Demonic Encounter?

Posted on August 3, 2010

Ok so I had posted this on yahoo answers a few weeks ago:

“Within the last few weeks some strange things have happened in my room. My boyfriend and I live together and we have both dogs in our room. One morning, we had left the window open, and at 4:30 am our great dane was pacing back and forth, barking like crazy. We put her outside and she wouldn’t stop barking at the house. She has never acted like that.

We didn’t think much of it until it happened the next morning at 4:30 am. We had left the window open again and this time both dogs were pacing back and forth, barking like crazy, but towards the window this time. We then began to think that maybe someone was creeping around the house because we could have sworn we both heard voices, but we couldn’t hear where they were coming from. We have plants outside our window and the dirt is always muddy so we would have seen footprints, but never any.

It happened again about 4 nights later at 4:30 am. Same exact thing. Then 3 days ago, I was resting in bed, window was closed, dogs were inside and they were both sleeping. We always have the bathroom door shut. I nodded off and when I woke up at 4:30 pm this time, the bathroom door was wide open and my dog jolted awake and started barking like crazy at the bathroom door. Backing up as if something was coming out. But when I looked in, nothing was there.

Then the last was last night again at 4:30 am. Something told me to wake up and when I did my dog was pacing back and forth, barking like crazy. My boyfriend has his computer monitor on the desk on top of his speakers and he has a piano keyboard hanging above his computer. When we went to sleep, everything was in its place. When we woke up to my dog barking, his computer monitor was laying face down on the desk and his keyboard was sitting on the desk next to the monitor. Shortly after, I was trying to fall asleep, it was cool in the room we had the ceiling fan going and suddenly felt hot air at my feet…like someone breathing on them.”

That day, I hung a cross in my room to try to keep out anything that we didn’t want there. After that, nothing happened again. Until this morning.

My boyfriend left for work early this morning and took the dogs out earlier than usual. I fell back to sleep and had a very scary dream that seemed so real I felt like I was in it. I’ve never had a dream THAT vivid before. Well right when I came face to face with a very scary looking man I woke up. Only this wasn’t a normal wake up experience. When I woke up I was on my side and then rolled onto my back, but it didn’t feel like I was the one rolling over, like someone pushed me. Then I couldn’t open my eyes. I was awake, but I couldn’t open them. I felt like someone was pinning me to the bed and I felt an enormous pressure on my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I was trying to fight it and finally it stopped. I got up gasping for air. This has never in my life happened to me before. Its been almost an hour since then, and my chest is still hurting. It really scared me and on top of it, I’m pregnant. Now that I think about it, this all started happening shortly after I found out that I was. I don’t know if that could have anything to do with it.

Sent in by Marissa, Copyright 2010

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25 Responses to “Demonic Encounter?”
  1. scarlet says:

    I have read a lot about true ghosts stories and have had a couple of experiences myself. I have come to understand there are several different kinds of ghosts and ghostly experiences. Some r just evil. I would definitly move as yours does not sound like a benign entity and is already harassing ur family. I hate to tell u this but the cross isn’t going to help. MOVE

    • IheartYETIS! says:

      moving might not help… its a demon… it might follow her….

    • Wedfew says:

      I have read many of these stories and lived with evil a long time, they scared me a feed of my fear and energy. Be strong and what ever you do don’t show fear.
      Two questions ask it who it is?
      And what it wants?
      Then demand it out with no fear.

  2. Deb says:

    Pretty scary stuff. And it seems like it is escalating. If I were you I think scarlet is on the right track. If there isn’t a possibility that you move, then perhaps you need to see a priest to get his thoughts about what has been going on. I have been dealling with an entity myself. My story is supposed to be in here Aug. 6th. and I am hoping for help from people too.

  3. Kaycee says:

    Oh, wow. That is scary. Well, to tell you the honest truth, I’ve been going through some things myself. But, anyway, you really do need to go see a priest for help. Whatever this thing is, it’s gotta go. No one deserves to be going through what you’re going through.

  4. AnNa says:

    MARISSA—i just hope when you do move(if)you move it wont follow you.sometimes stuff like that happens.i’ve never had stuff like that happen but i agree with all the above get a priest and see what he thinks.if you dont want to move get the house blessed,cleans anything.i hope things get better for you and the baby to be.congrates by the way.thanks for the story.let us know what happens.

