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Creepy Haunted Antique Porcelain Doll

Posted on September 13, 2007

Submitted by Deyhonn Christine Brown

My sister, my cousin Vanessa (7 years old also, Terri’s daughter) and I have always believed in the paranormal. We would always do little Ghost detective sort of cute little innocent things.

My cousin tells my sister and I that there is a “creepy” doll in her attic, in one of the moving boxes at the front of the stairs. Well, one day, we decided to check out their attic. Now in this attic there were a bunch of old antique chests and a bunch of moving boxes. So we opened the box to take the doll out. Carefully, we removed the doll from its storage facility, but as we picked up the doll we had no idea for what we had seen. This doll had both of its eyes out and blood streaming from her eyes. We all looked at each other, confused and terrified all at the same time. Then this doll lets out this eerie, screeching, screaming sound. So we threw the doll into her dad’s office to the left, and we did what any other little child would do, we screamed bloody murder and got the hell out of there.

The next morning, we regained our strength and decided to go back up into the attic. As we opened the door (with brooms and a mop in our hand), there was that damn doll sitting on the second to last step staring straight back up at us, with its eyes back in and everything and no blood. So we slammed the door and ran into Vanessa’s room and stayed in there, and cried for the next hour, holding each other tightly.

Ever since then, I have gained the fear of all dolls.

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22 Responses to “Creepy Haunted Antique Porcelain Doll”
  1. jesus says:

    well i feel the same ways about dolls i know wat u mean and i think its o.k

  2. kitty says:

    I do not like dolls at all and once lived with this guy. His mum was into dolls and I knew that one of the dolls eyes followed me around the room. I was very nervous about spending time in that room alone. They always freak me out and I don’t like them one bit. Kitty

  3. Alex says:

    wow thats really creepy im 14 and i threw all my creepy antique dolls away that i got for a present when i was little. And im still freaked out that my barbies and stuffed animals move around when im sleeping… creepy stuff i really think they do.

  4. (can't say) says:

    I had a creepy doll and tried to sell it at a garage sale but no1 would buy it. I gave it to good will. and im trying to move my dolls so they don’t look like they are staring at me. so i feel for you.

  5. kristen says:

    its ok to be scared of them im 13 and I hate dolls they just scare me

  6. Eva says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!! did u ever see it again? look into it maybe a little girls ghost haunts it! p.s.: why is it always porcilin dolls that r hounted? :(

    • Pat says:

      You know, I have always wondered that too? If a doll is haunted it’s usually a ceramic one…a good friend of mine has a small ceramic doll collection and although I am creeped out by those kinds of dolls, hers all seem OK…maybe they are a little too life like????

  7. Christine says:

    thats really creepy, we also had porcelain dolls in the house but since my baby sister cries when she sees one we had it removed and gave them up for charity

  8. alexis says:

    your faking that stuff well it is creepy im no scared of paranormal state just say get out or take it back to anqute store

  9. alexis says:

    well maybe your scared but just get out of your house and say there are no ghost cause omg im alomst 11 and omg its creepy

  10. alexis says:

    i feel your scare pain sis

  11. The Caretaker says:

    Hello Alexis, This story is TRUE and it happened over 30 years ago. The house was torn down many years ago (this is a little funny) and a church was built in its place. Actually there were 3 or 4 houses that were torn down to build the church and parking lot.

    Also please dont use foul language in your comments as they will be deleted.

  12. ashlee says:

    ok.when i read that i got kinda freaked.i never really had a fear of dolls, my sister does though, and i never really got it. But when i read this little story, i got a little nervous, like a burning..tingling feeling inside me. It’s like i could feel the intensity, and see it also(i know ”intensity”, you’re probly thinking ‘what intensity’). It sorta freaked me out, but then i cought myself and asked ”how do i know it’s true? but how can i doubt someone, if they say it happened to them, maybe it was in a dream? Maybe they just write stories like i do but post them on the net…how do i know? Look im young but when i feel something like that it doesn’t mean the best thing. Im just glad you’re away from it. You are away from it right?

    i know, i know…this is a very long comment.Maybe the longest you’ll get this week..i hope.


  13. Lexi says:

    I no hw u feel. Wen I was only 6 yers old my mom bought 3 porclin dols off of an old guy. she pt tem in my room. through the night i wood get up and see their glowing eyes glaring down at me. in the morning i would gt up befoe any one else and find the dlls laying down wth ther eyes shut. they wood yawn and act as if thy wer me!

  14. kathie says:

    i hate dolls! they’re so freaky and especially when you just stare at it’s face and you’d get a feeling that it’s staring right back at you. my grandma gave me 2 dolls before she past away. i actually loved these dolls and took the down the shelf to play but whenever i would play with them, i looked into there eyes and they’d just give me the chills and once when i was watching tv, i turned my head to the dolls and the one of them turned alittle and it seemed like it gave a smile or a wink. but at that point i ran to my room and hide. it’s so freaky, then we had them packed away. to this day i have no idea where they are but the last time i saw one of them in the backof my house, her face was wrecked and i picked up the doll,, the other part of it’s face was gone and still it smiled at me. today the other doll that i have is still in a glass-closet, staring right at you.

  15. I dun wanna say says:

    Wow scary stuff LOL. Really hate dolls so freaken scary.

  16. Blue jay says:

    This is a completely unrelated story:
    I am a kid. We just bought a new house. No history of deaths, even on the lot.
    That we know of, atleast.
    My room has drawn curtains, and I don’t know why. I like the shadows, makes me feel cozy.
    Whenever I turn the light off, I can FEEL something in the room with me…but it is getting quite hot right about now, so I could just be hallucinating.
    I’m not mentally ill, no history of black-outs, I’m not known to see illusions or get hallucinations.
    What is going on?

  17. NormalFruit says:

    Oh god, i hate dolls so much, the doll that creeps me out the most is that Huge Dora the Explorer doll that they sell at Toys R US, i am so glad that my brother did not buy that doll for my neice on her birthday, i think i would have destroyed it , evil or not.

  18. Erika says:

    Hey thats really weird… my grandma has a room full of dolls and they are so weird thats why a rarely go in to her house because there EVERYWHERE. lol but still creapy :)

  19. MadisonL says:

    thats why when i put my dolls up (in boxes) i keep them there, one of them use to be evil until we got it away from my schizophrenic-devil worshiping-brother. you just need to get it out of that house; sell it; give it too charity or have it blessed or something

  20. jessica says:

    dolls are so creept 4real!!!! i think this story is true becuz da same thing happened 2 me wit dolls

  21. Karen M. says:

    MadisonL. “your schizophrenic-devil whorshiping-brother……….. LOL I think I have one of those too!

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