Demon in Old Mirror

Posted on August 13, 2009

I’m 17 and live in a suburb in the surrounding area of Austin, Texas. I’ve seen things for as long as I can remember. Most of my paranormal contact were with ghosts. I lived in a house in the part of town that was historically where the Mexican workers lived for this rich white rancher who used to own the town. It was pretty old. Don’t know the exact year of when it was built but I had many experiences there, but none that really caused me to feel afraid.

My grandparents lived out in the country about 2 and a half hours from my house. My grandmother collected antiques. She had a dresser that had belonged to my great grandmother and was old even then. So it was built in the late 1800′s. It had a vanity mirror attached and four drawers on the sides and a long drawer in the middle of the top two. It was in a room where my grandmother kept her dolls. I never felt at ease in this room and typically, wouldn’t stay in the room or go in it alone.

One day, I must have been 11 or 12, we were up there and she was giving us what ever things we wanted to keep because she was wanting to sell some of the antiques in a shop she opened up in town. I liked the vanity and asked her if I could have it. She told me it was okay with her so my dad loaded it up in the truck. I was very excited and when we got home, my dad connected the mirror to the back of the dresser.

As time went on, I started seeing things in the mirror. Always out of the corner of my eye and never was able to see what it was exactly. I heard a lot of popping at night. I told my parents and they told me it was just my imagination and the popping was probably just the house settling. I believed them but in the back of my mind I knew it was something else.

One night, I was laying on my bed. It was a bunk bed and my sister slept on the bottom bunk, me on the top. I was watching King of the Hill and after it went off, I turned the TV off to go to see. Maybe five minutes after turning the TV off, I heard the popping and a sound of furniture groaning coming from the mirror. I looked over and saw a black figure in the mirror. Not like a reflection…it was actually in the mirror! I was trembling but for some reason, maybe fear, maybe fascination, I couldn’t look away. It shifted and glowing red circles that must of been the eyes were staring at me. I couldn’t move. The figure started scratching at the mirror and there was a sound like glass breaking, only there was no broken glass. The thing crawled out of the mirror. The light coming in through the window caught it. The skin looked extremely bumpy and it had small horns in it’s head. It had long claw on it’s feet and hands. He stared at me with an evil, toothy grin and started toward me. I started whimpering. I couldn’t only shut my eyes. I started praying and something made me open my eyes. The thing was almost to the bed. I screamed and managed to turn on the TV. The thing let out a weird cry and ran into the wall that separated the room to the bathroom. My mother ran in asking if I was okay. I knew if I told her, she wouldn’t believe me so I told her there was something on TV that scared me. She told me to not watch scary shows and to go to sleep. I nodded but I didn’t turn the TV off or go back to sleep. I covered the mirror after that.

Strange things started happening after that. There was a munching noise always coming from the wall. Like something was chewing on the wood. My dad thought there might me termites after the tiles in the bathtub fell off on to my older sister while she was taking a shower one night. He checked and sure enough, there they were. The weird thing was that we had a contract with a pest control company that sprayed for termites, ants, spiders and other insects. Our home became infested with roaches and the garage had rats. I didn’t like that house. I couldn’t stay in it alone.

When I was in seventh grade, my parents moved my four younger siblings and I to a new house on the opposite side of town. We had the house built on a lot and I was excited. I thought that maybe a new house would stop the terrors. Everything went fine at first. Then we moved the dresser and mirror to the house. I had a thing about mirrors as was to be expected and I couldn’t stand them in dark. My dad had propped the mirror facing out to the room. I got out of bed and went to turn it toward the wall. As I was turning it, it got very heavy and I heard a growl. I saw the thing in the mirror. I screamed and dropped it. It fell the carpet and shattered. I heard demonic giggling coming from everywhere. Then something whispered in my ear, “Thanks for releasing us.” My parents came in and told me I should have had them move it. I was terrified.

After that, there were certain places in the house that creeped me out that didn’t used to. I no longer felt safe. My sister’s room that was next to the room I was in when the mirror broke, was always cold and felt like someone was watching. Same with my closet. My parents bedroom and bathroom were creepy. The downstairs the dining room and living room became very eerie. I started seeing shadows dashing around outside the house.

One night, I was taking a shower in my parents bathroom and I heard a door open and cold air. Thinking it was one of my siblings, I didn’t say anything. Then the lights turned off. “HEY!” I yelled. The lights came back on. That’s when I realized I had locked the door. Suddenly a black figure pounced toward the shower and started beating on the door of the shower. I screamed. It started to open and I pulled on the door to keep it shut. The whole time I’m shrieking for my mom and crying. I heard her at the door calling my name. The figure disappeared. Trembling, I got out of the shower, grabbed a towel and opened the door for my mom. I told her everything. She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Alana, you’ve been watching too many horror movies. There’s nothing here. Nobody came in my room. I was watching TV on my bed and I hear you beating the door and screaming. Nothing happened. Finish your shower.” Then she left. I felt so scared. I heard laughing from the closet. I closed it and got back in the shower to finish.

After that, I never took a shower without closing the closet. I even slipped into a deep depression. Nobody believed me. I was terrified. I couldn’t sleep in the dark. I had to have the TV on. I still have these feelings. I’m still terrified of mirrors in the dark. What’s more, is that my youngest sister who’s nine is seeing the things too. I’m terrified. What can I do if my own family doesn’t believe me?

Written by Alana Hilliard, Copyright 2009

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105 Responses to “Demon in Old Mirror”
  1. Icis says:

    I’ve never had anything like this happen to me but I suggest that you try to find other information on things like this happening.

  2. Jess says:

    I stonglly suggest that you go to a catholic priest and tell them what has been happening. ask him to go to your house and examine it. he may have to exercise the house, let him know every detail of your experience, he may be able to make it leave.

  3. Angel.Z says:

    Hey first of all u should research wat happened in your grandmother’S house
    Maybe someone died and maybe the evil precense went into the mirror
    That u have…and is haunting u because u broke it I think you should call a priest
    And excersise that house

    • stephiie :) says:

      i would actually research where the mirror and dresser came from as it manifesteed from the mirror. but be carefull or you could scare yourself even more or aggrivate it.

  4. Moya says:

    I am so sorry that you have to go though something like this. I will pray for you . The next time you hear this thing call out to out father Jehovah, and ask him to protect you and you family. read the bible. and read it every night . draw closer to God and It will leave you alone,but it will get worse before it gets better. I will pray for you and You have to get rid of the dresser. throw it out.Things like that get attached to things.

  5. cassandrea says:

    well im no expert but i have had small expeirences but these ghosts seem like demons to me getting a preist will only make them angry but might help, but moya is right on one thing it will get worse before it gets better try and keep a strong energy and dont let them consume you, and dont let fear consume you either try to be firm and brave. this is only my advice, you can either take it or leave it, no offence to anyone but i dont see how reading the bible everynight is gonna help, but it might comfort someone, or is that the point of reading the bible, comfort? hope you get through this :)

  6. Karen M. says:

    Moya, are you a Jehovah’s Witness? It’s just cause you always refere to God as Jehovah, that’s why I was wondering?

  7. Mama's chick says:

    Hi Alana,

    You need to get rid of the dresser! I know it was your grandmothers and your parents probably won’t want to.. but it really needs to be removed from your home!.. And not from just your room .. but from your house itself!
    Please take care and let us know if removing it helps!

    Mama’s chick

  8. JK says:

    Moya calls God Jehova because one of God’s names is Jehovah. Make no mistake that the word god means one that is mentioned in many religions, there is only one God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Christians call God Jehovah and other names for Him to seperate Him from other gods that people call god. Some claim God to be the God of all religions, that is not remotely true, so she is distiguishing the only God that can help. Jehovah God created everynting and is sovereign over everything, He is God with a capital G.

