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Concerns For Myself and Family

Posted on April 13, 2011

Hello, my name is Kandi. My family and I are recently living in a home with abnormal things happening. Recently moving to Missouri from Oregon. Being in this home for 3 months.

Things started to occur in our 1st week of being here. Food thrown at myself twice while preparing meals. Shells being moved on microwave. A black shadow (large in size). On occasions a light follows with this shadow.

My 22 year old son has been touched on his backside while in bed. Myself being poked in side while getting ready in the bathroom. Back door opening, letting 1 of our dogs out. The door from garage into house getting locked… locking me out of my home. Things bouncing off wall, sounds like a pebble or coin. Nothing to be found on floor. As well my husband one day. While in the kitchen. Had something hit his backside, also sounding as a rock feel to the floor… nothing found.

My husbands and my bed being moved from wall only one side about 12 inches. My main concern, is the overwhelming feeling we’re all having. Depression, lack of energy, abnormal behaviors from ourselves. This even includes my 3 dog’s behavior. Our youngest three years will not go into the kitchen. This is most the time, unless one of us are in it as well. She runs and gets her food in mouth. Then runs back by us in another room to eat.

Truly concerned with what’s going on here. Seems to be getting stronger. As we are a normal out-going, loving family. Are feeling and acting out in behaviors, that are not us at all! Thank you, Kandi

by Kandi Wade, Copyright 2011

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12 Responses to “Concerns For Myself and Family”
  1. J says:

    hate to tell you, but u should move, things can only get worse.

  2. alastair says:

    ooooh, that doesn’t sound good. are you sure that you haven’t been subjected to anything paranormal before? i recommend an exorcism. not much else to say, sorry.

  3. 1TxLady says:

    First , I would find out the history on the house and surrounding area. Secondly, take ownership of your home…empower yourselves. Demand (not ask) aloud that you and your family be left alone and unwanted spirits must leave.

    The feelings you are experiencing may be due to the ongoing fear of “what next” which in turns creates an underlying tension causing you or others to act out of your normal behaviors. Although it can also be from negative energy, I do not recommend an exorcism as one reader did. It is far to easy to jump to the demonic when in fact that is rarely the case. Negative energy is not necessarily demonic. Remember that as people lived they will be much the same after death… in other words.. kindly people will do kindly things whereas as mean aggressive people will be much the same… mean and aggressive. I do recommend use white sage to sage your home or if religious have it formally blessed.

  4. Katie says:

    I would bring in a Nun or Priest. Most say about Priest, but to be honest my house was blessed by a Nun. I feel for you and your family
    thoughts and prayers

  5. Adhinferno says:

    I suggest you to cleanse your house with holy water or anything that has an effect of neutralize any negative energy. I have 5 spirits in my house not a long time ago, and after we exorcise them, we only leave 1-3 spirits as guardians of our house, in the frontyard and in the backyard, not inside our house, because that is the place for humans. After exorcism, I cleanse my house using some rice that is mixed with yellow turmeric (kunyit kuning in Indonesia). Now, there aren’t much problems in my house. I just only need to feed our guardian with a pinch of salted rice once a day. That’s all.

  6. Shaun the dude says:

    The thing you need to find out is if anything has happened in the house. this sounds to me like the there may have been problems in the house. you must try and find the previous owners and ask them if they had the same expieriences. i have read lots of books over the years and your story reminds me of 1 i read a long time ago.this particular book was about a house with the same problems as you have. after a thorough investigation it was found that it was the house itself that was the problem and not that you should do this the only solution was tearing it down.

  7. Lisa says:

    You might ask Jason Offutt (google him …I read a related blogpost on his site) if he has resources/suggestions. He is located in MO.

    • MARY says:

      WE are haunted as well , your story is very VERY FAMILIAR only I was in bed for three years just staring at the walls , it took three years of my life . Get help , get a team in for an investigation and a Blessing asap. we are still haunted the activity is picking up again after two years of quiet , for instance this is HONESTLY the third message I have tried to write to you and they keep getting deleted , that used to happen all the time when the bad entity was here. please get help don’t wait ,you are not nuts , Get a paranormal team out there to prove to yourself that their are others in your home. Then yu can get the home Blessed and hopefully rid yourself of the bad energies or entities. Blessings and light . Mary
      PS THIS one may actually makeit on the page?

  8. Stephie says:

    Yea something definatly in that House that dont need to be. Seek out any kind of Spirtual help Asap! Sounds Dangerous to me. God Bless and Take Care.

  9. jeffb1 says:


    It is a bit difficult to be thorough and address related issues, as one problem has many aspects to it.

    Prayer and fasting was necesssary for Jesus’ own disciples who had failed to exorcise some demons possessing people at that time.

    Try listening to someone like Twila Paris’ CD “perennial” songs for the seasons of life. Sing along putting a strong emotional charge to the lyrics. Bible says that God inhabits our praises.

    May you find peace and strength to hold on to it. Don’t make the mistake of relaxing your efforts. That is a sure way to allow several more unclean spirits in to your home. Really.


  10. littlemiss says:

    my advice is to never ever take drastic measures like Exorcism as a first attempt to rid your house of ‘spirits’. And I have also always heard to never confront the ‘spirits’ as this may aggravate them and make them lash out. My advice is to seek someone who knows what they’re doing in this field and follow their advice. It would be the safest thing to do in my opinion.

  11. prettyma says:

    Hey Kandi…IM FROM OREGON TOO!!! lol….Anyways to get to the point, maybe you should move or have the house blessed or maybe try asking the spirits or whatever it is to leave

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