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Black Figure Keeps Attacking and I Need Help

Posted on November 1, 2009

Since I was a young girl I have heard strange noises and seen strange figures. I must have blocked a lot of this out because the memories have hit me in waves over the years.

I recall being very young and something coming to me and telling me that I wasn’t meant to live. I was born premature and had a rough beginning, but this voice insisted that I go with them and it scared me to death. There was the sound of breathing in my bedroom, and feelings like I would leave my body in the most vivid lucid dreams…

Fast forward to age 13. I began hearing voices in my bedroom saying much more sinister things. I thought I was going crazy… and then it happened. I thought I was dreaming… I was laying in my bed and in my “dream” I saw my bedroom door open and a figure come in… it appeared to be a man in boxers… I couldn’t move, or speak… he forced himself onto me and began squeezing my breast so hard and forcing my legs apart… it was horrifying. It finally stopped and I screamed out and woke my mother. Could that have been a nightmare? Sure. Could it have been some locked away memory of being molested? Sure…

Fast forward to 17. I began waking up feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I would hear a screeching, shrill voice whisper horrible things into my ear. I would scream and nothing would come out, couldn’t move… like it was on my chest, or if I were on my stomach it would be on my back.

I’m now 24 and this has gotten more and more frequent. I have seen a black figure in my room, even when I was awake. I smell something that smells of stale, earthy, death… it’s so distinct… then I know it’s there. It has raped me. I swear to it. I feel it inside me. I have woken up with hickies and bruises on my thighs. It tells me “you like evil more than good”, “you are worthless”, “we will kill your son”, “you will never be happy.”

I once saw it standing at the foot of my bed. A black figure, appearing to be wearing a hood. What is this? I feel like I’m going crazy. It’s terrifying. I have no peace. My back hurts constantly now, I never know when this thing will come. Once it literally felt like it was tearing my soul out of me, pulling me through me bed away from my body.

What can I do? Is there anyone who knows anybody or any groups or forums or priests or just anyone? I really need to talk to people who understand. I’m tired of hearing that it’s sleep paralysis. I called a priest, he thought I was crazy. I need some help. I am so afraid it’s going to kill me sometimes. It laughs when I curse it in my head or when I try to fight back. This thing is so dark, so evil… my body tingles when it’s near… like electricity. It’s not a dream. This is real. If anyone can offer some support or help it would be greatly appreciated.

Sent in by Natalie, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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75 Responses to “Black Figure Keeps Attacking and I Need Help”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey there, so weird we just talked yesterday about black figures, mostly don’t let him know you are scared and don’t look at him because then he think you are challenging him just get as far as you can away from it…it’s evil

  2. Rod says:

    Wow this is horrifying. I really dont know what to say but have you tried to search anything about it online. I know this kind of ghost do exist last time i was watching a show on it i just cant remember the name. There male ghost as well as female ghost that rape people unwellingly. Well the best advice i could give is research it and try to find a solution i’ll do some searching myself but no guarantees. Sorry you have to experience this it must be awful.

  3. nicole says:

    there was a story i was told about a woman who went to the police bout something similar they didnt believe her either till one day they put a camera in her room just so they could see maybe it a person doing this an as they watched the video they say the covers being slowly pulled off her an an invisible entity was raping her, sadly they couldnt do anything to help her bt what might help is if you get blessed by a priest or someone higher an get your house cleaned with holy water my aunt does that as she sees an hears spirits

    i wish you a lot of luck

  4. Dyingenglish says:

    If it is a spirit, it’s not really doing it to you, not in a literal sense at least. If your mind really thinks it’s happening, your body will feel it. The most i can say is don’t let it scare you. The more you fear it, the more power it has over you. It can’t do anything to hurt you. Tell it straight up that it holds no power over you. And have a priest come by and bless the house.

  5. David gierke says:

    i know what you are going through i been seeing ghosts all my life they used to come in my bedroom and they held up asign saying death written on it it scaqied me i was 5 when a black figure was burning and i got scared and i askedwhat its name was and he said his name was joe hell then he looked at me and i started to cry my mom woke up and the next night i was speaking hebrew and i never heared hebrew before i was saying shuvuga shuvuga and my mom freaked out that night at 2;AM she called my pastor he said it meant come back anyway i know what you are going through

  6. DARKANGEL says:


  7. scarygirl67 says:

    Thank you for sharing your story…it couldn’t have been easy for you to talk about this. You are most definitely not alone…I haven’t had this personally happen to me, but there is a school of thought that there are demonic entities that do these things…called “incubus” and “succubus”. I googled those names and found all kinds of information…and a lot of stories that sound similar to yours.

