Demonic Entity Experiences

Posted on February 24, 2010

Ever since my first possession, in the year 1996 or 1997 I have been experiencing strange feelings, presences, voices and visions. The issue is, I was possessed by some entity for two weeks between 1996 and 1997, but this demon/entity left and released control. It said (to me in my head) that it’d be back. (I am assuming the entity is a male), so I’ll call him a “he”.

Every year when coming up to my birthdays I get these feelings of the presence of it being around. I hear demonic faint voices saying strange things. I see visions of the underworld (whether or not that’s actually possible, but it seems like I am seeing these visions from the entity/demons eyes) and it’ looks really big, hot/warm, red and flame-type thing. I cannot describe it. I have meet really tired/sleepy, going into a daydream (whilst thinking or daydreaming I am unable to move at all) I cannot move my eyes, my head, or any part of my body.

I really don’t know what it is, and its beginning to scare me. I (for some reason) do not believe in Christ, for some reason I have a type of “hatred” in him. I don’t know why but the hatred for Jesus Christ and/or God, heaven etc started when I said above (between 1996-1997). If I think of Christ, I hear a faint demonic voice telling me not to believe or like him. I cannot control what I think/see or hear sometimes during the encounters.

I’ve tried telling people, my foster mom and dad (I don’t live with my real parents) but when ever I bring up the words “Devil, Satan, demonic, demon(s)” etc my foster mom goes mad. She’s religious and believes in Christ. She will not listen to me to what I have to say. I try telling her there’s something wrong with me… my eye color keeps changing to random demonic colors, white/black or hazel kind of thing. I experience a complete blackout (not loss of memory) but a blackout where I’m in the demonic realm world since when these activities occur, I (for some reason) see through a demons eye. I see lots of spiritual kind of creatures but am unable to explain, nor describe them. You must think I’m crazy, delusional or have an illness, though I have no such illness. I do not smoke, condone drugs, smoking or bad habits. Sometimes (when I want to be left alone completely isolated in my room on my bed) I do not come out of my room or off my bed for at least an hour or two when the activities occur.

I don’t know much about demonology and demonologists etc, but I have been known to get isolative and aggressive when someone disturbs me whilst being isolated in my room. When I am on my bed, I just sit or lie there. I don’t do anything else, other then just lie down. I am certain that I do have a demon with or inside me, though for some reason, if this demon/entity wanted to possess me again, it would (right?) but it doesn’t. It wont leave on it’s own accord, or when I respectively ask it to leave me alone in my head (I don’t know whether demonic entities can actually read or hear my thoughts) but it will not leave. It doesn’t always torment me, it’s mainly just idle until night time (around 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM) then it gets annoying and tormentative. It sometimes speaks using my voice which can get annoying at times.

If there is a demonologist or an exorcist on this site, can you please tell me a way to make the demon stop using my voice to talk and stop it from making me tired and sleepy. Is there a “respective” way I can tell it to leave or be silent without making it angry? Please do not think I am crazy or have an illness, as I assure you this is a real experience, not a dream.

Today, I was in the dining room, I just sat on the chair staring at a cross, could not hear anything else around me at all, just staring at a cross on the wall… I can hear and see visions of rage and foul language in my head… for some reason I am thinking hatred of the cross. I was sitting on the chair for 15 to 20 minutes doing nothing but staring. My foster mom is in the kitchen (most houses have the dining room connected to the kitchen so under a portal sort of thing. My foster mom seems a little concerned when I was sitting there. She said she tried talking to me for 5 minutes, but I could not hear or see her at all, then suddenly after 20 minutes snapped out of what ever trance I was in. All I could remember is having aggressive/rage, angry thoughts of the cross on the wall.

Can anyone please help me and explain why I was in this? If a demonologist / exorcist can explain these activities I keep seeing (like above with staring and aggressively thinking of horrid thoughts about the Lord Jesus Christ). Thank you for your time.

Sent in by Kel, Copyright 2010

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301 Responses to “Demonic Entity Experiences”
  1. anna says:

    first It sounded like you were on P.M.S.the way you talked it sounded like you were mad at everyone and anyone not to be mean sorry if it sounds like Im a jerk.Im not a religious person but i do believe in jesus always will.but the way you feel maybe you should go to a priest and see if he can do something to get ride of the demon or whatever it is.sorry you are going through that.I wish I could do something else for you but all I can say is good luck and let us know what happens and what you deside to do.thanks so much for the story.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. This person seems like she needs , and wants help . You say u believe in gesus , well a person of god wouldnt have said or feel this way about someone asking for help.

      • Caretaker says:

        anna never said anything rude or “not nice” at all Did you actually read what she wrote there?

        • anna says:

          thanks caretaker.I know i didnt say anything bad after what I said about that one story Im watching what Im saying so thanks again.

          • arlyn says:

            it seems her heart is full of anger that is the reason why her inner demon is so active on her.

            • Liara says:

              It’s not an inner demon, it’s an ACTUAL demon.

              • arlyn says:

                Hi Liara,

                Thanks for the reply. But I believe that our inner demon will be more active and can be seen in actual if we will let it to happen.

                I agree with your reply, it is the actual demon. But you know it can never happen unless we won’t allow it to happen.

                Inside our mind and our thoughts sometimes we can hear voices. Some whispering good thoughts and some voices is whispering bad.

                If we will listen to the good tiny voice, it mean we are not giving way to bad thoughts inside our head and we are proving to this demon that we are fighting in what they want.

                If we will listen to the bad tiny voice, then the choice depend on us. If we are in situation like this the only thing we can do is fight for this and show our courage not to be manipulated by this demon.

                I am in this situation before. My heart is full of anger and in my mind I want to do things that can bring pain to some people. There are two voices inside my head. One is whispering me good things and one is whispering me to do really bad things to the extent of hurting other people physically.

                All of us have weaknesses and demon is always looking for our weaknesses to defeat us. This demon used my weaknesses but I fought for it and he did not win over me.

                He always gives bad whisper in my mind, but there is one place in my body that he forgot to use in invading my soul. He forgot that I still have a heart and I let the tiny good voice to invade my heart and my mind.

                My heart taught me that if there are 10 people that caused me pain, there are billion people in our world and I might find a hundred or even thousands good people to rescue me from becoming like this.

                Demon is even using our experiences to defeat us. Never allow it to happen. Just don’t allow it to happen. Decision is still ours but we can only do that through our Faith and Trust in God.

    • Bery says:

      seems like you are possed by something have you been holding on to. some kind of anger because it seems that you have a foster mom and dad so you miss your real parents and since your foster parents are reiligous and they don’t believe you and it irriates you so you get angry which invites this demonic thing inside i have a question have you ever played a oweeji board sorry i might of spelled it wrong but im sorry you are feeling this way and i hope you get better soon!!

      – Bery

  2. Sean says:


    You are probably seeing the visions because you have become somewhat spiritually developed and you are probably being attacked because of this — if you were open to God and Jesus then you could be a force for good, which is probably what it wants to avoid.

    You are probably open to these kinds of experiences because you don’t believe in anything positive spiritually, which leaves you open to the attack from the negative.

    Decide what you want in your life — if you want good, happy, loving, peaceful thoughts, then go seek out people who are powerfully spiritual for good. You won’t regret it, because you can have powerful GOOD spiritual experiences of peace, joy, and love. Definitely don’t try to do it yourself — get all the help you can. Find good spiritual doctors out there to help you get rid of this disease, and you can easily win if you choose to do this.

