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Capture the Flag

Posted on June 26, 2010

I’m too young to remember Pops, he died when I was only two or three. I have very few memories of him. All that I can really remember is walking down the front hallway of his house, with him sitting at the end holding out his arms saying “My little redhead.” Pops wasn’t my grandfather, but our families are so close that he might as well of been. Nana and Pops, my two babysitters from when I was little. Nana and Pops were married for a long time before he died, Nana is still alive.

I’ll still go back every so often to visit Nana (who, by the way, is still babysitting) or to help her with the kids. One day, about three years ago, I was over at her house helping out. The kids all wanted to play capture the flag but it was pouring outside. So Joel (him and I where babysat at the same time) and I took them to the basement to play. Her basement is set up with the stairs, two different rooms, a crawlspace, and a hallway. Joel and I split up the girls(at this point no little boys were being babysat) so the teams would be even. One “big kid”(Joel and myself) on each team, one of the twins on each team, and a toddler on each team. I found two bandannas that we could use as flags.

On my team we got Joel out pretty fast, Jordan was more then willing to come over to play with Alena on our team. So it was just Kinzie on the other team. Her sister, Sydney, and Alena were keeping her busy at the main way to the other side. I knew where the flag was so I was going to run though the hallway, grab it, and run back.

I ran into the hallway, about half-way though I stopped dead in my tracks. Pops was standing in front of me. I know that when I saw him it couldn’t of been longer then a second or so, but to me it felt like a decade. I remember that he looked at me with this sly face and said “Gotcha.” I was about to scream. I ran back out. Now I have always been pretty good at hiding my emotions from people that I don’t want to know. As soon as I ran out of that hallway Joel and all of the little girls came over because they saw that I was terrified. I refused to tell them at first, I was only ten at the time (now I know that I was young, then I didn’t) and I was thinking that if it scared me that bad, those little girls were going to start screaming, the twins (the oldest of the bunch) were only six at that time. I told the girls that it was time to go upstairs, and for once, they didn’t fight me about it. Joel went and turned off all the lights as I took them upstairs. Nana got me to tell her what happened, she still thinks to this day that I was just imagining it. Of course the little girls found out, Joel soon after them. No one would go in that hallway for weeks after that incident. Three years later and I still wont.

I know what I saw, and even though everyone who has heard about it thinks that I am crazy, I promise you that I am not. I never believed in ghosts or spirits, or anything until that day. I have always had an over-active imagination, but I know what is real and what isn’t. I haven’t seen Pops since, but I have seen others. My grandfather who died a little over two years ago I have seen. My grandmother who died when I was seven. My grandfather that died fifteen years before I was born. This isn’t normal, I have figured that much out.

Sent in by Ghost Girl, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Capture the Flag”
  1. trolldoll says:

    looks like pops just wanted to join in! you must of had a special place in his heart.! he is still with you and i’m sure he is waiting for grandma to join him. thanks for a very cool sighting!

  2. Lisbeth says:

    i feel bad for you……

  3. AnNa says:

    maybe your pops just wanted to see you one last time since you said you havent seen him since.he probably is still with you but he dont want to scare you.i believe you.thats upsetting that no-body believes you.well if you have anymore stories you want to share please do so.thanks for the story.

  4. chantelle says:

    poor you! maybe one day they might have an encounter and believe you! That would have been pretty scary, do you often have these experiences?

    • Ghost Girl says:

      They are starting to happen more often, but I am also now waiting for them to happen. I do not believe that I am physic, or a medium, or whatever else. I believe that because I wait for them I get to meet them.

      • chantelle says:

        yeah i guess if your expecting things to happen you wil attract the encounters, but have you talked to anyone close to you that really believes you? i know id feel even MORE freaked if everyone was telling me im a looney lol have you ever managed to talk to the ghosties?? And i agree with the whole sensitivity thing i dont think it means your phscic maybs just attracting the spirits or your passed relatives just wana say HeY :)

        • Ghost Girl says:

          The only people who believe me are my two best friends. But this scares one of them to death, and the other, well. She is way too into it. I told her when I noticed a girl in the woods, she wanted to go up and talk to her. The girl was dangerous, I could feel her emotions. If Hayley gets hurt, well, it would be all of my fault.
          I have never tried. Truth-be-told when I notice these things, well, I get terrified.

          • chantelle says:

            oh well im glad they believe you i agree that over enthusiasm and talking to them could be dangerous especially if you already sense a bad energy. Is there like a group or person in your area that has experienced these things maybe you could talk to them and get some advice on how to deal with the encounters so you might not feel so afraid around them or maybe the fear is a warning?? Just thoughts lol Luck and Best Wishes hun! :)

  5. yra says:

    i believe your a psychic

    • Ghost Girl says:

      Oh no, no freaken way. I do believe that some people can be more sensitive to the paramnormal then others, but I don’t think that anyone is truely sensitive enough to be able to contact them. I don’t believe that I am a physic medium or anything, I think that I run on bad luck. I didn’t ask to see the things that I see or to hear the things that I hear. They don’t happen often enough for me to be a physic.

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