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Cursed By A Ghost Witch

Posted on February 15, 2009

This started just a little over three weeks ago. Me and some friends had been hearing a story for years about a cabin in the woods that used to be inhabited by a witch who now supposedly haunts it, I’m not going to tell you where it is but I will say it is in Massachusetts. After hearing these stories and recently hearing some new ones from some old high school friends we decided to check it out. Before I tell you our story I’ll tell you the story our old friends told us, this apparently happened while we were still in high school but they didn’t tell anybody until now.

This group of friends, about 7 or 8 of them, had also been hearing these stories but didn’t go there out of any paranormal curiosity, they were just looking for an outside place to drink and smoke pot. It sits in the woods in the exact center of a triangle of cemeteries, all three of which have been abandoned and unvisited for at least a hundred years. After parking next to one of these cemeteries they walked into the woods to look for it and after over an hour they finally found it and went in.

While standing at the doorway they heard nothing, an almost creepy silence but as soon as they actually set foot into the house they started hearing noises loudly, bangs, scratches and footsteps. The sounds were so loud they were immediately freaked out and decided to leave and as soon as they stepped out, the sounds stopped but they had a new problem. Now that they were outside somebody started throwing rocks at them from somewhere in the woods, constantly coming from different directions, mind you this happened during the day so they could see their surroundings but didn’t see anyone. They ran all the way back to the car.

After hearing these stories we couldn’t wait to check it out but our friends who went there before refused to show us the way. It took us a couple weeks for us all to find the time to go but we finally did about three weeks ago. Our friends gave us vague directions on how to get there. We parked at the cemetery and went into the woods. After about an hour of walking through the woods, noticing the utter lack of normal sounds of the forest, we finally came across the cabin, it wasn’t what I expected. It was very small, about 20 ft. by 15 ft., one floor, only one room with no door, just a gaping doorway and all the windows smashed.

We walked in but didn’t hear the sounds our friends heard before but one thing that was creepy was a small bowl sitting in the middle of the floor. We walked over to the bowl and checked it out. It was small and very old and had a sour smelling, black powder residue on the inside. We checked out the whole cabin (which took about 3 seconds) and looked through the piles of debris on the floor that were pushed up against the walls. Extremely disappointed we started talking about leaving and that’s when the sounds started.

We heard a clicking sound like finger nails tapping on wood, then scratching, then it stepped up to knocking. These sounds never stayed in the same place twice, they’d be on one side of the room then jump to another, then another. It got so loud some of us had to cover our ears. We started heading for the door and the noises stopped immediately. We stopped and with the overwhelming feeling someone was behind us we all turned around and in the back right corner we saw something that freaked us out and we all saw the same thing. The corner started to get darker and darker like the light was being pushed out of the way until it was complete blackness then out of this blackness, about 8 feet off the floor near the ceiling, a jet-black face slowly leaned out seemingly through the wall and just stared at us.

We just stood there frozen in shock for what seemed like 10 minutes at the face until from behind us, we were attacked by flapping wings, screeching and long talons. We were so shocked by this that we ran out of the cabin screaming like little girls with what turned out to be a very large owl on our tail. It chased us out of the cabin, paying particular attention to me (I still have the scratches on my arms), and followed us all the way to the cemetery. Once we ran through the rock wall of the cemetery it disappeared. We immediately jumped into the car and drove away. That’s when I noticed I still had the old bowl in my hand.

I decided to keep the bowl as a souvenir of one experience I’ll never forget. I washed out the powder residue and set it up on the liquor cabinet in the living room for everyone to see. Every time we had a guest I would show it to them and tell them the story.

Then that Monday I went to work at the restaurant I’ve worked at for almost a year and ten minutes after I walked in there, a minor fire sparked up that had all the evidence pointing to me accidentally starting it. I was in the same side of the room that it started from but I still wasn’t near where it started but they fired me anyway. Then for a while I had some semi minor bad luck like losing my glasses and cellphone on the same day or while taking the dishes out of the dishwasher, I apparently pushed a glass into the cabinet too hard and almost every single glass fell out the door on the other side and smashed on the floor. Then I got sick, nothing too bad, but like a really bad cold. I visited my friend and while I was there his girlfriends cat ran away and after spending most of the night helping them looking for it I decided to go home and while backing out of their driveway I ran over the cat killing it. I went to the movies twice after that and both times the film broke in the projector. I went to the mall with the same friends that I visited the cabin with and while there we got into a fight with some people we never met before. My friend ended up with a black eye and we were kicked out of the mall, then to top it all off my car died a couple days later.

This all happened over about three weeks. My friend (with the black eye), who never really believed in the supernatural before the event in the cabin, blurted out the next day that he blames the old bowl like it’s cursed or something. Everyone agreed so the next day we drove back to the cemetery and since nobody else agreed to leave the car, I made my way back to the cabin alone. After walking for what seemed like a lot less time than before (maybe 20 to 30 minutes) I got to the cabin, walked into the middle of the room and put the bowl right back where I found it and left without incident. That happened 4 days ago and I have had no more bad luck. I sold the dead car and bought a new one and am in the process of looking for a new job, oh and my friends girlfriend adopted a new cat yesterday.

After looking up info on witches I believe the owl was the witches familiar which is a witches helper and is usually an animal like the black cats you always see with witches in cartoons and stuff. I came to this conclusion because I remembered that as soon as we entered the cemetery, hallowed ground, it disappeared. This is a true story and hasn’t been exaggerated and is believed by everyone who witnessed it.