    If you want to have a life of rage, isolation, depression, and other kinds of mental suffering, then you don’t have to do anything, you’re on that path already. All these entities have to do is get you to hate the source of all the good things in life, and they have succeeded already.

    So make your choice (no matter how bad the disease wants to fight you) and go get help — a good life depends on it!

  3. Sandi says:

    Kel- I am not a demonologist or an expert on demons, however I suggest strongly that you definitly try to seek someone like a priest or a spiritual leader. My take is that whatever has control of you definitly has a fear of Christ (thus the hatred you feel when you/it see the Cross) and that is because it fears the power of Christ and knows it cannot win if you seek help in that direction. Give your story time as many more people who can direct you better will most likely comment and then maybe you can get some ideas on what to do. Other than the obvious in seeking help in Christ, they might have some more for you to think on. Until then, good luck and God bless. Let us know what you end up doing.

    • MARY says:

      Sandi, you need to get help. Who do you trust ? Do you have a friend you can talk about this to? Do you have a pastor ? If you do not have a regular church you belong to? If not Find ONE. You need help it may be spiritual help or physiological . But locking yourself in a room and not sharing your painful and confusing feelings is going no where . What has doing that accomplished for you so far? So that would make this a great time to try something new. I beg you don’t try to puzzle this out yourself you need HELP , from someone who has experience. Go to someone NOW. Why now? well because you can still recognize that this does not feel right . But , going on the net and telling all may help for a time but now you need to get a real person involved . Please take this advice , you are in my prayers and please let us know when you have reached out and gotten the help you need. kYOU NEED HELP NOW. DON’T WAIT. BLESSINGS AND LIGHT TO YOU ALWAYS ! MARY

      • MARY says:

        SO SORRY SANDI, this post is in response to Kel’s issue I just read the wrong name. BLESSINGS AND LIGHT AND MY APOLOGIES AGAIN! MARY

  4. Dare says:

    Okay. Time for the truth. You ready? The demon hasn’t left. “He” is still inside of you and will not leave you until Jesus Christ delivers you. The hatred you feel towards the name of Jesus, or anything/being that is a symbol of Jesus Christ, is the hatred that’s coming from the demon. If you REALLY want the demon to go and stay gone, you MUST turn your life over to Jesus Christ-otherwise, it will keep coming back.

  5. Kai says:

    “It” or whatever it is, is still around torturing you. You even said it yourself. I’m a shaman so i sort of have knowledge in this field. What you got to do is fight. Don’t just succumb, and don’t just be polite to it. Be aggressive, if that that does no good then you need a “cleansing”. It’s only a matter of time before that thing has full possession of you, so stop wastnig time.

    • MARY says:

      KAI , absolutley she has to get down and dirty with this entity and let it know that she is a child of God and her body and soul are not up for the taking.. This is not a time to be sweet but she is probably scared as well. She needs an adult priest , clergyman but even so they want proof , they will not do any right on her without something taangible . I never heard of one person ridding themslf of an entity without help from the proper people. my prayers are with her and for the MOM to get on it and ASAP . Mary

      • Liara says:

        She has to really want it…which she probably doesn’t. Period. We can only pray for her because I imagine all of these comments are starting to drive her even farther away from God =/

  6. Demonologist101 says:

    Listen to me and listen to me carefully, go with your foster mom to a CATHOLIC, not baptist or christian or w.e.
    and explain to the priest what is going on with you.
    Before that, ask your foster mom for some holy water and pour it on you and your room.
    Wear a rosary at ALL times,and learn short prayers like an our father or as long as you keep HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD as your prayer ,just those words can help you.
    Since you have started to deliver hatred against holiness and God since your encouter with demonic experiences try holding a cross or a bible.Put up crosses in your room and small mary statues.

  7. Kel says:

    Hi guys. Thank you for your concerns and comments.

    @ Demonologist101: I cannot go near a church, touch a cross or the Holy Bible at all. This demon has now improved and knows every little thing about me. It knows I never had much fath in the almighty and Jesus. I have a friend, and his father is a bishop. By the time this article got approved and published on the site, more demons had already began to manifest from me. Before a recent exorcism on me took place I had 5 demons inside and controlling me. I’ve been possessed now 7 times since my first encounter. Unfortunately since the demon was with me from the start of my actual life it has began to “integrate” its self (if you will) and now knows me way too well to leave. it doesnt want to leave at all under any circumstances.

    I have been asking this demon what his name is for years, he “apparently” goes by the names of: “the Devil himself, Pazuzu, Zozo and Hellstorm”. Hellstorm is not his name at all and neither is his name zozo. My ol’ friend who’s a Priest came around to “talk” to this demon and he got his true name. So yeah, you may think I am a lier when I say this, but this demons name is actually Pazuzu. Yes, the king/god of the wind demons. Over the past few years and the month I submitted this article I have learned so much about Pazuzu and his “quest” of being with me. He says he’s here to “protect” me from something which he says he’s apparently “forbidden” to discuss.

    So, basically what he’s saying is over the years he’s grown in and with me, and now I’m his host…he supposedly feeds/lives from my body. Pazuzu has given me alot of his visions and a few of his past history flashbacks, when he was first discovered in a buried church in Northern Iraq. Pazuzu has had many past histories and memories.

    I was also temporarilly the host of the Ouija board demon Zozo for a month and 2 weeks after my 17th birthday. Zozo comes back to me and Pazuzu for a while every year, however this year more then 5 to 7 other demons came along..most left but the last 3 (including zozo) stayed. The 3 unknown demons stayed for a few weeks then started demonic attacks on me, and eventually started threatening to possess me when I’m sleeping. I didn’t believe them at the time, though a day or two later they possessed. Zozo and Pazuzu joined with the possession. I was being possessed by 5 demons (2 of which I knew of) and the other 3 unknown. My friends father (who is a bishop) tried doing an exorcism over the microphone by reading out parts from the Holy bible..(it was either have pain from the bible or more pain from demonic attacks and possessions).

    Though since I’ve had Pazuzu near enough all my life I am part demon, part human. Yes, I have the abilities of a human being but also have some abilities of a demon. I can sense demons, people around me (even if they are behind me) I have more power for summonings of Pazuzu. Apparently the 3 demons came because I have a Ouija board in my draw new by bed. I talk to zozo with it every Friday night at 12:00 AM (midnight). I am sometimes able to visually see Pazuzu and his demon form. Some pictures of him seem quite simular but do not correctly match at all…many religious demon researchers may have had experiences with demonic entities, but NEVER have they actually visually seen a demons form and body.

    Demons have a choice of which to choose to appear visibally infront of a human being. Since Pazuzu knows of how much I trust him, he trusts me back. And with trust and great respect to a demon, they will choose to appear infront of your human eye. Not only in dreams and visions do I see Pazuzu but when I am fully awake too. Pazuzu always enters my dreams if he senses something wrong, he’ll check it out. However, the recent exorcism I had only exorcised zozo and the 3 demons. Since Pazuzu wasn’t there at the time, he was never exorcised at all, but did effect his energy a little.

    I am willing to also post some things of what goes on, just updates of Pazuzu’s activities for those demonologists seeking for information and history of Pazuzu.

    Thank you.

    NOTE FROM ADMIN – Kel do NOT try to post your email address here and ask others to contact you. The rules (by the comment box) are VERY clear on this!

    • Dare says:

      Listen/Read/Whatever: The demons (because it’s not just ONE that inhabits you) cannot read your thoughts. Whatever you speak, act upon, etc. it knows, but they CANNOT read what you are thinking. If you REALLY want free, you WILL turn to Jesus Christ, surrender your life and make Him your Lord and Savior, King and God. If you REALLY want freedom, you WILL seek out Holy-Ghost Spirit-filled Christians and get delivered.

