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Creepy Feelings

Posted on May 7, 2009

This is not actually a ghost story, just the feeling I get when I’m in or near a graveyard or church. Here is the story, you tell me if it’s true or not:

We get out of school at 1:00 each Friday. There has been this girl in my class now, who’s name I will not reveal. Let’s call her jess for now. I find out jess is a medium, or psychic. She claims she can see ghosts.

It seems to me she lies about many things, such as experiences. She goes on a camping trip, comes back telling stories about how raccoons got into their tent and they were lucky to escape with their lives, blah blah blah.

I Never paid much attention to her until know. I found out she can apparently see ghosts, zombies, vampires, Pegasus, and other mythical creatures. I’m still not sure whether I can believe this or not. A lot of what she has said goes directly against what people like alpha and brackette say. She says that vampires don’t know what they are until the turn 16, then they start drinking the blood of animals, then move on to humans a year or so later. As far as I can see, that goes against what you have said. But then again, can you see ghosts? She, apparently, can.

She though, I think, was the one who creeped me out enough to come to this site. Apparently (I hate how much I’m using that word now…) there is a ghost haunting our school, and she’s the only one who can see it. I began to notice a tingling in my chest, right next to my heart, whenever I would walk past certain areas.

Something that really freaked me out was when she said “DON’T GO UP THE STAIRS!”, so I looked back, and her eyes were slitted, like a snake’s. You know how they have this stripe down their eye for a pupil? That’s how her’s looked right then. After that, I had this sudden, intense, Panic attack, I felt like running away. The tingling feeling, at that time, felt like a fire inside my chest. I also feel constantly watched, whenever I go close to those stairs. Like it’s watching me to make sure I never go up there again.

This is a completely true story, it happened, the speech I cannot remember perfectly, but it was along the earlier lines. She also gets this amazingly calm look whenever something is close, like it’s possessing her, not allowing her to move.

I think that I may be immune to demonic possession. Not that I would ever try to test that. Feel free to comment, tell me what you think. Everything voiced in here is true to my knowledge, tell me what you think of ‘Jess’and if she was lying or not.

Written by “Blue jay”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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18 Responses to “Creepy Feelings”
  1. Blue jay says:

    For all those interested, the church was relatively new, but there had been many buildings before that, one of them ‘jess’ claimed was a prison.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    honestly i don’t know what to say about “jess” if you are gettin weird feelings when she says theres something around it could be or you just are creeped out i don’t get the eye thing at all i’ve never heard of a humans eyes turning reptilian like that i would just steer clear of her somehow she doesn’t sound like she’s mentally stable ask around about her

  3. Mellisa says:

    i’, not sure what to think about her story and what kind of ability she has. maybe she does like to make up stories, but there’s a possiblity her ability is real. and she might have a unique and rare ability. why don’t you talk to her more and ask her lots about it to find the proofs whether she lies or tell the truth. probably you will find things that makes sense to you. seems to me that she wants to befriend to you because she talks to you quiet a lot. maybe she just wants friend and tries to get attention by telling you those things.
    when i read your story about her, somehow, in my mind i keep thinking that she’s a witch. -___-”

    well, witches and warlocks are exist i knew it for sure…

  4. Clips says:

    Yea i think she might be making most of it up though it might be an exaggeration of something real, and she might actually see or feel things. Maybe you wanna question her more like Melissa suggests, get to know what makes her tic then maybe u can find out if indeed she has an ability or just needs to turn heads for whatever reason. As for your feeling things it just might be your head playing with you since you have been exposed to what “jess” says, like not eating from mcdonalds after watching super size me if u catch my drift. I for one don’t believe a thing about her seeing “zombies, vampires, Pegasus, and other mythical creatures” so judge accordingly. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  5. CMF says:

    jess is full of it and wants attention and doesnt know any better way to get it.
    She needs help.

  6. paula says:

    i do believe in a few things you have mentioned though not everything…..snake pupils? come on :)

  7. Blue jay says:

    Everything posted in here is true to my knowledge.
    The snake pupil could well have been an optical illusion.

    I’m not sure how to go about it without insulting her. It’s not like I can walk up to her and ask her if she has a mental disorder.

    I have already found out what makes her tic.
    She has a couple friends, one who claims that she has the same abilties as ‘jess’.
    I doubt it’s lack of attention.
    My instincts tell me she isn’t lying, the way she occasionaly shows fear (REAL fear) whenever I feel that twinge.

    I personally don’t believe in pegasus or zombies…
    The others I am not sure about.
    Read the article labeled: Do vampires exist?
    It shows some pretty good proof in my opinion.

  8. kristal22 says:

    I don’t believe in vanpires,zombies and pegasus you have to be kidding but also don’t judge her let her be who she is if she tells you anything just say”ok” and ignore her

  9. Blue jay says:

    I don’t believe in pegasus and zombies either, kristal, but why are you posting just to say I don’t believe?
    I know you’re trying to help…but I’ve moved past saying ‘ok’ and ignoring her.
    Come to think of it, why do I write TRUE stories when people don’t believe anything about it?
    You may or may not believe it, but as far as I know, it’s true.

