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Crop Circles Are They Messages From The Gods?

Posted on March 1, 2008

Crop circles have a universal language of geometry. I believe that the ancient sites of Crop CirclesEngland and leylines have something to do with the crop circle phenomenon.

Somehow these crop circles are changing our perspective of life and our consciousness.

Crop circles have been seen since the 7th century, before two guys appeared before BBC and made claim that they created the crop circles with sticks and rope. Could these two men that make this claim have created over 10,000 reported crop circles in 26 countries?

Crop circles that are so geometrically complex, that you have to be a mathematician with a genius level of intelligence to create them? For example there is a double helix of DNA strand type of crop circle, that would be impossible for humans to create.

Crop CirclesWith a closer look the grain stems are arranged in a concentric manner. The plants should be destroyed by the circle creations, but yet they survive. Upon closer inspection we see intricate designs that have been called the wreath, bird nest, cane hut, dorsal fin and the teardrop.

When hoaxers try to replicate crop circles, they can’t even get a circular precision down right, let alone the complex symbols.

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49 Responses to “Crop Circles Are They Messages From The Gods?”
  1. matthew caissie says:

    my name is Matthew,I believe in UFOs and crop circles …I’m only 11 and I have pretty good proof of UFOs and I believe crop circles are not from the gods but from aliens . most crop circle are actually galactic maps…I know its crazy but some crop circle are actually galaxies that where only discovered almost 25 years latter so I don’t think some dude can just discover galaxy 25 years before make a huge crop circle of it and then disappear without a trace… and some people stayed in a field all night and the in the morning there is a huge crop circle and there camera got nothing on tape and their clocks,watches and technical devices all were set back about 3 to 4 hours…..so …what do you think now?!

  2. Jess says:


  3. Ash says:


  4. Jason says:

    Come on! Do you guys really believe this fake story. Crop circles are made by the farmers with their tractors.

  5. mel says:

    LOL.. doesn’t anyone follow the news anymore before believingin everything they see and hear.. the crop circles have been explained years ago guys…. they have been done by 2 guys who confessed and even demonstrated how they did them… you’ll find loads of proof of this on the net luvs..

  6. The Caretaker says:

    Hello mel

    Evidently you didnt read the full story and you are the one who should not believe everything you read or hear. Do you really think that all these crop circles could have been created by two people?

    It is true that most crop circles can be proven to be fakes, but there are also those that cannot be explained.

    For more read:

    Crop Circles ~ Messages from the Gods

    Crop Circles ~ Hoax or Alien Art

    Crop Circle Symbology

  7. Jason says:

    ok. One crop circles are fake and if u guys and proove me wrong. Go ahead and try to do it. Because im a mastermind when it comes to this kind of stuff. When u find a convinceing story let me know and ill proove u wrong.

    Have a nice day.

    Ghost Master

  8. The Caretaker says:

    Hi Jason,

    If you can prove that ALL crop circles are fake then you are a genius and can accomplish something that no one has ever been able to do.

    In the meantime you have said nothing here about how you can prove this ‘story’ or any other is a fake. In fact, this post is NOT a story. It is a small presentation of some of the historical facts about crop circles.

  9. The Girlfriend of Jason!!! says:

    I agree with Jason that crop circles are FAKE!! Oh and Caretaker..you spelt genius wrong!! Thanks 4 ur time!!!

  10. Jizle says:

    when you said one of the circles is our solar system, but without us, that may be what the solar system will look like after 2012

  11. The Caretaker says:

    Hello Jason’s girlfriend. I understand that you disagree and that is perfectly fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, the “mastermind” hasn’t shown any proof whatsoever that all crop circles are faked.

    If either of you would like to write such an argument and prove your statement then I would be glad to publish it on the site for everyone else to read.

  12. Jason says:

    Alright Caretaker I have proof that the crop circles pics that you r showing r fake because they r to detailed and every single story that i have encountered the farmer confessed that he made the crop circles.

    PS: Dont mess with my girlfriend.


