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Common Sense or Something More?

Posted on February 24, 2010

Hi, I’m Sam, I’ve posted a story on here before about ghosts but this isn’t a ghost story, more a question which I’m desperate to have answered.

First of all you should probably know that I have told very few people this, in fact I’ve only ever told my little sister, so here goes.

Every now and then, I have these things, they’re like premonitions I guess but they’re not, its more like a really strong felling that something is going to happen, like common sense but different. The first time it happened was about a year ago, me and my sister were playing with Mungo, our dog and my step-dad had a glass of beer on the table. I got a feeling that it was going to fall over, and before I could do anything it was on the floor staining the carpet. At first I thought it was just common sense but then it happened again, later that day. My sister was going to sleep in my room that night and we were going to watch some films, we’d bought some sweets and they were in a bowl on my bedside cabinet, again, I got the feeling that it would get knocked over, so, having learnt from the beer, I put the bowl in a corner on the floor. Not a minute later my sister put her foot in the bowl.

It happens quite often I guess, once or twice a week I’d say (although I haven’t been counting) and most of the time they are the same sort of thing, someone falling over, like when my friend fell off of her chair at school, or things getting spilled and dropped. I was getting quite used to them and knowing when it was just my imagination and when it was real when something happened that, to be honest, scared me a little.

I had a dream, it was weird, really lifelike. I was at school and had to have an operation (at school for some reason) I went to the office and they told me that it was at 1:40 pm. Then I went to my French lesson, a double period. During the lesson a girl left to go to the toilet, and another girl said “est’ce je puis aller un toillete, after Stacy gets back” (by the way I don’t know how to spell it). Then at 1:40 I left for my operation.

I guess your thinking that’s quite normal in a weird way but then a few days later I had a French lesson, a double period, and at about half past 1 Stacy went to the toilet and the same girl asked, “est’ce je puis aller un toillete, after Stacy gets back.” I told my friend who was sitting next to me, but she just assumed it was some sort of extreme deja-vu, but we waited for 1:40, I was sure something was going to happen. Nothing did. But that part of my dream had come true.

If you think I’m crazy then I wont be surprised, I think that often but after that French lesson I started thinking, do I have some sort of ability to glimpse the future, or was it just coincidence? That question is really starting to make my head spin and I would really appreciate any thoughts you have. Thanks for reading.

Sent in by Sam, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Common Sense or Something More?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sam, your experiences sound so similar to mine! I figured out I dream most of my ” deja-vu’s” pretty early on. If you read my stories you can see how I slowly came to accept what I call ” post it notes from god ” ( or whater ever you perceive god to be ) I tell my kids all the time to listen to that ‘little voice’ or intuition that tells you ‘ grab your umbrella ‘ as you walk out the door on a beautiful sunny day…………………….only to have the worst thunderstorm in 10 years crack over your head on your way home from work ithat afternoon! ( no I didn;t take my umbrella – hence why u have 2 learn to listen ) and why sometimes the message isnt exacly 100% correct. Its like a jig saw with some of the pieces missing.

  2. anna says:

    it sounds like the movie Final Destination.that what the guy had.and it sounds like what you told us.For me I wouldnt think of anything .dont worry so much and see what happens.thanks for the story and let us know what else happens.

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    i wish i could do that! i believe you because my mom had the same thing!! thanks!!

  4. Bernadette says:

    Sam..Sam.. this is so unbelievable…! The same kind of thing is happening to me.. every now and then.. it’s like you can see in your Spiritual Eye that something’s gonna happen, and voila! It happens.. to me it’s inexplicable.. haven’t got the words to explain, but it’s a verrrry scary feeling sometimes.. you think it and it happens.. not that you didnt want to stop it, wasn’t sure that it gonna happen and get distracted and then it happens.. I don’t think I make much sense right now, but it’s just how it is. And I know people think you have lost it when you try to explain that you knew it was gonna happen or tried to prevent it.. but they just don’t understand..

  5. Sean says:

    It’s called intuition.

    What they call “common sense” isn’t common — it’s actually just intuition applied to everyday circumstances that shows you the way to handle everyday life, and give you a natural guide to what will work and what won’t.

    Since people have varying levels of intuition, the levels of common sense vary as well.

    These abilities come from the “higher mind” — those spiritual levels that people have access to (with varying levels of results). Since those level of mind are higher than the ordinary sensory mind, they have knowledge that would be impossible to get to using the ordinary sensory mind.

    Congratulations! You should develop this, because you can use it to experience higher levels of spiritual love and joy that can’t be perceived through the ordinary senses either.

  6. Bernadette says:

    You are too clever Sean, you’re ways of explaining these things make it so much easier to understand. Are you a teacher? :) Now I understand and appreciate!

  7. KNOW2MUCH says:

    Sam, i have always been this way, you are very intuative for sure!!! Problem is, as i have aged it has all become stronger. Now i can feel and sence what others think and do. This is normal life for me, i have been working very hard to block things out. I pick up good and bad, and a lot of it i would rather not know.. It can be a gift, but also a curse in a way. My parenst have always called me psychic, as my dad was, and my mom is, so with me its genetic. While you are young, try to learn to block, as it will help you in the future, you dont want to know everything, it can be very overwhelming at times…

  8. carlitha says:

    Hey there sam.. You know iam 17 and I have being like that my whole life.. I know things without people telling me.. Sometimes I know what will happen in a event without me even being there.. Some people called it commen sense but is not even close to that, I feel like is something that god gave me to keep me out of trouble, to see reality and if I know what will happen then why would I do it, you get me.. Is like preventing.. When ever you have a feeling go for it.. Do what you feel, because you’re feeling it for a reason..

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