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Demonic Attempts At Takeover?

Posted on December 13, 2008

Hey how is everybody. It’s been a little while since I been on this site but recent experiences I have had made me feel obligated to come back and tell some of my experiences with the supernatural realm. To kind of bring things up to speed I am married now and it seems that my wife has had some of the same experiences as me when she was little (which she never told me) but I think her being around me has reawakened her ability to sense things. I know this story is a little bit beyond sleep paralysis but I feel that it may be important knowledge for others to know just to know what can happen in a worst case

It started about a week and a half before we were going to be married. My luck was getting so bad that nothing seemed to look up for me and my wife had a heavy heart because she felt that she caused some of the bad luck I was having. But to speed things up, she had felt something grabbing her arm one morning while we were sleep and she thought it was me but it was an ice cold feeling and then she noticed she couldn’t move and she managed to make a noise so I woke her up. She could not exactly explain what happened at first but it was very clear to me. It kept happening to her like every time she tried to go back to sleep that morning so I just asked her to stay up with me that morning.

But later on that night something struck me as very odd because she was very active but suddenly she got real sleepy out of nowhere. I just told her to rest which she did, and I noticed she got up gasping for air and she said “It’s happening again”. So she stayed up and we started talking about what were going to do when I go off to training. So she got emotional and started crying and the next thing I know she passed out.

So I tried to wake her but I noticed that her face was twitching and when she opened her eyes and looked at me I felt a chill shoot through my body. She was giving me this cold sinister stare and it scared me, I can honestly say that was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. So I asked her what was wrong and her eyes, mouth, and nose just started twitching uncontrollable and she grabbed me by my throat trying to choke me.

She started hitting me and trying to bite me so I just held her down even though she had unbelievable strength that I know wasn’t hers I felt something was not right, It wasn’t her so I asked, who are you. It replied “does it really matter you don’t love her and she doesn’t love you”. I asked it are you a demon or a ghost. It said why, you don’t care about me you just care about the body that I am invading. I said if your a ghost I can probably help you find piece but if your a demon there is nothing I can do for you because you’re already damned.

At that moment it got furious and started trying to kick me off and anything it could do in its power to get me off and I stop questioning it and started praying to the Lord. It tried to throw me off and hit me to distract me from praying but I knew I must ignore it to help my wife and finally it couldn’t stay any longer and departed

She had no memory of what happened, all she could tell me was that it was like a skip in time. She remember swhat she was doing before she was taken over, and then complete darkness and pain with very little hearing of the real world, and then me waking her out of it. But strangely enough after that she could see demons on people when we are walking around, which is an ability I don’t have but I am stronger at fighting them off than her right now but she will be stronger than me soon enough with such an ability.

It takes over her by her emotions because she is an emo. There are plenty of demons on people and most don’t even know it. I still don’t know if they are trying to take over everybody but I know there main objective whenever a demon does anything and that is to cause pain and suffering both physical and mental. The demon had tried to make her cut, choke, stab, bite, punch, kick, and it also tried to make me suffer by trying to make her kill herself.

It also happened again in my dorm room and out in other places, but the dorm incident in particular is the thing that made me realize something. She was taken there also and making this short because it was about the same as the other except this demon wasn’t after me or her it was trying to get my room mate next door. I asked it to try to take me and it said “why should I”. I said “so you must not be strong enough to take me your obviously a low level demon with no power what-so-ever, you can’t defeat me. It was so infuriated it gained a lot more strength and I said that soon she to will be too strong for you. So it left her after I prayed.

But to sum things up the ones that took over her were the same ones that actually tried to take over me before in my last story. So I think I may have dragged my wife into it but now she is able to fight them off to a certain extent except when there are plenty of them at once, but they have to be real strong.

I will just leave it at that because there are too many details to it that will take forever to type. But I hope this has told you something that you didn’t know or you find a way to deal with it if your going through it. All I can say is keep faith and don’t give up. Jesus will see you through all of your troubles and give you unbelievable strength to deal with these type of things as he did for me if you only believe and praise him. Maybe I will share some my experiences later when I have free time on my hands.

P.S. Playing Holy music seemed to help run off demons…. me personally I used gospel and it somewhat helped keep them away.