  13. The Caretaker says:

    Hello Jason

    First off, if you read the article you would know, I am not the author of this.

    Second, the amount of detail in a pic in no way proves, or disproves, that the crop circle is fake.

    Third, you have provided no evidence, let alone any proof.

    Fourth, no one is “messing” with your girlfriend :)

    Thanks for all your comments on this and other stories

  14. The Girlfriend of Jason says:

    Have you ever seen a real crop circle??? Have you ever talked to a farmer to see if he made them, just so he can freak people like you out?? Take a trip to someone’s farm. I dare you. And dont make Jason pissy..you wouldn’t like it.

  15. The Caretaker says:

    As I have already said I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE

    How am I making anyone ‘pissy’? Jason said he could prove it and I simply asked him to go ahead and prove it. Why do I sense so much anger from you?

    I welcome all viewpoints here on the site. Anyone is free to agree or disagree. That way the readers can experience and consider varying opinions and ideas about this stuff. There is no need for anger or insults. In fact, if either of you would like to write an article that debunks crop circles and explains why they are all fakes I would be happy to publish it here for everyone to read.

    I am sure that many, if not most, crop circles are fake, ie created by humans. However there are some that cannot be explained that easily.

  16. poulami says:

    wat is cropcircle?? i didnt understand its a good sin or bad…what it does can u xplaain it to me :-)

  17. nikki says:

    ah for u two jason and his girl friend leave caretaker alone and caretaker i believe in them i have seen a real one made in front of me

  18. gus says:

    Nikki: You have? When? Where? Do you have proof of it? Pictures or film or a video, perhaps? No? In that case, you’re the same as jason and his gf, no proof, just plain blather.

    Caretaker: Why do you keep up with their trolling? They offer no proof whatsoever, either for or against cropcircles, and they don’t add anything to the thread. Just delete the posts and stop feeding the trolls.

    And yes, I know I’m feeding the trolls, and trolling also, so please cut out my post also.

  19. geno says:

    my name is geno and i am 17 years old . and i do believe in ufos. and i was wondering maybe the crop circles that people see in cornfields are ufo signs or maybe its a farmer with a tractor that only made right or left turns.

  20. dark angel of the night says:

    this a comment for all to read. crop circles are real and then there not. theres are those farmers who have confessed then there are the ones that are unexpamlable many say they are alien messages or messages from god. but what i have to say wont matter but some who might read this crop circles are telling a story that we need to find out what. so to jason and his girlfriend and most of all caretaker heres a challenge, find out this story together or alone but theres something there that needs to be found out.

    write me back soo,

    dark angle of the night

  21. Lauren says:

    I totally agree with caretaker!!!! If u think u know all about crop circles then PROVE it! I dont see any of you guys having the facts or evidence?


  22. Deathc'su says:

    Jason dude,

    you call yourself a master, seriously, were is your sense of adventure? How can one be so oblivious to the truth, we don’t see properly, ghost are entities which live around us, yet we are unable to see what is right next to us. Those two guys from BBC were payed to admitt that they had created those crop circles. Anyway, how do you explain the electromagnetic fields which enclose the perimeter of the crop circle, how do you explain the loss of electrical connection when you step inside a crop circle?

  23. Ryan says:

    Crop circles i believe .UFO”S i believe too,and Ghosts

  24. Shelby says:

    Ha, Some of you sound so dumb. Most of you guys just jump to Conclusions that Cropcircles do not exsist. Your saying that we don’t have proof that they are real, what about the evidence that there fake? So, no one has the right to have a cocky Attitude here. Its Unexplainable. Honestly, everyone can have ther own opinion and should’nt be Ashamed of what they think or feel. So all of you that are putting others down for beliving in someting they have faith in…

    It just shows how insecure you are of yourself, and your opinions. Therfore you put others down.


  25. Damian says:

    Well there are a possibly infinite number of universes beyond ours and there MUST be life out there other than ours, but come on aliens that travel to our world to flatten crops, invisible super powered gods leaving messages.
    why is it when one person is delusional it’s madness, but when thousands are it’s religion or extra terrestrial?

