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Demon or Spirit?

Posted on March 7, 2010

Basically, I’ve lived in my house for about six years. It isn’t that old. It’s only about 11 years old, and there have been previous owners and I don’t think they’ve had any experiences such as I’ve had.

I used to sleep downstairs on my couch, rather than upstairs in my room. I liked it better because there’s a TV downstairs and there isn’t one in my room. But anyhow, that’s where everything weird happens. Some nights, it just feels like something is there, and I’m unwanted. Other nights, nothing happens at all. But one night I clearly remember, I was awake, and couldn’t sleep. I was startled when I felt a breath on the exposed part of my neck. And then… after I ignored it, it felt like something was grabbing my ankle and leg. Also, in that same night, my faucet turned on by itself (No one else could have turned it on. I was the only one awake. And it wasn’t left on). I was on the phone with my boyfriend that night, too and I got scared and it was around 2:30 in the morning and I saw a black, very very small figure move past the couch.

My dog also died just over a year ago, she lived a painful life, she broke both of her legs and had bad stomach bloat and it killed her. One day I noticed one of her dog toys moved, and I picked it up to put it back where it was, and it was wet and smelled like dog slobber. I dropped it and ran out of the room because I was so scared.

To this day I still always hear footsteps down my halls, I hear noises from the basement, and I won’t even go down there because it’s so eerie. My friends and family refuse to go down there also. The aura and presence is really that bad. I used to practice dance down there when I was on a team and I always saw strange things and heard things. When I stand by my fridge, which is by the basement stairs, I hear things from the basement and immediately walk away because I feel so strange being there.

I used to play with the Ouija board when I was little with my friends, and we never got actual responses, but it was still interesting… or so we thought. I can’t help but feel like it’s targeting me though because I’m the only one that hears and sees it. I hear whispers (one night it whispered my name), I hear footsteps, doors slam, I see things all the time.

I don’t know if it’s some sort of demon, or a spirit of a person, or maybe even my dog. I just don’t know. Maybe I’m going crazy.

Sent in by Amanda, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Demon or Spirit?”
  1. anna says:

    Mybe before you think your going crazy do a check on the house.you said you havent lived there that long but who knows how many ppl lived there before you.But I think its a spirt.if its a demon i dont think it would of been that nice to you.then again someone pulled on your ankle and leg.and never ever play with the board its dangerous and planly not good.I am sorry to hear about your dog.I had a dog 3 years ago and it chocked himself i cried and cried.And from then on I can smell him ever now and then.its weird.I will never another dog again.I get to attacted and I dont like it.we’ve had so many dogs growing up.so i am sorry again.let us know what happens if you check out about the house.

    • Lisa says:

      Anna, I know what you mean about your dog –something literally shredded my precious kitty, and I was so brokenhearted, I could never bring myself to get another cat!


  2. Lisa says:

    Amanda, I don’t know, but it sort of sounds demonic — I was experiencing the same type of things, too, and it might be related to the ouija board use — my friends and I used one when we were kids, and I did not know anything about it-didn’t even know what it was when my friend brought it over! But, just the same, those boards can open a portal (to hell, probably) and you have to undo the damage — there is a prayer that removes curses and problems stemming from o. board use –but the thing that I found most effective is to pray the Rosary every day! I hope this helps you!

  3. Pete says:

    Amanda, Never, Ever, play with Ouija boards, they aren’t toys. if you haven’t already done so break up the board and burn it and please! please! don’t ever do it again.


    • anna says:

      I agree with you.Ive never played with them,but i will never have one in my house.My sister when she was young she wanted one,I always told her never play with one.I dont know if shes tried or not.

  4. FaerchFan says:

    To Pete:
    You’re wrong. Burning the ouija board will only make the spirit mad and could harm somebody.

    Ignore Pete and don’t burn or destroy it at all.

    • anna says:

      really I didnt know that.I just thought if you burn it it would go away.

      • Ravin says:

        Don’t be foolish, as if Demons are limited to wither you burn the boards or not. You are in serious danger if you have these things happen to you even once. I was doing the laundry in my dorm trying to do some homework I’d been neglecting for a few days when , this is going to sound strange but, something whirled its way up my shorts. There was no air currents, no physical reason for my shorts to be flapping so violently. And I could feel the airy touch like a bat was flapping up my thigh. I jumped up out of my chair and quickly sunk down on the floor. I was dazed when I realized what it was, and I remembered the two websites I had visited last night one was like this one where I offered a suggestion to a poor woman being raped to pray. And I stumbled on a site that gave instructions on how to contact them directly. None of those cheap spell tricks or boards, no demons pretending to be dead people, fully aware contact and power from them as well. And it tempted me as I have never tasted the other side of life no drugs, no drinking, no fornication, I wasn’t interested in them just the power of it over others. I was a fool to even thing about it…

        I was dazed and felt hollow asked for God’s help but he did help me. Later I learned that my Mother had felt an urge to pray because one of her boys was in danger. So I thank God that he was watching over me and he wants to protect to you too. =)

        Though you may not believe what I have to say. I’m sending a part of what I sent her and a prayer to end it.

        Ask him to protect and shield you from this evil when you feel it coming. And invoke the name of Jesus Christ when he is there. Tell him to Leave in the name of Jesus. And if he laughs or says you are too weak. Say that “It is not me you should fear but the one upon whom I call and He will protect me.”
        I don’t know if you recall or have read the bible but read Mark chapter 5. Not even a legion of evil spirits could stand up to him.
        Find a person or group and ask them to pray for you for though people and numbers count as nothing to demons. What does count is faith. You should read also Matthew chapter 17 verses 14-23. Pay attention to what is said in verse 19 “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” The reply is “Because you have so little faith… and read on from there.

        Read also Mark 9:14-32

        I will end this reply with a prayer. “Lord Jesus remember your daughter as the evil one floods her with the waters of darkness. Give her strength and help her overcome her unbelief when she feels like she is facing this horror alone. Be with her and keep her safe from harm; and let the evil spirit be shut out of her life forever. Send her someone who will guide her and be close to her that she may be saved from the hand of the evil one. And may she always find safety and peace in you Amen.”

        May God go with you wherever you go Amen.

  5. kala` says:

    girl i jus wanna say i have had the same experiences and i believe your dealing with an evil spirit basically a demon as for your dog that could b her

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