  9. It's Me says:

    Your story was extremely scary, OMG! I cant believe you can go through all of this i would have gone mad already,im sorry to hear your family doesnt believe you. They too might have seen odd things happening but dont want to believe i strongly agree with Jess you should go see a priest let him know of the things that you have been experiencing. Goodluck and God Bless

  10. Anala says:

    Thanks for all of the advice. But the thing is, the dresser itself is okay. I’ve had just the dresser but the mirror that you can attatch to the back of the dresser is what had the weird feelings. i’ve thrown out the mirror. and i did find out that my grandparents house used to be an old school house and it’s 90 years old.

  11. Iknowthedevil says:

    You’ve let fear get the better of you and that’s why all of these things happened to you.I’ll you something;fear is a negative emotion that Satan uses to scare people.he himself knows that if you give room to fear in your mind,he will play with it. I know Satan and therefore he can’t do to me what he does to you because he knows I’m not afraid of him and above all,he knows I know him and where he’s coming from.I have a mirror in my room and I turned off the lights when I go to sleep and guess what? nothing happens because the spirit of the Lord (the Holy Spirit) is with me.I sleep and dream well. Get rid of all your fears by saying “No” to Satan,and remember that he has absolutely no power.

  12. Josh says:

    why does everyone believe this? it seems made up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Josh, it’s obvious that you have never seen them. Your in class of people who were not

      given this special gift. You may not have ever seen them, but they are with you too,

      they are all over. I just bought a house that’s just a couple of years old. My house is

      full of them…They can be mean, very nice, or violent. We are trying to get rid of them right

      now. It is scary…they suck the power out of (seems like everything) batteries…you can

      see the filing up aqt a power out let..

      .Tomorrow I plan on spraying them with holy water…Kinda courious how mad they will

      get…If so thenight will be like a nightmare you’ll never wake up from…!!!

      Good luckto you…!!!


  13. MadisonL says:

    ask your grandparents how they got that mirror. then gathor up your sisters and have a talk with your parents about the things you’ve all seen and tell them. they may not believe you if its just you; but if its you & your sister and you tell them you haven’t been watching scary movies/tv shows and that the sightings have all started when you got the mirror. then get a catholic priest tell him all that has happened and ask him to bless your house!

  14. Dena says:

    that’s suuuuuuuuuuper creeepy.
    I would react exacly like you if that would happen. I love vanity mirrors but I might think twice before being one for my room now lol
    You should find some people that bought stuff from your grand mothers store and see if they have been experementing things like you have, their is always a connection to everywhere.
    And like all the others say, get closer to god and cast your cares on him.
    Hope you’r okay now =S

  15. anonymoose says:

    on an unrelated note, the Victorians actually covered all mirrors in the house when someone was on their deathbed, to prevent their spirits from getting trapped in the mirrors. Sounds like someone didn’t cover up that mirror : P

  16. Tricia says:

    set up a camcorder to record while you are sleeping or in certian areas ans play it back see what you come up with

  17. Laura says:

    I see, hear, and feel things too. I have several demons that plague me- they look like black flies. I have yet to figure out how they got to me but 2 churches believe it is a generational curse. After dealing with this for over a year, I have learned one thing: FEAR makes them more powerful. They want to be feared. And it’s hard not to fear them. When you start getting brave and having good days they will increase their attacks. I have many who don’t believe me in my own church but you are not alone. I have held onto God and I believe that’s the only thing that protects me. I’ve read that you should get rid of the mirror-looks like it shattered to pieces so you can’t really get rid of it. But did you know that you can take cooking oil, ask God to bless it, and make “blessed oil crosses” on the door frames of all the rooms? Did you know that you can tell the evil spirits they must leave in the name of Christ? They will leave for a time and then they will come back to test you. But while they are gone, read the bible and draw your strength from that. Then be prepared to stand your ground many more times. You are in a spiritual battle so arm yourself with the sword of truth (bible). Good luck to you my friend.

  18. Karen M. says:

    You know , why don’t you just break the mirror? There is some old superstiton about spirits being trapped in mirrorsb but I’ll have to look it up!

  19. Alyssa says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed that you haven’t lost all sanity or anything. I’m really sorry that you have to go through all that. I have had little expierence with ghosts, and none with demons. But you should definitely keep everyone posted on what happens next. I seriously got shivers when I read “Thanks for releasing us.”

    Anyway, the idea of using religion could also backfire. The demon could get even more violent, maybe even physically harming you! I can only suggest research for now. The idea of a video might be neat then you would have some proof for all the non believers (A.K.A Parents) You could try using the bible or praying too, just be ready to face the consequences.

  20. jocelyn says:

    im sorry it just doesnt sound true u ran from, a lil doll

  21. Crystal says:

    As I posted on someone else’s story, I have been fighting battles like this since I was a child. I am very much a christian and maybe I can help you. My prayers are with you. I am going to give you some suggestions that will help you if you put them to use, but it has to be more than just physically… it has to be put to use with your heart, soul and faith in God. First of all, you do have power over demons as a child of God (assuming you are a christian)… when confronted with an evil spirit, I say “I rebuke and bind you in the name of Jesus Christ.. You have no right to come against me for I am a child of God who has already defeated you! Get behind me and leave this place.” But, I can’t just say it, I have to BELIEVE in faith that this will happen because I DO have the authority through Christ who strengthens me.
    Go around your room, bathroom, and especially the dresser and while touching things pray “Father God, bless this place that nothing evil may be able to reside in this space in the name of Jesus.”
    Now, do you have the right to cast out this demon?? yes, you do. BUT, you have to have the faith in yourself as a christian and faith in God who is your strength that He will work through you. The bible speaks often of strengthening your spirit through fasting and prayer, which is something you should definitely do. designate a day that you would be totally committed to fasting, praying, reading the Bible for guidance and preparing yourself as a spiritual warrior.

    Anyway, hope this helps.. didn’t mean to go on so long.. like I said, been down this road so many times. One last thing… you have NO reason to fear this thing for you have power or it, not the other way around.

    This thought might help.. when I am in a spiritual battle, I think of the spirit/demon as a naughty child that i am having to might throw a fit, but you KNOW it has to obey you in the end… it helps to make it not seem so “ominous” and helps take the fear away. Plus, just trust in God.. He never leaves nor forsakes us and He isn’t going to start now.

    God Bless you,

  22. Anala says:

    Thank you guys so much for the advice. And to the people who don’t believe me, I don’t care. I know it’s real. I live through it. I experience things a lot.

    Crystal, you’re comment has really helped me the most. And yes, I am a Christian.

  23. Nick says:

    this is very scary alana please go to a priest and ask him to check out your house …just relax okay…:-)

  24. alisa:p says:

    i belive u and i am terraibly srry. that bumpy skined creature that came out of the mirror, it was probly a demon. i have some advice for u.(1) read the bible b-4 u go 2 bed.(2) Get a cross or and when ever u get scared, squeeze it tight and say the LORD’s prayer.The last one is a little bit harder, try your best not to let it bother u, this will be hard but it works.( like “Iknowthedevil” said, they feed off your fear.) Here is a tip,Unless u got rid of them, moving will not get rid of them demons will follow u.