    • Elise Renee Gingerich says:

      can Things really Follow you?! I’m currently living in Lawrence Kansas right now I’m age 38 and I think that my twin sister and I may have had a Demon or Demons demons or a demon Haunting us I think and as I can recall I saw It as a Bird Demon I think It was a bird demon or something creepy like that and there was More than just One of Them! in different shapes and sizes different sizes and shapes! and at First I was a bit Scared but then I just got Annoyed by It and then It just kind of Went Away after awhile I Hope! and God? Bless You and Please be careful in this recent Snow! Thank You elise renee gingerich Over and Out

  5. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    The first few parts of it did seem as though something was there, that there was some kind of presents around no doubt about that because your dogs were going insane pacing back and forth and barking at nothing.

    But the last part sounded alot like sleep paralysis where it feels as though something is pinning you down and you can’t move/open your eyes.

    It’s as though your body lost all feeling and all strength to move. It’s scary yes but happens to everyone at some point, my boyfriends mother even experienced it and said the same thing you mentioned above. that it felt like something was pinning her down and she couldn’t talk.

    If you are woken up anymore by your dogs barking, take them outside or hush them and try talking to what ever is there with a voice recorder, see if you get a response. Who know’s what ever is lurking around in your house could a spirit trying to get your attention for help.

    Be careful though.

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      I keep hearing about sleep paralysis. I had it only in one location and that house had a demon. I am not saying she has one, but it seems if it were all a medical thing that I would on occasion still esperiance it. In that house I would guess I was squished into my mattress about three thousand hours total out of twenty one month spand. I fought it real hard one night and when I was able to get up I had broken blood vessles in my eyes and started having stomach problems. Found out I have a hiatal hernia now. ( a small tear in my diaphram which alows the top part of my stomach come into my chest cavity)
      It would be my advice not to struggle. Pray if your religious, I bet it will help.

  6. trolldoll says:

    that must have been terrifying! i hope what ever you decide, trust your animals. they knew something was there! i know they are large dogs,but have one or the other ever slept with you on the bed? try it, see if it helps! good luck honey

  7. Suzi says:

    There is a story on here and the very same thing happened to her be very careful because if it was a demon things can get a little ugly so like I said be super careful

  8. naomi. says:

    all i have to say is i really do wish you the best of luck. be careful and whatever you do, don’t anger the spirit.

  9. Chivers says:

    Like Vzy4kat6387 said the last part could have been sleep paralysis, but you never know. I hope this gets better for you and congrats. And what naomi. said is right DO NOT ANGER THE SPIRIT!

  10. Loe says:

    Looks to me whatever it is is after your baby.
    It could do one of two things. Be reborn in place of your baby’s appearance, or kill your baby and take its soul. <- "My baby didn't make it."

  11. Jenn says:

    Sounds very scary! You should always trust your animals, they can sense things we wouldn’t normally pick up on! I agree with a few other comments that you may have experienced sleep paralysis, but you really can’t know for sure. Sometimes your brain consciously wakes up from a deep sleep and your body is still in a paralyzed state (this happens when dreaming otherwise you would unknowingly act out in your sleep) and it can be very scary you can’t move or open your eyes and it feels like someone is sitting on your chest! I have experienced this more than once, but when it happened to me we were living in a house where we were experiencing alot of strange activity. There were cold spots, my boyfriend and I both heard our names called out to us several times when no one was around, I was sleeping once and he came in to lay down with me and saw the impression of a hand around my upper arm as if someone was grasping it. Alot of freaky stuff happened in that house! At night sometimes our door handle would very quickly turn back and forth like someone was trying to open the door. Give me goose bumps to think about it! But then one day it just stopped! We never cleansed the house or anything it just stopped happening after a few months.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Recite psalm 91 before going to bed. It’s been used to ward of demons for centuries.

  13. sharayah says:

    hi hope all goes well with baby,you&husband.don’t talk to what ever is there not good u don’t want to give it power!what if it is a demon it’s not going to tell u nothing good.what if it tells you that it wants You! i think u need to get your house blessed but dont stop there u need to pray,try the lords prayer every night you and your husbad need to stand togetter on this .it looks like this unclean thing like u .tape whats going on at night in case u will need a exorcism. i’ve heard sage works sometimes the smoke in every room in your house telling the thing to go and praying.but keep in mind it not really good its just for a little bit they some time come back more mad.i hear of sea salt working.well im sorry u are dealing with this at this time in your life with a baby on the way.i know this is a hard time now on top of every thing else my God the father & Jesus our lord be with you.