    I agree that you should take power over this…it is your body, and NO ONE, of this world or any other has the right to touch it against your will.

    Please keep us posted on this. I’m sending all positive thoughts your way.

  8. anon girl nynj says:

    I believe you. I’m so sorry you have been going through this. I really liked the tape recording idea that someone mentioned above. I think it can help somehow…maybe by finding a pattern that helps you figure out why it comes/when it comes. At least, it can serve as proof to others as you seek help. I definitely think you should bless the house regardless of what religion you follow…just bless it. I’ve always thought ‘gee maybe there’s a reasonable explanation ….” for myself when I’ve experienced things but the truth is that I KNOW there isn’t other than supernatural reasons. I’ve felt hands, pushes, heard voices, had my blanket moved up my back, and seen things such as black shadows sometimes out the corner of my eyes but distinct, or white translucent forms….with witnesses who can back me up none the less. I’ve felt things, gotten feelings, have had dreams that turn out later….it’s crazy how when I list it like this, I realize just how obvious it is that there is something about me that is able to discern some level of supernatural and yet I try to rationalize it all bc I am afraid of becoming crazy if I engross myself in it. I am so so sorry that you are being abused like this and I hope that you find help.

  9. Jeff says:


    I don’t know why these beings pick certain people to persecute. When I was 18 I almost ran into one in my parents home. I’m 53 now. I pray to Jesus for help, and these beings must leave. Some others have already suggested having your home cleansed, and blessed, which is a good idea…, but don’t stop there. Find a good minister (Christian) to talk about this problem.

    Don’t show fear, that only makes things worse. God tells us to have faith, hope and love. Believe and trust God, and yourself and you will overcome these beings.

  10. Jeff says:


    In my first message I failed to mention I only recently had an episode of sleep paralysis, only there were two beings. I simply said “Lord, help me!” I was able to move and talk and the beings were instantly gone. This incident was fairly recent, in the last several weeks. The only other time this happened to me was many years ago. Maybe I am a bit weaker in my faith than I used to be. I do know predators prey on the weak and the old. Reading the Bible will make you stronger. It isn’t your age that makes you weak, it is allowing yourself to become distant from God that makes you weak.

  11. Karen M. says:


    That’s exactly what I was thinking about the succubus and inccubus. I don’t know much about them either but I’m sure there is a way to get rid of them. There are some priests out there that are strange and don’t believe you I told a priest once that I heard furniture moving around upstairs and I wasn’t the only one and he told me basically that I was just hearing things. But then he told me a story of his own. A lady called him to have her house blessed and he asked me the question “now why do people want to have their houses blessed”? Well he’s the priest, tell me. He went to the house and when he walked in the first room was freezing so he asked the lady why she didn’t turn up the heat and she said that it’s on it’s just the first room that’s always like that. Then he heard a dog howling and asked her if she had a dog and she said no that it was the house it always did that. So he went in the back room and he said it was burning up and he took out the card to say the blessing but he dropped it and when he bent down to pick it up it shot out in front of him he tired 2 more times the same thing happened till finally he put his foot on it and picked it up. He said when he went to throw the Holy water it came back and hit him in the face, then he heard the dog howl again. He told the lady if she ever needed another priest to call another church, now that’s a priest with little faith, he can tell a story like that but won’t believe that I and other people heard furniture moving and noises in a house??? I guess you have to find a priest or pastor or religious figure that will believe you alot of them don’t , they blame it on your imagination, but I believe you and good luck.