  25. Crystal says:

    I am so glad that I could help you and I am glad to hear that you are a christian. God works in mysterious ways and has lead me here to help you through this. You have the power, you just needed some instruction on how to use it. :) I know it is hard not to become afraid, I have fought these battles since I was a child and I still fight them.. but, when the fear comes, I have to consciously give them to God… because God is NOT about fear.. He is peace and mercy.
    Someday, Anala, you will come across someone that is going through what you have been (just like me) and you will be able to witness to them and help them through it. That is how God works.. we may have to go through trials and fight battles (even sprititual battles), but He can always turn them around to glorify Him and to help someone that is struggling. Such as, how could I have known how to help you, how could I have known and understood what you are going through if I have not been there myself? And, how could I have stumbled across this website if I weren’t meant to help you? See? God is watching over you.. He loves you and is helping you.. so, lay your fear at His feet. YOu will come out of this stronger than you ever imagined.
    Also, you need to research the “Gifts of the Spirit”.. One of those is “Discernment of Spirits”.. which I have and I believe you have too.. in my life, it includes seeing spirits and knowing they are there. I also have a few of the other gifts, but that is for another time. Pray about this and seek the Lord, He will lead you in how He wants this gift to work in your life. Personally, I have been able to see or feel evil spirits that were controlling people or attacking them, which allowed me to witness to those people, pray for them and rebuke and cast out the spirits that were attacking them.
    One more thing and I will shut up (lol).. if God did not have a very special calling on your life.. satan would not be so worried with you, would he?? He wouldn’t be sending these spirits to bother you. I have always been told (and believe) that if satan is leaving you alone, then you need to take another look at your walk with God because you are not giving satan much to worry about. Make sense?
    I know you have been looking for answers.. I know you have been confused.. but, hon.. God is with you and has heard your prayers and has seen your pain. You have not gone unnoticed.. you are HIs child! He will always be there even when you think He is not. His angels surround you and His mercy has no end. This is His message to you. THis is His promise.

    God Bless you and I am here if you need me or have more questions,

  26. ashlee says:

    you should go to a preist.. thats just scary! i would start crying in frount of my mom cuz myb she would belive me if i cryd.. hmm well good luck!

  27. olivia says:

    hi samething happened to me

  28. child like says:

    Let our parents sleep in your room and see if they experience anything. I had an a supernatural experience when I was a child and my parents didn’t believe me then and they still don’t believe me now. It hurts even after all of these years gone by but knowing yourself that it did happen should be comfort enough for yourself to put yourself at ease that it did happen. I understand completely. You do need to get rid of the demon you released. Ask your grandmother about the mirror and research the history of the mirror
    so you would have leverage and know what you are dealing with first. Then you need an advise from a priest what verses to use to cleans your house and yourself and to be able to protect your family. Then you have to be strong and not be afraid of it. It feeds on your fears!!!!!!!!! Fear is what makes it grow stronger that is why now it is attacking your sister the more fear he gets the bigger he gets and stronger. You need send it back to hell. It was trapped in the mirror for a reason. Find out who did it! Have a bible and holy relics all around your house at first it will be mad but then it will start to weakend it. Say the verses picked out by your priest out loud walking in all the rooms out loud and try not to let fear get it the way. You need to finish what you start. Let me know what happens.
    God Bless you and be strong just like their are demons they are also angels. Balance of good and evil be strong and have good in your heart . I will be praying for you and your family as well for they are all in danger.

  29. Diana96 says:

    I will always pray for u!!!May god bless u all!!!

  30. Dave says:

    Seek Jesus Christ and ask for His protection. I would not recommend a catholic priest because they often do not call on the mighty name of Jesus, but instead on insignificant people such as Mary. His Word says that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light, no man shall see God except through Christ Jesus. My advice: cast out that demon in Jesus’ name, for we have FULL authority over these beings by the blood of Jesus, command it to leave in Jesus’ name. But you must have faith when you do this and truly believe that you can do it through Christ Jesus.

    You don’t necessarily need anyone to help you with this, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Say this with faith and authority: “Satan, I rebuke you through the mighty name of Christ Jesus, who has died on the cross for my sins. I command you to leave in Jesus’ mighty name”. Keep repeating this aloud and continually pray to God. God’s love never fails.

  31. voodoo child says:

    You said your parent’s don’t believe you? don’t worry because i am sure they will start seeing these demons also. In most of the stories i read here the parent’s never believe the kids until they start seeing the same things. And you should get rid of the dresser and mirror and have someone bless the house. Sometimes you can cleanse the house with sage look it up. Did your grandparents have any experiences with the mirror and what is the history maybe only you can see spirits and demons.

  32. Robert says:

    Something about your story sounds…weird.. You’re 17, you say? You have 1,000x better grammar/language grasp than 99% of 17yr-olds I have ever met. In fact, your written voice sounds adult, not adolescent. Yes, I can think of numerous reasons as to why a 17-yr-old would write like an adult – I did when I was 17 and even well before.

    If your story does happen to be true, then I am sorry you are dealing with such manifestations. There comes a time when you have to acknowledge the presence of life beyond life out there.. It took me years to open myself up to the one I call God. Since then, I have had the most powerful form of protection. I have walked myself into spiritually turbulent or negative/disgusting/deranged energy-filled spaces to find that I can perceive a kind of….bubble, or net around me. In this, nothing touches me – and I did not create this as a defense mechanism. It just came into being, when needed, after I opened up to God.

    Open up to the positive, to Life, to Goodness..

  33. Robert says:

    By the way – yes – get rid of the dresser. One of my long-term relationships was beaten into submission by something that came from an old leather couch set we bought from a suicide victim’s wife. She was too happy to be selling it to us.. She was too happy, period – for having a husband who hanged himself just a couple weeks before.
    My ex and I didn’t realize the extent of the damage done to us and our relationship by the energy or spirit from this couch, until it was way too late. We ended up hating each other in the presence of that thing. Such angry, hateful, acidic things were spewed at each other near that THING. Away from it, we were fine – I’m not kidding. We figured it out months after breaking up.
    I moved out upon breaking up, she stayed and eventually gave the couch away. No more problems. We used to have issues with our roommates acting strange/seeming to lose their minds, as well. That was gone, too. No more problems!

    Get rid of it, and open up to God.

  34. Rob says:

    Dave is right on the money! First, accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. Then you have the power (thru Jesus) to command ALL evil spirits away from you and your family.

    When we bought our house 28 years ago it was haunted. Among other things, the water pipes vibrated loudly, my mom had seen a ghost in the kitchen and our huge dog whimpered and would not enter our bathroom where the noise was coming from.

    Long story short, my mom cast out the demons/ghosts/evil spirits out of our house for GOOD! How do you ask? Well she said out loud, ” I bind all you demons and evil spirits that are in this house and cast you out of our house and out of our lives, in JESUS mighty name, Amen!

    You know what?…I never heard a freaking PEEP from anything ever again! Don’t be fooled, demons are real but JESUS is even MORE REAL and will help those who call upon is name!! Forget the catholic church/priests with their useless rituals, they are lost and have no clue!

    Oh yeah, your depression is a spirit that is giving you those thoughts and Jesus will cure you of that ALSO! Bind that spirit of depression and cast it out of you in Jesus name and you won’t have those thoughts ever again! Life’s too short to put up with that crap!

    Never be afraid again and start living your life with meaning and to the fullest when you have Jesus helping you. Believe me I KNOW!

    Check out…chick (dot) com…. for more info on how to be saved! (check out “This was your life”)

  35. Lydia says:

    Hey look this is incredibly normal, i have alot of friends who are like this. Also my mother is like this.

    Talk to a medium or something of the like, also try and communicate with your sprit guide. They will protect you.

  36. raven says:

    don’t go to a priest. go to a shaman i think there are some on the indian reservations. try throwing salt on the ground or in a circle that will least keep them at bay when you are in the room but it will not hold them off forever. also carry silver with like a neckless or any type of jewlery it should protect you at night. i hope for the best with

  37. Jonathan says:

    Wow, umm christian people, what in the world did we do before you guys got here? I think we were ok for the few thousand years before you. Some of these responses were just downright hating. people saying “good oyu are christian” and “i am christian i can help”

    Look, some nasty stuff happens and there are many ways to take care of something. Believing jesus is the son of g_d doesn’t give someone an advantage. We all believe in g_d in some form, whether it’s one god like Judaism or Islam or many gods like Hindu or just two or three gods like christianity and catholism. It just upsets me becuase some of these people need help and telling them to be christain doesn’t offer a direct solution. I would appreciate if people kept it a bit neutral.

