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Demons are Friends?

Posted on August 16, 2010

Hi! It’s me Jessica. The girl who wrote The Demon in the mirror. I have another story for you. It’s going to be very long so take a breath.

After we moved from the house with the mirror we moved to Georgia. We had no more problems until last summer of ’09. Before school was out my dad’s mom came to live with us after her massive heart attack. I was 15 when she came to stay with us last year. Family secret kinda. My grandma (dad’s mom is a witch). She hates my mom because my mom is what she calls a Jesus freak, dark, and was able to stay married to a Lewis longer than her. Since she hates my mom for those reasons she has always tried to hurt my mom. With Demons and trying to turn people against her.

Anyway school had a month left when she moved in. Everything seem to go ok besides the dirty looks she was giving everyone. She wanted my dad to marry one of those white women he use to date so anyone darker than herself she treated like dirt. When school let out mom made it known she didn’t like my grandma there because she tried to control and everything.

One night I walked into the guest room where she stayed. My parents where out for the night to get a break away from everyone and just spend time together. My grandma was angry she wanted to go and hang out with the adults. I heard mumbling. I was curious so I stood outside her door and listened. I couldn’t make out the words. Her door was cracked a little you could barely see inside. I opened the door a little. I could see the lights were out,there where candles lit, she was sitting on the floor,I opened a little more to get a better view. Perhaps I opened it too much because she turned and looked at me. My heart froze. “Hi Grandma. Can I go over Christian’s house?” I didn’t know what to do but I had to have a reason to opened that door so I pretended I wanted to ask her a question. She said yes and I shut the door back and went outside. I didn’t go to Christian’s house I just sat on the side of my house. I knew my parents wouldn’t let me this time of night. I just looked at the moon. My heart was still pounding. My parents came home and it was time to go to bed. I looked at my mom. I knew grandma hated her, I knew what I saw was not right but I didn’t want to start drama between the two tonight. I just wanted to go to bed and think about what I saw.

As I slowly walked back up the stairs with my parents close behind.I kept wanting to tell them but I kept quiet. I reached the top of the stairs and front of me was my room to my left was my parents and the two rooms at the end of the halls were my brother’ and grandma’s. I stared at her door wondering what she was doing. “Go to bed Jessica.” Dad said behind me. I walked into my room I started changing into my pj’s. I heard something that sounded like snoring. I thought to my self gosh dad went to sleep fast. I turned my room light off and stared at the moon while laying in my bed. It’s next to the window. I said my prayers and feel asleep with the feeling of someone watching me.

When I woke up the next day. I was the most beautiful day I’ve that week.I went outside and talked to my friend Christian. Everything was fine until I felt someone watching us. I turned toward the window the room my grandma stays. The blinds were cracked I knew she was watching us. “Christian. It’s kinda hot you want to go to your house?” I said my eyes on the window still. We walked over to her house. I wanted to tell her so badly but she was innocent and I wasn’t sure she ever heard of real witches and I didn’t want to say anything even though she was 16 a yr older than me she seem to be pure. I kept this secret to myself. That night I returned home. My grandma was in her room. I walked toward my room. “Jessica!” She called. I saw her in her room. I walked in and took a seat. She began telling me things like… “I’m able to talk to spirits. I’m sure your dad told you I’m a witch.What I do is not witchcraft in fact Indians did that white people call I witchcraft because they didn’t know how to do it back in the day. They thought it was magic and when people got sick. Whites thought it was the magic.” I nodded my head to everything she said. I wanted to see if she would tell me what se was doing but she didn’t. “Well go to bed.”

I walked out of her room and went in mine. Oh yeah she got me grounded. She told lies on me so I was sent to bed early. I looked at the moon through my window. I slipped on my pink lace nightgown. I turned the light off. I head that same noise from the night before. I jumped off the bed to look out into my parents room. My parents and grandma were all downstairs watching T.V. with my brother. I walked back to my bed. When I tried to get back on. I feel off. I felt like I was pushed. I landed hard on my butt. “Ouch!” I mumbled. I heard soft laughter. It came from my bed. My heart stopped. “Hello Jessica. Do you remember me?” I heard the smirk on it’s face. My body froze.I heard a sigh. “Do I really have to show myself? I’m using the voice.” I looked puzzled at my bed. I scooted myself across the floor in the dark. “Aw your so adorable. How about this to help with your memory you were young since I last visited.” I saw a body began to form on my bed. By this time I scooted myself all the way across the room. My body froze when I saw the figure.

It was him the guy I saw in the bathroom mirror in Alabama. The moonlight beamed across his face. He smirked. “Aw you remember.” I stared at his black shoulder length hair, his white skin, and into his black eyes. I breath of terror escaped my throat. “Come on it’s time for you to sleep.” He patted the bed. I won’t hurt you… Yet.” He laughed his evil laugh. I jumped up off the floor and ran across the room to my door. By the time I grabbed the door knob he was next to me. “What are you gonna do huh? Tell you parents on me? Just like they didn’t believe you ten years ago. Why would they believe you know. Especially since you watch all this paranormal crap.” He went back over to my bed ad plopped down he was right. Why would my parents believe me now? I sat on the floor. “Who are you? What do you want?” He shook his head. “The same question’s every time.” “I walked over to the light. “WAIT!” He yelled. His evil yell startled me. “I’m Sith or Seth.” The demon with the S name. “I’m the most powerful demon. I was sent here.” I felt tears roll down my eyes. He smiled. “Please don’t kill me, please don’t take over my body. Please please please.” I was to scared to think straight. I begged the demon this made him happy. “Hmm well..” He said. I cried harder. “HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” He threw me against the wall hard. I feel to the floor. “Hush! You use to be much stronger than this.” I wiped my tears. “This time I’m not here for you. I’m here for your mom.” A picture of my mother’s dead body flashed in my mind. “NO YOU WILL NOT HAVE HER! SHE IS THE CHILD OF GOD AND HE WILL PROTECT HER AS HE IS THIS WHOLE FAMILY GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW!” He laughed. “There’s that strong stubborn little 5 yr old girl I saw.” He walked slowly toward me. “I’ve missed you. You remember everything I said right? About God?” I nodded. “You believe me right?” I didn’t reply I was afraid. He stood a foot away from me. “Do you?”

I heard a soft voice inside of me. “Do not be afraid. For I am always with you.” I listen to the voice as it guided me to comfort. “No Seth. I don’t believe you. I believe God. He is the father, creator, he is everything. Compared to him you are nothing.” He raised a hand. “Hold yourself. I have greater power than you. I can kill you right now, I can take over and make you do whatever I please. And at the rate you going I just might.” I stopped talking. I remembered the story of Emily Rose and didn’t want to end up like her. “So you don’t believe me. Your still following behind that selfish thing you people call a God.” I could tell he was getting angry. “After all I’ve done for you!” I looked at him. “You didn’t do anything for me but tell me lies!” He smirked. I heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. I turned back to where the demon was standing but he was gone. I opened my door to see my grandma at the top of the stairs. “Oh hi grandma.” She nodded and stared I saw a figure in her room. I turned my head to look at it but I couldn’t see it when I focused on it. She looked into room. “Goodnight.” She said with a smile. I prayed extra hard that night over my mom.

The next day. I had to tell my mom I just had to. I waited for her to come but instead her fiend came to pick me up. Since my parents wouldn’t be at home. I stayed there for a week thinking about my mom. When I returned home I found that my grandma was gone. My mom finally kicked her out. That night the power had went out in our neighborhood. My mom called my brother and I to meet her outside. She held this clear plastic tube with stuff in it. I couldn’t really see what was inside. “I found this in her closet. Your grandma was been summoning demons.” “How do you know?” I asked. She looked at me. “I took this to church and a priest told me. We have to bless the house and get rid of everything she gave you. Do it now.” We all ran into the house and grab everything she gave us. I was in my room, mom was in my grandma’s room, My brother was in his room. I kept getting scared I didn’t want mom alone. Especially in that room where it all happened. I continued. Then I heard a deep laugh. “So..” I turned and saw Seth beside my dresser mirror. “Your leaving again? No matter what we will always be there. Where there is God there is Satan. We will still be watching your every move waiting for you to open yourself for us.”

I heard the soft voice again. “Keep it together I’m still here. keep working your leaving.” I ignored him and turned pack to pack. Everything grandma gave me was in a bag. I sat it outside my room door. I looked down the hallway. didn’t see my mom in the room. “MOM!” I called. She stuck her head around the door. I sighed in relief. I showed her the bag she nodded. “Now pack your stuff we are going back to Alabama.” I walked into my room. I forgot he was there. “AHHH I HATE ALABAMA! ALL THOSE STUPID ANNOYING PEOPLE. ALL THE KILLING, RAPING, RACISM,STUPID REDNECKS.” I named everything that came to my head. I heard he evil laugh. I stopped. “No keep going I love this.” I stuck my head out the door. My mom was still safe. “Let me show you something.” Seth whispered as he made himself invisible. He stepped in front of me. As he passed through me it was super super cold. “Look into the room where your mom is.” He continued to whisper. There she was packing in the dark with only the moonlight and a flashlight as light. “Now blink.” I did. Now I saw many red eyes in the dark watching her. Then watching me. I screamed when their eyes landed on me. They all disappeared again. “What?” My mom called. “I SAW EYES IN THE ROOM!” She looked around her. “OH NO!! GET YOUR STUFF WE ARE OUT! ANYTHING THAT CAN’T FIT IN THE TRUCK JUST LEAVE IT! She and my brother packed the truck full almost everything fit except my dresser and bed and stuff.

Mom and my brother were inside the truck. I remember my cell phone was on my bed. I ran back up to my room. I saw dad had called. “Hey Jessica.” I turned to see Seth and many black figures behind him. I froze yet again. “Remember what I said. We need you. Er want you. I have shown you things other people yearn to see. I haven’t hurt you. We can be friends.I can make your dream come true.” I started shaking my head. “NO NO NO!” “I’M WITH GOD! I AM THE CHILD OF GOD. MY NAME MEANS GOD’S GRACE!” He face scowled as I went on. He pushed me into the wall,then used his force and pushed me onto my dresser with the mirror. I had a deep cut on my arm. I still do. It’s going to be there for life. I held my tears as my arm started bleeding. “That was to put your place.” The demons behind him laughed. I heard mom beep the horn outside. I turned to run down the stairs. I felt his force push me to the bottom. I landed on my butt. I look up hw was hovering down the stairs. “I tried the nice way. You didn’t take it. Ok your 15 now… I’ll give you ten more years. Or when your grandma summons me again. If you don’t cooperate then I just force you.”

“LORD JESUS!” I began. I said the heavenly prayers from the bible. His face frowned. He disappeared along with his many demon friends. I ran outside. “What happened to your arm?” My mom asked. “I tripped over a toy and fell into my dresser. I hit my arm on the mirror and it broke.” She stared at me. “Dad called.” I handed her my cell and we were on the road.

I haven’t had anymore problem’s it seems my life is getting better. I’m afraid if I turn 25 he will come back but I’ve talked to God and he is taking care of that. To me that was just another test of faith. Please pray for us. My life is like a horror book that has the perfect ending everyday. OH YEAH! CONGRATS IF YOU ACTUALLY READ THIS WHOLE THING! It wouldn’t be this long but a guy told me to add more details so the reader can get a picture of what I went through in my last story so this one I did just that.