Written by Adam G., Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com


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19 Responses to “Cursed By A Ghost Witch”
  1. Ryan says:

    You certanly were brave to venture back to that old place alone and return the bowl but it paid of it seems and WOW what a story.

  2. Alpha says:

    amazing experience…

    I haven’t yet come across a spirit that was once a witch. The term witches are generally used loosely, with most people falling under the impression that they are fictitious women who can perform magic with wands and brew potions and other concoctions, but witches were and are real!!!

    Most witches practise the dark arts and perform spells in conjunction with satanic or Wicca rituals. They try and communicate with the dead, practising an elementary form of necromancy, unlike that in gothic horror.

    You were really brave venturing into an unknown cabin after being testament to an undeniably strong spiritual presence. The most scariest experience i underwent was being dared to enter this abandoned house, where 2 people committed suicide. I encountered this hulking black mass that sat in a corner, giving out rasping wheezy noises, but it just stood their motionless and disappeared. Your experience was far more scarier!!!

    I’m glad you aren’t cursed any more =)
    Take care

  3. Rose...The Lost and Forgotten says:

    Just so you know, Wicca and Satanic rituals are NOT anywhere near the same thing. Satanic is based on Lucifer, the fallen angel, in which you worship him and carry out work in his name. People mostly believe that it is a “bad” religion, although in the eyes of one who is practicing it, it isn’t.

    Wicca is completely and TOTALLY different. It is a nature-based religion, and the believers try to help man-king to the best of their ability. The are normally into medicine.

    And to the author of this story, I believe you either ran into an imp, or a residual image. There may have been a violent, or traumatizing event that happened to the “witch” in that cabin. That would explain the noises and weirdness. Though, an imp would explain the troubles you had.

  4. Alpha says:

    Thanks Rose =)
    I honestly was under the impression that Wicca was a religion that fraternised with the dark arts and evil magic. My bad….

    If you could tell me the name of the witch groups that experimented with deceased corpses and the reanimation of the dead i would love it!!

  5. Adam G. says:

    Thanks for the comments. I’d like to add i never said she practiced Wiccan but i do believe that it was the witch. I’d like to know what you guys think about the jet black face we saw and the fact that my trip back was almost half the time it took the first time we went.

  6. hater says:

    maybe the second time u went bk u walked faster and i dnt belive a word of that story

  7. Adam G says:


    I can assure you this is all real and has four other witnesses. The only evidence i still have is the scratches on my arms which, since i sent this story in about a month ago, have mostly become light scars.

  8. Jerry Lew says:

    Great story, I hope you’re doin’ better now that You’ve returned the bowl!.
    Hard to tell who the spirit was in the cabin, but evidently She / It didn’t appreciate You hangin’ around.
    The fact that You got back to the Cabin quicker seems easy because You had been there before and You weren’t just lookin’ around for the place in the woods.
    You have to be careful what You ask for when dealin’ with “Spooky” things because You never know what Your walkin’ into. Be safe, Jerry Lew

  9. nazreen says:

    GREAT STORY ADAM…its gud that, u went back alone to the cabin, and left the bowl ova ther, since you had a belief that, the bowl is the reason for all your mess..
    take care, nd have fun..

  10. Adam G. says:

    I asked what people thought about the time difference to the cabin because it’s not like we had any directions or landmarks to guide us. All we did was start at the rock wall in the cemetary and walk streight into the woods. I believe i didnt walk faster than i did before, even if i did it wouldnt have cut the time in half, unless i ran which i didnt do. I actually find this to be one of the stranger things of this experience because it’s like the cabin moved or something.

    I’d also like to know what people think about the black face we saw. Was it the witch or something worse?

  11. L. M. S. says:

    That’s sort of creepy. I think it was either the witch, or there was some sort of residue left of things the witch did. It could be either one, or both. But that’s just my opinion.

  12. sharu says:

    wow u were brave . it was really a curse ! you lost ur job, killed the cat etc …………. its really freaky !! did u have any other scary adventure?

  13. tyra says:

    Poor kitty…you had some nasty bad luck with the bowl in your house….i wonder what the black stuff was in it?I have a friend that practices wicca.She uses it to heal the tree of life.She’s a pretty cool person.

    -tyra :D

  14. Adam G. says:


    Thanks for the comment. The witch in that cabin obviously didn’t practice wicca because thats obviously considered “white magic” but just like how there are good witches it seems there are bad ones also.

  15. kaitlyn says:

    maybe if you uploaded pictures of the scratches on your arms then ill believe it, but there is no proof….

  16. Adam G. says:


    I would but since this happened in mid december they’ve healed into very light scars, which i doubt would show up on film, but in the end you don’t have to believe me. I just came here to tell my story although i am planning to go back to that cabin with the same people as the first visit with a camera so i’ll keep you guys updated on the page to Cursed By A Ghost Witch Part 2.

    If you really think about it i could still fake the scratches on my arm if i was desperate enough to convince you and thats why i’m going back with a camera. I’m hoping to catch that jet black face we saw come out of the wall.

  17. rebecca says:

    okay, why you would go back is crazy! anyway i guess im a sissy :) but do keep us updated.. the face i dont know what it could e but i imagine something awful…as for the time it took you to walk to the cabin the 2nd time, i think whoever wanted the bowl back made that happen.. you know? so it could get returned faster. i dont know jmo. take care and be careful crazy guy!

  18. Jacob says:

    what a good story thats why you never mess with stuff like that

  19. Adam G. says:


    Yeah well, my friends are trying to get me to go back there again.

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