      I understand what you are saying about the demon knowing you all too well. I had a friend that convinced her demons that she was going to do a certain thing (by speaking out that objective) when she was really going to do something else. She got her freedom.

      If you really want freedom, you’ll fight. Part of that fighting is getting on your knees before Jesus Christ. As long as you want the demons inside of you, they will return. The Word says that if a person is delievered of a demon, but the demon inhabits that same person again, 7 (seven) stronger demons come in with the original. The demons are not there to protect you, but to harm you. Demons DO NOT speak the truth, but they follow their master (Satan) in their ways: liars, murderers, destroyers, binders, etc. Jesus Christ IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is freedom.

      Destroy all of the Satanic objects, literature, symbols, whatever that is in your room, your house, and anywhere else. Turn to Jesus… Make Jesus Christ your Master, Savior, Lord, King, and God. Repent and get free.

      I hope that Jesus Christ shows up and shows out in your life in a magnificent, undeniable way.

      • phil says:

        i totaly disagree with you. they can do everything including read your thoughts, use your body and mouth, they can stay manufested for years without being noticed, and yes they can go on hallowed ground, they dont care, they are powerfull and can do whatever they want witht he one that they inhabit. the only thing stronger than them is Jesus.

      • Bella says:

        excuse me Dare Jesus is not the only way out, he is not the only saviour and you cant just force him upon someone.
        I am Pagan and i am open to that to anyone… i dont believe in one God i believe in many Gods and Goddesses and i believe that even turning to one great being wont help… for example the case of Emily Rose a strong believer in God and Jesus, she died because she was possessed, the demons stopped her eating and drinking and they possessed her for year… so please show me where Jesus helped her and many more?
        I once was a Catholic, my mum got my baptised as one and I can tell you now Jesus never helped me nor any of my friends but who did help me was the Goddess Amphite she guided the way.
        now i believe that the good and hope within Kel shall help him through not Jesus nor God as they have not helped any other victem of possession, this demon obviously has fear but it is not of the cross it is of the hope that cross gives people and how strong they’re faith is that is a demons true fear… trust me i know… i have assisted in helping someone who was possessed before… and not to be rude nor mean but your comment seemed to me as though you were trying to push your faith a religion onto this person when there are so many other lights and ways ahead to help not just one.
        With love and light

        • Liara says:

          With all due respect, Kel should really make her own choices about what/who she wants to worship. I’m not one to really talk, but her choices are her own. However, turning to God (for even a little while) may help her get rid of these invaders. The Occult will only bring trouble. I mean, she’s already dabbled in Ouija and that hasn’t exactly helped, has it? All of these things are hurting her, and dabbling in more stuff like this will literally RUIN her. I should know, I’ve been down that path.

          Everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Demon “gods” like Amphite are allowed to interfere because it’s exactly what demons do. God isn’t allowed to directly, but he can which is recorded in the Bible. THAT is what that book is all about. Demons will do whatever they can to manipulate you into their grasp, and this includes acting as false deities to gain our trust by pretending this dispel other demons. These beings are not stupid, they are quite calculated and more cunning than anyone you’ll ever meet.

          Jesus and God can help you, believe it or not. It is not merely ones own strength that propel these demons away (IE, believing in some false God that will give you courage, equaling strength) because there have been many cases of successful exorcisms. The Devil Came to St. Louis by Troy Taylor and A Modern Day Case of Demon Oppression by Stephen Yulish are just a few stories that I can name off the top of my head.

          God does exist because demons exist as well. It’s not easy to believe, and I’m still coming to terms with it myself. Life is difficult and it wasn’t meant to be solved simply by simple intervention. We can pray for intervention, but we won’t always get it, especially if we brought our own problems on ourselves, problems like being possessed as the result of dabbling in witchcraft and other stuff. This isn’t true for everyone, of course.

          As for the exorcism of Anneliese Michel (the movie you named that was supposedly “based” off this even tho it was Hollywood-ded), it was not successful because Anneliese stopped the exorcisms after she told of the virgin Mary coming to her and offering her two choices – to have immediate freedom from demons or to let the possession continue for a while longer to reveal the danger and power of demons to the whole world and save souls. Remember that the Devil can come in any form he wishes, including one of the Virgin Mary. Not long after, she predicted her own death exactly. Now, why would God offer her death when he offers the gift of life? Why would he also want to prolong the suffering of human beings with demons inside of them? He wouldn’t.

          God is not cruel – WE are. God doesn’t enjoy letting people suffer on earth, or losing the to the fiery pits of hell. He created us and wanted the best for us, and yet we can’t help but traveling to the dark path. This comment was directed entirely at you, and not at Kel for I said she can believe in whatever she wishes to (even if I am recommending God…). Still, please don’t spout crap you can’t even begin to understand. So please, just stop.

          • arlyn says:

            Bella prepare yourself because our God which is supposed to be your God will talk to you. It could be in your dreams, thoughts, friends, family. It could be in a song, in a smell of flower or in many other ways but there is one sure thing, He will come to you and will bring you life eternal because He will not allow you to be away from Him.

            He will not allow us to be burn in Hell but the problem is in ourselves because people tend to go in their own way, find their own wrong path and never dare to see the presence of God.

            • Liara says:

              “He will not allow us to be burn in Hell but the problem is in ourselves because people tend to go in their own way, find their own wrong path and never dare to see the presence of God.”
              Exactly. Anyone that goes to Hell goes there because they themselves made the choice to turn away from God.

          • Bella says:

            may i please mention i do not dabble in witchcraft, i am no witch, i am pagan… paganism is nothing to do with witchcraft and God is one of the many Gods i believe in but i also believe everything happens for a reason… i do not believe what is stated in the bible… i dont believe jesus was ‘the’ saviour i believe he was ‘a’ saviour to help guide and protect us in the name of all the Gods and Goddesses and i do not believe that God will be talking to me anytime soon or ever for that matter.

            and i do not spout rubbish i spout what i have read and learnt… and if all people were so cruel than how come we have some people that wish nothing for themselves yet everything for others? and finally that is one case i have learnt off but another case was in 1566 a french girl became possessed by a demon called beleezebub (i cannot spell the name correctly) but she went for exorcisms n was possessed by the same demon on 3 occasions and god never relieved her.

            now you may believe what you wish but i believe deep within my heart that goodness will save all may it be in any form. even if it is in the form of a Christian God, for none of us know for sure and i am willing to openly admit that. But i do not follow your path and you obviously no nothing of mine, my path is of good will to all, to help others more than you can help yourself. Pagans believe in many Gods and Goddesses, some pagans believe that each of them form into one god. either way you also should not sprout things you do not truly understand.

            anyway believe what you will and leave me to believe what i will for it is obvious i do not truly understand your path as you do not truly understand mine

            • Liara says:

              Oh, I know plenty of what I am talking about. Still, when did I say paganism involved The Occult. I simply said that she was dabbling in it and it has brought nothing but trouble. Nothing more, nothing less. If God were simply a messenger, as you put it, why did he say that he is a jealous God and that worshiping idols were wrong? The whole God being just a savior for “the saviors” really doesn’t hold up. These lives are our own, and for God being second to many Gods and Goddesses just doesn’t hold up. If we were going to be held by the hand our entire lives, and guided with little or no work on our part, why would we have a life, with free choice, period? Yeah, doesn’t make sense. Knowledge will never be handed to us by supposed powerful entities because that would ruin the purpose of life for we are to carve our own paths. Even with God in our lives, it is us that makes our own choices and find our own solutions with God and the Bible as a reference. God never wants to abandon you, or hurt you. He talks to you in more ways than one, and yet it is you that doesn’t want to talk to him; so, you close yourself off to communication. It’s a bit hard to hear God when you don’t want to listen to what he has to say?