Sent in by Jessica Lewis, Copyright 2010

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229 Responses to “Demons are Friends?”
  1. Midnight says:

    Well, no wonder your Grandmother had that heart attack. That what you send, hits you back 3X3. So, instead of anger toward her, send out love, compassion, and change of heart. Love is the most potent of all defences. You’ve heard the saying, “God is Love,” have you not? Send out that which God is, LOVE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey i read the mirror story, im amazed that you went through all that!!
    i rate you should tell you parents, i know they didnt believe you when you were younger but niether did mine but now they started too so maybe seeing as your a teen now
    but if a demon had to talk to me like that i would have maybe wet myself or run outta the room screaming my head off!

    hopefully you wont see that seth thing again for the next ten years but i wish you luck and prayers with you

  3. AnNa says:

    it was long.your grandmother oh my she is a bit nuts.no offence.why on earth would she summonds a demon?just because she didnt like your mother.thats stupid.why didnt your dad step up and do something about it?it sounds like your grandmother has a lot a hate.she sounds prejudice.im sorry if im rude in the way im saying this.i want to believe the story about seth but its im speechless.for once.i think you should of told your parents from the momment you saw your grandmother with the lights out and candles around.im not saying im blaming you maybe it would of been different unstead you got hurt.keep us in the loop with whats going on.thanks for the story.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes I guess your right. I feel stupid and scared at the same time when I have to tell my psrents. Idk When I can tell them. That will only cause more drama in te family. I will try to keep you updated on my CRAZY life

    • Jessica says:

      just to add. Your not being rude. I would’ve never belive this story (the seth part) If it never happened to me. I use to be one of those people who thought. Peole who spoke to demons,talked,or been attacked were all made up. I’ve always wanted to know how they felt. Be in the action you know? I’m young and want to have fun. I just never knew it could be like this. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED!!! :( but yea I would’ve been pretty speechless myself but I just kee reading my bible and PRAY THAT I DON”T GET THAT VISIT AT AGE 25………

      • AnNa says:

        i hope you dont either.i dont know you but i sure heck dont want anything bad to happen 2 you or anyone for that matter.but thanks for commenting me back and for the other comment i wrote dont worry about it.ya it was long but it was good.so dont apligize.thanks.

        • Jessica says:

          LOL your welcome :) I don’t know you either but..I think yourpretty cool and sorry to say very motherly like :) When I talk er comment to you :) that’s a good thing I don’t know you but in a way I sense if I ever me you in real life I could trust you with the deeper details of this awful story :)
          :) I’m just kidding about the mother part ;)

  4. Suzi says:

    I hope the demon leaves you alone . . . . . and with that I want you to be super duper safe now that you saw what you did. And there are meny twisted parts to the paranormal world and you just saw a dangerous part of it. Be safe and pray hard pray harder then you ever prayed before.

  5. Pat says:

    The Mirror Story was very scary… this one was even scarier! You just stay praying and loving GOD and HE will keep you safe from ALL harm….I do pray that your Grandma see’s the error of her ways and turns back to the one true GOD…I would tell your parents everything…maybe your brother is holding back events too…take good care….

    • Jessica says:

      :) HOw can I tell them? My brother told me he’d see them (black figures) in my grandmother’s room but never spoke with them

      • josh says:

        good. but say to your brother dont talk to them just punch them.. heh

      • Canus says:

        I would not fear Seth so much. There are such things as spirits. To be a demon he would have broken two laws: 1. No demon can take human form. 2. A demon cannot survive where God is present.
        I am no Satanist, nor a Cultist, it seems that Seth is far more likely to be either some sort of guardian or a joking spirit. If he could possess you it is impossible he would resist the urge AND any demon that appears once does not wait, he would haunt you to your dying day every second if he had a physical manifestation.
        It simply seems he is some sort of sadistic jester, and in almost no way could he harm you unless you allow him to get close.

        To reiterate, I am no Satanist, Cultist, or practitioner of Demonic arts. I am a well-informed Spirit detector having studied all 7 major religions and analyzed Ouija board reports.

  6. The Undertaker says:

    wow this story was long…but well worth it. That must have been terrifying for you as a young kid. I just hope that it works out with you and your family and cut ties with your grandmother. Thx for the story, it was great.

  7. AnNa says:

    i agree abit long but this story was better then the mirror one,but thats just me.

    • Jessica says:

      hahaha thanks sorry. If anything happends I’ll try and shorten it. This guy told me when I wrote the mirror story. I should add ore detail on what happen so the readers see i the way I did

  8. dolphin girl says:

    Wow!! That is a very scary story! I have had a lot paranormal activity happen to me, but nothing like this. I hope everything is going well for you and your family. Just keep praying that God will protect you. Keep God in everything you do, and he will be there for you. ?

  9. e-payne says:

    seth wasnt lyin bout one thing he said, he is very powerful, iv seen a demon by that name too, i have scars from where we have fought(if you can call me swingin at him and him throwin me thru the wall of an old house a fight) he has more than just that one form too, iv seen three so far, the guy with long black hair and black eyes, but he has also attacked as a very large wolf and as a winged creature(tho thats how he usually talks to me in my dreams he has shown himself to me while i was awake)…just be careful and keep praying for ur family but dont forget to pray for urself too

    • Midnight says:

      Always remember, you have the power to bind them. You can’t pysically hurt them but, spiritually, you have more power than they do as you are in your own relm, and they are not.
      Do not feed them with your fear, starve them with courage. Hurt them with love, and bind them with the faith of your beliefs.

      • Jessica says:

        3 FIGURES!!! :( WOW!!! I always pray for my family. Well maybe I do forget yself sometimes….

        • e-payne says:

          thought so, well ill be prayin for u too, so hopefully u wont have to deal with him again, those lies he tells bout god almost got me when i was younger, im glad they didnt get to u :)

          • Jessica says:

            yeah..Me to :D I’m praying for everyone now.. Truthfully after I look at my life. I’m not the only one who goes through this. Other’ may go through worse. We all need prayer…

            other’ may go thr

            • e-payne says:

              just stay strong and remember, no matter wat he or anyone else says, ur nvr alone, u have the lord above and all of us here to talk to if u need us k :)

  10. AnNa says:

    i hope he doesnt come back.maybe he will relize he cant do it anymore to her.shes older and knows alittle more then when she was younger.

  11. embersnow says:

    god help you!! what a scary story you must be terrefied. were all pullin for ya. do ya have one of those little bibles to carry around? i would try maybe reciteing some more prayres iv herard and seen alot but i dont remember hearing about a personal haunt by seth himself. ive done some reschearch and it says that demons can appear as basically anything and i be careful walking in the dark if i were you even im scared of it just last night i could have sworn that i saw a big black dog watching my i was going to my room down the other side of the house and when i turned the light on nothing was there and there wasnt a thing that could have made the shape im prayin and so should you

  12. e-payne says:

    hopefully he wont come back, tho its true we are in our own realm and hes not as powerful here he is still not to be underestimated, makin that mistake could very well cost you your life or soul, just stay true to the lord above and pray for his forgiveness and protection every day

    • Jessica says:

      I will!!! :)

    • Midnight says:

      Aye, True, don’t under estimate anything at all. As for staying true to the lord, I’m true in my own way. Half of my family did not have a good time at Christian boarding schools (Half Native American, half Scottish), and its taken till just lately for the churches that run them (some are still in operation) to fess up to what was done. So, I believe in God my own way. But the fact remains, if your faith in your beliefs is strong, they can pysically hurt you but, they can’t touch you spiritually. And you will win, if you continue to believe that you will. What ever the case, faith in God, how ever you choose to pray, is paramount to victory over demons.

      • e-payne says:

        u should worship in ur own way, im only 21 now and ever since i was lil i didnt like goin to church cuz wat those hypocrites said bout my family, wat kinda christians are they

        • Jessica says:

          Um wow to the both of you. I sometimesdon’t like church also. Som preacher’s or whoever they call themselves when you look at them. They see so FAKE to me. It seem they are only trying to put on a show. I love and worship God I just read my bible at home

          • AnNa bites back says:

            the church that i went to all they do is look at you cheeck what your wearing and talk about you,and its not just the teenagers its the adults.why go to church if thats all people do?i love god to but like i said why go if all they do is talk.

  13. rainbowskies says:

    I made a homemade ouija board when I was pregnant in the early stages with my son I did not know yet he was a boy, 2 early to tell. Ouija board said she was the spirit of a drowned lady and another spirit named Seth then it did a figure 8 pattern after Seth. And said your baby is a boy then it moved over 2 girl. It predicted a miscarriage for me and it spelled out a date July 22nd 2007. I had God bless you written on my board and a gold cross on it. About 20 plus weeks into my pregnnacy with my sonnow confirmed baby was a boy. After I dreamt of a tall red headed man after me for my son when I was pregnant

    I heard glass smash, I woke up to find glass smashed around my bed. My first born daughter had slept through it all in the bed with me. A light fixture that was screwed into the wall had come out of the wall and was hanging from the wall and the glass from the smashed bulb led from the bed to the passage right near my bedroom. I then fell asleep and had a nightmare of a tall red headed man out to take my son while I was pregnant with my son. My first born daughters middle name is Judith named after her deceased great grammy she never met. And my son was delivered by a midwife we did not choose named Judith. My first born daughter who I had a high risk pregnancy of severe maternal anemia at 35 weeks. Had been born sick in June 2003 at 2:05pm and recovered brilliantly. My son was born in May 2006 at 5:20pm which looks like 2:05pm if you put the last two digits 20 infront of the 5 and its still pm.

    After being confirmed pregnant on feb 12th 2007 with a urine stick test the baby miscaried through a bad UTI-blood in my urine on feb 13th 2007. I had a healthy big girl born July 22nd 2008 weighing 7 pounds and 13 ounces with apgars of 9 and 9.

    I dreamt of my two girls with me in 2001 before my 1st Daughter was in 2003 and my 2nd Daughter born in 2008. I dreamt of my son by himself in 2004 and he was born in 2006.

    My first borns Daughters name is a Hungarian name that means Lily:

    Take care of flowers and open up your heart
    Because if you love them your soul must be nice
    Hungarian Poet-Sandor Petofi

    My 2nd Daughter who was born after a sad miscarriage, and sadness for me my 1st Daughter was born sick .And I had to deal with some cruel people, My 2nd Daughters name is a native american name that means soul:

    The Soul Would Have No Rainbow If The Eyes Had No Tears
    Native American Proverb

  14. Amy says:

    Jessica, you sound like a very strong young lady and that is very good. You have to stay that way and keep praying. Remember, demons feed on depression and anger. If you stay optimistic and keep praying, you should be good. Good luck and God Bless you and your family.