  38. olga says:

    my father always tell me that mirror’s leads to the otherside that the spirits can see u threw it.but cant see them .closet to my father say never sleep ur head faceing by the mirror or dont sleep with the closet door open they can come 22 and im scare of the dark and sleep with thw tv on too!god is always there when you see them or feel them u always say this outloud with no fear IN THE NAME OF THE LORD I REBUKE U IN HIS NAME HE’S MY LORD SAVIOR AMEN.START GOING TO CHURCH AND GIVE URSELF TO GOD SERVE HIM AND HE’LL WILL SHOW THE DEMON’S HE DONT PLAY THEY FEAR HIS NAME!

  39. Tonja says:

    Alana, as soon as you sense one of these evil beings, say this, please, and mean it !

    “Jesus, help me. ”

    Say this about 10-15 times.

    Evil is as scared of Jesus and we are of evil.

    This has helped me on 3 occasions.

    And since you do have a fear of the dark, for obvious reasons, get a nightlight, the type you can plug into the wall outlet.

    But remember, Jesus can and will help us a thousand more times than a nightlight.

    When you go to bed, even if you don’t experience anything, Call out to Jesus anyway and ask for his protection and help. Say it out loud and be sure to same the name of Jesus out loud.

    Please let us know how you are doing.

  40. Tonja says:

    Jonathan, how “neutral” would you like us to be?

    We are offering Alana advice to help rid herself of evil and demonic manifestations.

    As for you stating that “we were ok a few thousand years before you” is absurd, at best.

    For one, you did not exist that long ago.

    Second, how do you know who or what was ok at that time?

    And the last time I looked at many news reports (at the present time), most countries who do not believe in God or Jesus suffer horrible hardships: Catastrophic earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, famine, civil war and AIDS.

  41. Lydia says:

    There are ‘GODS’ out there but we are not sure. Look, god can’t help you. Christianity. Thanks for the update, but spirits were out and around long before christianity opened up.

    there is A god but not GOD.

    Talk to a medium. Or a shaman, or a close trusted friend who can communicate for you, this is a big deal. You must be stable and unafraid of this.

  42. tabbycat says:

    yes i agree with lydia go see a friend or medium. friends will always have your back!
    please tell us of any more encounters.

  43. Maria says:

    It takes a lot of nerve to say that the countries who don’t believe in God are suffering horrible hardships. You’re pretty much saying that ALL countries don’t believe in God. Each country/continent around the world have suffered from a different catastrohpe, war, natural disaster. War itself evolves around religion and God.
    Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans
    Tsunami – Indonesia
    War – Iraq
    Famine – Burma, Somalia
    All have strong beliefs in A god.
    Just because religions worship different Gods doesn’t make them any less religious does it?
    All religions worship someone of a higher power, they just call him/her a different name ; God/Jehovah/Buddha the concept is the same. Do you mean to tell me that if these countries converted to your religion that they would be saved/spared from horrible hardships? Please!! It’s absurd when you say it’s absurd for James to say “we were ok a few thousand years before you”…ummm humanity and society is still going isn’t it??
    All religions contradict each other…you can’t blame people for wanting to follow the one religion that suits their beliefs and even their cultural traditions and then say it’s their religion that causes their hardship. I’ve always respected christians for their beliefs but I am becoming increasingly impatient and frustrated by their small-minded, “our religion is better than yours” attitude.

  44. jewels says:

    you shouldnt be terrified, ghosts cant kill you, they can only scare you and make you crazy.
    They enjoy when you are scared, it pleases them.
    I suggest that every time you feel scared. say to the demons/ghosts you are not scared and this is your home. Tell them to go away, every time they come in stick your tongue at them. They cant hurt you. Pretend they are the person you hate the most. They will stop bothering you if you and your sister do that . Also you can try to make friends with the demons/ghosts.

    hope that helps


  45. Alaetra says:

    Wow I am sorry you are experiencing that and I am sorry that your parents don’t believe you. Even though I haven’t experienced anything demonic to that degree hopefully never will because I will go Kill Bill Holy Bible style on them. I would try to consult some kind of religious authority, if the christan religions can’t help you then go to other religion sects to see if they can get rid of it. Or pray every night to jesus to cast the demon and or tell it, that it doesn’t have to right to be in your house and needs to leave in the name of jesus but if you are afraid of getting it angry just say anything not of God is not welcome in your household to harm or cause harm to others. But if you ever need someone to listen to you just email me at fatalgirl09 at I will try to help as much and best I can intill this thing leave you alone. Also on a joking side next time you see it throw the bible at it and see what it says then XD.

  46. Karen M. says:


    I think that , that is the worse advice you can give someone, if the christian faith doesn’t work go to someone else?? You have to believe in your religion, no matter which one it is for it to work!

  47. Alaetra says:

    Don’t take it the wrong way I am a christan but what I meant to say if all else fails like worst case scenario and I wasn’t telling her to leave her christianity either just incase you thought that. Lets just say a priest couldn’t get rid of it and she went to several. What if she tried to get rid of it herself by praying every night or clensing the house herself. Then what could she do then? Sorry for all the what ifs just that would be a far off last resort type of solution.

  48. HOLYGHOST GIRL says:

    in the nme of jesus let every ungodly thing leev this girls home right now by the power of the only mighty god who is given the words of belevers the power over the enemy leev in the count of 3 …..1…..for the fother 2…..for the son tht shed his blood 3…..for the holyghost of cumfort. in jesus nme e-men sorry ell my letter keys dont work now!

    Thenk you !! careteker for you work

  49. looking for a good scary story Ryan says:

    WoW that had to be terrifying for you ,but i think you should of gotten rid the dreeser and mirror after you moved from your other house but the best thing you should do is get rid of the dresser.

  50. PRIYANKA says:

    wen 2 moved 2 a new house , u shouldnt hav moved d dresser wit u
    wel as far as i knw demons find place 2 stay 1st dey lived in d mirrorof ur dresser,
    & nw as u accidently broke d mirror dey r released ,
    as if a wild animal is released 4m a cage .

    Have the house blessed by a priest and ask him to bless all the rooms in the house with holy water. This will, for the short term, solve your problems. However this spirit will come back in about couple of months after the blessing very pissed off. Don�t be surprised if paranormal activity increases during this period.

    The next cause of action you must take is to ask the church for an exorcism to take place in your house forcing the spirit out of your home. In nearly all situations this
    method has been a great success. But to get the church to conduct this you will need proof of the spirit so get in touch with a group of paranormal investigators or a medium and get them to document what has been happening.

    i knw ur parents dont believe u bt u can atleast try rit

  51. Dave says:

    Listen people, we have the God-given authority to cast out these demons through Jesus’ name. Why would you hire a priest or paranormal investigators (who only makes things worse by the way) when you have the power within you to get rid of these demons.

    WE ARE VICTORIOUS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS!!!!!!! When will y’all understand that! Will somebody please read the bible because mostl suggestions for getting rid of these things are not godly! When did you see Jesus call on a priest or Paranormal investigator to rid someone of demons?!

    Get educated and seek truths people. Read the Word of God! I’m not making this stuff up, it’s all in the Word.

  52. Carlos says:

    Actually Dave I agree with you for the most part.We do have God Given Authority to cast out demons and negative energy’s.However depending on how bad of a problem this is for someone sometimes it is better to have a priest or a brother in christ help someone.There is nothing wrong with that,but yes read the bible and pray before you go to bed every night.Believe that God will protect you and he will.