  12. mia says:

    Go on the website of the paranormal, perhaps they can send you in the right directions, sometimes saying the lords prayer just makes them meaner and more violent, . You really need to let this thing you will not tolerate it, do not show it fear like someone else said it feeds off fear…. Blesses Be

  13. tuts says:

    Hello friend,
    First of all what is happening to you is terrible and if your asking yourself am i going crazy?, that generally means your not!
    Second of all there is a belief that those from the other side cannot physically hurt you and as a rule they usually wouldn’t want to, but of course there are things from the other side that can hurt you as you yourself are experianceing and i’m not just speaking of the physical torture they may try to impose, its the mental torture. That is where they gain their strength by beating you down mentally.
    All these good people are right you do have to try and contain your fear, though believe me i understand thats easier said than done.
    If your really prepared to try anything i’d look to the universaties and not just the ones local to you, as some do hold studies on this stuff and will be prepared to come out and investigate your situation. (You’d be surprised at what goes on behind closed doors in these places) They may also have other contacts for you to try.
    Good Luck and most of all stay strong.

  14. santaremo says:

    You might be clinically crazy, but that is just your scientist way of rationalising a dimension that they choose not to understand by giving it a name. The truth is this, the spirit is real, otherwise you would not experience it. It may come from your self creation or it may be an external entity. Either way, you should acknowlege it as a real force. To stop the attacks you must face yourself and search through introspection as to its true source. The source is its base of all its power, and that is where you must strike it.

    Do not try to banish it or make it go away, this is a common mistake many people make. You will not suceed at best you will only delay it for a time. My advice to you is to search it out and through an empathic link determine its origin. You can then move foreward to taking the being under your control. Acknowlege your feelings honestly and face them because you will not be able to lie to this being. Telepathically it knows your true fear and by denying it you are the only one decieved. Go foreward in spite of your fear.

    If you want to summon the devil all that you need to do is call upon him with your whole will.- a. crowley. Your imagination is the key to you summoning him. use it. when you summon this being, imagine as vividly as possible imprisoning him in a mental cage. he will be trapped by your will, and will try to escape, you MUST persevere and maintain a strong determained will to keep this being under your control. Eventually he will yeield to your magical authority and you will subjugate him, or. you will lose and suffer at his attacks. either way, you are at its mercy and you have nothing to lose.

    I advise you to prepare for battle by practising a few weeks of mental imagary and holding that in your mind. when you go before him, the battle will be in your mind and you will be prepared. The brusing you suffer is most likely psycosomatic, the body can create burns and marks upon itself by a mental perception to pain. the being wants you to think it has physical power over you, but everything comes from the mind, when you control that, you control everything.

    Good hunting


  15. Zachary says:

    The Bible, the cross, holy water. None of these things are symbols of death. In fact they are symbols of life. This spirit knows you feel helpless and it knows that only you can stop it. You must cast it out. But only don’t get a priest to do it, YOU must do it. If a demon is cast out and the person it was inflicting is not properly educated on how to deal with them and have a relationship with God than the spirit will come back. I know all of this from personal experience. I used to dabble in Wicca, I thought Christianity was a dead religion in more ways than one. I was wrong and so is anyone else who tells you so. I used to experience things that go bump in the night on a daily basis. I’m not going to go into full detail but to make a long story short Christ defeated the thing once and for all. It has been over three years since it has bothered me. Most of these people are right you must not show it fear. And remember if you attempt to cast it out it may get angry but it is a matter of will power sometimes it takes hours. But if YOU fearlessly cast it out in Jesus name believe me this thing will be gone permanantly.

  16. voodoochild says:

    Try this plead the blood of Jesus, Google the pray; the blood of Jesus and say that. I have a friend who has seen two spirits in her house, she’s kind of psychic and when she saw them she pleaded the blood of Jesus and they went away never to return. If that doesn’t help get a priest to do an exorcism on your house, sometimes this makes it worse but at this point what have you go to lose. If all else fails find a real psychic and when she comes to your house she can talk to this spirit or demon and make them go to the light. Do you watch any of the paranormal shows? I watch them all and they will tell you how to get rid of these spirits, but sometimes they follow you where ever you go. But you have to try something. i read right here that a women had a demon in her house and she got so tired of it she stood her ground and screamed to it as loudly as she could this is my house and get out and it left, try anything I know you are scared but take your house and life back.

  17. ivy janella (Philippines) says:


  18. sonali says:

    Be careful of this thing. Whatever it is if it tries to harm you, dont be frightened or it’ll just add fuel to the fire.
    Wish you a lot of luck. I hope this kind of thing stops happening

  19. Karen M. says:


    Hi I just saw that site, thank you I’ll go and look at that !