Written by Deon R Colvin, Copyright 2008

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13 Responses to “Demonic Attempts At Takeover?”
  1. Jesse Williams (Alpha) says:

    That must of have been an awful experience for both of you… For her to have her body possessed and manipulated in such a disdainful manner and for you, as her lover, to look onwards in horror.
    But on the positive, the experience has made you two more open and resilient and more immune to demons.
    These are the tactics god reinforces to help people realise more about the fate awaiting us if we chose to lead a condemned life.
    I’ve had demons attack me while i was sleeping and once i felt a demon’s presence (because the malevolent energy being emitted outwards from that cold room was overwhelming),but fortunately i’ve never been possessed.

    Anyway, best wishes and good fortune to you and your gorgeous newly wed wife
    Take care!

  2. Jackie says:

    OMG… what a living hell!! There are plenty of people who suffer from these attacks. I had one attack, but it was enough and it was prayer that sent it away too.

    Playing gospel music seems like a good idea to me. I sleep with my lamp on as i feel it is harder for demon’s to get to you in the light. What do you think of this theory?

    I also sleep with a picture of Mary holding Jesus above my bed, plus a beautiful mother of pearl encrusted cross.

    Some people may think this nuts, but you’ll do anything to protect yourself after encountering a demon or evil spirit. These do exist unfortunately, I discovered after playing with the O – board. Did you do anything like this, which may have started these attacks in the first place.

    Anyone who needs information on O – boards, then you can find this over in The Snug, which has just been re-activated and updated.

    Hope you and your wife find some peace soon, and stay together through it all.

    Keep praying, this normally helps you, especially if you have some kind of faith in your prayer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t experienced what you and your has experienced but since I decided to accept Jesus as my saviour years ago, I would experience demonic spirits every now and then while I was asleep. They would try to keep me from breathing. I would pray and it would stop but since I’ve been married and moved in this house (4 years now) I began to experience demonic spirits more. I have even seen this force walking around my house. I thought I was going crazy. I got pregnant last year and the demon got worse. I would wake up sometimes and the big black thing would standing in my room watching me and it has even gotten on my bed. My husband is not a Christian so he just by passes what I tell him. Now the demon (s) have attached themselves to my body and they try to stop me from doing everything. They go to work with me, church, the bathroom, everywhere. They move on my body day and night. I don’t get much sleep, haven’t been intimate with husband, and I worry about my daughter. I have prayed, read the bible, fasted, and even called my pastor to pary the demons out. They won’t leave. I have lost faith in God and wonder why this is happening. I’m getting no help from him. He doesn’t answer. They are violent and sometimes I won’t to end my life. I keep wondering will they possess my body and I’m no longer me. At this point I don’t know what else to do. Thanks for listening.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Keep praying and I will pray for you as well.

  5. Jackie says:


    you say you are praying but nothing is happening. Well, you’re prayers are probably what is stopping this evil going any further. Just because you pray and you don’t see an immediate end to your suffering doesn’t mean your prayers are not being heard and answered.

    Don’t lose faith, this will only make these problems worse for you.

    I will also pray for you, God bless you.

  6. Jesse Williams says:

    To Anonymous,
    the demons are trying to deter your faith, but so long as you have hope and faith and are true to yourself and Christ and are willing to give yourself to the lord, then no serious harm will ever befall you. Always be resilient and uphold perseverance.
    Praying and being kind and appreciative towards your fellow men will keep you safe from the hands of the demons.
    Please, no matter how hard or desperate the situation may become, always remain steadfast and strong and never forget to pray. The demons will do everything in their whim to convert you over into a life of treachery, sin and malevolence.
    They can only do so much for your faith is no match to their devious ways.

    If need be, some precautions you can take include: Splashing holy water around your house and marking the cross on the walls of your house (Preferably each individual room) with holy water, placing pictures of Jesus and saints around your home, attending mass regularly, praying regularly and wearing a cross, placing a holy bible near you when you sleep and if the strength of the demons grow stronger cry out:

    In the name of Christ, i command you to leave my body, my abode and my loved ones and to descend back to the depths of the treacherous hole you and your condemned brothers have come forth from.’