              Humanity has taken a turn for the worst in the last hundred years and there are even more people that are out of sorts. Of course, humanity has always been a bit sketchy but lately we have become nothing short of monsters ourselves. Some people are kind, others are not. The truly selfless ones are few and far in between.

              I can’t really speak for God as to why he let that poor girl die, but, for all we know it could have been a test of some sort to see how loyal that girl was to God. Remember Abraham? He was to offer his son Isaac up to God (as a test to show his loyalty) A bit cruel, I know, yet God isn’t exactly human and we owe everything to him – including our existence.

              I know plenty of what I speak of, and while I think it is good that you are on a positive path, it is simply not enough. But I can’t really say for sure since I am not Him. I am quite aware that Pagans believe in Gods and Goddesses, yet for all we know they are demons. As I said, information is simply not handed to us. We have to search for it, and dig deep. A book like the Bible can help, but ultimately it is merely a guide and a reference.The same can be said of the literature you read of your Gods and Goddesses, yet there are not nearly enough cases of Goddesses and Gods helping people among other things. I have done quite a bit of research of the years and it took me quite a while to become a true Roman Catholic. One has to be open to intervention, and to be spoken to – sort of in the same way that people have to “invite” demons into their lives.

              • arlyn says:

                you say it right Liara. I agree with all your response..

              • MARY says:

                Hello Liara , both of you are to be commended for your faithfulness to your Faith. We are not to judge , we are not to bear false witness, kiil, not obey parents , committ adultery etc. These are pretty good universal rules to live by for all if you ask me. Here is my take on the gods and goddesses. I truly believe that the Angels walked the eartyh with the human race for a time , sent by God to aid them in the painfulness that life can bring. I also believe that people became extremely attached to them and forgot about God so He tooki them back and said no one is to be worshiped over me, The Pagan Religion is born remember please this is just my point of veiw. To pray to these Angels is absolutely AOK in my book as well and together they do make God , they are a very real presence like the HOLY SPIRIT, God is jealous , and he created the Angels ,they were never Human ,they are beings of light made by God so of course he probably got a bit pissed when his creations were being called on more than Himself. Emily Rose chose to stay and fight . The Blessed Mother gave her the choice of instant relief or to stay and prove to all of us that just as God is true so is the Devil. YIN/YANG GOOD/EVIL, We all need to understand that one does not exist w//o the other and she bravely chose to help humanity see that evil Devil evil possession Evil truly exists so that we can get the point that if that Exists then a Higher Power MUST MUST EXIST as well one does not go without the other4. She was brave and she was given a CHOICE. .And satan goes after the very faithful WAY MORE than non’ believers they are too easy as they don’t care. Where is the fun or challenge in that. Again my feelings and opinions about Faith. I am a Christian White Witch by the way so how’s that for confusing. Blessings and Light to all! Greenmother Mary

    • Anonymous says:

      hi kel!! ok let me start by saying the Lord bless you. ok so i have had experiences all mi life i will not say, but when i do sense something or someone evil is around me i always go by what the bible says which is to claim the blood of Jesus over me. believe it or not it helps. god says whatever u ask me in the name of my son i will grant. you are not alone in this battle read on u got us all tring to help u out is just a matter of choice. hope to have helped in something ill pray for you babe. remember hi is the alpha the omega the beggining and the end. he is aware that u need him he(THE ONE TRUE GOD) is at the door knocking,,, let him in.!!!!!

    • phil says:

      kel, i am new on this website and just want to know if you found someone to help you yet. if not i know of a christian pastor who studies in the demonic realm, im but a small time learner on these things but i think that the demon that you have manufested in you comes from a root problem, there are many places where this comes from it can be hate, anger, fear, something that you did in your past, maby some witch-craft? it can be that you where left open to them to enter, you must remember that a demon cannot enter in you if the holy spirit is in you. there are people in the congregation that have been there for 10 years and still have demons in them, the only way is to find a avangelistic pastor or reverant to cast the demon out, but there are other things that need to be delt with first, you need to find the root of the problem, and until you find help, the only advice i can give you as someone who also studies the demonic realm and know exactly what you are going though is everytime that they manufest and you dont have controll over your body, COMMAND them to leave like this “in the name Jesus of nazereth, i command you evil and foul spirit to release me.” say this continuasly until it leaves. but they mite get a little cross when you do this and convult your body, but fear not, the Lord wont let them hurt you. then when you have function of your body and before going to bed at night, pray this “in Jesus name, i destroy every yoke of the devil, every demon that he send my way the holy spirit fire burns you. i anoint my whole body in the blood of jesus, from my head to my feet. in the name of Jesus and in the authority given to me by christ, i command you you fimiliar and evil spirits to leave me and never return. i pray that the angels make war against you rite now, in jesus name.” this will help you, but you must be saved. and remember that its not you fighting them but Jesus. ill contineu praying for you.

    • phil says:

      kel, i just read your update, sorry like i said i am totaly new and dont know how to get the new pages yet. its not pazuzu its actually bazuzu, and its not a demon, but a opresion from a demonic realm, or cult. you can think im talking nonsence if you want but i know more about it then you can imagine. is there any way that i can send you a number of someone that can help you. i know him very well and if it wasnt for him i would be dead now. demons only think they have power over you, but they dont have that much, they are cowards, they flee in the pressence of christ jesus. please let me know

    • Reed says:

      What in God’s name are you doing playing with Ouija boards? Do you even WANT to be helped?

      You said something about the demon of Ouija boards possessing you. Seriously?

      I’m not going to sugarcoat this. You need to find someone to help you in addition with you not delving into that evil stuff.

      • Kel says:

        For your information Reed, I was trying to contact a dead familly member of mine, thank you very much! -_- The Ouija Board is NOT always used to contact demonic spirits, I’ll have you know. Asking for a certain spirit (Which was my dead uncle) is NOT a Ouija crime… My uncle died because of that stupid creature that calls himself a damn devil! (AKA Satan)… <_<

        @Clyde: I guess I better just hope he doesn't go against my words then, eh? But sometimes it gets too much here right now withall the demonic energy around me..a little too much. I'm really only used to pazuzu's, but balls to it I guess.

        It's not my fault I don't fear demonic spirits, Reed…unlike most, they are scared. As long as I don't show them fear, they wont gain my power/energy by it. I'd hate to see you in action trying to live with a few demons…

        Note from Admin – I think I asked you before to stop using profanity here. Using asterisks and the like to replace certain letters does not work. In the future I will delete your comments that include profanity instead of editing them.

    • cameron says:

      this is unfortunately what happenes the main demon will send its lesser demons out first so it is them that are exorcised not it. what you need to do is have a huge exorcism in which you address each demon and ask for its rank. you might have to regularly do this in order to get to the most powerful one. once that one is exorcised they will bother you no more

  8. Anonymous says:

    i think its really cool dat u hav d powers to sense demons n dat pazuzu has chosen u

    • lala; says:

      well dont you think your kinda crazy to
      say that like come on shes goin through a lot
      and you say thats cool your insane hunny!

    • Ana Karina says:

      im sorry but u have problems if u think having demons is cool

  9. Sean says:


    You are on a bad road. They will lie to you, and when they have enough power over you they will torture you mercilessly and make your life a living hell. It’s what they do — they are beings of hate and anger, and they will take it out on you.