  20. Gina says:

    ohh my, i feel for you so much, you need to get help, see a medium and go from there, i know you seen alone at these times but the are people that can help you,

    you will be in my prayes tonight………speak to your gaurdian angel xx

  21. carla marie says:

    i may be able to help…hi my name is carla and i to am 24 and was also born premature. at the age of 5 a bad car accident happend right out side our home were two children were hit by a care and killed..that very night a very tall black figure of a man almost like a shadow about 6 feet tall appered in the corner of my room. i began to stare at it and it floated up my wall till i screamed and it disappered.when i was about eight years old and lived in a completeley new home it followed me…there would be nights were it stood at my door,and other nights were it was at the far left corner of my room. i never told my mother about this because i didnt want her to get scared…when i was a teenager i would see him maybe once a month. but it would smell like fresh cut meat. almost as if your standing in a butcher shop.whenever i would smell that i would open my eyes and there he was. but he never approched me…just stared. when i turend 17 one night i had gone with a fiend of mine to a house party.and there it got a lilttle more personal my friend only lived a few blocks away so we decided to walk home. while crossing the railroad tracks i smelled the meat.and when i turned around the shadow figure was about 5 feet away.the werid thing was that i had never been afraid of him just observent. but this night i could here him breathing.when i got home i began to cry. went to my room shut the door which i never do i always sleep with my door open.but i didnt want my mother to see me crying. he didnt come to me that night…but when i woke up in the morning my mom was sitting on her bed crying and looking at me.i asked her whats wrong and my mom told me if i ask u a question dont lie to me! i said what?!she said have you ever seen a black figure around you? i began to cry and told her everything. i couldnt hold back anymore.when i asked my mother how she new??? she told me “last night when you had gone to bed i awoke to a bad feeling when i turned in my bed and was facing your bedroom door i saw him pacing back in forth in front of your door for about an hour” after a while he tryed to open your bedroom door. she said she sat up in bed and told it to leave me alone! my mom then told me that it charged at her knocking her down in bed and began to choke her! she blacked out after that…so that same day we had gone to my church to have me baptised cause i never was and that didnt work…so my mother had this friend who was indian. born and raised on a reservation who had no idea of what was going on. one day my mother invited her over for dinner.it was the first time she came to our home.immedeatly after entering our home her hands began to shake they started turning pinkish red and was hot to the touch! she had told my mom something very bad was at our home and has been there for a very very long time. my mom looked at me then asked her friend what she meant? she told us shed be right back and went to her car. when she had returned she came back with this weird crystal hanging from a chain she hung it very still from one hand while having her other hand flat under it.she kept the crystal very still hanging from the chain and began to walk through or house.the crystal stood steel…but when she got to my bedroom door it began to move in little circles,the further she stepped in the more rapid it would move, and in bigger circles! buy the time she got to the far left corner of my room the pendant began to make a form of a star on her hand. i started to cry. but she told me not to worry. she asked us to leave the room she was there for a bout 10 minutes alone when she came out she told me that she was going to get something that might help.maybe about two weeks later she came back with 5 crystals and placed one in each corner of my room and one inbetween my matress and box spring and till thid day i still see him but he wont get close to me……if u are intreastead i cant garuntiy that it will help you. but i could possibly see if i can get you some of those crystals to help? on another note about to years ago i seen a movie based on a true story of a lady been haunted by a black shadow figuer that smelt of rotten flesh.that followed her from childhood and in her mid twentys it began to rape her and leave bruises..everyone thought she was crazy. until they sat up hidden cameras and cought the rape and intity on tape. sad thing was that they could nerver stop it..the werid thing was…that the girl this happened to was also named carla like me…whats your name??? i will figure out what the name of this movie is and post it.