    I also noticed that people have completely forgotten about the watching feeling whenever I past certain areas…they didn’t bother to comment about the supposed ghost.

  10. Mellisa says:

    Blue Jay.
    i believe that she might have certain ability. well, she might have friends. but when someone bubbles over something or likes to make up great stories actually somehow they like to get attention or want some attention, similiar like when someone like to being look up to by other people, doesn’t matter she/he has friends or not or she might just loves to bubble up.
    I don’t know what ability you have, but i think you might be sensitive to paranormal things, or might be to demonic presence. i don’t know which one you have. but the weird feeling such as if something unseen there or you being watch certainly means you have ability too to sense them, although you might not see them or hear them.
    so whatever it’s in your school, you somehow get some intuition and mix feeling about it. i think there might be something in the stairs. just ask her directly what are those things in your school if you curious. if she really can see them i believe she can tell you the truth. anyway, i feel pity for her being scared by whatever beings she sees. ^.^”
    i’m lucky that i don’t have any ability, but i know what you feel. the school which i used to go from elementary untill high school is really an old shcool there are various ghosts and spirit entities lives there. just ask my friends who can see or sense them, they must have lots of things to tell. one day when i was in the library, unfortunately for searching for some horror novel (it was Fear Street novel series). when i was kneeling & looking at one of the bookcase, i suddenly felt sick, scared & nervous. my right hand felt so weak as if it doesn’t have any strength in it. i feel something i couldnt see and didn’t know was there standing at the right side of me and watching me. so i ask my friend who is a sensitive and was near. she said something was really there and she felt weird presence.
    my mom used to go to that school when she was young so i told he about it. she told me in her time, there wasn’t library there, but in that place there was a building for elementary and in front of it was a big haunted tree. people said there was an entity lived there, so it might be still there and lived in the library instead. -__-” no wonder.
    maybe you school is just like mine. there might be several ghosts and entities ( things that arent t ghosts) live there.
    sorry if my opinion isn’t a help at all. just want to share some story with you. i didn’t go to that school anymore, so reading you story made me rememberize about my old school.

  11. Blue jay says:

    I actually have asked her what it was, and she said it was a demon.
    Just today, I felt scared, that weird feeling in my chest, and I asked her to come over here…she said, ”it’s only a squirrel, hey look, a bunny!”.
    I saw nothing, so I assumed she was imagining them or they were ghost animals…
    Then she turned the corner, ran back with a scared face, and said: ”NOT a bunny,”.
    And, that was it.
    She doesn’t sound like I made her…she is NOT retarded, I can’t remember the speech well enough.

  12. Mellisa says:

    so she might have the ability to see demons too besides seeing spirits. poor her no wonder if she’s scared and she’ll keep experience the same things till the end of her life.
    sometimes there are entities or spirits that ugly and weird enough to look like demons but they are not demon. a girl once told that she can see demon. she said usually people who can see them are constantly bothered and attacked by them. because they don’t like people who can see them. no offence, just curious if what she saw really a demon, or just a spirit who looks like one.
    then you might really a sensitive. maybe you got the weird feeling because the demon was near, but the girl hadn’t seen that yet when she saw the animal spirits. scary…
    seems like i wrote comments in your story too often. XD i’m just curious about that girl. some people who don’t understand or believe her must think she’s a freak or weirdo, but please don’t ever think of her like that. i will feel sorry for her it’s not her fault anyway.

  13. Cat Mom says:

    Blue Jay – Please understand that NO ONE is immune to demons! They will and can attack anyone who is not on guard against them. As far as your friend is concerned, I believe she is demon possessed and I suggest you stay away from her. You need to turn your life to Jesus to protect you against these demons. Your fear of Churches is also a sign of demon possession as they don’t want you to give your life to Christ, they will make you feel uncomfortable in Church. Please fight those feelings, go into the Church and start rebuking the evil spirits in the name of Jesus.

  14. maimai says:

    In my own opinion, don’t leave your friend,instead accompany her always and pray always. Maybe in that way you can help her. I believe that through prayers,demons will go away…God is still the most powerful one.He can make demons vanish if you have strong faith in him.

  15. tyra says:

    that thing about vampires sounds like the book and movie twilight!i think shes making some of it up.but i think she is kinda sensative(like paranormal sensitive) too.

  16. CLAVA says:

    I’ve been with someone for a night and seen there hair turn grey, teeth change shape, and eyes turn cat like.

  17. hannah says:

    that is so not true there is no suh thing as zombies u guys are just making that up

  18. Josh says:

    the thing is, on that list there is only one that makes sense to be seen by only a select few is a ghost. all the others are likely physical beings

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