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Posted on September 5, 2009

I have been responding to other stories on this website, and I have some of my own, I have to tell you what has been going on with me the past year. I hope someone can relate to this.

I moved into a brand new home almost 2 years ago. I suffer with MS and other ailments, so I take a nap every afternoon in my lazy boy in the living room, sometimes in the bedroom. To make a long story short, I have been seeing colors, upon wakening that last for quite a few seconds, and slowly fade away.

It started about a year ago and never has happened before. First of all, my little dog who always cuddles up in my lap was totally green, bright green, I actually wiped the color off him. From there, my hands have been different shades of green or blue, the walls, the furniture, even my husband was talking to me one day, and he was green, not just solid green, its like his skin, hair, clothes, where different shades of green.

Ok, this happens every day, it has also started happening in the bedroom at times, but the color is dark purple, sometimes its the drapes, or my dog.

What has really freaked me out is, last weekend I spent the night with my mom in her new apartment, as some of you already know. I took a short nap on her couch, as I was waking, the edging around the TV, and the cable box where green, and I mean a thick green, not faded. Also her walls had a slight green tint to them, and they are tan color. I could go on and on about where I see the colors and the hues, but, this has really got me puzzled.

I really thought that is was something on our property, as we live way out in the country on newly cleared off land… the only people that know about this is my family.

The color has lasted so long at times, that I was able to wipe it off the china cabinet with my hands, it just slowly disappeared. Which meant, I had to get out of the chair to do this. So, I am not asleep! These are solid colors, almost like a hard plastic look, or sometimes like a thick painted wood.

I have cut this story very short, just wanted to know if anyone has ever had this experience, or what it could be. I don’t feel threatened by it…

I feel that I am taking a risk here just telling this story, as it seems so silly. My husband doesn’t see the colors, but the dog can be sitting in his lap and he is solid green, or sometimes blue. The colors change from seafoam green, aqua, to sky blue to navy. I actually will say to him, scooter is green! Any ideas? I told my Doctor about it, and he just looked at me funny….

This is one of many stories that I will tell. I was the one who wrote the story about my daughters murder in, What does Lucifer look like? I would like to find a good publisher to help me write the full story on my daughters murder. There have been a lot of paranormal events in my life. If you guys are ever interested in visiting, I live in South Carolina. I have given my maiden name, I may go by a ghost name when I do write my book, as there are people that could cause problems. I would like to write, based on a true story. Some events will be changed to protect the innocent.

Thank you for understanding, L.

Sent in by L. Owen, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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44 Responses to “Colors”
  1. Karen M. says:

    My uncle is also afflicted by MS, you know how sometimes you get up too fast and you see those funny shapes in your vision? I’m not saying that it’s not true, but you might want to ask your optomologist, it could also be due to high blood pressure.

  2. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    well, this happens when i am laying still in my chair. I have had my eyes checked in the last year, and told the doc. about the colors. He told me that my eyes where fine, and to let my neuro. know about this. I will be seeing her in the next few months, probably another mri is due. Its just strange how is suddenly started. Today, as was dozing, my lamp was dark green, its actually black, i must have looked at it 5 times. I just wondered if anyone had ever come across anything so wierd.

    After i see my neuro, i will let you guys know if it is another plaque or lesion in my brain, i hope not. I would rather it be from the spirit world!!!!!!!

    I think what scares me most about it is, it could be the MS progressing!!!!

    take care all, and God bless

  3. silence says:

    or what was your daugters favoritecolors??? It could be her saying hi or she misses you???and know that she is always there for you ? I don’t know but very interesting.

  4. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I did think about it being Amber saying hello, and in fact her favorite color was green, any shade of green. She had always told me if something happened to her to bury her in a green nightgown, and we did. She also loved blue, and when she was little, her favorites where purple and pink!!! Maybe its just her letting me know that she is fine…… thank you for reminding me of her favorite colors….