    If you want to be free, you have to be the one to pray and ask for help, along with other people who are spiritually powerful. Unfortunately I have seen way too many who were fooled by demons, and told that they were “special” etc, until the demons had so much power over them that they were able to ruin their lives.

    When you say you can’t touch a cross or a Bible, it just shows that your life is not your own any more — you are being controlled by these things, and you have to understand that since they aren’t good, the results will not be good. However evil is always very seductive until it reveals its true nature, so you won’t find out until you will think it’s too late. However, good has such power that you should remember it’s never too late to get rid of them, no matter what they tell you.

  10. Jk says:

    Actually now that I have read all the post, I do belive that Kel is full of something but what that something is, I am not quite sure yet. You are throwing around lots of information that comes from movies and this board itself. These are serious matters that you are writing about. Usually a possessed or opressed person would be instructed and guided by their attacker to stay isolated and not be noticed by anyone, I am not sure why it would be allowing you to blabb all of its business on the WWW. If you have had multiple exorcisms and still have guests, it sounds like the exorcist is doing his job and that God is trying to have mercy on you but you are not doing your part. The Bible explains your soul as a vessel, it will only store so much until it is full. When the excosist kicks the evil out it leaves and empty vacuum. If you do not allow the Holy Spirit to fill your soul at this time the evil will travel in dry places, then comes back to find the vessel (your soul) still clean and empty and it moves in with a bunch of friends this time. You do not seem to be literaly crying out for help. Either the torment is not that bad or maybe you have taken a liking to these special power that come along with it. Either way, if you continue on this path you will end up in an eternal destination that you will not like and be eternally seperated from a loving God that gave His mortal life so that you would not have to suffer torment. You may think that it is cool now, but it can isolate you from ever contacting us again and if you do not except the help offered, the evil will cast you aside when it is to late for you and go look for another gullable host. Think about this now and make a change or you will be thinking about it eternally, what could have been that is.

  11. Kel says:

    Sean, I have had past experience going near a church. The last time I did (which was the first time) I felt pain, somewhat some pain demons would feel. Pazuzu has already demonically attacked me (so have the others) he’s already tourtured me, and somewhat all tourturment demons do. I’m not an Occultist or a Satanist but I have summoned demons in my bedroom. (without those circles) which is why the 3 (I said above) possessed me.

    In theory you should never summon an angry/annoyed demon. When I annoyed Pazuzu once I summoned him in front of me because he wouldnt answer my calls. He threatened to attack me if I did it again so I threatened him back. (tough luck for him) Since I’ve gotten to know Pazuzu over the years I know what he’s like, I know what he’s able to do, and how powerful he is. Pazuzu is a demon level 65, whilst Zozo is level 70. (There’s only 100 levels, and Lucifer is at 100)

    I really hope I wouldn’t have to get an exorcism for Pazuzu, he is really “conforting” if you will. He’s fun to communicate with, he doesnt really hurt me at all (unless I hurt him in some ways). I have been attacked by Pazuzu and quite frankly I don’t care about what threats he gives me.

    • Liara says:

      Pazuzu isn’t going to help you. He is trying to take your soul, and living with his torment is not an option. You have to fight if you want a normal life. Again…I will be praying for you.

    • Nationalist says:

      Study Bob larson,Mary k Baxter , Rebbeca brown , father bob Bailey , wake up these parasites r trying to take u to the pit …. We are n the last day

      • Bella says:

        all he has to do is look up Emily Rose and see what the demons did to that poor girl or go on youtube and look at the real possesstions on their and what happens to the poor victem and what will in effect happen to him if he carries on then maybe he will find the strength in himself to pull away from them

    • MARY says:

      You have me completely lost now??? Are you asking for help or trying to let the board know how cool it is to “PLAY” with demons?? If you are indeed calling on and having fun with your demonic pals you are putting not only yourself but everyone in that home in HORRIBLE danger. I don’t see your unhappiness about the situation ? At first it seemed as though you were a victim. Now you seem more like a puppet and it seems as though you enjoy this “specialness” , have you ever been checked out by a doctor for this ? Maybe that may help you to know that this is ruining the holy body God gave you at birth .

      God is fighting for you just look up , look up , and see all of those pulling for you and let that make you feel special , not the thing you are dealing with as it will toss you out like an old rag the minute your body is not useful any longer. People are really pulling for you , find that strength in yourself and make yourself feel special as you are we all are . God does not make junk . So which isit? do you feel cool because you are hanging with the demons or Do you want to get out of this situation and get your body and life back? ?

      Gods Blessing and lIght to you always , Mary

  12. Anonymous says:

    The world is coming to its final chapters , God himself will come for us , trust , respect ,love ,believe and honor the lord Gesus Christ is our savor or you will spend the rest of your life in Hell with Satan for eternity.

    • Caretaker says:

      Anonymous – where did you get that? Not from the Bible……

      • K. Smith says:


        With regards to this post�. �The world is coming to its final chapters, God himself will come for us�

        Jesus promised to return for the believers. We Christians call this the first resurrection or the rapture.

        Revelation 20:6 – Blessed and holy is he that hath PART IN THE FIRST RESURRECTION: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

        John 14:2-3 – In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I WILL COME AGAIN, AND RECEIVE YOU UNTO MYSELF; that where I am, there ye may be also.

        1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 – For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: AND THE DEAD IN CHRIST SHALL RISE FIRST: THEN WE WHICH ARE ALIVE AND REMAIN SHALL BE CAUGHT UP TOGETHER WITH THEM IN THE CLOUDS, TO MEET THE LORD IN THE AIR: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

    • anna says:

      thats not nice to say that .I agree with caretaker on this one

    • LoveforGod says:

      Hey man, show me where it says we will go to hell for eternity with Satan in the Bible? I’ll give you your answer now: you can’t, because the idea of hell has been made up by men over the years. The bible refers to a ‘pit of burning sulfur’ which will be ON EARTH in the final days and in which Satan and his angels, along with those humans who follow him, will be DESTROYED, not stay for eternity being tormented by their fellow destroyees.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have a little exprience about the problem you have.Read this very carfuly!now first you’re going to have to repeat this a few times,I will not be possed by you anymore because Jesus and God is with me!Then you’re going to have to demand the devil that is within you to show himself and that you will confront him face to face or that you will force yourself to fight back with the power and the blood of Jesus!Once the devil is out quickly make run for the closest cross near you and point it at the devil and pray for it to be gone and keep praying as many prayers you can and if the devil is not gone yet then you will have to pray these words:dear Lord,I will worship you and serve you with all my heart and all my life!AMEN

  14. Anonymous says:

    Kel you really need help. I am praying for you. how did you get possessed? can’t you wear a cross? you may have a gift from god of disernment ablity to see demons and spiritual activity. The devil hates this. He want to remain hidden. I have heard him and my daughter can see him. You need an exorcism. go to the catholic church. get a priest. we had to do it. The devil tormented me and my kids. my daughter actually cut her wrists. we had to have her see a doctor and get an exorcism. the priest gave us crosses. he put holy water in all the corners of the trailor. put the bible by you. put crosses and religious christian objects through your home. your foster mother must realise the devil hates religious people. He is attacking her through you because he hates christians. christians are a real threat the devil and his demons. he goes after the weak. like children, sick people, old people. foster children included. you have a spitual gift from god. the devil wants to destroy you because of this. He wants to remain hidden. anyone with a spirtual gift is a real threat to lucifer.