  53. Dave says:

    Carlos I know what you mean, especially in that there is power in numbers. But I just want to remind people that we have the victory through Christ no matter if your alone or with someone else on a specific cause. If only we could truly understand what it really means to be a child of God! If only we could! We have so much God given authority! People often doubt themselves and fail to realize that they can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens them.

    People come up with these excuses why they can’t get rid of this problem or that situation and it baffles me all the time, do you know not who you are?!

  54. Tina says:

    I agree with Dave. I have no fear of the evil thats lurks everywhere. You have the power. Why have someone come in to your home, who doesnt live there, and cast out evil. That is your home, your family, your problem. I think having someone else come in, shows weakness and fear to the evil. You cant show it that. Once you do, it will never leave. You stand up, with a loud and firm voice, and tell it, ..” This is my home, you are not wanted here!!! In Gods name our saviour, I cast you back to the flames of hell!!!!!” SHOW NO FEAR!!! God Bless

  55. molly Goodwin says:

    hey amazing story, but we are trying to work out if its true or not. It is pretty cool and creeped me out. we had some”old croanies” in the room with no imaginations. very disturbing story. (i had a obsession with ghosts when i was little.

  56. t r bender says:

    I totally agree with Carlos, Tina and especially Dave. As a fellow Christian we DO have the Authority and POWER to fight evil in ALL its’ forms and WE CAN send these evil angels away from us BUT, and I emphasize BUT, you must have a tremendous amount of FAITH in order to do so. I get so angry watching paranormal reality shows on television proving IF a place is haunted BUT offer NO help, whatsoever, to the homeowner, business owner or manager of an establishment. Alana Hilliard, first of all, ASK Jesus into your heart to save you from your sin and BECOME a CHILD OF GOD. In this way you IMMEDIATELY will have a child-like faith. Remember a demon is nothing more than a REBELLIOUS ANGEL (I stated earlier) &
    feeds on fear. BECOME A CHRISTIAN & FEAR WILL STARVE ITSELF TO DEATH. I am writing a book about this very topic so be sure to look for it in the near future. I’m praying for you, ALANA and your younger sister, asking GOD to send a heavenly angel to protect you and your family. IS IT OK IF I USE YOUR DEMONIC ENCOUNTER AS AN EXAMPLE IN MY UPCOMING BOOK TITLED: “EARTHLY PROPHECIES”> I am willing to have you as an anonymous client if you wish. Let me know.

    By the way, I have had to resort to this sort of thing myself. On one certain episode I had a painful encounter with a demon. I was praying, VERY POWERFULLY, for satan to leave my
    family alone�that he was not welcome in my home. All of a sudden I felt excruciating pain on my side and when I turned to see what caused it I noticed a picture I had on my wall was now lying in front of me on the floor. A picture depicting a FAMILY BLESSING now was lying face-down on the kitchen floor that had originally been hanging in my dining room. Either satan or one of his minions hurled that picture at me at such force that the frame shattered leaving broken glass all over my kitchen floor. The blunt force left a welt but no other injuries. I refuse to give satan notoriety of any kind so I refuse to capitalize his name. GOD LOVES CHILDREN�satan hates them� Take care of business, ALANA and you will be given POWER and AUTHORITY to fight forces of evil. As of the present time I am working on two books One called EARTHLY PROPHECIES and the other titled SUPERNATURAL BONDAGE (a story that is the Oho�s version of Amityville Horror). Keep in touch as I sincerely care and am praying for you on a daily basis.
    T R Bender

  57. julie says:

    hey to whoever wrote this……i know exactly how you feel if its true because when i was a little girl my dad brought in an old mirror from the alley and i saw a demon in it,and somehow i feel like it took apart of me…

  58. twilighter says:

    omg thats an amazing story is it true??? if it is omg they realy dont believe u wow i am so sorry i feel ur pain i never had a deamon mirror before. But i do feel at times like I am being watched and followed. WOW !!!

  59. Inola says:

    i agree very much with the others in that you have a god-given authority over this thing.
    but, its too an extent.
    i may be pagan, but i do believe in a god, so you do have spiritual help, regardless of your religion.

    maybe if you confront the demon (whether with a bible or a bundle of sage or even both) it might help you along.

    good luck and god bless!!!

  60. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Alana,,, very interesting story!! have you ever seen movies where the mirrors are covered with sheets??? well, there is a reason,,,, they hold negative energy…. i am very interested in Feng-shu,,,,, in all of the books i have read about it,, mirrors are negative… we dont have one in our bedroom, at all… just like fireplaces, and many other things… many things can be portals…..

    No matter how spiritual you are,, anyone,,, negative energy is still all around us,, just like positive energy.. i am trying not to step on toes here,, just my opinion…..

    God bless,,, ktm

  61. Dave says:

    Hey KNOWTOMUCH, where do you see that in the bible?

  62. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hey DAVE, did i say that i saw it in the bible???????

    dont get me wrong,, i am a very spiritual person, as you will see if you read any of my posts!!!! i just feel that it could be a portal,, just like a q. board, possibly candles…. you just never know!!! i just try to stay away from negativity,, thats all,,,, didnt mean to get you all riled up!!!!!!!!

    in fact,, i am very careful of what i bring into my home…….be it a mirror, or anything else…. i am just talking,,, common sense… its ok if you dont agree with me… i just hope that you dont see something looking back at you one day as you look into a mirror…..

    sometimes,, i just wonder why some people are even here on this site??? do you believe in the paranormal??? on the other hand,, we all have our opinions,, dont we????

    we are all human beings,,, God is the only God….. He is the one who should be on our pedestals……i will say this, as i did in another post,, it seems that some people consider themselves,, above others..( HOLIER THAN THOU)… we need to be humble, in God’s grace….

    another thing,,,, we should all fear evil,, its there if we like it or not…. I do agree that if you are a true follower of our Holy Spirit,, that you are more protected,, but,,, evil can be very strong.. if you dont fear evil,, its like saying,,, oh,, i dont fear that truck thats about to run over me.. i mean,, come on,,,, we are only human……….common sense…..

    God bless us all,,,,, hugs to all of you,,,, ktm

  63. Dave says:

    KNOWTOMUCH, I wanted to discuss this like an adult and so that’s why I questioned you. The Feng shu that that you described seemed tilted towards the occult and that’s why I question it’s biblical references, that’s all I was trying to say.

    If there is any “negative” entities attracted to physical objects they do not have dominion over me, I don’t know about you, I have Jesus on my side, let us not forget “No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17).

    You also bring up an invalid point saying that we should “fear” evil, I don’t know which God you serve but under my God I shall fear no evil, under my God I am protected against my enemies and they availeth not over my life, like David said in Psalms 27, “The Lord us my light and my salvation, who shall I fear?”. Tell me KNOWTOMUCH, under God, who shall I fear?!

    Recognize that those who dwell in Christ have dominion, power, and authority over evil. The Lord is protector and we shall not fear, He’ll never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). Remember what I am telling you.

    • Caretaker says:

      Dave, Not everyone believes the same way. It is fine to present your beliefs and to talk about them but please stop trying to push your beliefs on others. I did edit your comment to remove a couple things – no need to claim someone is being sassy or to call them a child – OK?

      I think I have been very patient with you and others who seem only to want to preach their doctrines instead of discussing the story at hand. I am a firm believer myself in the Lord Jesus Christ, but I do not go around trying to force others to believe the way that I do. Nor do I insult others who see things differently. I understand that you probably believe that you are the one who is right about everything and everyone else is wrong but there is no need to be insulting to those with whom you do not agree.

      You say you want to discuss this like adults? Then do not be condescending. And by the way the subject of discussion here is Demon in the Mirror.