  15. Key says:

    hey, u been through a lot I must admit I admire the strong faith you have and unfortunately I didn’t read your first post but I would love to hear from u bout it

    • Jessica says:

      hahaha I guess I do have strong faith. It’s just about the same demon who first appeared to me when I was five years old. Its called Demon in the mirror. He use to tell me things that weren’t true. For example. God doesn’t love me, my parents don’t love me, God only thinks about himself, If I believe in Satan all my dreams would come true, etc. you get the point. You know I have been through a lot and it’s not fair, I’m too young and I know that nobody will believe me. That’s why I can’t tell anyone about this around me :/

  16. Destiny says:

    Seth means replacment. do you think he was a replacment for someone? And I doudt he’s the strongest demon.
    I’m sorry this happened to you. Nothing like this has happened to me but I try to prepare myself just in case. Most people think I’m weir because of this.
    I pray that when your 25 you will be happy, healthy and filled with Gods grace.

    • Jessica says:

      I don’t know. What if he is a replacement of an other demon? What if he is a replacement for…HAHA I really don’t know you havemy mind jumping. Thanks. I hope that when I’m 25 I have a happy life also :)

  17. Rylee says:

    Hi Jessica!
    Your stories are so interesting. I’m 13, so we’re pretty close in age. I think.
    Your stories are some of the best I’ve heard! To tell you, I’m now terrified of mirrors.
    I haven’t had any expieriences as terrifieng as yours!
    Just to say, if I were you, i would never let go of god. Just keep on believing and “Seth” shuld never bother you again.
    But I have to say, this may be odd, but he sounds kinda cute. Sorry if that’s offensive!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Rylee,

      LOL Yea we are 3 years apart.. I’M OLDER!!! :) 16. LOL I’ve been terrified of mirrors for awhile but I’m over it. Esp. after this.. NOTHING BEATS THIS!! Except people whogets possessed you know. To tell the truth…HE WAS TOTALLY CUTE!! If he were human….I would make him my boyfriend :p.. But he’s not. He’s a bad guy so I try my best not to think of him like that… :)

  18. Reasoning says:

    You should google this Seth demon and see who he is and what his weaknesses are so you’ll be ready if he does come back when you turn 25..

  19. e-payne says:

    jessica, im not sure if it has anything to do with the seth we kno of but did find sum info on it…if u wanna kno that is….

    • Jessica says:


      • e-payne says:

        well, seth is a biblical name, the third son of adam and eve, brother of cain and abel, the only other of the children to be mentioned by name, born after cain slayed abel, eve thought he was appointed by god to be a replacement for abel, iv also learned that ther are quite a few ppl who have had run ins with a demon named seth, as we have, so far iv found one in pennsylvania, urs, which happened in alabama and goergia, mine, which happened in alabama and tennessee,ther are a few more that i wont go into, but one of em was he would punch, kick and throw around a lil boy bout 10 or 11, and i also found wat midnight said, cept he didnt start out evil, till he killed osirus,

  20. Midnight says:

    Synonyms: Set, Setekh, Setes, Sutekh, and Suti.
    He is from Egypt, where he is considered evil god, the of chaos and adversity, in other words, hostility and violence. There is a sacntuary for him in upper Egypt called, Ombos-Naqada. Most of what is known about him is from Pyramid texts (gliphs), sarcophicus (coffin) gliphs, and the book of the dead. His parents are Geb and Nut, and he is the brother of Isis, Osirus, and Nephthys. He is the bitter and jealous bother to Osiris, as Osiris was favored by the sun god Ra. Seth set out to kill Osiris and Isis found Osiris’s body, breathed life in to it, and harvested his seed. She bourn him a son named Horus, Horus being also favored by Ra, was given overlord-ship of both, upper Egypt, and lower Egypt. Horus was given far greater power than that of his uncle, you want seth away from you, an amulet of Horus is the way to go!

    • Jessica says:

      Wow Midnight!! Thanks!! So how do I get the amulet or is it just…I don’t know.. :) But thanks

      • Midnight says:

        Don’t listen to those bible brow beaters, unless you yourself want to pray that way. How ever you want to pray is good, don’t be pressured in to any thing you don’t want to do just because they hate every thing that is differant than they are. My grandfather hated himself because of the Gov’t enforced Christian Indian Boarding School Act ( Basically, Torture chambers aimed at wiping out our Indian-ness.) I’ve seen the pysical scars left by those so called, “Godly people.” I wiped the tears away from my elders eyes, as they recounted the horror to me. So, you pray the way YOU choose to and let those other people go beat thier own children half to death or worse, and starve them of food for thinking too freely. I say, You pray the way you feel is best.

        • Jessica says:

          Oh I’m sorry midnight. I have Indian in me.Cherokee,blackfoot,and some other tribe that started with a ‘J”. I’ve never really heard the sad stories of my Indian ancestor’s but I now it’s bad. Alright is it ok if I just pray how I usally pray? How would you hande it?

          • Midnight says:

            You pray, how YOU choose, don’t let any one influence that, not even me. It’s not how you pray thats important, its your intent.

          • e-payne says:

            thats really wierd, i got cherokee on my dads moms side and sum of my great grandparents on my moms side is blackfoot, and we are tryin to find out more bout this curse that comes from that side of the family, and we cant even imagine the horrors they were put thru, do u kno anything bout curses?

    • Big Chief says:

      Hmm, I doubt its the Egyptian Set but you never know. Also, Set was good or evil depending on where you get your information from. In the beginning, Set was good and fought against evil but some say he was banished from Egypt and made to be evil by Isis who wanted her son Horus to be king of the whole of Egypt by himself. Some religions and beliefs had Seth as an actual prophet that was unjustly banished from Egypt and made to be evil. Just like some religions/cultures have the devil as a good God that was made to be evil by Chrisitians or other religious groups. You never know.

      Also, from what I heard mirrors are good for opening portals to spirits. Using ouija boards with mirrors around you enhances the experience from what I’ve heard but I’ve never tried it. To do lou…

      • Caretaker says:

        Big Chief – I agree. I have read about this “Seth” character and I think there is only a similarity of spelling and nothing else with “Set”

        • Midnight says:

          The information I gave was from the book titled, “Encycopedia Of The Gods.” This book was compiled after nine years of research at Oxford University, by British writer Micheal Jordan, not to be confused with the ball player lol. “God’s Of The Earth,” was also compiled by him. I my self have been a student of Egyptology ever since the mummy of Unkh Univr, a high priest, was left in the care of a museium here in Washington state. I was 8 yrs old, when I saw my first mummy, and regularly visited him up until he went to UW Seattle. During that time, I asked the Archeologst’s about a million questions about him and what the gyphs on his Sarcophycus mean. Also during this time, I began to study the Egyptian Panthion indepth, and I have found that at many differant times, differant rulers have favored one god over another, and thus decreed that other as evil, which is why I concure with Big Chief On his statement. I am 34 now, that makes 26 years of study.The name Seth became synonmis with Set, by result of the Greek philosipher Plutarch, trying to translate the name into ancient Greek. The info I have about that is from, the copies I have of the works of Plutarch translated from Greek to English.

    • Sabina says:

      I am a follower of God. Out of curiosity only I went on a satanic website lately. I read there that the egyptian pyramids and other ancient sites are associated with the gods of satan. It’s all in the symbolism that can be found there. Midnight, in light of your research on Seth’s ancient egyptian origin, do you have other info on this? It seems like such an outlandish idea but who knows? Is it possible that religions of ancient civilizations of the past worshipped Satan? Afterall the various pre-christian gods of each ancient civilization were borrowed from previous religions. By the way I am only reading about this stuff to somehow take away my ignorance of satanic worship, because ignorance breeds fear.

  21. Sean says:


    If the dark forces are trying to get you, it means that you are very powerfully spiritually. If you were weak, you wouldn’t be any use to them. It shows your high inner nature that you are thinking of those others that are worse off than you and that you are praying for them.

    I would use this time to get really deep in with God and really grow spiritually – for example, find a spiritual community with people that you really admire who can teach you how to really grow and develop yourself.

    Also, meditation and deep prayer can really help — after a little while you start to feel peace and a ‘good feeling’ which is God’s first response, and a sign of His presence with you. If you keep it up these will only increase, and you will get very ‘powerful’, only it won’t be you but God’s presence in you that is the power. Then if they ever come back they will get a bad surprise that they inspired you to develop so much! And then you will be able to help others in such a situation by the strength of your own faith and prayers.

    I feel you are a very good person (and brave too!) — your goodness by itself has made you win, and become strong already — he has to threaten about the future, because he can’t do anything now!

    • Jessica says:

      LOL YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT!! :D he threatens me because he can’t do anything!! LOL I love how you think :)

  22. Carri says:

    I do believe your story. my daughter was 8 and my other daughter was 15, when they saw demons like you describe. we lived in a haunted mobile home. I could hear the demons but never see them. These entities actually attacked my daughters and scratched their backs. both my girls saw red eyes or black eyes. I heard a lot of whispering voices and banging. We moved out of the home and got help from a Catholic priest. The Catholic priest had to do an exorcism and bless the mobile home and all of our family. it finally has stopped.

    • Jessica says:

      Well I’m glad your problems stopped. Yeah those red eyes still freak me out when I think about them. I’m glad your problem’s are over. I just hope mine are as well.

  23. Tammy says:

    Jessica..Wow what an experience. Sounds like you know the true and living God and His son Jesus Christ God loves you sooo very much . The Bible says that if you say with your mouth and believe in your heart the he raised (Jesus ) from the dead you will be saved! :) Romans 10:9,10 Read your Bible as often as you can ,this is God’s Word to you..it is health and Life..Jesus died on the cross so we could have forgiveness of sin and spend eternity with God… there is a scripture that says: 1 Timothy 1:7 God has NOT given us a spirit of fear ,but of power,love and a sound mind :) I pray that God will continue to strengthen you.

    My grandma that was into witchcraft,Ouija board ect. she ended up committing suicide,BUT after she shot herself she was in the hospital several days before she died and accepted Christ and His forgiveness ,and died peacefully and is in heaven with the Lord. I will join you in prayer for God’s protection over your mom and entire family and that your grandma will accept the Lord (nothing is impossible with God ,Just believe :)

    Satan will try to scare you .But we know that he has been defeated,all we need to do is put our trust in the Lord..I thank you that sweet jessica and her family is covered by the blood of jesus ,according to your Word I speak out that no accident or evil will befall them neither shall any plagues come nigh their dwelling in the mighty name of Jesus. No weapon formed against them will prosper in Jesus Name! I speak legions of angels from the most high God all around Jessica and her family ,keeping them safe and protecting them,they’ll abide in the shadow of the almighty God ,and wont even dash their foot on a stone(read Psalms 91) In the name of Jesus I break every wrong word spoken out against her and her family everything thats contrary to the perfect will and purpose of God for their lives i break and destroy the power of those words in Jesus name. Every curse,hex vex spell ..evil wish ..every generational curse IS broken ..Thank you Lord you hear us when we pray,all this for your glory Lord in Jesus name..Amen..

    Ill be praying for you and your family,I pray that God will send the right person or persons across your path that know the word know Jesus as their Lord and can encourage,help and pray for you..

    Your on the right path :) Never give up,blessings to you and your family..


    • Midnight says:

      Hey, let her do what she wants to do. You leave her alone. My real name is Akicite Hoksila (Soldier Boy), I recieved that name from my Ihanktowan Lakota (Souix) uncles after I returned home from Iraq. Why don’t you go beat your own children with your book. Just because some one prays different than you, and won’t bent to your will, we are bad? No! I speak for those Native American children that died because of your Church’s ritual lashings with bullwhips and all the other murderous activities it used, and for the elders that survived and never got over what your church brought in to our lives. Go chain your own children to church basement radiators, and starve them for believing other than you do. Go hang your kids bed spreads out, for all to see, when they wet the bed out of fear. Hang them up by their hands until their leather laces break for speaking another language. But, what ever you do, do it to your own kid’s, and leave other people alone.