  26. genti says:

    Hi, I’m Genti from Kosova . I guess you don’t even know where is this place, but however I’m telling you it’s in balkan in europe.That what I’m going to say is that one of these mysterious Crop Circles is in my country too, but the fact is that it is dissapeared now.But what is most interested is that I saw who made it.They were aliens.there was a flying saucer that noone could see , but me.they made quickly that crop circle and dissapeared,after that tomorrow they came again and quickly they did a big light on that place and the crop circle was gone.so I believe on them, even why I don’t have any evidence but you have to believe me .

    genti from kosova

  27. nessa says:

    idk much bout cropcircles except dat der enermous idk if der a message 4rm god or aliens but do we really care??? i mean dey don’t hurt anyone soo do we need to put this much attention on dem?

  28. dark angel says:

    i agree with caretaker jasons gf hasn`t even seen a crop circle she is so crazy
    i mean really how could two guys make thousands of crop circles seriously !!!!oh and i`m not dark angel of the night , i`m jus dark angel:)


    THIS IS FOR JASON AND HIS FRIEND TO READ!!! OH AND EVERYONE ELSE!!!! ok…i do belive in cropcircles because i have seen it in discovery channel all the prove you need… so your gonna have to check that out because you all are not saying any prove about NOTHING!!!!! OH yeah JASON… your friend started all of this argument so you might want to talk to her and say what crop circles really are true because she needs somethings to know about THIS…


  30. dark angel says:

    i belive in everything want to know why my dad died when i was 8 and i`m 12 and i can always get this feeling about stuff that is important like 3 months before my dad died i had dreams everynight and the night it happened i dreamed that he was he was in heavan i woke up to find out my dad died in his apt. (i lve with my grandma)!! i can feel him with me everywhere even at the cematery!

  31. listen to hillary says:

    Dark angel
    im sorry for what happend to you, but i do belive in ghost because they have haunted me sense i was just a little girl. i actually don’t like ghost around me ,but when they scare me i get the CHILLS. i dont belive in everything because some things dont have any prove, but ghost do have prove by the storys or videos they have in the internet.

  32. Peter says:

    all crop circles bu the basic circle are fakes. They are easy to make and you can mesure any crop circle and see a 6 foot long rule was used in all of them.
    The first were fakes and the rest come from other people that tried it and some got really good at making them with even the use of a steam machine to steam the stems down and make them very flexable.
    new devices were even invented to make them and the old sneak in on stilts and use them to make the pattern and then use them to escape.
    No aliens, no magical powers, ghosts or other… just gangs of people with a little bit of brains and a lot of others that simply would believe anything told to them. It is so sad that so many people believe so many silly stories as well as make them up.
    a real crop circle is easy to spot… it is plain and just a circle made by the wind or vegative growth as they always have been.

    none of it ever existed but lots of books are sold on the concept that people are silly fools that will spend the money to learn about being unstable in life in order to be exploited by the real evil thing on this world that is Capitalism and the silly concept of voting for others and so refuse the population the real democracy to VOTE ON THE SUBJECT AND REPRESENT THEMSELVES!
    so sad to see so many lillions of fools tricked to be ignorant baffoons and waste away the reality they had as well as respect of themselves in the future as we now refuse you all death and all records of all of you will say exactly whatr we sayNOT WHAT YOU SAY BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL TOO DUMB AND LAZY TO SAY IT YOURSELVES AND BE PLACED ACCORDING TO IT FOREVER.
    shame on all people that think ghost and aliens and spirits exist when we now have proof they don’t and proof on all the subjects from A to Z on the subjects.
    None of them are real!

  33. alyssa says:

    i know that these crop circles are from the aliens or extra terrestrials. there is just no way any human could do this!!! i mean look at them. my personal belief is that its how aliens can communicate with each other. and the aliens are establishing bases all around the world so that they can take over the earth. ive had a few encounters with ufos and i am a firm believer.