  64. Manik says:

    Hi Ktm i think your long explanation is no need coz he will understand i think, make your explanation short and sweet honey!!! Anyways MIRRORS ARE FUNNY TO ME I ALWAYS LAUGH WHEN I SEE MY SELF IN A MIRROR!! With love [email protected][email protected]!

  65. Manik says:

    To DAVE HI Every one has their own belief, own religion, own Gods and own names for Gods So ITS NOT THE WISE WAY TO ALWAYS SAY THE NAME “JESUS” I WOULDN’T SAY THAT I DON’T LOVE JESUS I WOULD SAY THAT I STRICTLY DISLIKE PEOPLE TRYING TO SPREAD THEIR RELIGION and always say the word Jesus like you who always includes the name “Jesus” damn it. THERE IS ONLY ONE SUPREME POWER WE DON’T KNOW WHO HE IS SO LET US CALL HIM SIMPLY AS “GOD” i hope you understand! !! ! :-(

  66. Tonja Brown says:

    This is not a crisis, a conundrum or a mystery.

    All that is to be done to be rid of any or all demons it to INVOKE the name of Jesus.

    When you feel the evil presence…..JUST CALL OUT TO JESUS, AND MEAN IT!!

    Just Say: Jesus help me, Jesus help me…..and about the 10th time, this devil, demon, entity, thing, ghost, evil spirit, whatever will LEAVE !!!


    I KNOW !!

    I have had to do this about 3 times in my life, and my calling upon my savior Jesus worked.

    Don’t think about it. Just do this !! Jesus is there to help YOU !!

    If you have issues about believing in Jesus, take them up with HIM afterwards. Until then.. HE WILL HELP YOU WHILE YOU ARE CONFRONTED WITH EVIL !!!

  67. Manik says:

    Thanks Caretaker. And there is God but i don’t prefer to call him “Jesus” even though Jesus comes to me and request me to do so coz THERE’s SOME ONE ABOVE HIM WHO ACTUALLY SENT HIM! Lets cut it i am not gonna talk on this again and the topic is on about DEMON IN THE OLD MIRROR RIGHT! Thanks for reminding me Care taker

  68. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Dave,, i must say,, you remind me off my first husband!!! he also thinks that he knows everything!!!! and sassy,, yes i am,, hear me roar!!!!!!!!!!!! oh,, and calling me a child,, thats very funny, someone needs to grow up and see the big picture, and its not me.. for sure!!!

    about the demon mirror,, well i had already posted about it, and i am sticking to it!!!

    thanks you guys,,,, just had to get it out of my system,, you know how us women are…lol….i agree,, i dont like bullies either!!!

    ok,, enough is enough,, back to the story…

    God bless us all,, or Higher power, or yada-yada-yada ktm

  69. Dave says:

    I never thought I’d see the day that people would condemn me for telling the truth. I never meant any harm to any of you but I was commanded to show you what God has shown me through HIS WORD (not my beliefs, but the truth, unless one is foolish enough to reject truths). If you people want to go ahead and believe whatever it is you do, go right ahead. But I’m telling you, if that path doesn’t involve JESUS you are destined for spiritual death.

    I’am officially done with this website,you won’t have to worry about my comments any longer, Im obviously not welcomed here. May God have mercy on all of you and I pray that one day you all will see the truth and not reject it, I pray for you all….

    • Caretaker says:

      Dave – no one has condemned you at all. I simply asked you to realize that not everyone believes the same way – or even sees the same “truth” – and that you should not try to force your viewpoints on others or be condescending toward them. If you want to be fruitfull in your work then I suggest that you try an approach from the perspective of love and compassion.

      You think that you were commanded by God to post here yet you are through with this website?

      You are welcome here and so are your views

  70. Dave says:

    KNOWTOMUCH please forgive me, I did not mean to come off as an arrogant, stubborn “know it all”, Im just so determined to preach Gods Word that I may come off as such. I love you dearly and I wish you all the best, may you dwell in the house of the Lord forever. And God bless you too Caretaker, God bless you all.

    PS. I didn’t mean to belittle you by calling you child; where Im from you call someone “child” if you really care about them, it doesn’t matter if your an adult of not.

  71. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Dave,, i do forgive you!! i understand how you feel, as i feel the same way….i used to preach to others, and found out the hard way,, thats not the way to get through.. being a loving Christian, as i am, i have learned that there are so many people that need our help and support, and we have to be more delecate about it… we have to be careful of peoples feelings….

    i hope you stay on the website,,, Caretaker said it perfectly!!!! many of us have become friends, as we dont judge each other… sometimes we get close and have to bite our lip…. i have worked very hard in my life,, not to judge others,, it is hard to do at times…. as we believe with our whole hearts!!! and we want to spread the word…

    i did get sassy with you,, and i am sorry for that,, i am a mature adult.. i need to act like one…..but,, sometimes we all get a little out of hand…i hope you stay, i already know that i will be going to Heaven,, possibly, sooner than i thought….

    God bless you,,,,, ktm

  72. Alana says:

    t r bender, yeah I’m fine with including this in your book. As for Dave and the others, I am a Christian. I have been for quite some time. I’ve tried to get this thing to leave. it’s not as active but it’s still here. thanks for the support guys.

  73. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Alana,, you are still in my thoughts and prayers hun,, i have not forgotten about you!!!! keep your faith strong, and keep this at bay!!! prayers and faith do help….i think that we all have evil surrounding us at points in our lives,, its out there for sure, none of us are immune to it..

    i pray and keep my faith strong on a daily basis,,, this does help to avade the evil… it will suppress it a bit… also,, coming here and having a great support system has helped me a lot…. i feel a lot of love and caring here, and i can also talk about whats going on…

    please,, come here often, and talk about whats going on,, you need all of the support you can get, and you will get it here….you will also meet some wonderful friends, as i have…

    take care hon,, and God bless you,,,,, ktm

  74. Crystal says:

    Why are you just giving in and quitting?

    You commented: “I�am officially done with this website,you won�t have to worry about my comments any longer, Im obviously not welcomed here. May God have mercy on all of you and I pray that one day you all will see the truth and not reject it, I pray for you all�.”

    Ok.. before I even talk about this comment, let me first tell you that I am very much a Christian and very much one to battle spiritual battles, especially since I have battled them since I was a child.. along with having to gift of prophecy and discernment of spirit…. also I have attached below my comment to Anala concerning her problem and her comment back just so that you can see how I believe and i hope you will scroll down to read it.
    NOW.. God has led me to write this because of your willingness to give up. You get rejected, people don’t agree with you and you are willing to just leave the website and stop witnessing and helping others through their spiritual issues.. sometimes maybe being the ONLY sound advice they may get, or having the TRUE message from God that that person needs at the time. Am I saying that other people dont’ help? Absolutely not.. there are GREAT people here… but God does work through people, and sometimes you may be the vessel he chooses to use. But, what I am saying is that if all of God’s people quit everytime things got tough, God wouldn’t have much of an army or any followers. We are here to witness, to pray for one another, to show our faith in God and how we KNOW He will deliver them, to help carry one another’s problems, TO BE AN EXAMPLE. And, when we witness, it is ok to witness to others that have different opinions, but do it only with love and wisdom, (always praying for God to lead you).. never come across as if you know more or overbearing, which is very easy to do on the internet. And, I truly say this with christian love and concern. But, if you are just going to witness and be God’s warrior only when you are winning, your not going to get very far. You have to stick it out.. this is where you are going to help others, learn to witness, pray and STAND on the truth with wisdom AND the Word of God (very important to back up what you are saying with scripture). If you can learn and do it here along with off the internet, you wlll grow.. but don’t be so afraid of failure.. while you should strive not to fail.. you will learn from each failure. And, you will learn when and how to defuse a situation when someone JUST WANTS TO FIGHT without making GOD look weak (for that is who you are representing)

    As far as your comment of “not being welcome here”… sorry, hon, but where does self pity belong in being a witness for God, a warrior for God and an example to someone that needs your help? I am NOT trying to be mean.. just passing on to you what I need to. God has blessed you with a great heart, a soul that wants to see others saved, a person that wants to LEAD people to God… you have many gifts that He is waiting to bring forth in you but you have to come to a greater maturity and some more growing to do. Please know that I say this with great love and as a message from God. I am here if you want to talk.
    Below is my post on this situation with Alana and her post.
    God Bless you… and I truly hope I didn’t offend, but I must say what I am led to say.