  14. Cephas66 says:

    This a question for the website owners.

    Where do I find the list of the stories on demons?

  15. Apostleled says:

    You must know God and give him your life then you will walk in his authority. God delivered me from many Demons I was a herion addict and a thief for many years God delivered me in a supernatural way. Now I battle against the powers of Darkness with Gods authority not my authority we are nothing without him. You must understand that that demon has permission to be there an example if you have a thought of sin and dwell on it you are agreeing with the demon thats putting that thought in your mind giving him authority over you. People can bring Demons into your home or they can be attatched to certian objects do you have any goodluck charms are anything to do with the occult blackmagic or white magic dream catchers or any other idiolict symbols. First learn to hear Gods voice and pray for him to lead you into battle or for him to bring someone who is capable of expelling this demon you do not have to be a Cathlic priest I am an ex hearion addict and I have taking authority over many demons with Gods help.

    • Elise Renee Gingerich says:

      can Things really attach Themselves to Things?! I’m age 38 I’m originally from the Upper Midwest originally and I have a twin sister who is also age 38 but in a nutshell I think that my twin sister and I may have been Haunted by a Demon or Demons demons or a demon in the Home state of Iowa in Iowa City Iowa and May The Good Force Be With You Amen! and Please watch out for All of this Snow lately! Wow! Thank You elise renee gingerich Over and Out

  16. Jesus1 says:

    I agree with the recent comment the most. But if you move, it might think your weak. Follow God and do not try to talk to it. Go around with cooking oil forming a cross on every wall and window (every person, animal, each room including attic, garage, esc.) read through Psalms 85:2 all in the house as you are doing this with every person who lives with you. Then pray over your entire family and every pet. Don’t let this piece of trash do this. [look up Nephilim]

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      What is our reaction suppose to be with these things. Since my demonic esperiance I have wondered this. I can tell you do not threaten them with jumping out of your body at them and look out I have God on my side! Very bad thing to do. Do we get a recorder going and ask them their name , day and hour of damnation? Do like the man in the Bible and say Oh it’s only you and roll over and go back to sleep. I am not trying to be funny it is a very seriouse thing to me. I want to do what God wants me to do with these demons. I know he is my only protection.

  17. Jules says:

    There are different scenarios that could be taking place here.
    First off, dogs and other animals are natural “sensitives”. They usually can tell when something is rotten in the proverbial Denmark.
    It certainly sounds as if your dogs are reacting to something unseen, but take these things into consideration: Is your home an apartment attached to other dwellings, and if either yes or no, did anyone new move into the immediate vacinity at the time of the first occurence? Was there any construction work or upgrades/changes to the neighborhood power grid? Was your boyfriend using any new sound programs with his computer? (You mentioned the keyboard and I was wondering if her was a musician.) Any of these things could possibly cause sound waves that could aggravate the dogs and be unheard by human ears. I know that these possibilities seem farfetched, but always rule out the explainable first.
    When you look at the larger picture, though, it seems if something paranormal is indeed manifesting. As previously stated, the dogs barking is key. Also, did you notice the occurences seemed to happen at 4:30, whether am or pm? Research the history of your home as much as possible, it seems that the 4:30 time is significant somehow.
    The monitor moving is odd as well.
    As for the last occurence, while clinically appearing to be sleep paralysis, there does seem to be a correlation between sleep paralysis and paranormal activity.
    Please keep in mind that as a new mother-to-be, your hormone levels changed significantly. Could this be causing a higher than normal energy “flow” being released by you, and therefore charging up any latent entities? Perhaps. It also could explain an occurence of sleep paralysis, as you have obviously been extremely worried about the occurences happening in your home in tandem with your prenancy.
    Please remain calm, first and formost. The chances of the prescence being there to either supplant it’s conciousness into your unborn baby or kill it (Loe, for shame! I’m truly sorry if you lost a child, but scaring this poor woman to death is neither helpful or healthy!) are HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Even with all the strangeness in the paranormal world, Hollywood still has to add its drama factor in. This idea is born of too many Rosemary’s Baby type movies. Keep healthy, keep happy, don’t attempt to communicate with it, keep your dogs close, and if you are religious, seek help via your church if needed. Your baby needs you to be strong, and freaking out isn’t going to help at all. Please post and let us know how you and the baby are! :)

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