Can My Daughter See Auras?

Posted on December 30, 2010

First off, I would appreciate any suggestions or comments from the readers of this story, any and all, because I am mystified by this… so here goes…

My daughter is 9 years old now, but ever since she was born she seemed a bit… I don’t want to say strange, just different. She knew things she couldn’t have known from the time she began to talk. I’ve always been a believer in the paranormal, having had a few experiences myself, but after having her it put a whole new spin on things.

One incident I remember quite clearly happened when she was 4. I had allowed her grandparents to take her to Myrtle Beach with them the summer before she started school, so I’m sure she was only 4. She came back very tan from being in the sun. I had missed her terribly, never having been away from her that long before, so she got tons of hugs and kisses when she got home. She hugged me back and looked at me and said, “Mommy, when you’re really happy you’re orange.” I was puzzled, of course, but laughed and said, “No, I’m peach, but look at you, you’re brown!” She rolled her eyes and said scornfully, like a little adult, and said, “Not your skin, your color!” What in the world was she seeing, my aura? I don’t know how else to explain it.

Another thing she told me once was when we were driving to my mother’s house for our usual Sunday dinner there. I was listening to an old Phil Collins song on the radio, and as everyone knows, he has a very distinctive voice. She listened quietly in the back seat until it was over, then said very calmly, “Mom, did you know that a long time ago when I was a man, my voice sounded just like his?” Talk about being flabbergasted! I nearly drove off the road!

The last story I will tell about in this post happened a couple of years ago. She had been to Michigan over Christmas break from school with her father’s family. She came home and began telling me about a car accident on the interstate that she saw on the way there. She was talking very fast, explaining about the “amberlances”… translation, ambulances… and men on top of the car trying to cut the lady out. At that point she said, “But I knew it wouldn’t do them any good, that lady was already dead.” I was angry at first, thinking that her father had said something she shouldn’t have heard about the accident, because he can be insensitive that way. I questioned her as to who said such a terrible thing in front of her but she kept insisting no one had. I finally asked her straight out how she knew the poor woman was dead already. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Because I saw her soul come out from the top of the crunched up car while we were waiting for the cars in front of us to move.”

What do you say when your child tells you things like this? She’s never been frightened by any of this, so should I let it go and accept that she may be special?

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24 Responses to “Can My Daughter See Auras?”
  1. TashawnMC says:

    Well there is this thing where people can hear colors ndd see sounds, or taste sounds and see tastes etc. For this one particularly she might see physical feelings(like maybe hugs and kisses are orange) or maybe see moods like seeing auras but more mental… (Like a smile or a laugh is orange) I forget what it’s called… But you should look into it. And as for the other stufff… Recalling a past life?also she mustv’e had past expieriences with the dead. Like how else would she know tht a spirit flying away meant the lady was dead? anyways. I could be completely wrong, but i hope this helps. :)

  2. Jingles says:

    Hi, sounds like your daughter has a gift. I think all you need to do is love her and be there for her. Sounds like she hasn’t been frighten or anything so thats a very good thing. Take care and God Bless you both. :)

  3. Tina says:

    Celebrate your daughters gift! It’s important that you let her know that even though she has an extraordinary gift, that she is still a ‘normal’ girl. (So she won’t grow up feeling different or weird!) Allow her to develope her gift as she will, and always be there to support her. When I was a child I used to say things like, “When I was bigger I did this or that.” However, my mom would just tell me that it was just make-believe. I think that her reaction stunted the growth of my ability to remember past lives. One day while caring for my 2 year old niece , I asked her if she was a good girl. She told me no. So I said are you a bad girl, then? She told me no. So I said,”Katie if you aren’t a good girl or a bad girl, what kind of girl are you?” She put her hand on her heart and said,”Aunt Tina I is a BOY!!” I told my sister what she said when she came to pick her up, and she told me that she was always saying things like that. I suggested that she listen to what her daughter had to say & that she might be remembering a past life. Although my sister handled it with a caring and supportive attitude, my niece lost the ability when she got a little older.

  4. sharayah says:

    ok this is the truth i ones in a while is colors around people but i have to kind of stair at them.i’ve seen yellow orange and like a green but this is not all the time and i don’t tell people about this because i my self don’t know what im seeing, i had a feeling it was peoples auras but i was not sure :|

  5. Walt says:

    Well since nothing bad can come out of such a thing there is no reason to get upset.

  6. Neko says:

    I believe that all people can see auras, some just better than others. Your daughter seems to have a natural gift with it, since early childhood. It is neither good or bad, just an interesting quirk.

  7. Carri says:

    I have dreamed of aura colors around people. your daughter has a gift. they may become more apparent as she becomes older. what a blessing your child is to you. How old is your daughter now. just wondering? my little girl used to see ghosts. she is too afraid to see them so she blocks them out.

    • Marina Raquel says:

      Carri tell your daughter that the ghosts are attracted to her light and not to be afraid because if she is seeing them than they must want her help. tell her not to be afraid and if they become to over bearing then to ask them to please leave her alone.