    Crystal says:
    August 23, 2009 at 3:33 am
    As I posted on someone else�s story, I have been fighting battles like this since I was a child. I am very much a christian and maybe I can help you. My prayers are with you. I am going to give you some suggestions that will help you if you put them to use, but it has to be more than just physically� it has to be put to use with your heart, soul and faith in God. First of all, you do have power over demons as a child of God (assuming you are a christian)� when confronted with an evil spirit, I say �I rebuke and bind you in the name of Jesus Christ.. You have no right to come against me for I am a child of God who has already defeated you! Get behind me and leave this place.� But, I can�t just say it, I have to BELIEVE in faith that this will happen because I DO have the authority through Christ who strengthens me.
    Go around your room, bathroom, and especially the dresser and while touching things pray �Father God, bless this place that nothing evil may be able to reside in this space in the name of Jesus.�
    Now, do you have the right to cast out this demon?? yes, you do. BUT, you have to have the faith in yourself as a christian and faith in God who is your strength that He will work through you. The bible speaks often of strengthening your spirit through fasting and prayer, which is something you should definitely do. designate a day that you would be totally committed to fasting, praying, reading the Bible for guidance and preparing yourself as a spiritual warrior.

    Anyway, hope this helps.. didn�t mean to go on so long.. like I said, been down this road so many times. One last thing� you have NO reason to fear this thing for you have power or it, not the other way around.

    This thought might help.. when I am in a spiritual battle, I think of the spirit/demon as a naughty child that i am having to might throw a fit, but you KNOW it has to obey you in the end� it helps to make it not seem so �ominous� and helps take the fear away. Plus, just trust in God.. He never leaves nor forsakes us and He isn�t going to start now.

    God Bless you,

    Anala says:
    August 23, 2009 at 1:58 pm
    Thank you guys so much for the advice. And to the people who don�t believe me, I don�t care. I know it�s real. I live through it. I experience things a lot.

    Crystal, you�re comment has really helped me the most. And yes, I am a Christian.

  75. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Dave,, come on now,,,, we want you back!!! we have all been blasted at one point or another,, i have, for sure…. i have been called all sorts of names!!!! and ya know,,, i know what my truth is!! people may not always agree with me,, but i will state my opinion,, just like you have.. and i blasted you!!!

    its ok to disagree!!!! thats how we learn…… you have made many good do you think that marriages last for over 50 years.. they learn to have thier own opinions!!!! me and my hubby dont always agree,, but hey,,,,, thats life hun….

    i hope you read this and come back and join us.. i have been in trouble here,, Caretaker has had to scold me a few times,, and i love him for that , because i do get carried away,, we all do……..

    my father raised me to be strong, as i am a woman,, and he worried about me… well,, he raised me well…lol…. there where times in my life where i thought he was such an a..

    Bless his heart,, i lost him to cancer , 6 years ago,, and i have missed him so much,, he had such wisdom,, i realize now that he knew what he was doing……he loved me deeply…i was raised in a British household,, strict in a way…

    Ok dave,, you have to come back,, my dad’s name was Dave also….. lots of Daves and Davids here!! ya know,, if my daughter had been a boy,, her ,, or his ,, name would have been David…….

    God bless you,,,,,, ktm

    and,, i want to talk more about mirrors�..great subject�.

  76. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Has anyone else ever had an expereince with a mirror??? my hubby and i watched a movie the other night that we got through netflix, called ( Dark mirror) has anyone seen it,, very scary!! it was a very intense movie,, i would say between a horror and a thriller…. it wasnt one of those B rated movies, it was done very well.. it keeps you wondering, through the whole movie…. just what is behind all of the paranormal activity….


  77. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Alana,, i was very interested in your story,, i have always been facinated by mirrors, and in a way, they have always been sort of scary to me….maybe i have watched to many scary movies,, i dont know… i wish you would post more here!!!

    I also understand where you are coming from,,,,,,, my parents said to me when i was younger,,( you have a very vivid imagination))) although, i knew what i was seeing and hearing,, much like you!!!

    i am 51 years old,, and still,, the dark, terrifies me…. i have to have night lights, all through the house, and my lamp beside my bed is a touch lamp, very easy to turn on…. as far as taking showers,, i spent many years locking the bathroom door, so nothing could come in and get me…. now,, all i have up, is a clear shower curtain, so i can see the whole bathroom….

    after reading you post,, it makes me feel better that i am not alone with my fears…. even us grown ups get scared!!!! i feel that after we experience certain things in our lives, it kind of sticks with us,, always in the back of our minds!!!

    hope to see you soon hun,,,,, hugs,,, ktm

  78. Mira says:

    I’m an Atheist… so I don’t do that God stuff. I had a very similar experience with a mirror, except it was an old, handheld one my mom’s grandmother gave to her before she died, then mom gave it to me. I saw a small girl’s face, and she told me her name was Mary and she was lonely, could she stay at my house? I didn’t know what to say, finally I said, “As long as you are nice.” The next day one of my chickens died, its neck had been broken. I asked Mary if she had done it. She got mad, and told me that the chicken hurt her. I told her to leave, and she said no. Finally when we went camping, she was gone by the time we got back.

  79. Lucy says:

    LOL! Jesus is not God. God sent Jesus. If Jesus was God, then who is the Father?

  80. Anonymous says:

    wow i believe you all and i never had a like an experence before but i dont want to either but if i did i dont know what i would do . i think you guys are so brave because i would have been pulled the hair out of my head and left not only the house but the town the state and everything

  81. Satansgirl66 says:

    Stories like this are why I got on this website. The point I was trying to make in my post is that people go spouting off about Demons being evil when most don�t even know what Demons are. Demon comes from the Greek word �daemon� which means spirit and has no negative connotations. When christianity took over they had to force people away from their pagan faiths by force. They bribed, blackmailed, and killed in order to force �God� on everyone.

    Every �good� faith needs a foe right? So the church took traits from many popular gods and called the resulting figure, �the devil�. The devil is no more than a tool used to scare people into church pews and make fun of Pagan Gods. Satan has been worshiped in every Pagan culture under a different name:

    The great Pagan Gods became Demons and the church was free to say whatever they wanted to about them. That is wrong. Ipos is a Demonic name right?, Ipos is the name of The God of mummifacation whose Greek name is rendered Anubis.

    All I am saying is that is was wrong of you to assume it was a Demon just because that is what society has drilled into you. In saying that Demons are evil, you are saying that every Pagan faith that ever was(and still is) are woshiping monsters. What is to stop any evil spirit from going for shock factor and saying �yeah I�m a demon�?

  82. Beezlebub_666 says:

    satansgirl66 is correct there are also other greek gods that are called demon like sallos, bael, vassago, amon, sitri and on and on and on. And there is a rule of satanism that “show kindess to those who deserves it and if you dont like a person then tell him just you dont like him”. So demons are also like god only chruch did smthing just like satansgirl says.

  83. peaceandfreedom says:

    if i was you i would beg my mom to get a priest to bless the house.if your mom disagree on that idea get a bible pray your head off.