    • LoveforGod says:

      Ok, Carri, his name is not ‘Lucifer’, it is Satan, or as Jesus Christ calls him, Beelzebub. Secondly, after readong your story about people’s eyes turning black and a woman driving to yours to ask for a lift I believe very little of what you say.

  15. Jk says:

    Caretaker, as we see more evil in the world, which I think is a result of several main issues. Some people thingk that we are see more evil because there are so many show and websites on the topic now that it is being reported to the public more. That may be true in and of itself. If you look at what Anonymous is saying, there is a good bit of wisdom in it. Most people will dismiss this issue because they do not want to think about it. Satan only has until Christ decides to return to get as many unbelievers into hell as he can. See, he was defeated when Christ was resurrected. The battle on earth and in the spiritual relm right now is for each individual soul that at this point do not believe in Christ as personal savior. Many of the old testament prophesies have come true and it is speculated that everything is in place needed for Christ to return anytime which means the bad boy goes to the lake of fire forever. Christians are not here to convert people, only the Holy Spirit can do that. But our job is to spread the Gospel, the good news that if you seek out Christ and know Him you never have to worry about all the crap. I challenge everyone here today-get a Bible, there is a version called “The Message Remix” that is written in todays language or an New International Version that is easy to read. Approach it like a text book that someone gave to read and the course is called eternal love. God has given us His Word the Bible-have an open mind-it is incredible that every issue, problem and torment seen on this website, God has a specific answer and solution for. It’s awesome. People freak out when someone mentions becoming a Christian and that they will have to give up so much. There is very little worth hanging on to when you gain eternal life in Heaven just by praying to God and reading your Bible-accepting Christ as your personal savior is not organizes religion, it is between you and Christ.

  16. Kel says:


    @ Carri, for one no human can visually see Satan. And no, you didn’t hear him either. Satan is far too busy to be tormenting humans, that’s what his demons do instead of him. You obviously didn’t read this whole article did you? I cannot touch religious objects. Demons get pain if they touch a cross or go near a church door/enterance. When I went somewhat in the middle of the entrance I felt pain (this was some time ago), I do not trust touching any religious object such as reading the Holy bible…

    Yeah, OK, you can all call me crazy, but alot of people here have had simular experiences. Some YouTube people say they have Pazuzu as their demon. They tell such lies. I and even Satan knows I am the host of Pazuzu since Satan assigned Pazuzu to me. I’ve had Pazuzu all my life (I’m 17 now {2/2/1993}). Yes, Pazuzu shares his history visions with me sometimes. He appears in my dreams aswell, and visually infront of me.

    Humans CANNOT visually SEE demons unless the demon chooses to ALLOW you to see them. Humans cannot control demons at all. Even I’ve never seen Satan. No one has. Carri, if you think you’ve heared or seen Satan then that’s either an evil spirit or demon entity masking as Satan. Demons lie and deceive, we cannot tell if they are telling the truth since they mix lies with the truth anyway.

    I know, I’m somewhat silly to believe and trust Pazuzu but we both trust eachother. That’s what being friends with a demon is all about. Demons are not just creatures that want to torment all the time. No, they can be friendly and respective if YOU respect them back. Pazuzu has attacked me alot before. He attacked me the other day…but I still do not lose trust in him. You can’t just start to hate a demon because they attacked you. You’d obviously have given the demon a reason for it to attack.

    @ All: It was very somewhat “interesting” this morning actually. Pazuzu woke me up with a flashback from his historic past. I sore parts of where he was first discovered in some desert or in Africa or some place. It was very sandy.

    • Caretaker says:

      Kel – I think it is quite strange how you can be so sure that no one can ever see Satan while at the same time claiming that you know for a fact that Pazuzu exists and interacts with you.

    • Liara says:

      A friend will never attack you. A friend loves you unconditionally and occasionally makes mistakes, but will never go out of his/her way to physically hurt you. Not a true friend. This demon is manipulating you and trying to get you to be “in harmony” with it. I beg you, please please do not give in. He will destroy your life and try to bring about damnation on your soul. I should know – I have been tormented before.

      Honestly, I doubt he is as powerful and all seeing as he claims to be. He doesn’t know my real name, he can’t recall any memory of mine-and all of his “power” is feigned power.

      Please, listen to what I am saying and make an attempt to free yourself. The demons within you cannot be exercised unless you want them to be as well.

    • atheist says:

      i almost read all of the posts, but there are so many!

      @kel: im almost 100% sure you are just a kid that thinks satanism is cool, did a little research on pazuzu and demons and is having a bit of fun on here. unless you have some sort of proof i am unlikely to ever believe you

      @almost everybody else: enough with all of the jesus talk!!! quoting scripture (that is NOT true as some of you say) does not help somebody that doesn’t want to be helped, nor does it lend any credibility to anything else you say.
      also, why are so many of you so bad at spelling and grammar? it makes your holy mumbo jumbo even harder to read.

      and in case you couldn’t already tell, i’m an atheist, and believe in neither god nor the devil

      • Caretaker says:

        atheist – You complain about the Jesus talk but you are doing “atheist talk” and think that is OK. Actually it is OK, all perspectives are welcome. As for grammar…. well there are quite a few mistakes in your own comment too so why criticize others for it?

      • Liara says:

        Cool story, bro. It’s too bad you’re doing the exact same thing, preaching wise – about your atheism ;)

        • atheist says:

          atheist preaching? what are you talking about? i merely said that i’m an atheist. not anywhere as bad as you guys with all your “jesus saves” etc etc. i don’t care if you wanna say it, but there’s way too much on here.

          and what makes you so sure the clips on youtube aren’t fake?

          • Liara says:

            “enough with all of the jesus talk!!!” that’s pretty pro-atheism if you ask me, lol. At least we’re trying to help her whereas you’re making no effort, with or without Jesus. All of us aren’t even just saying “Jesus can save youuuuuuu!” we are giving solutions to match.

            As for being sure that the YT clips are legit, how do you know they aren’t? Are these things too creepy for you to believe? They used to be pretty creepy for me as well until I started experiencing some pretty scary. I wouldn’t advise you to invite demons into your life, but…the choice is yours.

            Again, those clips can be real, and others can be fake. However, none of these stories just come out of nowhere. I know some rational, intelligent people whom have gone through some supernatural stuff after dabbling in witchcraft, and/or after a death in the family.

          • MARY says:

            kel is NOT an atheist?? She believes in the Devil and Demons that right there takes her out of the running as an atheist, If you belieive in the evil you must have knowledge of the good whether you give Glory to it or not. An atheist believes in Nothing , they are here , they exist for 80 or so years and then back to a dust pile they go. She has belief , it’s just a belief in the Dark side . Peace , Mary

      • Ana Karina says:

        hey athiast stop critisizing everybody else if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say it! And stop saying holy mumbo jumbo if you dont believe in god thats your problem just stop talking so much smack.

        • Liara says:

          Hm…I always thought Atheists were people that actively denied that God wasn’t real (with an intricate number of reasons), and agonists were people that didn’t believe in any sort of deity. Hm.

          • atheist says:

            Liara, an atheist doesn’t believe in any form of god, or devil for that matter. and most tend to debunk supernatural phenomena. and being a scientist, i am the latter.

            an agonist (according to is “a person engaged in a contest, conflict, struggle, etc., esp. the protagonist in a literary work.” nothing to do with religion whatsoever

            i think you meant agnostic, which is according to wikipedia:
            “Agnosticism is the view that the truth value of certain claims�especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, but also other religious and metaphysical claims�is unknown or unknowable. Agnosticism can be defined in various ways, and is sometimes used to indicate doubt or a skeptical approach to questions. In some senses, agnosticism is a stance about the differences between belief and knowledge, rather than about any specific claim or belief.”