    As far as blood pressure, i have never had a problem with it… and this happens when im laying still…. the colors are always green or blue in the living room, and purple in the bedroom…. its just the strangest thing that has ever happened to me, and its a daily thing. Lets see, we will have been in this house as of Nov,2009,,, 2 years. It all started about 6 months after we got here…..

    i have tried to find information on seeing colors, but havent found anything….. i know it sounds totally nuts, it does to me too. We have over half an acre of land, and have found some very, very, old rusty nails, other metal objects, maybe that where used for horses, and small bones.

    This is a new, small subdivsion as of 2006, its way out in the country. Raw land, that we had to have scraped, to even think about trying to grow anything. we have also found some huge chunks of concrete. One of these we dug out of the ground, looks to me like an old headstone. the others are still poking out of the ground, just a little..

    anyway, im getting into another subject, but, it could all go hand in hand…….

  5. DarStarr says:

    I think it’s a good idea to go see your neuro. It could be many things, even medication you are on, and it could also be your daughter letting you know she is ok, BUT you need to check every possibility. You need to take care of yourself. :)

  6. anonymoose says:

    There’s actually a medical sensation called “Synethesia” that allows those afflicted to be able to see colors when they hear a sound, taste certain objects (when they’re not eating them) when they hear certain sounds, etc. It sounds a little like what you’re going through. Of course, it could be hallucinations, but that possibility isn’t as high. Maybe go to a brain doctor? I can tell this might not be paranormal, but who knows? ;)

  7. Manik Of Magic says:

    Hmm. The cause might be because of your brain. This also happened to me only once when i felt utter body ache and painful eyes that i couldn’t open my eyes i had my phone wallpaper with red colours then when i slept and woke again i saw my tv full of red to me. So it happens when before you go to sleep you might had seen some objects of such colors EVEN SMALL OBJECTS after sleeping if you wake suddenly your brain and your eyes TENDS to see the objects of same colour you saw before. ITS ONLY A HYPOTHESIS. GOOD STORY VERY WIERD I ALSO SUGGEST YOU TO SEE A NEUROLOGIST but who knows the truth. Please reply me by your comment to my comment. Thank you

  8. Manik Of Magic says:

    Any one can tell a suggestion not all are true. IT could be by your daughter who wants to express some things to you. But unable to appear before you she might be using colours to contact you saying that she is happy. Don’t believe all the causes that i and our readers suggest you know the truth which is deep from your heart.

  9. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I hope everyone is doing well tonight!!! manik of magic, i have been seeing a neuro for years now, i am due another brain mri. I have slow progressing M.S.. This does affect the brain. Im not sure if you much about M.S., but thats what Montel Wiliiams has. There are many different kinds. My last visit with my neuro. i had blood work done and one of my protiens was up, she wanted to do another blood test before she sent me to the cancer doc. Could be lukemia on top of my ailments.. I also suffer with fibromyalgia.. Anyway… I have always been this way, since i was a child, it is just much worse now. The tests that i get on a regular basis, are not tests you want to have, you just never know how bad things are getting.

    anonymoose,,, Synethesia, very interesting, i am a very sensetive person, i do see, hear, smell, taste, things that others dont….always have…

    Something interesting about ms is… when parts of you brain shut down, other parts open up, which can make life very interesting. Many people that have extra insight, many times, have some type of brain damage, MS, underdeveloped brain, mental ilness, so forth and so on. You know we only use 10 percent of our brains…So where i am lacking , i making up for in other areas. I have noticed over the past years, my words come out wrong, i seem to have developed dislexia, and the forgetfulness is crazy, i have to write everything down. On the other hand, my mind is like a computer, it seems to soak some things in, and wont let go.

    In a way, i feel lucky, life is not boring, thats for sure,,,,,,,,,,

    take care all

  10. DarStarr says:

    You have such a wonderful spirit! And again, I have to say I admire you! You stay strong and keep inspiring people!

  11. manik of magic says:

    What’s with this lot of diseases knowtomuch i can’t understand. You are going through so much pain. I agree with darstarr MAY YOU LIVE LONG AND KEEP OTHERS HAPPY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. I had never met a person such as you YOU ARE SO DIFFERENT. I feel for your DISEASES and one question will you get rid of all your diseases and What’s your age? I want to know b’cause you have so much pain and diseases. SORRY FOR MY COMMENT ABOUT UR PAIN AND SUCH. IF I HAD HURT UR HEART PLEASE FORGIVE ME SORRY.