      • e-payne says:

        those ppl that do that aint ppl of god, those are just miserable ppl who saught to justify ther own meaningless existance with lies and by torturin other ppl into adoptin thoselies as truth, they will be judged for ther sins accordingly and im sorry for wat happened to ur elders and everyone that suffered at the hands of those evil ppl, i agree with wat u sayin, and if u ever need to talk to someone u can count me as a friend

      • Jessica says:

        same here Akicite Hoksila. You can always talk to me. I should also learn about my Native American’s history but they don’t really teach it to me. I’m so very sorry. :(

    • Jessica says:

      THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! I haveread this prayer over and over with my mom. :D THANK YOU

      • Tammy says:

        Your welcome :) you and your family are continually in my prayers..With God on your side ,who can be against you .. Romans 8:31

        Romans 8:37 says : in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[m] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. :)

        by the way ..forgiveness will set you free..If you do,you are freeing up things so God can move in your and your family’s life so much easier..you do it for yourself :) You dont have to trust her (your grandama or anything that dosent feel right ,thats not what forgiveness is ..I hope you understand where im coming from ..I pray all God’s best for you :)

        • Jessica says:

          I get where you are coming from :) I pray the best for everyone even my grandmother :)

        • Midnight says:

          Tammy, this is the response I have to prosthelatizing to a native. you quoted Romans 8-31, I wonder whom was against whom? Jessica and I are native, and as far as I know (thats alot, btw,) our brothers and sisters on the east coast welcomed the people. It was’nt until they tried to take us as slaves, that we attacked. So who was the aggressor? You quote Rom 8-37, and I wonder why you people believe you need to conquer people. Why not do unto others as you would have done to you? You see, that is in your book too. Seems a bit contradictory to me. But, then again maybe we are not others to you. Do your people believe in honoring your words? If so, how about agreements? I think we know that answer, don’t we? So, how about getting your people to honor the agreements (Treaties) made? Why do we constantly have to deal with broken treaties, and lies if your bible says it is a sin to lie? Take Leneord Peltier for example, He was not even on that part of the Rez when those FBI’s were shot. FBI on what is supposed to be Lakota soveiregne ground. A couple of months ago FBI raids a Puyallup Smoke shop. Were they dealing meth, yes but, that is for the tribal police to take action, and they showed up at the same time on thier own. See what I mean, your people have never honored any thing. Why should we believe in what you say, your church has done nothing but torture, and if we did not turn, sanction our deaths under the title “Manifest Destiny.” It seems to me, your church should revise your book, it says its to love others, and then it says, oops just kidding. It says, “tho shalt not kill!”, and then it says, exept for them and them and them over there. You can’t save your cake for later, while your eating it right now. So, if your going to preach to us, at least do it with a book that has some consistancy.

          • Caretaker says:

            Midnight – Regardless of what they may have called themselves those who did those things were NOT Christians. It takes much more than calling oneself by a certain name or title for it to be the truth.

            Also, nice post and I do agree with you!

          • e-payne says:

            midnight, u r preachin the truth and caretaker, ur rite, those kinda ppl aint christians at all

          • Jessica says:

            You are right. I agree Midnight :)

          • Tammy says:

            I appreciate your honesty. :) Jessica’s story came across to me as a cry for help , a need for info on overcoming this demon that was tormenting her and her family.

            I cant speak for all “christians” any more than i could speak for all white people, or honestly you can speak for all natives. im sorry for the pain and suffering that has happened to the native people and of every every race ,person and individual throughout history.There isnt much i can do about what others have done or do to eachother ,but i can pray.

            I have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ,ever since i was 8. I do not take the misinformed versions of the creator. Anymore then i would my own family. Ive had experiences where God protected me and i cast out demons in the name of Jesus. Not because of anything i am or power i have accept what Jesus did on the cross and when He rose from the grave.He did it for everyone :) He is no respecter of persons all we have to do is accept the gift He gives.

            Im only offering to Jessica from my life experiences and what i know,Just like everyone else here. :) I could relate,so i posted…

            I almost forgot..When i quoted Romans 8:31? this passage does not refer to people but circumstances in life things that are hard to go though attacks of the enemy (satan)and evil spirits ,whatever satan throws our way..the Bible also says that our fight ISNT against flesh and blood ,BUT principalities ,powers and rulers of darkness of this world.

            I pray that you have a true christian (follower of Christ) cross your path, Who truly loves God with all of their heart and soul,and loves others the way they love themself.,expressing who Jesus really is and His love for you and your people.


            • Midnight says:

              I too, appreciate your words but, yes, I can speak for all Natives. Because this happened to all of us, not just one tribe or band. All tribes, have had christian boarding school forced on them in an attempt to wipe our Identity away. There is no such thing as a mis-informed version of the creator. People, have been talking to the creator long befor that book was written, and then rewritten to suit what ever was the will of the sitting pope at the time. Have you ever wondered why Genisis Speaks in third person. “Let us create man in our own image.” The only reason the church could not change that is, the old testement, is the Jewish Torah, and they would have spoken up. You say the fight IS’NT about flesh and blood; yet, there is flesh and blood spilled over ideological differances every day. And where Christianity is conserned, this has been the case for as long as the church has been around. You, will want to point out that Natives have done the same thing, except we never fought over spiritual matters. Home grounds, food stores, and disagreements, yes! But, we knew that the one creator was not unique to our people. We also knew, that he was not happy with us fighting eachother. Some tribes, mine inclueded, used shame paint (you call it War paint,) in an attempt to hide our face or let others know we are ashamed of fighting our brothers and sisters. My point is, people that are not Christian, are not always devoid of God. We pray our way, and that is why the Christian church could not anhiliate us, could not wipe our language out completely, nor could it wipe our ceremonies out. To destroy our way, is to destroy your own.

              • Tammy says:

                Im not here to represent ‘christians’ but to represent Christ. I realize that we could converse about our differences a good long time. I understand what you are saying ,and i am sorry for things that have happened to your people,as i am for all of the things that have been done throughout history to different races nations , things that we are all guilty of doing to eachother. no matter the reason..

                .God has done so much in my life . I will continue to share and give His love that he has so generously shown me and my family…To the best of my ability,( again He is no respector of persons) This is who I am. I believe in God and His Word and have seen the life it brings He brings to mine.

                ..You mentioned Genesis..about the verse ( actually verses) talking in third person? ..The reason God said ” We” here is He is Trinity ..Father ,Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus IS God and has always been,before He came in the flesh to earth took our place,He was/is the only one without sin..

                I realize unless your heart is open ,it is hard for you to receive most anything i say or explain you about God . I can not speak for anyone but myself. I would never do ( and true followers of Christ) the things you have said happened to your people.. All I can do is share the God I know.I promise you when you have faith in God and Jesus as your saviour,and the Holy spirit is your comforter ect.. The bible is much easier to read and understand.. all It takes a childlike faith..

                .. Again,I did not post here to Change anyone,force my beliefs ..ect I simply replied to a post of someone in need..I shared the truth and will not apologize for that. I did it out of the love God has placed in my heart for all His children. Jessica ,you ..everyone i cross paths with..

                • Midnight says:

                  Many of our people, also have the belief in the trinity, from befor 1492. To the Hopi, the Jesus you speak of, was known as the Golden light man. My Lakota people, had the White Buffalo Calf Woman. Like I say, we were and are not devoid of the trinity you speak of. But, Christians just won’t believe that Jesus would come to this world, omipresently, to all four corners of the Earth in differant forms. Just because we know this one by a differant name, we are wrong? No, it is Christians that will not listen, not us. We were taught to pray, by the way we understand things. Thats my main point! The way you pray is good…. for you! But, we will always pray our way, and that is good too!

                  • Tammy says:

                    This is what you believe, I understand..I believe in God ,that Jesus is the only way to Him.

                    I have as much right to share what i Know and believe with Jessica, As much right as you or anyone on this board..No matter the race or background or belief..

                    Im sorry that you feel the need to attack my beliefs and relationship with God. I did not come here to attack you, your people or anyone..only to offer what i know and have experienced myself to a girl in need.. I agree to disagree with you :) ok?

                    I pray all God’s best for you your family and your people..

                  • Lily says:

                    Akicite Hoksila,

                    I completely share your view (above)! I am not saying that all Christians/Catholics are close minded towards any other beliefs other than their own, but I have a friend who had a near death experience and saw Jesus Christ/Angel, who helped him pull through a really bad illness. He is now a devout Orthodox Christian and goes to church religiously! I believe its tremendous to believe and devote yourself to the light, however, when you start to judge and criticize other beliefs and try to convert people into your religion, is just wrong. Andrew did just that, he started asking all these in possible question and saying things like wellif your Buddha really exist then why did he not come to my aid when I was dying and needed help, but who came to my aid but Jesus Christ himself? I explained to him that, yes indeed you said a prayer to the light for help, but 1) You called upon the Angels, 2) Your are already a Christian, so naturally it will be Jesus who will rescue you, 3) How can any heavenly Being come to your aid when you do not know of them and believe in them, for believing is the true power of seeing, the power of truth. Yet he still refused to acknowledge any other Heavenly Beings. I told him that I believe in Jesus Christ just as much as I believe in Buddha and all other Gods and Goddess. He was determined to convert me as he feels sad that me and my family will go to hell because we are not Christians! Akicite Hoksila, I wish it was you who had the talk with him about beliefs and religion, because I could not get him to open his mind and see the big picture. Why couldnt he accept Buddha as I have with Jesus Christ! Why is it just black and white to him!! And Buddhism isnt even a religion but a spiritual teachingnonetheless Buddha has also protected me when I find myself being attack by darkness!

                    Anyway thanks for your post, I mean even though it got side track but its great information!!

                    P.S I also see Tammy’s point of view too!! Bless you Tammy!

  24. Jen_ says:

    This is a really interesting story! Let’s just hope he doesn’t visit when or before you’re 25.

  25. Olga says:

    Wow! It’s crazy how a family member can do harm that way 2 another memeber of the family :( …..I pray & hope Jessica that nor U or Ur family ever have 2 go thru an experience like that again. May God continue 2 be W/ U & Ur family thru-out Ur lives…….. Have U guys heard from Ur grandmother ever since that incident?

    • Jessica says:

      of course. She calls here all the time. She uses my dad :( he doesn’t nt to believe it but he knows. My mom doesn’t trust he, nor my brother, and I…. I have a forgiving heart. Even though I didn’t want to forgive her. I find myself still giving her hugs, laughing with her, etc. She acts as though none of this ever happened.But I will never forget. :(

    • AnNa bites back says:

      were you been hiding?

  26. Big Chief says:

    Question I meant to ask you before. How did Seth look? Facial features or any other demon for that matter. Did you see his face? Describe what it looked like if you can. Also, you said the demon talked to you. How did it talk to you? Verbally with its mouth. Did it talk to you in English with complete sentences like you wrote in your story??