            • Caretaker says:

              atheist – It is equally impossible to prove that god does not as it is to prove a god does exist. In some ways there is no difference between believers and atheists as they both believe something that cannot be proven (in other words blind faith). A scientist wants to see proof, yet there can be no proof that god does not exist. An atheist says ‘you are foolish to believe in something that cannot be proven’ while at the same time believing themself in something that cannot be proven.

              Agnostics just say “I dot know if there is or is not a god” which actually makes a lot more sense.

              Just my opinions about the subject

              • atheist says:

                sure that may be so, but the so called “real” events of the bible cannot be proven, whereas scientific events, such as dinosaurs directly conflict with the bible. the difference is, there is evidence of dinosaurs, evolution, big band theory etc etc

                • MARY says:

                  what about the shroud of Turin? The cave that was found believed to have held Jesus’ body? This has been scientifically checked into.

                  • Caretaker says:

                    I believe it would be completely impossible to prove that the shroud of Turin was connected to Jesus or any other particular person.

                    • MARY says:

                      Caretaker , I don’t thinki it would be impossible science has come so far, my point was that there are things the scientific community is looking inot about the validity of Jesus llife or time on earth ya kn ow? Just a question basically , knowone can prove the paranormal either lol, but here we all are . Blessings and light to you and yours in this NEW YEAR!

                    • Caretaker says:

                      Yes it would be impossible. The only way science could prove it was any one person in particular was if they had DNA samples and could gather genetic material from the relic to compare. This has nothing to do with the paranormal – AND the paranormal cannot (at least yet) be proven.

                      The whole topic though makes me want to say “What if it was the shroud from Jesus?” So what? Would that mean it held magical properties? No, it would not. To me, and this is just my opinion, but if folks put “belief” into something like a piece of cloth ancient or otherwise, that is akin to idolatry. — (Mary this paragraph was not to you but to the world in general.)

  17. Stef says:

    You are enjoying this torment…you are letting it feed from you everyday and sorry to say it doesnt look like you want to do anything about it because you summon demons in your bedroom. but i am going to leave you some advise….whatever happens DO NOT stop when you pray.dont let the demons control you.if you start to pray and they start talking to you in your head…ignore them. Keep on calling to God’s name and to Jesus Christ and dont stop. Ask him to banish the evil back to their home and also ask God for assistance from the Archangel Micheal. You are going to think all sorts of negative things but that is not you thats doing it. Theres nothing horrifying for a demon to hear you call God for help.

    Its going to be hard but i will pray that God will relieve you from the torture and punishment that these demons have done upon you…and remember…never give up! Pray as many times as you can..

    I hope for the best and pray that God will help you

  18. Joe says:


    You are in a very dangerous place and overime you’ve come to embrace poison. Let’s take a quick walk thru history. God created the Universe. God then created Angels. 1/3 of billions upon billions upon billions of angels that were created rebeled against god and were cast out. Demons (fallen cast out angels) were thrown to earth. This is how and why they are here with ‘us.’ Their next stop is destruction, their time is short.

    There is now a war in the ‘heavens’ and the sides are divided and both dedicated to their cause. ‘Man’ (God’s third creation) (humans) were placed on planet earth, ie- in the middle. Man is in no mans land, and we’re vulnerable. Demons seek no good. Demons only harm, you are in the mix with very dangerous things; you’ve only been fooled up to this point.

    You’ve explained companionship has now happened with real demons that do not care about you. But they tell you they do. These demons you know only seek your death, physical and spiritual.

    This is a big deal.

    Demons know this.

    These demons are not your friends.

    If you want to be free, to get free, in your mind, (do not speak this), repeat- “Jesus, please help Me…”, slowly, quietly, over and over again. Do this anytime, do this at all times.

    Do not listen after to any threats, repeat your call for help. You cannot change now the depth you have gotten involved with this, the demons will never let you go. If to get out, they will scream, threaten- whatever it takes to not let you go, then you’ll see their true natures. When under attack, repeat you request for help again, and again. If it does not come from you it does nothing to the demons, this is why many expulsions and exorcisms do not work.

    Angels (good or bad) do not bow to humans. Angels are superior beings to humans in this world. No matter what you tell/say to them, they laugh, you can do nothing to them, and they certainly do not, nor will not, obey you. The bible says turn from satan and his schemes, not, engage satan and go from there.

    Call to the only one whom can help you.

    “Jesus, please help me…”

  19. Alberg15 says:

    Kel there is many ways for you to save yourself. If you like the way you are living then continue it. I would suggest for you to reject all the toher demons from your soul. If you actualy like Pazuzu then stay with him but be very careful for as it is sadi ” Don’t trust no one”

    • Ricky says:

      i agree with u if dis is the path he has chosen then dis is his decision and none of us r gonna to change his mind

  20. Olga says:

    You’re situation is very sad because it seems like Ur content in the way these Demons are tormenting & basically running Ur life. I understand that U say that U get pains if U go by anything that’s religious but don’t U think that getting rid of these Demons are worth the pain? Don’t U WAN’T 2 live a normal teenage life? Ask Urself these questions & also answer them 4 me please, I’m curious as 2 wat Ur answers 2 my questions will be.God Bless U & I hope that U will find a way out SOON!

  21. Kel says:

    I don’t mean to sound stupid but Pazuzu really issnt my problem most of the time..the problem is other demons Pazuzu can summon..and Pazuzu’s lack of manners. :P

    • Liara says:

      He isn’t a problem most of the time? Uh, he summons those demons to hurt you. He is the problem.

  22. Olga says:

    You confused da crap out of me! You didn’t even answer any of my questions but I hate 2 say it but I don’t think U are seeking any help,what was the point of U posting Ur story? Just curious

  23. Kel says:

    Olgam do you really think it’s that easy to get rid of a demon that has been with you your whole life?….if I decided to get rid of Pazuzu he’d do anything to stay, most demon hosts know that.

  24. Swoigen says:

    Your case sounds very serious, I am only in my teens aswell, and I have noticed some rather unusual things in my life, like somethings tormenting me. Lights switching on and off, TVS, My laptop clicking things by itself, I wake up every night, and 3.32, and now and then i feel something grab at my arm, turn to look, and theres nothing there. People say im over paranoid, but its beginning to get worse, I have started hearing voices, and asked my friends if they heard anything, but they say no. I told my parents, but they think im making it all up, and I am starting to get scared. I have done a lot of research, and it seems to all fit together, what should I do? I know your in more need of help, but your the first person I’ve come across that sounds serious about this, and I need advice on what to do. Thankyou – Goodbye.

    • Liara says:

      Whatever you do, please do not use an ouija board! You will be inviting more evil beings into your life! Please, seek out a priest. They will be able to help you.

    • MARY says:

      Please read the answers given here for her problem , she cannot do much to help at this point as she has already said she is being inhabited by a demonic entity. There are many wise people here and as a teenager you are good bait for the confusion to be put into your head about what you are experiencing. Do not play with a board or flour please. You need to go to an adult who you trust and get tested mentally and spiritually so they can rid you of these feelings in the meantime get a Miraculous Medal and wear it at all times.

      Did you know that God made Mary (that is why I asked you to get a Miraculous Medal ) the one whom all demons flee from. She is always pictured with her foot on the head of a snake (denoting a demon). Go to church , your church where you are comfortable and talk to God , let Him know what is going on and ask for Divine Guidance. You also have a Guardian Angel NOW would be the time to call on him/her to protect and guide you on the right path .

