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Demon Or Shadow Creature In Montana

Posted on February 18, 2009

When I was little, about 8 or 9, we moved into a house in Montana, a big four bedroom two story house. When we moved in we were all excited.

Well before I get into the story I need to explain something. My mother, sister and I have a certain amount of paranormal abilities, we know when they are there, and we can describe them… sometimes. We are not mediums or anything but we do have some paranormal abilities. Anyways, back to the story:

My mom, sister and I didn’t feel anything, we were okay with this house, and it was an old house. The men were the first people to start to experience anything. My father, and his friends were the first to notice anything. My father would not stay home alone after his experience with the demon.

He was home alone, washing dishes or something, doing some sort of chore. He heard some sort of laughing, a crazy sort of laughter in a deep voice. He called my mom at work and told her to come home, he wouldn’t stay home alone ever again.

The next ‘attack’ was on my dads friend Luc, he saw a shadow move quickly, he too was at the house alone that day. He checked the entire house, thinking that maybe one of my parents had come home early. No one was home, he didn’t call anyone but he did leave the house, locking the door behind him.

My mom was the next person to have an experience with the demon, she actually saw it. It was a large black shadow, but it wasn’t really a shadow, it was like a solid colored blob that wove in and out of its self almost like the grudge but more fluid, and it was in the corner of the down stairs bedroom. It disappeared in the corner, seeming to go through the top of the room. She ran upstairs to the room my sister and I were playing in, the room that it would have gone into. It wasn’t there, she continued to see it occasionally, but it left her and her children (my sister and I) alone so she didn’t mind it.

The last time we ever heard about it was from my dad, he had to stay home alone eventually, we (my sister and I) were at school and my mom was at work. His buddies had better things to do than ‘babysit’ their wimpy friend. The demon flickered the blinds, and locked the door, it scared my father an extreme amount, this demon didn’t like men.

My father rushed around the house. The phone didn’t work and the blinds were flickering. He tried to get out of the house, but as I said before the door was locked.

The odd thing is, that we stayed in the house for a good two years after that. My dad never got any visits after that, but me, my mom, and my sister saw it off and on for the years that followed. Sometimes just as a shadow, sometimes as a human shape, but not really a human at all. some times just a blob, you never knew, but he never harmed any of the girls in the house, the boys got the brunt of it. We never had a physical attack on anyone but there were plenty of small encounters.

Sent in by Amy, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Demon Or Shadow Creature In Montana”
  1. Jackie says:

    It’s hard to say for certain what you were experiencing, it’s a bit confusing.

    Whatever it was, seemed to be focusing it’s energy on your father.

    Demons come in many forms, they either want to frighten you, or manipulate you into thinking they are to be trusted.

    I personally think it was a manoevalent energy, rather than a demon. The reason i say this is, if it was a demonic energy, you would have known about it, especially after all that time.

    I could be very wrong here, as i said, it is very confusing. What you need to think about is did you inadvertantly do anything to cause this. If you are contacting spirits either by means of the ouija board or any other method, you need to know what you are doing, ie, shutting yourself down after communication.

    • Anonymous says:

      similar things have occured in the house im living in at the moment. the best thing to do is go to church and ask for help.

  2. Jen says:

    ok Jakie leaves really good comments but…………………………………. deamons usually hurt EVERYONE i know what u mean about u’re powers, i have them 2 weird huh? well good luck!

  3. *interesting* says:

    thats pretty scary stuff there. I hope your future brings you good luck

  4. Anonymous says:

    it was something…but I don’t tink a demon. Demons tend to leave an air of hopelessness. The very air around them is choking, and typically everybody feels powerless and extreme hopelessness afterwards.

  5. Chris says:

    It sounds alot like shadow people or shadow folk which are a type of spiritual creature or demonic entity. They often are michevious malevolent spirits who like scaring people.

    I can’t really explain why it would act differently from a female and male though, as these type of spirits have a grudge against all of humanity, so gender, race, doesn’t matter but they do appear to be attracted to certain individuals for unknown reasons.

    I think you may be going through a demonic infestation, if it keeps up I would seek aid from an exorcist and have your house purified and cleansed of the evil spirits lurking around.

    It will also not only protect you from the spirits but make you happier because these spirits even while unnoticed will leave you with a feeling of hopelessness as previously mentioned and uneasiness. They can make you feel depressed and often plague your mind with lies. Good luck!

  6. Anonymous says:

    i saw a shadow 2. My cuz was on the floor playing a game i was sleeping on the foton the she woke me up wich scared the crap out of me to begin with but i could see her on the floor clearly i could see every thin so clear . it was only her and i down the. i saw this shadow stading over top of me its arm was up in the pose of a person with a knife right abot to stab u. then it dissapeared. i felt really scared i did not feel safe at all. a few nights later i woke up to breathing besid my ear, last night i heard bangs and again head the breathing except this time it was 1 breath. the breathing dose not sound human.

  7. Empath says:

    I think it was some sort of ghost or spirit, possibly a poltergeist (energy). I would guess that it was female when it was alive, and attacked, tramautized, or killed by a male, and that’s why it was harmless to you and your sister and mom. (thought it could still have been a male entity just as easily, either way it felt threatened more by males than females. Very interesting. I don’t think it was evil, just angry towards males. I hope it found rest!

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