  8. trolldoll says:

    i agree with all the above!

  9. Levi says:

    God surely does work in mysterious ways.

  10. kate says:

    Such things happen very seldom,but they are true.If you don’t mind ,please tell me that what happened to your daughter after that?

  11. terresa says:

    I wish your daughter a lovely and bright future

  12. Marina Raquel says:

    your daughter is fine she just has a bit of physic sense she is seeing auras yes nothing to be afraid of orange is the color of the aura that is emitted from a happy person…i would like to tell you at least she tells you accept her because i went about 9 years before telling my mother i could see ghost and auras she freaked and told me i was crazy but eventually she came around and i was able to accept it more when my mom did and i can do more things along with my mothers help i’m able to control it better than i had before i told my mother.
    i wish a long happy life for you and your child and may god bless you and your blessed child.

  13. KiZa says:

    Well from what i can tell she can see aura’s but don’t be afraid, she may grow out of it and if she doesn’t oh well then lucky her, once my mum took me to a pyshic and she taugh me how to she aura’s only for a few minutes of so, but it was amazing i was only 10 so i didn’t understand but now as a 14 year-old girl i realize, that not everyone gets the chance to see it.

  14. miss marina says:

    Hi, guys, thanks for the comments…following up with her, she will be 10 in October and continues to see and hear and feel things. I completely believe her, she has been raised to be an honest child and gets plenty of attention so she has no reason to fib. I am not the least bit afraid and neither is she, which is a blessing after reading how some of you were terrified as children seeing things. She has seen her uncle who passed away 2 years ago at the age of 27…as a matter of fact, she told me yesterday that Uncle Dusty needed a haircut, his hair was too long the last time she saw him come out of her closet!

  15. cookie says:

    you might be scared by hearing these things coming from such a young child but ur baby girl has a great gift…..even though it may seem scary accept it……=) it shouldn’t be looked at as something bad…..a little strange but she is gifted and u should be proud

  16. Ashley says:

    Hi, I to know what your daughter is going through. I’m twelve an have been able to see spirits an auras since I was a small child. An though I never remembered anything from my past life I remember things from other peoples past life when touch them. It’s good that your daughter is not afraid of them, it shows that she can handle the gift that she received. I hope that you and your daughter have a good life God Bless you.

  17. Denise says:

    I think my 4 year old granddaughter can see auras. She has been telling me all of her immediate family’s colors since she was almost 4. She has not changed the colors except for her mom. First she was white (she had cancer) now she said she is pink, like her. Whe we check out the colors and what they mean, they are so true! And when she was watching a tv show she casually commented on this persons color. It does not surprise me as my grandmother, mother and daughter all have seen the dead. My son and I can “hear” thoughts just before someone says something. Or maybe we throw our thoughts. I really am not sure! My mother told me that I had a 6th sense and I should not fight it and to believe in it. She even died and came back as she was told it was not her time -she had a baby to take care of.

    Little ones are more open to the pure honesty of thier ways.

  18. Sierra says:

    When I was younger I used to see ghosts and aura’s and the like. I can distinctly remember when I was 7 years old, waking up in the middle of the night and looking to my right and seeing a shadow of a person on the wall. Unfortunately, not all ghosts are good, as I talked to it it told me it would kill me if I moved, needless to say I didn’t move until the morning.
    Also, my mum tells me that when I was 3 I was ALWAYS talking about my older sister called Holly that had died in a train-wreck. I don’t, nor have I ever, had a sister.
    Lastly, I sometimes see the future in my dreams. I dreamed things from my grandmother’s death to my dog getting out of the house and running onto the main road, the latter I was able to stop before it happened fortunately.
    When I was younger, my mum didn’t understand/believe me. It wasn’t until I was 13 that I finally convinced her and my eldest brother (24) who both told me to try to have conversations with these ghosts I was seeing and try to manipulate the future for the better, but that’s easier said than done.
    My latest encounter with ghosts or any of the like happened less than a year ago when I was staying up late doing my homework. I was laying in my bed, the air conditioning was off because it was winter, and suddenly I felt a HUGE gust of wind from my left, I literally fell over and hit my head on my bedside table and the wind was FREEZING cold. Needless to say, I ran out of the room without completing my homework and couldn’t sleep in that room for a month afterwards. By then, we’d moved to another house where I find that I can feel very little presence of ghosts.
    Also, when I was at my friends house (who’s also a big believer of the paranormal) we were having a sleepover and at 1am the temperature of the room noticeably dropped and we could see our breath, not to mention the lights were off so it was dark. We were terrified, but then I remembered my mum’s advice and I told her that if a ghost appeared we would just tell it it was dead and it didn’t belong in our world, which is basically the best thing you can do.

  19. Carri says:

    sometimes quiet by accident I can see auras of people I know when I dream. I may be thinking about that person then fall asleep and see their colors. they are rings of color around the people. my daughter can see auras without sleeping. I usually can also tell if someone is lying to me. can read some of their thoughts.

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