    Visit the church regularly as well, perhaps on a daily basis. Always be faithful friend
    Take care and best wishes to you and your family. :)

  7. Carly says:

    i would be so scared outta my mind and i wouldn kno what to do in the situation. i wouldn want to be possessed by any demon and i sure as hell don want to see anyone bein possessed by one….God Bless and keep praying

  8. ME says:

    I can i dentiffy with this, i have seen the shadows and seen the damage these demons can do.they have no power here on earth. they can only control you by deception or possession. i have had frequent dreams of shadows tormenting my family and at time have heard voices that sound like my kids calling for me when they are not home. I have stood up to what ever presence in my home and it seems to stop for a few years. it is our obligation to do battle.i believe that these forces are the main cause of much of the worlds problems. there is more going on than what we realize. there is too much evidence not to believe

  9. Jenn says:


  10. Jackie says:

    To ME,

    I think most of your words are very wise….alot of dabbling with the occult is causing people to act abnormally…like getting involved with witchcraft, wicca..and thinking it’s OK, and by how the cults try and make it out to be at one with the universe…etc. THEN, they start drawing you into their ways and how the odd spell will work for you…don’t get drawn in!!! Spells that work – have a price…this is not from good, be warned.

    Take care

  11. Doxic says:

    Just trying to find an answer…I was dealing with demons in my dreams, telling me they were coming for me, but when it showed up in my room at night, standing just beyond the edge of my bed, trying to get to me, I freaked out (as any sane person would). If I hadn’t put up a barrier around my bed, I don’t know what would’ve happened. Now, I’ve slept with the light on, and I’ve been fine. But the other day, someone took a picture of me with a reflective surface in the background, and the demon was there, in the reflection, as plane as the nose on my face. Idk if anyone’s seen the movie Shutter, but I don’t want these things to be with me at all times, attached to me, showing up in pictures so that I’m constantly checking over my shoulder and looking in mirrors to make sure they aren’t there, watching my every move, waiting for me to be unprotected in the dark. I carry a flashlight around, because if (God forbid!) the power goes out, I’m probably as good as dead.

  12. cody dickerson says:

    I’ve had an encounter with a demon before. It began about on September or August in 2008. My friends, Ryan Walsh, Zach Wise and I, were walking on the left side fields on Elm St. in Grafton OH. We saw some white tailed deer in the third or fourth field(the whole land is divided into five or six fields, cut up by little strips of woods) and began to folow them silently. We popped up and scared them into the the one of the big strips where I folowed the deer, and Ryan and Zach went to a dark hill in the far left corner. I was only in the strip of woods for a few seconds when Ryan shouted “Oh my God!” I quickly ran to see what was the matter, and Ryan came sprinting out like a cyote was chasing him. I said what was the matter and he told me that an invisible thing that had no specific form or shape, pushed down Zach and jumped into a little murky pond that was in the lower right basin of the hill. I went up there and did not see anything except Zach was on the ground. When he got up he was dillusional and almost completely out of his mind. After we got out of there, Zach turned back to his normal self. Many days passed by when Ryan called me on the phone and said that we had to go back to the hill and try to see what made Zach so brain dead. When we went to the hill, we came there with a few skills and tricks up our sleeves. We all sat in a circle and tried to talk to it, reason with it, and we tried to yell at it to make it mad. Believe me when I tell you this, but it is so intense and life changing when you hear something that you never want to hear again in your life. All it was, was a short little, hard hitting whisper in all of our ears. We couldnt make out whatever it said, but as asoon as it was done, it had somehow manipulated Ryan to attack Zach. I jumped back, and they both were fighting on the ground. I let them go their way, because I truly did not want to fight a possesed person. Who does? Anyway, Ryan had a whittled stick in his hand, and Zach had a knife. It was really hard to see this, because no one ever wants to see friends try really hard to kill eachother. I dont want to get to deep into this, because some is extremely personal, but after Ryan changed back, and him and Zach made up, we walked back to our homes, still having that horrible piercing whisper in my ear. We had vowed to never go back to risk lives. One week later, I myself went back to the hill… There was nothing but a flattened out dirt mound. No trees, no leaves or vines. The funniest thing was, is that there was no trace of tires or bulldozer tracks, and the little pond was still there. Today you’ll see nothing but a overgrown, not very visible bump in the fourth field.

  13. Ancient says:

    Try burning a small amount of white sage. They usually leave immediately.

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