  22. carla marie says:

    im sorry one more very important thing i forgot to mention my mother who grew up with twelve sibilings had told me that she had a brother named joe who was born premature as well. and when he was just a few days old my mother told me she was about 6 when my grand mother laid them both down to sleep. closed the door and walked out… my mom said just a few moments later her closet door opened and that almost the same figure i seen came out of the closet picked up her brother and began to walk into the closet. my mom said she started crying out loud and could here my grandmother coming down the hall. she said the figure turned around put my uncle back in bed weent in the closet and shut the door.my grandma didnt find any thing. but my mom said the next morning when she had woken up my uncle joe was dead. the doctors told my grandma it was blue baby? and possibly could of happened causse he was premature but my mom said she believed that what ever came out of the closet did it…i woder if being born premature has anything to do with this?????

  23. Liv says:

    Interesting that you should mention the whole premature thing Carla, i was born at six months and was given half an hour to live, but hey, here i am. anyway, i have had a lot of visits from the paranormal side, so much so that i feel i can handle it to a certain extent. i wonder if there is a pattern here…

  24. Laura09 says:

    hello i just read your story and i think i can help??
    my sister almost goes through the same thing.
    if you really need help respond to this message.

  25. zodiacsign says:

    omg i would hate to go through such an experience like yours, but i might have some advice for you, you should get books and research like the others said and pray and drink holy water and tell him to leave you alone find a chant that he wont like something so good that evil will back off

  26. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi Natalie,
    I listened to your story , it is really very dangerous, this is an evil demon, I think he wants your body so he tries to rape it many times as you said, you should not sleep alone . I would like to ask you about your family, did you tell them? if you did , what did they do for this emergency case ? there are many questions in my mind, you should go to a doctor to examin your body if you was actually raped.You need help from your parents, ( brothers or sisters) if you have, doctors and even your friends. I advised some people who lives in haunting places to re paint their homes because I am sure that demons run away from these places after painting , I noticed that they hate new painting especially if the painters removed the old paint by their tools you can try it , may works with you I wish you can overcome this serious problem. with my best wishes.

    • justme says:

      Demons attack either the very good,trying to corrupt them or hurt them or else the very bad.

      i would personally be praying to God, Jesus ,Mary and Arch Angel Michael to protect you against this evil being, remember, demons are also angels, the fallen ones

  27. Onlinename Ravin says:

    Dear Natalie

    I write to you now to tell you that you are not alone this world and that you are not worthless. Do not listen to what this thing says. Though all here have said their peace on what you must do. Let me now give you what advice I have to give.
    Do not put your trust in numbers of people you have with you or in rituals and relics. They will fail overtime and have no real power in them besides making you think they help you. Trust instead this. That there is God and that he is willing and waiting for you to come to him. Pastors and Priests have no power in and of themselves nor do prayers or rituals. The power comes from the Lord.
    Ask him to protect and shield you from this evil when you feel it coming. And invoke the name of Jesus Christ when he is there. Tell him to Leave in the name of Jesus. And if he laughs or says you are too weak. Say that “It is not me you should fear but the one upon whom I call and He will protect me.”
    I don’t know if you recall or have read the bible but read Mark chapter 5. Not even a legion of evil spirits could stand up to him.
    Find a person or group and ask them to pray for you for though people and numbers count as nothing to demons. What does count is faith. You should read also Matthew chapter 17 verses 14-23. Pay attention to what is said in verse 19 “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” The reply is “Because you have so little faith… and read on from there.

    Read also Mark 9:14-32

    I will end this reply with a prayer. “Lord Jesus remember your daughter Natalie as the evil one floods her with the waters of darkness. Give her strength and help her overcome her unbelief as she feels like she is facing the world alone. Be with her and keep her safe from harm; and let the evil spirit be shut out of her life forever. Send her someone who will guide her and be close to her that she may be saved from the hand of the evil one. And may she always find safety and peace in you Amen.”

    May God go with you wherever you go Amen.

  28. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Honey,, i wish i had an answer!!! i have also had dealings with, what i call,,,, the black man,,,,, but havent seen him since 1993…. i have lived a life of paranormal activity, demons, lucifer, ghosts,, ect::: i have been attacked!! it takes a lot to come here and tell your story,,,,

    you have made a huge step, by coming here… i know many say,, dont fear this creature,, thats very hard to do, especially when you are being attacked physically… maybe, if all of us here send you our prayers, healings, courage, love, and support,,,, it will help…

    you have come to the right place, these people here are great.. they have helped me get through some rough patches, and i have been here a short time…. stay with us….

    it could be possible, that something happened to you as a child, as you said,, i also wonder, if something happened to me, and i have blocked it out…. i was born breach,, and my mom got very ill and was in the hospital for 2 months after my birth,,, she almost died….

    i have often wondered if that was the beginning of it all…. i was sent home,, didnt see my mom until i was 2 months old….. so,, no bonding in the beggining.. but,, we have always been close…

    does anyone around you ever experience things that you are experiencing????? your not crazy, as one person mentioned.. this is not in your head…. i would do some research, as others have mentioned….

    i will be praying for you,,,, ktm

  29. Tai says:

    Man is that crazy or what.