  12. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Manik, you havent hurt my feelings at all…. im just curious,, why do you think that i am so different? I just tell it like it is….. I am about to turn 51. I have had different illness my whole life, but have coped. I dont know why i am like i am, nor do the doctors. Sometimes when i post, i am feeling very down, and tend to vent… i feel that this is a place i can do so.

    I have had so many terrible things happen to me in my life, i guess it has all taken its toll… and im not feeling sorry for myself, i hope with my posts that i can save someone else from all of the sorrow and pain. That would be my goal. I know its all confusing, sorry about that.

    I know i am different, but i would like your opinion on what you think and feel about my difference.

    take care

  13. Manik Of Magic says:

    You have so many pain into you. I had never met a person like you who’s dedicated to other’s happiness and a person who left a mark in my heart. May you live well and only one ques is there any chance of you to get cure of all your diseases? Thank you.

  14. Manik Of Magic says:

    Can’t express I just feel you are different but I am so impressed of you because you are going through so much pain in your life which makes me to face my life bravely. Thank you for your reply.

  15. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi manik,, thank you for your reply…..there is no cure for MS, or Fibromyalgia, as far as the possible Lukemia, not sure… I will be making a new appointment with my Neuro. for October. I did have an appointment a few months ago, but cancelled. I am just so sick of having tests!!! Actually, now i am afraid of what the tests might tell me……. I know for sure that the MS has affected my brain over the years, you see , in simple terms, MS affects your brain and spinal cord, which affects your nervous system. Without going into extreme detail.. There are many types of MS, mine, so far is progressing very slowly. I have noticed over the past year or so that my brain function is changing. MS basically means, scarring around the spinal cord and inside and around the brain. So, when you have lesions, or holes in your brain and spinal cord, the transmiters are not working properly.. your body sends out the wrong signals!!!!

    This has affected my memory, writing, body pain, ect: When i was a child my spelling was perfect…. now, i have to be careful how i spell.. i make a lot of mistakes….With MS, you also gets plaques, which are chunks of tissue, i would guess, that move around in the brain, so, this year the plaque that i had last year, that was in the frontal lobe of my brain, may have moved….The frontal, and temporal lobes affect mood changes, deppresion, bursts of anger,, ect:

    I used to really know my stuff about MS and fibromyalgia, now i try not to obbsess about them….

    As you can tell in my posts, i tend to get of task very quickly.. my mind seems to jump from one thing to another, its very irritating when you loose control…..

    When you loose parts of your brain, other areas seem to highten, thats where the paranormal comes into play.. my neuro told me that i probably have had MS for many, many years.

    I have always seen, felt, and heard things, i am called a (sensetive) meaning i pick things up that most people dont, in the living and the dead. So,, now, does it make a little more sence that i am seeing colors,,lol……………My brain seems to be on heightened allert at all times….

    I have noticed over the past few years that i have a hard time with crowds. my sences just pick up and absorb everything. By the way, i am not crazy,,lol…. i have been tested for all of that also….. thats one of the first things my neuro did… did mri’s and other tests, lots of blood work and sent me to a psyciatrist, in which i have been many times over the years.. and,, im not nuts!!!!!!!! lol… i have to laugh because all of this sounds so crazy to me, i can only imagine what you guys must think!!!!! I am very honest and just telling it like it is, and what i know…. still wondering about the colors!!! I know that i am different, but you would never know it to meet me.. i am just as normal as everyone else,, but,, who is really normal?????????

    All of this being said, now i understand why school was so tough for me,, it wasnt the learning, it was the crowds of people…..so, in a way, i do have some closure to many questions i have had about myself in my life…..i hope that this helps you understand a llittle better..

    one thing i do know for sure!!! my heart has always been the same…. i love people, and have always stood up for the underdog… i hate to see people abused or hurt…. you can take my brain and my body, but, you cant change my heart!!!!

    MAY OUR (HIGHER POWER), WATCH OVER EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US AND KEEP US SAFE….. i used higher power, as some people get offended by other words…..

