it but few seconds later, I heard someone say my name but it was louder, the freaky thing was the tone of the voice, it sounded like a man with a deep voice but with a scratchy sound, that really freaked me out. I think it’s the right thing to do to put Bible under your pillow. God Bless you and take care.

    • Keith Ritchie says:

      yea, this is probably the creepiest thing i have to tell but a few other things have happened i may submit later. I have a theory that some dreams may be controlled by demons. As in this case it’s this time i woke up in time to see it. things happen though I have a couple friends who live in a house where creepy things happen all the time. they are pretty shy about it though but i often stay there just to hope to see something haven’t yet but maybe i will. take care

      • Carlos says:

        Yes I do believe that some nightmares come from demonic forces.I have had a few real scary ones that I will be posting to this site very soon.I always end up praying for a while with the lights on after I have them though I have never had one where I woke up in it and it continued.

  2. Stephie says:

    I too have had a similar terrifying experience as you did. My nightmare had me running, screaming and crying so loud my ex-husband woke up and literally grabbed a baseball bat and went looking for an intruder because I couldnt speak I was so scared! I just kept yelling at him to get me the bible and laid on the sofa for the next 3 hours crying and clutching the Bible praying to Jesus before I could bring myself to tell my ex what I saw and what happen in this nightmare that to me was more of a reality. Im not sure why this happened and maybe never will but I do know it wasnt an illusion. What came to me in a dream state im sure wanted my soul. I remember every single detail like it happened last night. It never happen before nor has it happened since and I pray it never does. Keep the Faith and trust in your beliefs. God Bless and Take care!

  3. gwen says:

    that’s just terrifying.. i think i’ve had the same experience last year. i was 13 then. i could’nt go back to sleep after the nightmare. i went to the living room, turned all the lights on and watched tv. it was a little past midnight. my grandma and big brother were awaken by the lights so they asked me why i was still awake. i told them the creepy dream. they got me some pillows and a blanket and told them i could sleep in there with the lights on. then they went inside my grandma’s room. i’m pretty sure they were praying coz i heard my brother mentioned something about “helping” me.

  4. trolldoll says:

    jeepers creepers!! scary! i’ve had dreams with my boyfriend in them and he always disappears and i hate that because i can’t find him! wonder what it means!

  5. AnNa bites back says:

    i have had dreams to some were more scarier then others.but some its like what ever.

  6. Carlos says:

    I wish I could help you interpert your dream.I’ve had so many myself I’m not sure what they mean.Really Scary dream though.Just try praying out loud if there is a next time and keep sleeping with that bible under your pillow.

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