  27. Jessica says:

    OK Seth comes in many forms I hope you know. Yes I saw his face kind of. It was night when he came to me and I only saw him from the moonlight. He came to me in the form of which I was a child whenwe fist met. He had shoulder length black hair, his skin was at first pale, his eyes were pitch black, he looked like you know if he were a human 20. He was kind of muscular, oh but near the end before I ran out the doorn His skin began to change. I don’t know what it was but he wasstarting to look scary ugly. He did talk in english most of the time.. Occasionally he’s pop up with some words I didn’t know. Esp when the other demons were around. Some of the sentcences were chopped for example. He said. “You, me friends. Power.” I don’t know what he meant so in the story I put. “We could be friends.” Y did yo ask? HAVE YOU SEEN HIM BEFORE?

  28. Samantha says:

    Wow, that is really creepy. So this thing is trying to convert you to evil and promises to come back? Btw I enjoyed your stories, looking forward to hear more about Seth

  29. GirlRacer says:

    Instead of being scared of becoming 25, embrace it.

    25 is a great age! I’m 34 on Halloween and wouldn’t mind being 25 again!

    Grow strong. Accept your journey into womanhood, live you life and have lots of fun.

    If it returns, you’re prepared. You’ll annihilate the little so and so.

    Don’t live your life in fear. Thats what it wants.

    Live free, enjoy this wonderful gift.

    Steph xx

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah Iguess your right. :) 25 is I good age. Somethimes I can’t help but be afraid. :( Thanks I will do my best to think on the positve and be prepared for the negative.

      THANKS STEPH!!! OH and remember I said HAppy Birthday on halloween
      ~Jessica~ :D

      • GirlRacer says:

        Thanks honey! And I may sound like an old hag lol but i forgot to say, 15 is awesome too, but a difficult age. When I turned 15, I went to see a 15 rated film at the cinema and I ran out because there was so much naughty stuff in it and was scared my boyfriend would want to do that to me! Ew, I thought!

        Bit different now like, but I still scream at scary stuff! So God help me on my birthday when Dean (my nearly hubby) takes me on this ghost hunt!

        You’re a great and strong young woman chick. Keep kickin butt!

        Steph xxx

        • Jessica says:

          LOL EWWWW!! i’m 16 now and I still turn my head on the naughty parts of movies!! :) lol yeah this was scary :)

  30. jamie69 says:

    I know how u feel when I was 15 I too had an entity embodied like a human named william he said he’d take me to a world beyond my existence and that he’d change me into something my imagination couldn’t create I see him everytime I feel sad or angry whetjere it be a quick glance or a 5 minute presence I Always seehim on halloween he sorta resembles Xehanort from kingdom hearts lol he was scary black hair vlack eyes pail skin he wanted my soul’

    • GirlRacer says:

      Yeah. I know Xehanort. Very scary looking.

      My brothers son looks a little like Sora. He’s only 5.

      Keep strong though. Remember. Xehanort was defeated. You can defeat this evil.

    • Jessica says:

      WOW!! yea well I hope you have better luck in defeating your Xehanort dude. He wanted your soul lol sorry I just loved the way it was written :)

  31. Kevin says:

    This read shockingly similar to My Immortal…

  32. Lily says:

    Wow…what a story! I want to read your other Mirror one now! I love that its written in depth! Most stories arent, this gives you a clear picture and understanding of what it was like. Thanks girl!!!

    I read a lot of demon stories on line and what I picked up on is that the majority of all the encounters with these dark beings happens to someone who is either Christian or Catholic…strange ey…

    Stay strong and positive!

  33. Brandi says:

    This story sounds un-believable and fake.. But for some reason I believe you.. ahhaa
    Good luck :)

    • Jessica says:

      You know.I SOOOO SEE that. just like I said. Everyone goes through there own experiance witht the paranormal life… If it didn’t happen to me and this was some else story. I would also say. “Yeeaahh right, whatever.” Only I know about this experiance. This was my test of faith in God. Have you had your unbelievable test?

  34. Marc says:

    Jessica, you are a brave girl. If that had happened to me, I probably fainted or ran out of the room screaming. But we all have our own experiences with paranormal. I had many but not so extreme like yours.

    I know someone who can help you. Its better to do something now and dont wait until he comes back to haunt you again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who should I talk to? What if he or it never really comes back? Who ever you have in mind to talk to are they exspensive? That’s the only reason why I haven’t really gone out to seek help. :/

  35. Jessica says:

    Who is it that I should talk to? Are they exspensive because that is what stopped me from seeking help. My parents esp. my mother is having a hard time right now :)

  36. Jessica says:

    Hi and thanks. The person I should talk to… Are they expensive? Do they actually work? And what if this Demon never really comes? What if he is just trying to scare me? My parents are going through some hard times right now so..We can’t really afford anyone or anything right now. That’s why I haven’t talked to anyone. As a matter of fact. the only people who knows about this are the people like you..on line. Who can’t ask me questions face to face. Who can’t really know every detail. I couldn’t even tell my parents…. Hey where is this person anyway?

  37. Anonymous says:

    for those “playing” with the board remember its like playing with the internet “chatting” with someone or something you don’t and don’t necessarily want to know, except these may be older than time with nothing but hate and contempt for God in heaven, all of his creation and that which he represents. Seth is a name describing a lesser being or demon made familiar to those linked through magic or arcane arts from a list or text known as the 72 spirits of solomon. King Solomon of the bible who sired King David, these demons were imprisoned by Solomon as the story goes in the temple, if I am not mistaken. While not to be scoffed at nor trifled with, these beings are weak in the presence of God the father, the creator of Heaven and the Earth, of the seen and unseen, for those that are cast down from heaven shall never know the beauty of heaven ever again revile his love and all that is, God was is and evershall be.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you! :) you are right. I never in my life “played” with the board. Maybe when my Grandmother lit those candle’s and chanted that started this whole mess. I was just too afraid to tell on her at the moment plus I thought she was doing that to relax herself you know? It’s not my fault. I didn’t invite these demons

  38. josh says:

    have u ever tried to hit a demon with a holy water works better than punching i had a experience with demons to thats why i know all these insane ways heheh

  39. josh says:

    god is the most powerful of all things pray every birthday u have to protect you

    • Jessica says:

      haha Thanks Josh. I never have holy water. Do you have to buy it? if so where? What were experience? Where they like mine? *sigh* Sorry I’m so Curious and asking so much

  40. sam123 says:

    i will pray for u jessica and i am very sure GOD will keep u safe

  41. dark says:

    Set – An evil god of the night from Ancient Egypt.

    Seth – The god of the Underworld from Ancient Egypt.
    these are the names that come up for HIM.you are really lucky. why they want you i dont know but the path your taking is the right one.your faith did not faulter in the face of evil.God surly has been watching you. i think researching him seth would be a good idea. know the enemy stand a better chance. i think seth wont like cats mainly because cats were great guardians in ancient egypt. yes God is the best defense against these things. but any help you can get will be worth a shot.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you dark,
      Soo.. your saying I should get a cat? Like off of that mummy movie?

      • dark says:

        im no exactly saying this off the mummie movies. cats in egyptian lore were powerful guardians. creature of evil feared them.im just trying to help a fellow victim of these creatures fight back a bit

        • dark says:

          sorry to open old wound jessica but could you tell me the adress to Homewood, Alabama house were this demon in the mirror first spoke to you.im wondering about this demon and may like to try and visit him. mabey find a way to help you more.

          • Jessica says:

            Dark hi no its ok. Um let me get back to you on this. Im going to ask my mom so I should have the information tomorrow. I hope he comes out at you. Not in the bad way just so that you can find out. Why me? I never did anything wrong.

  42. Sara says:

    Praying for you.=] I’m dealing with a smart alec, no good, rotton demon myself. It really makes you feel helpless and alone, not to mention frustrated and scared. God is always there no matter what the demon says. Listen to the whispers in the dark (God) He will always be there and guide you.

    I’ll keep praying for you and your family.


  43. sharayah says:

    hi i don’t know if this demon will ever come back but i think u need to learn how to protect your self and your home.u need to tell your mom about all the things that went down.demons like to get u alone to break up family &homes .you have the net so look up the things that u can use to help protect u or to give a fight! mostof all look to god cause all demons fear him if all fails there are exorcism.i think i may know littel things to keep them away but im not sure they well work,thing like sea salt around your house or your doors and window,sage for cleaning the house with the smoke in ever room blessing the house ever room and a strong family but like i said im not 100%sure you look it up.my the lord be with u.ps i know what it feels like to have witch craft done to me too my mother had did it to me .

  44. hard beliver says:

    well after reading your story, i can say that i will never even once impressed nor believe..sorry gal but this is just nonsense..too melodramatic..no offense please…

    • Jessica says:

      Non Taken :) I sad there would be non believer’s. everyone has their own test o Faith. That just-so-happened to be mine. I understand. Like I said to some-one else.If it wasn’t me I would’ve felt te same way but it is me and I know this scary horriable story. .Not you :) So thank you for being honest! :)

      • sharayah says:

        jessica don’t feel bad about your story.he/she is just a hater on you.who are you to tell her that she is telling lies,whats up with that ?? jessica just get the help &love you need.i hope all is well with you may God bless you &your family. have u told your mom yet! ps.hard beliver don’t hate:(

        • Jessica says:

          :D Thank you!!! No I haven’t actually told them. My dad never wants to hear things like this. He doesn’t believe them. My mom she read this..But also doesn’t believe it :( .. I probably should have kept ths to myself. It’s too much for people to handle right now. :) I talk to God everday and everynight!!

          • sharayah says:

            ok you say they don’t believe you and that your mom read this?well jessica’s mother! WHY ???did you leave the other house if you don’t believe in what your mother in law was doing to you &your family.i think the first time jessica saw that demon was because of your mother in law called on him to hurt you but it liked your little girl better! im a mother of 5 and if any of my kids told me anything like this i would do all i could to help my child.i believe you have seen things too,was it as bad as what jessica has seen. maybe not but you know something evil was there why else would you have ran out the house like that? give your little girl some support and love.all a demon wants is to hurt and destroy her and your family.your husband may not believe he may be the tipe too have to see with his own eyes so be it,but don’t make jess feel alone till that time comes.talk to jess alone and let her know you are there that you care and that you know she not crazy.if you feel like it let her know the things that has gone on with you don’t be scared you need one another be her mom.jessica im sorry if i over step but i feel bad for you i know what it feels like to be alone when i was a teen girl,and now i know what it feels like to be a mother.

            • Jessica says:

              Jessica’s mother:
              I understand what you are saying. I am also a mother of 5. I’m not rying to make jessica feel alone, I just dn’t want her runng off and telling her little brothers and scaring them. no I haven’t been through anyting like this. And when she ran out the hous with blood gushing out of her arm. I knew something was up. I would have kinda belive her.You know how kids watch scary movies and somehow make it real like n a dream. I probably would have thought she was hving a nightmare. Her grandmother doesn’t like me and I would have did anyhin to protect us from her. Jessica should have told me the night she caught her grandmother summoning them

              • sharayah says:

                i believe jessica. im 29 years old and as i breath air i’ve seen things evil thing but nothing as bad as what jess has seen,i have felt things around me all starting at the age of 5 and the people i told when i was little said that the unclean things are ok to be around,but even i at a young age knew better then that.i believe my own mom did witchcraft on me so i know what that feels like too.i don’t think your little ones should know what was going on,it should be on a need to know kind of thing so i understand too.but if she telling you that it was real then you should take that to heart if i was you.and stop saying oh it maybe was a dream. my the lord be with your family. ;) :) ps your mother in law is evil and she may do anything to hurt you keep that in mind jessica’s mom.