      Open the door to help by knowing yourself . You are precious in His eyes and He will protect you all you need to do is ask. Please get hold of this before it gets hold of you. Keep at your parents until they take you seriously enough to get you some help , if not go to the next adult and the next experienced person until you are HEARD AND HELPED. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS. BTW I know you feel your story is similar but it does not necessarily mean you are being harassed by a demon , it really could be something simple and once checked out you will get your answers. PEACE , MARY

      • arlyn says:

        Hi Mary,

        Just curious to know. I understood that playing the demonic board as I call it is really dangerous. But playing “flour” is my first time to hear and in this forum only.

        How to play this? I don’t have a plan to do it by myself. I just want to know because this is new to my ears.


  25. Kel says:

    Swoigen, do you play the Ouija Board? ( I never did when I got Pazuzu but), try and contact the spirit that’s tormenting you. Just DONT make it aggressive. Just ask it why it’s here, what it’s name is. There’s a chance it’s either a spirit or a demon. Put some flower down on your bedroom floor. (mostly in the doorway and around your bed). Shut your door aswell, then when you wake up check the flower for any prints.

    If it’s a demon, it’d leave a footprint of 3 toes and a big middle of it’s foot. I’ve just done that last night (not contacted it since I know he’s here anyway) but I’m getting more then a few more spirits or demons around me, so I put some flower down. You don’t want to know how many where there….

    • Steph says:


      Did you take any photos of the foot prints in the flour? They would be interesting to see!!

  26. Joe says:


    You’re having fun but have no idea how nuts you are. Do you understand what you’re involved with? You see no harm, the harm you know you’ve learned to manage. Do you understand? “DEMON”. Do you not know what this is?

    You’re being lied to and laughed at behind closed doors. You’re wrong, you don’t have a handle on this, they have you.

    Dear Jesus…, take care Kel.

  27. Edel says:

    My first concern is your foster mom and her position that she can beleive in Christ, but not demons or demonic possesion. Belief in Christ IS to beleive in the supernatural.

    The second thing is that you are attempting to manage all of this on your own. You need the assistance of someone who is experienced in these matters to evaluate your situation, conduct tests on you and your environment, and decide WITH you what the best steps to take may be.

    I don’t know what area you are currently living in, but every city usually has a paranormal society. Do a simple Google search for your area, or maybe a city/town closeby. These groups are a fantastic resource, and they usually will assist you at no cost. You can probably even send them an email of your initial post or direct them to this page thru a link, so that they can become familiar about your situation. Even if they cannot help you directly, they can point you in the right direction.

    Other resources would be the parapsychology departments at local universities, where actual scientists would be able to compose a case study of what you are experiencing and help you from there.

    At this point, it is probably best to 1) step away from religion-based help, because you don’t need someone telling you to ‘pray harder,’ and 2) seek the types of help I mentioned asap, before someone puts you on course for psychiatry, by which the answer is going to be to heavily medicate you (because psychiatry is hard-wired to be anti paranormal), which is NOT what you need.

    I wish you the very best.

  28. flinch says:

    i used to play with white magic then came to christ but became ill from past influences involving alchol drugs and money, i became functioning alcohol and thought God had forsaked me, then i played with black magic so bad that i too relied on the comfort of the demons to give me what i want thought i tortured myself through immorality for money and summoning spirits to aid my needs. i understand what your going through that u have accepted them as part of you or life. i can tell u with firsthand experience that the Devil is a LIER and he will torment you himslf and hates those who know the Lord and despises mankind alltogether. You should now this your mom is Christian and you seem quite educated. I had so many demons in me that sometimes when i allowed myself to live in a world of sin a would wake up with a spot of blood on new or clean bedsheets and i want menstruating at all,i would have scratches on my less but or arm, i would shake all night on some ocassions, or tremor with my body moving shaking slightly mostly around the stomach area, i found last night an object that could not be marked or stained that had wierd symbols on it and the letters ur dye it looked like a childs writing and there was no way anyone cpuld have touched it was hidden for several months in a empty white gym bag and the toy was white silcone so now to stain in with no ink around it or anything , also a black smokey mark about 4 feet high was left on the door last week and wont wash off, there was no smoke in my apt? but yes i hear lost of noises as does my spose around 3am aevernight the fride making noise or loud breathing or tapping or something falls down, we got used to the noise because in the past we played with magic-fire. Now thank God i turned to Christ i couldnt take the tormented lifestyle it was destroying me. It was hard in the beginning i always left the christian channel on cause i know Gods words from the bible are spoken which scares most demons i also always plea the blood of jesus eveytime i hear noises as does my spouse. We accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and living according to his ways and praying for stregnth to stay on the right path. that is point to u Kel please give Jesus a chance its never too late to do it. The same we summoned demons you can summon jesus in your heart and life and let the holyspirit touch you and ask Jesus to wash your blood with his he saved us from our sins. Jesus is the only way the demons work for lucifer a fallen angel God is obviously more powerful than angel Kel, the same way you think you get protection from the demons God and Jesus saves your soul from eternal fire with Satan .God is not judgemental he is forgives all you gotta do is trust and have faith and most importantly believe in him he just wants us to praise him the same you praise your demon fromPersia who is not all powerful, everywhere and did not create the world in which it lives in also and human beings, that is God that is well worth praises and worshipping dont you think? ive shared my recent experiences with you and i feel ashamed from worshipping anything other than God but i understand you feel hopeless and depressed and that you must be faithful to them,Its a LIE the devil comes to cheat steal and destroy and you are allowing it right now ONLY YOU can put a stop to this be renouncing the devil and all his works and accept Jesus Christ as Saviour, I did
    and I will never stray from the Lord and will keep praying for the ocassional shaking at night and depression be healed and believe that my home will be free from thes noises demon possession from recent past, i ve been saved for 4 months now born again, and the first month was the hardest i was tortured with those things i mentioned earier and i would keep hearing them taunt me saying Jesus couldnt save me or wasnt listening and once i kept asking for jesus to help me nightly so that i could try to sleep in peace, finally when in prayer one day i realized that the bible said all past sins are forgooten when you are new , so if he forgets sin and mistakes weve made we should also forgive others and most importantly ourselves so that we are not in bondoge and move on with our new lives and to believe we healed and we are healed by Jesus stripes. Now my mind is cleare the demons dont torment my mind anymore if i get an evil thought i rebuke it the name of jesus. Just remember in hell it is very painful loud screaming cring pits of fire demons torturing you and you feel everything physically and there is no time there it is dry waterless and for eternity,(sound like living on earth sometimes, lol) and heaven is the opposite it is LIFE JESUS IS LIFE no pain no sadness no sin u dont have to believe me bro, u can google 90 min of hell or former mafia to minister tom papania or other who have experienced hell and back, its not worth torturing yourself for fake gods such as demon or satan that dont love you they hate everyone and decieve u that they are good friends but when you turn your back on them they destroy such as satan they work for him remember they listen to him before you, you should just ask for forgiveness and pray to a God that loves you and ask for help in his son Jesus name he loves that much wouldnt you rather owe it to him then the demons, God supplies all our needs if we just trust believe and let him enter our hearts.

    God bless You buddy and I know God will touch you soon
    please keep us updated on your well being we obviously care
    and continue to pray for you to find God soon while we are still here and have a chance and not on a deathbed God forbid

    Sister in Christ josie

  29. FaerchFan