  16. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    One more thing,, you know the old saying, ( you learn from your mistakes), well, that is also true about illness….. you either give up, or keep on truckin!!!!!!

  17. Karen M. says:

    KNOWTOMUCH, Then you keep on tuckin!!

  18. Manik Of Magic says:

    I wish you to post still lots of ur own experiences in this site. You are right i cannot meet you but you have a fixed place in my heart as a nice and caring person. I had little confusions about diseases but i can understand your love to good people. I hope you live along with us. I agree with karen you MUST not loose ur hope if god is keeping you in this world with so much pain it has a specific purpose i hope it is for the good. Thank you. I will post my own experience soon.

  19. Manik Of Magic says:

    I wish i could contact you personally KNOWTOMUCH.

  20. Debbie says:

    know to much- I want to say how strong you are and the things that have happened to you,& are happening now are what makes you strong.
    We are close in Age I can tell, next month I will be 51 also so I can put myself somewhat in your shoes.
    We can tell you are not crazy, but I think we all question our sanity, when unexplainable things happen…I believe you about the colors, although I have no explanation for you as to what it could be.
    I would be questioning also, who among us would not…
    vent here all you need to we all need a safe place and I am so gald you have found this one. I am sure you have so much to share with us, wisdom and such, we are so glad your here with us..

  21. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    thank you Debbie, you are so sweet!!! my birthday is, Sept. 26th. I hope you have a great birthday!!!!!!!!!! I could put a lot of these strange things down to, ms, depression, hormone changes, Ect:, but, i have always felt and seen things, since i was a child. Thats what gets me, i had hoped that as i got older things would quiet down…..im sure we all have freaky things happen to us at times, the color thing just has really freaked me out!!!! Hopefully, i will have some logical answers very soon. I always try to debunk, anything strange that happens to me… i am a very logical person!! maybe thats why this stuff just gets to me.. i didnt ask to have this gift, as some call it… but, i have to live with it. I love to watch medium and ghost whisperer, and i always tell my husband,, thats not how it happens, or, thats not the way it works, or, now you know, if that really happened to a person they would freak out,,lol…… i have always had a problem with anxiety because of this gift, i do try to stay calm. i try to go with the flow and know that i have been given a gift, but, some days it is so hard. You see, i know good and bad……

    For instance,,, this is a bad one, the day my daughter was born, i knew in my heart that she would never reach the age of 18. I told 2 people. They both remembered this through the years and tried to comfort me and tell me that amber would be fine. Amber died 2 weeks before her 17th birthday.. the worst thing was, i knew it would not be a normal death, that it would be bad…. I havent told many people about this, because, i dont want anyone thinking that i am some sort of witch or something….

    On July 4th, 1993, we had been to a great pool party in our neighborhood, me, my boyfriend who later became my husband, amber and her x-boyfriend, ( they broke up not long after that party),, anyway, that night after we where back home and relaxing, the worst feeling came over me, and i sobbed to my boyfriend for hours. I told him that amber would not be here much longer, he said, oh,,, your just upset because you have had to much beer!!! yes, i did have quite a few that night….. i was so upset, he even cried. i felt the grief, already. A few nights later, i had a dream that i was packing up her bedroom and that she would never be back, and i was devistated….. On Aug,19, 1993, she was murdered at 6:20 in the morning.

    You see, from the minute she was born, i already knew!!!!!!! Amber and i where very,very close. i always told my friends, stay close to your children, because you never know what could happen.. she was my soul mate…. My mother was one of the people who i told this to on ambers birth, mom, is 80 now and still remembers me telling her this…my mom has always known that i had this gift (curse), and she hoped it wasnt true. my mom and amber where also very close. we just miss her so much every day.. she would be 33 now, and she always wated a good husband and 2 or 3 kids. she loved children and also loved the elderly, she could listen to thier stories for hours on end. She had the kindest soul of anyone i have ever known, besides my mother.