              • sharayah says:

                i think the little ones should be on a need to know kind of thing too. but as far as you saying maybe she was just dreaming is not ok maybe you shouldn’t just trump it up as a small thing.i’ve had things go on at the age of five and older and i said something i was told that these unclean things where ok but i knew better then that! so if she is telling you that she is not dreaming then u should believe her.may god be with you and your family. :) ps.your mother in law may hate you so much that she may do anything to hurt you.think about that :|

                • Jessica says:

                  Jessica’ mom:
                  ok ok i guess your right. I just don’t want them to be paranoid and exsposed to all of this evil. I know mymother-in-law hates me. It’s ok God will handle that for me.
                  I’ve already thought about the bad she could do to us. I understand what yu are saying…
                  Thank you…. :)

        • hard beliver says:

          hey gal..no offense but i do not hate anyone nor anybody..i’m just sayin’ what i think about jess’s story..somehow you’ve misunderstanding on something..sorry if you felt uncomfortable with it, but that is just an opinion….are we clear on that??

          • sharayah says:

            i don’t think you hate jessica “HATER”is more a slang word for if you don’t like something or someone.if you down things about them, or are negitve about it so that’s why we say hater you get it now when i say stop being a hater on her story.im sorry if i made you feel bad :) )

  45. Mari says:

    I just read your story…sorry that this happening to you. Pray to St. Michael the Archangel everyday with all of your heart and faith, you will see that nothing evil will ever come near you again.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you alright I will

      • dark says:

        praying to an angel is not a good thing.angels are God servants and warriors praying to them is not going to help you. God would take offense to this. sorry but catholics and all their saints are a bit off on the scripture.

        • Jessica says:

          Omg I’m so sorry I didn’t know!! God gets offened because he will think i’m worshipping the angel instead of him? I’m so sorry dark. I really didn’t know. I’ll apologize to GOd tonight.

          • GirlRacer says:

            Hey Jess, its that crazy english chick again!

            Don’t sweat it honey. God won’t be mad at you. Why do you think these prayers to the angels exist? You keep on doing what you feel in your heart helps you.

            I’m certain He sees you have an honest and kind heart. Besides I think He hears that many prayers all at once, he’ll be a little grateful of the rest! Heehee!

            Steph xxxx

            • Jessica says:

              Hehe.. Thanks Steph. :) Your right. I guess when it comes to god.. never want to let im down.. ActuallyI don’t want to let anyone down.

              ~Jessi~ xoxox

              • dark says:

                im sorry i made you freak out a bit. its just in the bible God clearly states He is a jealouse God. i guess praying to angel would work they could pass the message on to God for you. again sorry.

  46. sharayah says:

    jessica is all well with you.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes ma’am.. :)
      For now everything is fine. My grandmother is trying to get super close to me again for some weird reason… but yeah other than that.. My life is….. um ok I guess. hoping it gets better

      • sharayah says:

        hi jessica
        girl racer is so wrong it tells you plane as day that you pray to No one but God the father and god the son. it tells you in the bible that god is a jealous god.angels are obedient to god they only do what the lord tells them. jessica’s mom im sorry i didn’t mean to post the same thing twice. i did not know the first one posted. :}

        • Big Chief says:

          Just being an antagonist here. Do you believe in the Bibles saying of Satan and his followers as fallen angels? If so, how can you say that angels are obedient to God and do only what God tells of them. Didn’t Satan and his angels rebel against God, thus becoming “Fallen Angels”. Are Angels really obedient to God?? Was Satan and his “Fallen Angels” really “Angels”? Explain this one for me if you can..

          • sharayah says:

            Numbers 20:16 if some one is sending you to do something and you do it you are obedinet.but now a lil something for you,
            St john 8:13 I said therefore unto you that ye shall die in your sins;for if ye Believe Not that I AM HE,ye shall die in your sin.
            Psalms 14:1 The FOOL says in his heart “there is no GOD”.they are corrupt,their deeds are vile;there is no one that does good.

        • Jessica says:

          My mom said it’s fine. Yea I reaad that par but I thougt that meant, you don’t pray to things like a Jesus Christ doll, or kneel before a preacher and pray to the preacher, or A cloth that was washed with holy water asthough they are God itself

        • GirlRacer says:

          Back up.

          Who the heck are you to tell me I’m wrong?

          Unless you’re God himself, I’d not presume so much in future.

          Its up to her how she handles her own life. Not you or me.

          And if God thinks that praying to an angel is wrong, tell me why these prayers -endorsed by the vatican- are used in churches around the world?

          Jess, you don’t need me to tell you what to do. You don’t need any preachers in your life. Do whats in your heart and look after your mum.


          • tombirang says:

            hey u know what..stop this nonsense at once.. typical..

            • GirlRacer says:


              I was responding to a comment that I’ll admit angered me. I don’t think I’ve offended anybody with that response.

              This is what comment fields are for. Opinions, advice, and debate if it is done reasonably. To call somebody outright wrong when there is no evidence to back up that claim warrants a response.

              Have a great day nonetheless.


              • sharayah says:

                i really don’t know who you think you are talking too. if you was in my face i know for a fact you would be a little more humble.anyways you want me to back up what i say okay.
                Exodus 25 WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD and his blessing will be on your food and water,i will take away sickness from among you.
                Revelation 22:8-9 And i john saw these things,and heard them.and when i had heard and seen,i FELL down to Worship before the feet of the ANGEL which shewed me these things.
                9 Then saith HE unto me,see thou do it NOT:for I am thy FELLOWSERVANT,and of thy Brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the saying of this book: WORSHIP GOD.
                So there are angels that get involved with the lives of people on earth but there are warnings in the bible not to call on or pray to ‘angles as they all fall under God’s control and have to follow his will.there are also clear warnings that the unclean spirits ,demons,who rebelled against god want to trick people into following and worshipping them rather than following God. look up Matthew 24:4-5.Revelation 16:14. angels are beautiful but only god commands them to be holy warriors,messengers,guardian and to be praising worshipping GOD.they can help us but people should ask god to send them to help you.and thank God for him and all thats in heaven. please don’t tell me about a corrupt church i am a isaelite i do what GOD tell us to do not man.you have a good day

                • GirlRacer says:

                  Piece of advice, I treat people how they treat me, so before bashing in on somebody else’s conversation by calling people wrong and judging others parenting skills, be a little humble yourself.

                  And believe me, you’d know if I was ‘in your face’

                  You need to practice what you preach. You still have no evidence on why I’m wrong.

                  My belief is whatever people believe to work, it usually does. Note- I said BELIEF. I’m not saying yours is wrong, so again I’ll ask you; Unless you are God Almighty himself, who the heck are you to tell me what I believe in my personal relationship with God is wrong.

                  I think we understand each other.

                  Look forward to your response.


                  • sharayah says:

                    :) oh yes i understand lol.that you believe in what you think but i believe in what God tell me to believe in .the holy bible the tora.you are so Wrong if you think you can say anything about god and just think he may feel that way. it tells you in the bible everything you need to know in the bible,just so you wouldn’t have to guess and be wrong and teach someone else the wrong way .now you said i told you that you are wrong :) well i never told you that. i was warning jessice she should pray to god for the help and you got upset, well you know what you was and you are WRONG .now what! the lord tells us to correct our brothers when they are going in the wrong way and that everything that comes out your mouth will be acounted for in the end.so if you are saying something that maybe wrong whoudn’t you want help.angels do gods will and they help us all our life but make no mistake even an angel will tell you to look to God and to give him his glory.now you show me how im wrong oh yes please do it with a bible. ;) not your mouth,head or heart but from gods words ;)

                    • GirlRacer says:

                      Hey again.

                      Its obvious you know the bible pretty well. Herein presents a problem. I don’t. I respect your belief and knowledge. Again, I ask you -how can I ‘use a bible’ when I dont believe what it says is the truth? I don’t believe in the bible, so what you are asking me is not only impossible but unfair. And here’s the lesson I learned; I asked you to provide evidence. That was unfair as the bible is your evidence.

                      Not so long ago, I was an Athiest. Born and raised to believe what I felt to be real. A couple of months ago, I felt in my heart absolute unconditional intense love. I felt like God just wanted to say hi. From that day, I believed in the creator.

                      I will never understand the bible, nor fully accept it. My relationship with God is in my heart, in everything I do or say to others and in how I conduct my life. He sees my intent, my thoughts, my fears and dreams. He alone will judge.

                      With respect, I accept your belief is yours, and respect that you have them. But with complete honesty and compassion I do not think you respect and accept any other concept or belief apart from your own.


            • sharayah says:

              thank you :) what do you think about this matter?

              • sharayah says:

                steph may your life be blessed by God.i did what could. you feel strong about what you feel is right and i will say no more lol :)

                • GirlRacer says:

                  Hello Sharayah,

                  We may have differing opinions but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy our debate! I did.

                  And who’s saying we cannot be friends? Variety is the spice of life after all.

                  Steph x

                  • sharayah says:

                    :) thank you LOL this will always be a hot topic for us.you seem to want god in your life and that’s a real good thing ;) so do you have a story on this site too? i would love to read.

  47. hydro says:

    I am praying for you, and may the Devil let go his hold on your family, Esp your Grandmother. May God bless your family. In Jesus name.

  48. Other says:

    As long as God’s children are exposed to the attacks of Satan in this world, Saint Michael will continue to scare and shatter all the forces of evil, and his powerful intervention in the struggle in behalf of the children of God will NEVER cease.
    “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, etc.” This particular prayer is a condensed form of the general exorcism against Satan and all the evil spirits, published by Pope Leo XIII. Saint Michael who had defended and protected God’s children in the spirit world, was to extend the same protection to the human children of God here on earth. Surrounded and threatened as they were by hostile pagan nations, over which Satan had established his tyrannical rule, Saint Michael could not remain indifferent to this new form of seduction and rebellion introduced by his archenemy among the children of men. As long as Satan persists in his attacks, the heavenly champion, the Prince of the heavenly hosts will continue to shatter his plans with the war cry. In the Old Testament, therefore, Saint Michael is the Angel par excellence, the Angel of the Lord, the national Guardian Angel.
    (from EWTN Website)

  49. GirlRacer says:

    Sorry Jessi, hope I haven’t upset you xx

    • Jessica says:

      Aww GirlRacer!! It’s ok!
      I go through to much to let the little things upset me :)
      Besides I myself never said you were wrong! What do I know? I’m only 16 :D

  50. sharayah says:

    hi jessica i too am sorry but must say what i feel is right and thats Gods words and not the words of a woman or a man but only god.i hope all is well with you and your family :) may God bless you and send is angels around you. how do you feel about what we are talking about?

    • Jessica says:

      It’s ok.. I fully believe in the bible but I also see where racegirl is coming from. Maybe I would hav gotten offened if I gave advice from my heart and someone out the blue told that person not to listen to me! You really know your bible well I admire that. Now if you will excuse me.. LOL I think I’ll just learn me a scripture or few out of my bible!! :D

  51. leighhannahross says:

    After reading this story I felt compelled to leava a comment!