  84. Anonymous says:

    hei..well i used to see stuff too…my mom never believed me…never…i dont know wat it was but one day i saw this black hand saying hay to me from my new chair…i ran to my mom and shw start laughting…so i just thought that it was my imagination…that night i woke up because i heard a really loud sound…so i turn around and i saw this woman sitting on the chair were i saw the hand. so i told my mom if we could give the chair away then my dad came visit me…because my parents r divorce…so wen he came i told him about the chiar problem he didnt believe me …then he said if he could have the chair….i gived the chair to him….after 5 weeks i went in rome to stay for a night with him…and in his room there was the chair again..i wasnt scared anymore…but that night something happend…me and my dad and sis…were in the bed together….and we were the only ppl there….at 3 o’clock that night i woke up because something was happening…i could feel it in my body…wen i woke up…somethin was turning the light off and on in the rr and in the kitchen. then the water was running and plates were moving making loud noises….i looked in the \bed and my dad and my sis were there with me…so i got really scared and ask myself “if my dad and my sis r here sleeping and we r the only ppl in the house who is making all those noises??” no one never believed me except my bff kymber…she does….but my mom still doesnt….now i dont live in italy anymore i live in mississippi and i still see stuff and i hear sounds from my closet…but now i know that if something happens my mom is going to believe me…alana i’m srry for wat happen to u…i think u should get someone who is specialize in this
    by. angy

  85. Crystal says:

    Alana I know you posted this in October but mostly demons do get attached to objects and travels with them that’s why when buying things you have to be careful to not bring such thing into your home. Now, on to another thing I don’t mean to sound hateful or offend any one but some of these people are idiots. Ghosts/spirits/demons what ever people may call them some can hurt you some can kill you it has been many cases where it came down to people dying from being possessed by those things. I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve been doing my research since I was 8 and still is doing research you can never learn to much on these sort of things. My cousin brought a suitcase from a stock yard and when she brung it home (she never opened it) it started to make growling noise and shake and bump around and everything so she got rid of it. So, things are possible when ever you do feel it bothering you say Jehovah as many times as it takes it only takes a couple of times before it goes away they cannot stand to hear his name because it is so powerful. I wish you luck and I will pray for you remember have faith do not become weak at all

  86. Crystal says:

    I received an e-mail about this post and just wanted you to be clear that the “crystal” that posted the previous post is not me…. it is another Crystal. I am the one that originally posted on August 23rd and a few times afterward. The one that posted today (Jan 8th) is someone else. I just didn’t want you to get confused and think that was me as we have “talked” before…. of course, I don’t have a problem with other people’s advice.. like I said, just didn’t want you confused. :)

    I do hope you are doing well.. please update soon and let me know how things are going.

    God Bless you,

  87. Crystal says:

    I am so sorry for what you have gone through and what you are going through. And, I know it is hard when your parents don’t believe you. There have been times when I felt no one believed me, but I knew what I saw, felt and heard (and still do). The comfort I take is from God, because He is the one that gets me through it. I pray to Him and I had to realize that I have authority through God to cast out these spirits…. and, trust me, it works. Angy, you TRULY have power over them, they don’t have power over you. To be honest, they feed on your fear… they exist to torment you. And, guess what… they wouldn’t be doing that if there wasn’t something very special about you that they want to stop. So, you have to NOT let them stop you… and, I know that it is easier said than done. But, you have to find that inner strength and faith in God through prayer and the Word. ANd, of course, talking to me :) . God didnt’ lead you to talk to me for nothing, you know.
    It sounds like to me that you are ALREADY very strong to have gone through so much already and made it through. Alot of people would not have been able to handle it.
    I promise that I will be here to talk to you and help you…. and I will be praying for you.

    I KNOW nothing is going to happen to you.. it just isn’t going to happen, Angy. You have guardian angels and GOd’s protection. Also, as far as the sounds from you closet goes…. Go to your closet, open the door and say
    “Satan, I rebuke and bind you and your demons right now in the name of Jesus.. I command you to leave this place and to never return. I take authority over you. Only all things good and of God may dwell in this place from this moment on.”
    Say it and mean it. If you have other problems after that… do it again with all the confidence you have. As you do this, you will gain confidence and strength.. you will also be less afraid each time.
    Remember, God is ALWAYS with you.. He loves you and will always guide you. THis is a fight that i have fought many times… almost on a daily basis and I really dont’ have fear anymore.. it is more annoying than anything. Why do I have these constant fights? Because GOd has given me special gifts that satan doesn’t want me to use…. but, I won’t let him win. He is like a bully on the playground.. trying to push me around, but because I am a christian I am stronger than him. Make any sense?

    One last thing… regardless of what your parents believe… remember that I believe you and your best friend believes you. One day your parents will believe.. it is just that you are tellling them something that they don’t understand. And, if you think that the chair really has something attached to it, the next time you are around it you can rebuke the evil from it the same way that I told you to rebuke the evil from your closet.

    Well, I guess i have given you enough to read.. lol. Please write soon and let me know how you are doing, what is going on and if you need anything.


  88. scattered remains and splattered brains says:

    say i bind the curse that beholds me with the name that of jesus christ then wash down your house with holy water it worked 4 me when i was possesed

  89. sumira says:

    if u r tellin the truth show them proff i now it must b scary but u have to find a way to let them now and never ever take a mirror lik that again!!!!!!!!! um if iwere you i would get holy water and splash it in the rooms u mostly feel threatend at pray while udoit also imsure ur mom will cum around n c u r tellin da truth ….. n i am so sorry for u, god bless… on da other hand if ur lyin ur really sick

  90. matthew says:

    ok find a photo of god or jesus and print it.then hang it on the closets wall. then in an day or 2go open the closet and se if the photo is there if its gone youve got a(some) demon(s)ok next bring a bible and say for a line that has a lot of power with god on it like for go the hev……ect then go around the house and do it untill you have god on your side and youll know when trust me ok then hang a crose in the places you feel un confertable spead salt or olive oil in the floor of the carpet and do the same thing with the photo and put it were the miirror was broke ok?and say get out of my house and leve my family alone with a get the heck outa here for gods name amen

  91. RandomGuy says:

    So you mean to tell me that hanging a picture of a blue eyed, blond hair imposter on a wall will aggravate a demon?! I believe in Jesus Christ but not the way people portray Him, for He was a man of color as described in the Bible.

    This thing is obviously demonic so there is no need to “hang pictures”, you need to rebuke that demon in your house in the mighty name of Jesus! We have God-given authority over these demons if you would only have faith and rebuke it in Jesus’ name.

    Please do not listen to the bad advice given by most of these people, most of these people are not wise in God’s Word and are truly in the darkness themselves, how can they show you the light if they themselves can’t even see it?! You need to hearken unto your Bible, the ways of man are fallible. Trust in God first! “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths”. Proverbs 3:5

  92. krystal says:

    i believe what u are saying and u need to do something about this and quick!!

  93. Anonymous bastard says:

    get rid of that mirror ,go talk to your parents about what you and your sister are seeing and call a medium or a priest so that he would exorcise the house and bless you and your family it’s the best thing to do and we say that when someone dies his soul enters in the mirror that’s why where I live (Lebanon) , we cover the mirrors of the house or apartement that the person lives in when he dies and we call a priest to bless the house and the people who live in

  94. simmerdown- says:

    this, is very frightneing. your in a tough position, but you said the mirror broke? I think now getting rid of the mirror, really isn’t going to do anything. first of all, the entity, seems like it wants to hurt you, but if it really did it would probably be strong enough to get to you by now. But your going to need your mom and dads help. get your sisters and brothers ask them if they saw anything, and then go to your parents and have each sibling say something about it ( if they had experiences ) and then a preist to bless the house.

  95. ChristianForever says:

    You need MrPastor77 on youtube … I’ve seen his work … He has all sorts of Ghost Removing Prayers, he even will pray with you over Skype in real-time.