    To Manik,,, hun,, i wish i could talk with you also. but, we all have to be very careful about putting our e-mail addresses out there. I have had some bad problems with people over the years on the internet, that didnt like my point of view. At one point i gave out my phone # to some, so i could help. Dont ever do that. I can only help to a point, and have to think about my safety, as i have not heard from the x-boyfriends family in 16 years, and i have heard rumors.. i have to keep myself safe…….I know that doesnt make sence, but, they blame me…… now, thats crazy people.. i heard his mom went kind of nuts….. maybe i have said to much!!!!! i have a huge problem with trust, this is the most i have ever talked about the situation, and it feels so good to get it out…….

    i really appreciate all of you, you just dont have any idea….. ((((((( hugs )))))))))

  22. Debbie says:

    Know to much, I too have a daughter she was born in 1977, my daughter is a sensitive, she has told me things beginning @ a very early age.
    I did not know what to think back then, although I do not have this gift at all, I have learned that it is real.
    She says she is never alone, she is learning to tune some of it out, it blows my mind..
    I believe my grandson is going to be like her, I do not understand all the ins & outs of the other side but I very much believe it is real.
    I am so very sorry about the loss of your daughter, I know a piece of your soul died with her. I am glad you have your husband for support.
    I am happy to have met you, my new friend!

  23. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Debbie, so you know exactly what i am talking about.!!! Amber also had the gift…. Its amazing that we both have daughters the same age. Yes, i say have, because i know that Amber is close by….. She comes to me in my dreams now and then, and she knows that she is in Heaven. We always hug and talk, and i can even smell her hair!!! sounds strange, but after you loose a child, these things become very important. We always end our conversations with, well, i know we cant be together in the real world right now, but one day we will be. She always says, Mama, you know i will be waiting for you, and i have a wonderful cottage with tons of flowers for us to live in……

    When Amber died the worst thing that i could imagine was, forgetting her.. her smile, laugh, jokes, love, her smell, especailly her laugh…. she would tilt her head back and laugh untill she cried, which always got everyone else laughing…. her childhood was tarnished when her dad, well, i really cant talk about it.. we divorced when amber was 4. i didnt know what he had done to her untill she was about 13, and we where in therapy.. she went through a very bad deppresion for some time… thats another story!!!! what was done to her, was done when she went to visit him for the first year, then he gave up rights to her…..its terrible, when an adult puts the fear of God into a childs head….

    I have written a small amount about him, he was the one with the eyes that turned color, and he was very evil……he is still alive, and i have tried to forgive him in my heart, but, some things you just cannot forgive!!!!!

    Debbie, i also consider you a good friend to me,,, thank you for supporting me, and allowing me to vent the way i have been. I encourage everyone to talk!!! it just does you so much good… i know there will be silly comments that people make, but, we just have to ignore them…. some people just have no clue,,,,, do they??????

    may we all find peace today and comfort ourselves…….

  24. Karen M. says:

    I think I get what you’re saying, but after finding out, why didn’t you throw his ass in jail?

  25. Karen M. says:

    I’m sorry that some women can be so weak in regards to men, if he is still alive then in a court it will not be considered heresay, if there was a therapisit who documented all of her words. I’m younger than all of you but there is no way I’d let a man do that to me , I’d tell him “HONEY DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS WHEN YOU’RE LEAVING!

  26. Debbie says:

    Yes, it is strange were close to the same age with daughters close in age with like abilities, and I divorced My daughter’s dad years ago too.
    He never supported her financally or otherwise, to put it bluntly she has NO relationship with him.
    A few years back his sister found Melanie and wanted a relationship or so she said I believe it was for him.
    My daughter made it very plain, She made it through without him, and in her 30′s she did not need a dad now…he wanted pictures of my grandson, and at first i said no.
    This may sound mean, but justice, karma or whatever can be that way…I finally said show him the pictures that’s all he will ever have, but me I have a relationship with my Grandson, so eat his heart out…It’s hard to get past years of being treated badly, and I admit I still am working thru it…I am finding comfort in being able to vent also, so this is a 2 way street…

  27. Debbie says:

    Karen M
    I am sure you mean well, but your comments would be best kept to yourself.
    I don’t think anyone knows what they would do if the roles were reversed.
    Take this any way you like but I don’t remember anyone asking your advice.