    I have had struggles with dark entities before, but thank God it never physically manifested, but more in the dream/vision world. It was a very deep learning expierience for me, with dreams being so intense that I literally prayed myself awake on several occasions. For a period of almost 3 years I lived in torment. I couldn’t explain it because I live a life that leaves little excuse for any darkness to enter my life, however, it turned out that my bf was a witch/satanist or something similar and that is what caused the trouble. In my expierience one can actually see how I started weak and was almost vanquished to turning victorious in the end. And as I gained strength the witch actually aged and needed protection from me in the dreams. What I want to share with you, however, is what I had learnt through all this. If God is the ultimate truth, love and light, satan and darkness is the exact opposite of the spectrum. In christianity, we believe that the Word of God – the bible, is the Truth, thus the ultimate weapon. Notice in all accounts of people having an expierience with darkness, there is some element of lies attached to it. Did you notice? For example: the demon in the mirror told you that God doesn’t love you: nonsense! John 3:16 says – for God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son… Or he said that he will come back 4 you when u’re 25. O.K he may very well be able to manifest himself, jump around your bed, throw things around, BUT, the power of life and death is in the hand of the Lord, and not in that of any demon. Look at Job- satan had to get permission to attack him, and Job never wavered in his faith because he knew that if worst comes to worst God still was in perfect control, which he was. The reason I am using these examples is because this is exactly what happened to me: in one dream a demon made a point of attacking my faith, trying to break it. But to everything he said, even if it sounded half true, I responded with the word, just like Jesus did in the desert. It got angrier and angrier and my faith grew and grew until it shouted DIE and the whole room was filled with tiny red fiery arrows coming straight at me. There was no way to duck them. But at that point I was so strong that I raised my hand and said: in the name of Jesus you can do nothing to me. All the little arrows stopped midair and fell to the ground.

    I think one of the best things you can do is to examine God’s word and think about everything you believe to be true – compare it to the word, and purify what you know, so that every thought is free of any and all deception. Seth said he has the power to kill you because he is stronger than you. He didn’t tell the whole truth: because the word of God says: for He that is in you is stronger than him that is in the world.

    Giving in space to the lies of darknes means that you give some of your precious faith to believing them, the very faith that is meant to protect you! This leads to fear. And we all know where that leads.
    So in effect, he is disarming you, because the shield of faith and the word of truth, which is our sword, go hand in hand. ‘Faith comes by hearing, and hearin by the word of God.’ So if you hear a lie and give it faith its link to the truth is lost and your shield is weaker. (Hear I am referring to the Armor of God – google it you will see where the Bible speaks of it.)

    Following my expierience the thing I have learnt is to attack the lie first in any situation I find myself. And it works.
    Let me know if u find this useful – for me, this knowledge has saved my life, literally, more than once.

    • sharayah says:

      i agree with what you put down and the book of Job is a great book for her to look too. i do like the book of Job in the bible.jessica if you have not you should really read this story.
      hi Jessica i hope all is well with you and your family :) hi mom.

  52. Jessica says:

    Thank you soooo much and yes it has helped me. I tried the very ting you told me the moment I read it.
    Thank you leighhannahross

  53. RealPearl says:

    Hi Sean,
    How old are you? You have a beautiful inspiring way of encouraging people. You caught my attention first in your response to Haunted & now to Jessica also.

  54. NoaH says:

    wow scary, i hope that devil doesnt come back for more in ten years.

    • Jessica says:

      OMG I PRAY it doesn’t happen either. I’ve got nine years when the 29th of this month….. I’m gonna have just as much courage as I did the first day we met……. :(

  55. Jeff says:

    I’m sorry but i dont believe one word of this. Demons don’t talk like that. Well amybe in B horror movies. I think R. L. Stein would be proud of your writing.

  56. Leighhannahross says:

    Jeff would you care to elaborate on how you happen to know what demons talk like then? You are entitled to your own opinion but maybe its a good idea to qualify ur statement. I found this quite believable, in contrast. A creature whose very substance is hate, darkness, and ill will’s statements would definitely be consistent with the above story if not worse.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you. I pray people like Jeff stay this way.. I remember I use to think like that. I wouldn’ have believed myself. Thank you. Mst people who believe me either been through this or very understanding. It takes alot in you to not think thisis fake but.. Who would want to make up something like this?.. I probably should’ve kept this to myself… I just wanted to know if there were other people who could relate or help. I just wanted to see if anyone would believe me because my mother and father doesn’t… :(

  57. Sam says:

    Dear Jessica,
    I hope and pray for best for your family may the lord bless, guide, and protect you. I have had experience similar but not as serious… as a little girl i have always seen dark figures surrounding me. I can always tell when its either a bad spirit or a good spirit, they never tried to physically hurt me but my body have a horrible reaction to the evil spirits who only watches me hoping that my guards would go down to attack me. upon til this day i am afraid of being in the dark, those figures know my weakness and try to get to me.. Im now beginning to explore this whole paranormal thing and i noticed that i have had one too many contacts. my mom put up a shield on our home using a prayer she learned when she was little. once it went up i only get contacted in my home by good spirits or family members. late night of Summer 2010 i was sleeping on my bed which is by my window (a very big window by the way) and my body starts vibrating (thats the thing it does when a spirits is trying to reach me apparently.) and automatically my body turns to the wiindow and look out and i can sense the being trying to get to me but it couldnt becuse of the sheild my mom put up. i knew it was evil because of my bodies reaction to it. the second time it tried to get to me was in my dreams it appeared as a vvery horrifying figure and i broke down and cried and then something told me to pray and i did and i woke up out of this dream and iwas bac in my home on my bed. (by this time my bed is in the corner away from the window, and my window have a sheet over it.) i asked the lord for protection ever night befor i go to sleep and it really have help. also the sheet over my window and the new position of my bed. All im trying to say is to ask for guidance and protection from the lord and what ever it is that helps you feel safe (like a sheet over a window) it never hurt to have it around. I really hope this “seth” does not bother you later on in life. Ask the lord for strength and courage to stand asgainst him.

    • Jessica says:

      Dear Sam,
      OMG I’m soo sorry! That’s very creepy. I want you to know that you can tell me anything when you feel like it. I love hearing about other people’s paranormal experiences. I wish I knew the prayer your mom said. Maybe it could help put a shield around us also.

  58. Kelly says:

    Im 15, your story has seriously freaked me out LOL I actually dont know how you were able to cope with it I would of had a heart attack, its good that you didnt show ‘seth’ any fear. Did you hear what he was saying Clearly or was a kind of blurred whisper kind of thing? I hope your okay when your 25 and I hope he wont come back to you. :)
    By the way, can this happen to anyone? Have you got to open up a ‘portal’ or something to actually let them in to your life, i know you said your grandma summoned them but yeah im becoming really paronoid now, Im not going to mess with oujia boards or anything like that but can they get through another way? Well yeaah I think God is going to protect you, im sure you pray every single day and I’ll pray for you aswell :) x

    • Jessica says:

      Hey Kelly,
      haha your only a year younger than me. Thanks :) Um No I’ve never even seen a real board (even though I wanted to) My Grandmother probably used one. I think they can come another way. It’s called summoning. You know where you use the candles and say little rituals and stuff. “seth” I understood him. It wasn’t a whisper but. It wasn’t loud either. Don’t be paranoid. He could be watching you right now. Just know just like God watches you. So do they. I try my best to let them now I love and believe God and they have no effect on me. I’m truthfully scared at the age 21 and I know they know that. Of course I pray to God EVERY minute of the day.

      • GirlRacer says:

        Hey chick, how ya doing?

        I’ve just been reading, and I clicked no. This Seth character wants you to live in fear. He wants to stop you living like any normal 16 year old young woman and feed off your fear. Its how these things thrive. You’ll worry and worry yourself sick, miss out on life’s great opportunities, become withdrawn like a recluse, and in time you’ll regret your own life. Some people I know of have had stuff like this happening. They’ve gone on to a life of crime or poverty. Some have become drug addicts. These people really do have their own demons, but let it win. I’m not saying that will happen to you, but I think you’re an honest sort and prefer to hear the truth, it is a possibility. Live your life, and love the people in it. Make opportunities come for you, whether it be for your dream career, further education opportunities if that’s what you want, a loving boyfriend (or girlfriend -i apologise to anybody in advance for my presumptions), helping your mum (mom in Uk speak :p ), lots of friends or even a couple of friends who are close, if you can create them opportunities and open yourself up to life as intended, this Seth character will never get close enough to harm you, or your loved ones. Live your life baby girl, free as a bird. You have a right to live your life without fear. Live as God intended you to live, loving happy and free.

        Steph xx

        • Jessica says:

          lol Steph,
          Thanks for the words :) um I’m straight I like dudes!! hehe.. I understand what you are saying. Your right!! I like honesty and I don’t want to end up like those people. I’m going to take your word on this. Live long, happy, and free. :) … Sounds just perfect!!!!

  59. lisa says:

    I read a couple of good comments here. No…Satan and his demons cannot harm us. They may try but the power of God is within us. Never believe an entity of evil. He will NOT come back 2 harm you. Ive dealt with demons most my life. REBUKE THEM AND THEY WILL FLEE! Satan is a liar, he will try to temp you with promiscuity, drugs, hate, violence, depression, suicide, cutting, alcohol, fear,worry, sickness and every other bad thing in this world he possibly can. We live on earth where some claim this is Hell. We must FIGHT for our beliefs! We must keep pray5ng 4 our life our family and this world. Every day it is a struggle to survive. Even when things are the hardest, we must FIGHT. Im 42 and struggled with many horrible things of this world, I was very suicidal at 13 after being abused. I have fought the spirit world most my life. You might have to fight for YOUR life the rest of your life but you will make it. Have faith! BTW, it sounds like your mom was attacked by demons or lying ghosts or whatever he is. Though she doesnt want to scare YOU and your Brother.

  60. Jessica says:

    I completely get you. I hope your right when you said that he’s not really coming. :/ But Really? You think I’m going to have to fight for..the rest..of..my…life? man that sucks…

  61. Anonymous says:

    lol i thought you were saying that you’re grandma is a “witch” witch.And then i saw witchcraft and OHH WITCHcraft XD

    • Jessica says:

      lol hahah I don’t really know what she is. My parents say she is a real witch. She says that she does witchcraft and stuff so. Yea I guess she is a real witch! xD

  62. Sam says:

    Thanks. She did tell me a few days ago before she left, and she said to repeat the following words everyday; this house is protected by the lord and through the lord and no harm shall enter. What you do is when you say this you imagine your home being protected by angels with a shield around your home and actually believe that your home is protected by the lord and it will make a difference. I can see that you have a good relationship with God and he will be there for you. And as Steph stated live your life the best way you can.

    • Jessica says:

      Your welcome, and yes! I’ll be sure to do this everyday starting now!! hehe..

      • Dylan"Skorpia"Carpini says:

        away to keep it perminent is to say the lords prayer in all rooms of the house but if it makes you feel nervous just keep doing what sam says….

  63. Shiva says:

    Hmm, well i understand that Jessica is a believer in god… i hope my comment doesn’t offend anyone.