    Good advice coming from the above. I have sat many nights catching glimpses of passing shaddows and errie corners of the room always feeling that something was there and wanting to make contact. My wife thinks I have a gift, but it took me a long time to accept it as all these incidences I put down to coincedences until one night I was called to help my mother. She was asleep in the other room with my sister when my sister came to wake me up and said that something was wrong with mum. I walked into the room and I could see my mum lying there like straight cardboard eyes open, I looked at her and said are you alright mum, but she kept steering at me and was trying to say something but nothing was coming out. I then felt this hand on my lower back pushing me forward. It was weird, I don’t know what prompted me but I leant forward and whispered into my mothers ear “Leave her alone”. my mother gasped and coughed and began moving I grabbed her to calm her down. For some reason I looked to the far right corner of the room and said out loud “Leave Her Alone” my sister and my wife were freaking out, my mun was still hysterical. Then all of a sudden the room became calm and seemed brighter. I don’t know what happened that night but I know what ever it was is still around me waiting.

    Good luck I hope everything works out for you.

  30. Zachary says:

    KnowtoMuch is right it is easier said than done to say ‘do not be afraid’. If you can not help but feel fear then let the spirit know that you know that a power far greater than it could ever hope to have is backing you. That power of course is Jesus Christ.

    May the Lord watch over you Natalie, I will pray for you.

  31. adam collvins says:

    There is a lot of this in the world today,the devil is at full flege right now cause the coming of jesus is soon,but remeber jesus,the darkness is creepy as all get out I know, belive me, but read the bible its your sword I promise it works,

  32. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Its nice to see such wonderful people trying to help another……thats what we all need here, is support….

    I have a lot of spiritual books, and i have recently started reading them again.. i found 2 things that may help…

    FEAR,, Jesus, you know how scared i am sometimes, even when i hide it from those around me. Please take my fears, Lord. Sometimes, they are all i have to give you. They dont seem like much of an offering–but here they are, Jesus. I am putting them in Your hands. Amen….

    HOLY SPIRIT,,Holy Spirit, live in my life. May i look for you everywhere–and may i open myself to you completly… Amen….

    I hope these wise words can help someone here……Natalie,, you are in my prayers and thoughts…We all have a Higher Power!!!! stronger than any demon and even the devil…..

    Bless us all today, and every day,,,,, ktm

  33. Stephanie says:

    I’m so sorry that this is happening to you. I agree with reading the bible and pray everynight and morning. If you have a group of friends pray as a group, prayer is strong when there is more than one praying. God will help you. Have you ever heard of paranormal state on A&E? Go to their website and ask for their help. I’ve seen them help a young girl that was having simular things happening to her. I will be praying for you.


  34. Shaun says:

    Prayer always seems to work when people have successes in these situations. It’s almost like this type of stuff exists to wake people up to the fact that there are two sides to life, and if you are not totally on one side then you are more vulnerable to the other.

    I have a good friend who says he used to be visited by this dark type stuff until he got deep into prayer and meditation — now he is full of divine energy and goodness / light and he has no more experiences of this kind.

    If a room has darkness in it, you don’t beat the darkness away, you turn on the light. If you are troubled by darkness , then you need to turn on the light. Turn on the light of your faith, your divine inner connection, in a real way. Find people who have real spirituality and real faith and learn from them. That light will then shine in you so strongly that anything dark can’t come close to you.

    We all learn best by example, so pick some faith that you connect with, and then pray to be led to a community of people with real faith and to find a friend who is very strong in that faith who can lead you deeper — personal examples work, and a friend works best.