  34. Joel says:

    I belive the caretaker. Jason, first of all how can you prove that people can do that in one day or night and two look at the picture above next to the paragraph that says ,”Somehow these crop circles are changing our perspective of life and our consciousness.” How can someone that doesn’t have a view from the sky do the same shape 3 times. Try to prove me wrong.

  35. Joel says:

    Oh and alyssa have you seen the movie Signs. Thats exactly why aliens use crop circles.

  36. Egyptianlily says:

    Personally, i think crop circles are cool because of the creative and intricate designs, despite whether they are real or not. If they are created by aliens, i don’t know, i mean if aliens are so far advanced in their technology, able to travel light years to earth only to zip around our atmosphere in their ships and to leave crop circles, as many believe they do, then clearly they are not very intelligent. I mean come on if they are so advanced why haven’t they used Earth for their own purposes? Think about it, and i am not trying to make you change your views on aliens, we all have freedom of speech and such, but it just doesn’t seem logical that aliens, believed to be so far advanced, to do only this.

  37. leanna says:

    Please. For everyone that says crop circles arn’t real go somewere else. Think about it. We are in 1 universe. There are billions of other universes and galexies and like trillions upon millions of other planetts. And you are rediculous if you say that we are the only living thing out of all those planets. I have no doubt that aliens exist. Most crop circles are fake but those that are unexplainable….those are real. They are maps to other galexies. They are trying to show us but we are to dumb to understand. They speak another language than us. Thay are way more advanced than us. They look different but they know stuff. So caretaker I congragulate you on keeping your cool with jason and his girlfriend. No one can explain the unexplainable.remember that.

  38. Leslie says:

    Ok To those who think that crop circles are fake along with UFO’s or ghost or even big foot lol. There is ABSOLUTELY no way that every picture and every story is fake. NO WAY! therefore some have to be real. which means that crop circles, UFO’s, ghosts and everything else that is just to hard to believe DO EXIST!

  39. sydney says:

    hi everyone. i am so a believer i luv reading stories about crop circles and aleins and ufos and i am only 10.they so do totally exist. one of the worlds greatiest minds ounce said a person who does not think that there is not another being in one of our millions of galixies is a pretty naro minded person.as for the whole crop-circles-created-by-the-gods thing i dont know i have just heard about that therie.ok bye please post a comment to me!

    extrarestial/parinormal lover

  40. Jackie says:

    To Peter, about seven comments above. Oh well that settles it then, we have been told that none of this exists. Thanks for the knowledge ‘o great one’.
    You might end up like me once i found out i was wrong to disbelieve in the paranormal, wished i’d kept an open mind. Hope if ever you do experience something for yourself, you have the good grace to come back on this site and apologise to all us baffoons which you called us.
    The reason people come to these sites is to try and find answers and seek similar people to discuss any experiences which may be similar to theirs. We don’t come here to be told we are buffoons by ‘know it alls’.

  41. HILLARY says:


  42. GHOST ANGEL says:


  43. GHOST ANGEL says:

    Your coment has not been approved. If you would like to make a comment without being abusive and insulting and calling people names then I would be glad to approve it.

  44. GHOST ANGEL says:


  45. YAYA says:

    if you guys believe in God, then u guys should believe that there is more than human, animals, trees, virus what so ever that God can create. its beyond our imaginary… i do believe in aliens & stuff.. peace=)

  46. bob says:

    back to crop circles if the farmers did do the crop circles how would they get there tractors in the field with out leaving a trace and wouldnt the stems be broken off if they did use the tractor because if requires heat to be able to bend with out breaking it

  47. Nabila says:

    idk if all of you believe in crop circles or not but i do because after looking at them closely i can clearly see that its simply impossible for anyone to make a crop circle unless your a genius and for jason and him gf and for peter get some real evidence that crop cicles are fake!

  48. brandon says:

    i think crop circles are reall because no one can prove that they were responsible for the doings of these designs. it would take a human prolly about 1-2 weeks to make a good one but these happen over night and they are outstanding. I am sure that one day we will figure out how these crop circles are being mad but for right now we do not

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