    I think you should worship the way you want to. But I do think that you need to know more than one side of this. I’ve never really had a supernatural experiance quite like yours Jessica. And I’m sorry that Seth is being so aggressive. But if Seth does pop up again, remember Demons are power players, you challenge them, they challenge back. And while you may think this is scary he may think it’s just a joke (because it’s fun to pick on humans lol) The fact that he can use a human form justifies his power, at least i think so.
    Good luck, and the best to you Jessica.

    Once again, I mean no offense to anyone.

    • Jessica says:

      No offense taken but.. I don’t get it.. Your saying Seth is not trying to hurt me? He’s just playing? Someone told me I should never talk to demons.. Please can you explain this more because your making it sound as though.. Demons aren’t as bad as everyone portrays them to be.

      • Shiva says:

        Umm, like i said, everyone isn’t going to agree with me. But I don’t think demons are evil. Not all of them. And yeah, i think it’s possible that he may be playing with you. Apparently from what i know of him, and yah it’s kinda personal knowledge, meaning i won’t be able to quote it from a book, he maybe messing with you cuz you’re a christian. (prime targets if i may) any mirror i would suggest covering up with tin foil or stuff like that. i dont’ think you’ll listen to me, i guess i wouldn’t blame you. i mean all these people are christians too, and they tend to stick to themselves on demons and all the things you all call evil. I’m sorry if that sounds rude, but i don’t believe all demons are evil. They range in sizes and shapes aren’t all ugly and scary and can take forms of humans.
        and i’m sorry jessica, but you got it right. that’s exactly what i mean, that some demons arent’ as bad as humans (or other demons) portray them. and if in your personal experiance you can’t find it within yourself to believe that or if your faith is too strong and you don’t or can’t believe some of them are good, i won’t blame you. i just thought i’d be helping, or at least try to. you’re welcome to forget what i’ve said.

        and once again, since this is such a christian forum, I mean no offense to you or your god.

        oh and one more thing. i’m not saying he won’t hurt you, unless you challenge his power or him or threaten him with something that is either important or vital to his demon powers or he really just wants to. he isn’t supposed to but there are very violent demons that aren’t to be messed with.

        and the person, k.smith is right about thier powers. they can control time and space, the weather, they can manipulate thier surroundings and yours, among other things.

        i’m sorry i forgot to add that to the above paragraph. plus it was getting a little long.

        • Caretaker says:

          Shiva – this is not a Christian forum. It is not a religious forum at all. If you read through these pages you will surely see many comments regarding Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Atheism and many others. No one religion is the “religion” of this site, far from it. Visitors are free to express their views and opinions on these articles and stories regardless of what their spiritual beliefs are. The only limitations are short and few and written in the rules by the comment box. So, relax and share your opinions without apology :)

        • Jessica says:

          Hi Shiva!
          I won’t ever forget what you told me. Your the second person who told me not all demons are bad. Last year when I was 16 I questioned that. Because he (the demon) Seem to want to show me things but when I turned down his offer he wanted to hurt me. That’s y I titled my secret Demons are Friends? I’m suppose to believe demons are bad. I WILL NEVER TEST HIS POWER! Plus I think im too young and not strong enough. Thanks I want you to tell me your personal feelings that’s Y i posted this for help. For anyone who’s had the same happen to them. Thanks!!

          • Shiva says:

            *laughs* Hi! sorry it’s taken me so long to answer that… ehh
            Personally, if i were you, next time he wanted to show stuff, i’d give him a shot. if it terrifies you less when you see him next ask him if he’ll take a human form. or if his minions follow, ask him to tell them to leave. i don’t think he’ll hurt you for requesting it. it maybe smart to do the whole specify thing. Like have you read any ancient Gengii stories? say something like “you’ll have to bring me back here, as i am, alive and whole.” or “if i’m hurt, you need to return me here, to my home without pain or injury.” and depending on what you want just if you do, try to be respectful. i really don’t know what he’d say or how he’d react to that. they say if you ever make a deal with a devil or genie that has the powers to change whatever and whenever, that you need to be specific. like if you’ve seen the movie Ghost Rider!! lolI honeslty wouldn’t see what harm it could do to see what he wants to show you. But i don’t know what to tell you as far as what to expect~I mean yeah, he may show you something like hell or god, stuff about demons? maybe something about your family perhaps? i would see what he wanted lol. Demons are so interesting! :D does anything odd still happen if i may ask? but i do think if he tells you something that you KNOW to be true, you can still fight, telling him the truth. He seems to respect that you do. Most people would be too scared I think! lol

            • Jessica says:

              Huh… You think so? … I don’t know.. I’ll think on this. Um not like that.. I just usally feel like something is watching me. Or every once in awhile I hear my name being called out of nowhere when im alone.

      • Dylan"Skorpia"Carpini says:

        oh demons are as bad…sometimes they try to seem down to earth so they can get your trust and then……i would know i had a demon once!trust me!!!

  64. K. Smith says:

    Demons are not only bad, they are evil incarnate and deadly predators. They are vile, nasty spiritual creatures who detest the human race and view mankind as intruders on this planet and it is their desire to DESTROY the human race, the planet earth and exterminate all the true servants of God. Why? Because they hate God and all his creations especially humans.

    Don Juan, a Mexican Yaqui Indian Shaman once told Carlos Castaeda an author

    ..We have a companion for life. We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.” [Castaneda, 1998, p. 218]

    These very powerful spiritual creatures are not to be trifle with. Demons have immense powers the can control the weather, manipulate time and space, cause instant death, manipulate people into murdering, raping, stealing and committing horrific crimes, they can bring about calamities and decimate empires and countries like they have done in the past.

    Fallen angels i.e. demonic spirits are spiritual beings. This means that they do not have physical bodies like humans. However, they can manifest physically in their true form which is horrific, gruesome and frightening. According to the bible they are all accursed and reptilian in looks. Satan, the head of all demonic spirits is said to be a giant red 7 headed scaly serpent or dragon. Leviathan, another demon mentioned 4 times in the bible is called a crooked serpent and in the book of Revelation evil spirits were described as looking like frogs.

    Demons range in many sizes from gigantic to fairy size, Satan being the ultimate universal terrorist is the biggest of them all. An American named James L. Walden had so many experiences with demons, he wrote about it in the book, The Ultimate Alien Agenda. He called some of demons “interdimensional reptile and described them as being 8 to 12 feet tall with rough green skin, a tail and a elongated head that looked like a watermelon.

    All demons are liars and shape shifters meaning they can manifest in any form they want from human to animals. However, whatever form demons choose their sulfuric or rotting egg stench always remains the same.

    When ever people describe their contact with demons, they always say that they smell awful. Demons emit a ghastly sulfuric odor that emanates from them. This odor is putrid and truly unpleasant to humans. You always know a demon is present because you can smell them before seeing them.

    When some legendary creatures like the Sasquatch of Pacific Northwest and the Yeti of Asia appeared to people they also smell of sulfur.

    Humans have become the prey of demons, and they feed of and absorb the negative emotion and energy that humans produce such as fear, grieving, anarchy, chaos, war, torture, murder and pain. Ancient Chinese mystics state that human beings are “Moon Food.” They believed that human energy was drained by so called extraterrestrial force

    “…the ‘serpent race’ will merely continue to do what it has always done with the ‘human cattle’ on this planet, which is to continue to feed on us like emotional, psychic and bioplasmic vampires and work to destroy our spiritual life. Researcher Alan Walton reptilianagenda.com/research/r100799c.html

    Demons also crave worship and love to take possession of human bodies. We can see from ancient pagan cultures that worshipped the Serpent i.e. Satan that where ever Serpent worship dominated human sacrifice, sex rituals, self mutilation, cannibalism and ghastly ceremonies were conducted in honor of these devils. The children of Israel also sacrificed their children to devils and cavorted with these malignant spirits..

    Psalm 106:36-38 – And they served their idols: which were a snare unto them.
    Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.

    Demons are worshipped around the world under different names. L.A. Waddell, a British author proved how gods i.e demons were worshipped around the world under different names. Mr. Waddell showed that the Hindu god, Indra, and the European, Thor was same god. Thursday or “Thors-day” is named after the god Thor and the legend of Thor is the origin of the legends of King Arthur. Thor is known in the Edda as Her-Thor, which later became AR-THUR.

    I will end by saying that Demons are dangerous creatures. If they approach you in conversation, you only need to rebuke them in Jesus name or command them in Jesus name to leave you alone. Every word demons utter serves their agenda and that is to bring about your destruction. However, Jesus defeated Satan and his entire demonic host when he died and rose from the dead. Why do demons hate Christians? They hate us because God has given us authority over them in Jesus name.

    Luke 10:19-21 – Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, THAT THE SPIRITS ARE SUBJECT UNTO YOU; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven

  65. lakota says:

    oh don’t you worry your pretty little name jess…if he didn’t kill you he can’t kill you! Getting harmed only happens once in a life time!It’s happened to me! So if you just stick to your religion your going to be ok…

  66. GirlRacer says:

    Hey Jessbaby!!

    How you doin now chick?

    I know I’ve never met you and don’t know you from the next girl, but the impression I get of you is that you take no bull, and you’re pretty much kick ass!

    I gotta tell you something. I feel pretty much protected. My fianc is called Dean. Dean Winchester. For real. No word of a lie. People often say “NO WAY!” He looks nothing like Jensen Ackles though :( lol he’s still cute! So, if you ever need a help to kick some demon butt, Dean Winchester said he’s got your back.

    Stay smiling babe xxx

    • Jessica says:

      NO WAY DEAN WINCHESTER?? lol NICE!! Aw man I really like Jensen Ackles.. lol Tell Dean I said I LOVE his name :) Oh and tell him thank you so much and to stand ready.. I may actually need him.. Hopefully he has the skills that Jensen does in the show!! lol THANK YOU!!

  67. Sammuel Diablo says:

    its fake everyone don’t be stupid…

    • Jessica says:

      I understand how you feel. I wouldn’t believe this either if it didn’t happen to me. I use to be like you. Watch people on t.v. talking about their incounters. I called them fake and everything.. But when this happened to me. I knew I couldn’t tell anyone because they would think I was insane.. I thought if I wrote it maybe someone would believe me. It built my courage to know ppl out there have the same experience as me but its ppl like you who makes me want to hide this dark secret.. I know it sounds stupid. Just wait one day you may be test like i was….

    • Shiva says:

      That’s rude. If you dont’ have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Just go on with your day. She doesn’t need to think that this should be a dark secret, although i understand some people don’t get it. Don’t get that this kinda stuff really does happen. Why would she be lying? It just doesn’t make sense.

      • Jessica says:

        Thank you but.. I understand. I use to think that way, I use to think some people made up stories.. Then this happened. It’s sad to think if I opened up people shun me about how “fake” it is.. :( I don’t hate or blame them. I just hope they are able to still think that way instead of going through what I’ve been through….

  68. Computerfreak says:

    I guess you’ll have to face him again but don’t worry,God is with you and I’ll pray for you.

  69. Jessica says:

    Thank you. My life seems ok now so.. I don’t think I’ll see him. Maybe that was just a test of faith and I passed and God won’t let him come back right? Well I sure hope so. I will never wish for any experience like that again.

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