  28. Karen M. says:


    You’re right no one asked my advise I am giving my opinion. The roles would never be reversed cause I wouldn’t except that, No I don’t know what it’s like to be abused by a man, And yes my intentions were well meaning for any girl who wants to get into a relationship, I don’t except any abuse as I have a daughter !

  29. Karen M. says:

    P.S; Debbie why should my comments be kept to myself,? Did you read the other story that the author wrote, about her daughter, she is trying to warn people of evil things in life and I don’t feel the need to keep my commmets to myself when obviously, you don’t know the story!

  30. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,

    I don’t think it’s necessarily being weak in all instances. My ex was an absolute angel for the first 5 years – then just began to change and became abusive. Believe me, it was an absolute shock the first time he lost his temper with me. It took me a while to realize that I would NOT live with abuse, wether physical or verbal, but every situation is different and these abusers, the first thing they usually do is break down your confidence slowly so that by the time they lose their tempers for the first time, you almost are relieved because you think at this point that you are useless, stupid ect. It is a horrible cycle.
    I do believe that Knowtomuch should have had that so and so thrown in jail, but it is hard to gage the situation completely.

    You are being a little rough on Karen M., this website and these posts are FOR voicing your opinion. She has EVERY right to give us her opinion – if you agree or not. Karen M is a caring, sweet person that probably has been blessed with a wonderful husband and just can’t imagine what is out there! I have friends that say the same thing, so, please, don’t come down on her.

  31. Debbie says:

    I am sure Karen is a very kind and sweet person, and I was not saying anything to the contrary.
    But, I felt like she was saying she was above being treated badly or being abused,
    that is what I took from it. I see that was not the case, forgive me.
    We must be careful of our words because we never know what someone has walked thru, and that goes for me as well.
    So, lets all be friends, we all have much to contribute to helping each other see other points of view..

  32. DarStarr says:

    I don’t think Karen feels that way at all – that she is above all that. She just feels strongly about NOT allowing yourself to be abused. I actually feel the same way…now. It took a long time for me to get there – but I did.
    Let’s let it wash itself under the bridge and move on. There are some exceptionally kind and caring people on this site and let’s just listen to what EVERYONE has to say and not be judgemental. :)

  33. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    The only time I have had any sort of thing like this occur was while lying awake in bed I managed to (best way I can put it) allow myslef to look through my closed eyelids and into a different plane almost, the room and everything in it was the same but the colors were def different, I didnt get a chance to walk around because as soon as I started to sit up I got attacked by a demon and never allowed myself to go back there again, anytime I have felt my mind wandering in that direction I just reel it back in.

    NOW, all that being said do you think it could be a side effect of some of your medicines?
    Im not saying your crazy or anything , because for you it is def happening and I believe you , but Im just wondering if it could be a medicinal side effect.

    You may want to mention it to your physician if they are cool enough to talk to.

  34. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    ok guys!!! no need to argue about this.. I will tell you how it was…. it took everything my daughter had to tell me her secret. she was on the edge of suicide!!! we had been in therapy for about 2 years before this even came out. She had tried to put it out of her mind, and not beleive it. she begged me not to do anything, at least for then, she was terrified that he would kill me…. DONT YOU THINK THAT I WANTED TO GO TO HIS HOUSE AND BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HIM AND KILL HIM????? yes!!!! i still hate him for what he did, but,, he has paid the price with karma…… my blood still boils when i think of him….

    without going into detail, he has paid for his wrong doings and will continue to do so, you know,,,, WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND, and will with him for the rest of his life. his life has been hell……

    At the time amber told me, i just wanted to kill his stinkin a.. right then, but, i knew if i did, my daughter would not have a mother to raise her….. thats why she was afraid to tell me for a long time….

    also, when Amber died, we actually where still seeing the therapist, and we where talking about what steps to take about him… as amber was a lot stronger at 16. It was a slow process,,, you cant just fly off the handle!!!!!

    I did tell his family about all of it, of course, they didnt think thier darling boy could do such a thing!!! but,, thats thier problem,, he had done much worse, and they knew it…. he had relations with 2 of his own family members, i found out later!!!! what an evil creep…..

    But like i said,,, he is paying a high price here on earth for being evil, and will pay an even higher price when he goes to hell.. i know its hard to imagine not doing anything about that sort of thing, but,,, trully, karma takes care of it……if i told you what he has been through, you would almost feel sorry for the guy,,,,, ha-ha

    to nim—- its not the meds. believe me, thats the first thing i did, was talk to 2 different docs. in fact, i dont take many meds. i try to heal with nature!! as much as possible. i am used to pain, and have learned to work through it… i dont like taking meds…..

    the boy that killed my daughter, killed himself also, but not before, almost killing me,,, he also killed my neighbor who was trying to help…… this all happened in my home, and the coroner advised me not to go back, and i didnt. it was a very bad situation in my home, i know from talking to people that helped pack up and get me moved out…..

    you never know what you will do in a situation untill you are in it,, always remember that….

    i am alive today, i survived the evil that entered my home, so i know i can survive almost anything. thats why my health has spiraled down in the past 16 years. Inside, its heart wrenching to llive with all of this, it all still seems like a dream. I can still imagine, Amber driving up in the driveway, at her age now of 33, with her kids, and talking and laughing…i look at her portrait that an artist friend of mine, did of amber , after she died,, she smiles at me and says, mama, its ok…… let it go!!!!!! live your life,,,, but,,, this is my life!!!!!!

  35. Karen M. says:


    Thank-you, you for defending me!


    I’m sure we just misunderstood eachother, so let’s forget about it!

  36. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    wow, thats some ill a** Sh**, you def need to try and let go of that as much as possible (not sure that I could either tho), but its obviously killing you, none of you deserved that.

    Thats a pawerful life tale you have there, you are a strong person, I hope you manage to move past this horror.

    And apologies for not reading your prior posts, I just read the top story and went from there.

  37. DarStarr says:

    Your words are so true. I can’t even imagine the anger you must have felt, but I think you put your daughter first and that’s all anyone can do. I hope your ex burns in hell in the worst way possible! There are things out there that happen every day that most of us can not even begin to imagine and you have been through many of them and your outlook on life is just so awe-inspiring!
    MANY MANY hugs to you!!!!!!! :)

  38. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    No need for thanks honey! I got your back! ;)

  39. Debbie says:

    DarStarr & Karen
    Now that you have high fived each other, and you feel like you have put me in my place just know, I will say what I feel regardless of your having each other’s backs…I will not comment on this particular subject again but just know that.

  40. DarStarr says:

    Oh, Debbie. Don’t take it personally. I didn’t mean to make you feel as if you were being “put in your place” it’s just that Karen is a very honest and funny person and you need to learn her sense of humor. We are all friends here, so don’t take things to heart.
    The stories on this site can be very upsetting and sometimes you just need to lighten the mood.

    p.s. I will send you a high five too if you’d like.

  41. Karen M. says:


    I said just forget it, we had a misunderstanding yet you came back and attacked me and DarStarr, you are entitled to your opinion as much as anyone else is here, it’s true that we all won’t agree all the time on the subject, but I think your comment was a little petty to think that “you were put in your place”. In your original comment you said no one asked my advice, well, no one asked your either!

  42. Karen M. says:

    To the author, I hope things are going better for you now.

  43. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    COLORS, that was where we started!!! you mean im the only one that sees colors???? like i said in the beginning,,,,,, its a new thing to me, i just dont get it….. i really believe that its not meds, or anxiety, i think it has something to do with someone trying to contact me, because, i dont feel afraid of it, it seems very harmless. I wish i could explain it further…..

    it is nice to know that there are others out there that do see, feel, taste, smell, odd things.. i dont feel so different!!!! one day, i plan on posting the whole story, or maybe many of them, i have had a lot of experiences, not all bad…… i really need to get busy and read what you guys have been posting…….

    hugs to all!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. DarStarr says:

    It seems that you have been sensitive to the unexplained for a very long time, so perhaps the colors ARE just another way of someone trying to communicate something to you. It is something to consider. I would make sure to mention it to your doctor, but also keep an open mind about too. I so wish I had the answer for you. :(

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