    Then increase the power of that light, love, and faith within yourself so that it becomes very obnoxious to the dark things and they are forced to stay away. If the light is on, how can the darkness remain?

  35. brittany lott says:

    ok!! i think i can help because the same thing happens to me accept demons actually come to me in human form like possesed people and try to seduce me thats the difference you really need to get up if your being attacked like if you feel something is trying to attack you nomatter how late it is or tired you are just get up and tell it to leave get a bible if you have it and read it aloud also you need to go to a holy catholic church as often as possible pray frequently and get a priest to bless you frequently I dont think these demons like you or anything there just trying to possess you believe me they dont want you they want your soul they dont care about your body they want your soul and thats why you dont need to let them get away with it you need to fight back be agressive like i am dont buckle write back if you read this i can reall help with this because i am a very spiritual person also you should look on paranormal state and write them tell them your situation and they will help especially ryan hes a spiritual person like me the website is paranormal state.com

  36. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Shaun,, very good post!!!

    i also watch paranormal state,,, but,, the more i watch it, well, im not so sure!!!! i have seen the episode about the girl,, still not sure…..i watch a lot of paranormal shows,,, and i trully believe in the paranormal, and live with it every day…… but,,,,, how can these people continue helping others and dealing with the paranormall, without being effected???? i am also very spiritual,,, but,, when a demon wants to attach itself to you, it will,, how do these people continue to help others????

    I know, when i help others, it totally drains me…even on the internet…… i trully give of myself, and with God working through me….

    ok!! dont bash me!!! i am just wondering,, thats all……… ktm

  37. foxygurl says:

    I’m sorry you have delt with this by yourself for so long, it is impossible to describe just how scary it can be. I used to see black figures as well however they never harmed me. I no longer see them however I do not know why and live in consent fear that they will return. All I do remember however is screaming at the top of my voice in my head one night for them to leave me alone. But I believe it was the ghosts of my family who eventually stopped them from visiting me, but I am not sure. If you ever need help I do surgest the you see a presit, if they don’t believe you see another one until they do. They do after all train to handle with exercisism.

    Good Luck and be strong

  38. Christian says:

    These dark figures that are mentioned are called “shadow people”.
    They are demonic, all of them are typically of the same level.
    You will most likely not see them by themselves, atleast 3 in one
    grouping or scattered within a small range of each other.

    If one does attack you, they are only low level possession
    demons. They can be drawn out from a ceremony, not
    necessarily an excorcism as we know them today. But
    a holy ceremony. This should be done in a church,
    however not necessary.

    They can also create manifestations upon us when
    we they are taken in with us. Brusing, light gashes,
    when i say light i mean the cut isn’t deep at all, won’t
    take long for it to heal up at all.

  39. Christian says:

    I actually read the initial post,

    This is actually a fairly common case, more
    common than most surprisingly enough.
    These are “cloak and dagger” types.
    They thrive off affecting your mental
    well being. Creating chaos in the shadows,
    causing you to be paranoid, and if enough energy
    is obtained they can and will affect your physical
    well being.

    Something has been “stalking” you since you
    were a child. I am very familar with cases like this.
    It had happened to me as well.
    But this thing seems to have a plan for you.
    The trick is not go give in. As hard as that sounds,
    it is possible. As someone as mentioned before you
    need to surround yourself with an incredible amount
    of positive energy, family, friends, etc. Then build on
    yourself, start to feel a white light within you. That
    white light is confidence, not cockiness, security.
    Meaning being secure with who you are and your
    place in society.

    Now to get this thing out of your life will take work…
    But it is very doable. Symbols of faith around do help,
    the symbols themselves mean very little.
    It’s the faith behind the symbols that mean the world.
    Sometimes it could be anything, a stone that you found
    as a child that you thought looked cool, a generic cross,
    a picture of a passed relative, a verse anything that
    gives you the confidence and faith you need to be able
    to face anything.
    WIth that in mind, holy water does help, use it as a cologne,
    circle your bed with it, put it at the windows and doorway,
    whatever. Just believe in it.

    Your not alone when something goes bump in the night..

  40. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    going back and reading the original post,, the black figure with the hood ((( grim reaper)))) for sure…..not a good thing….. my daughter went througha phase, i would call it, when she was seeing the grim reaper in her bedroom,, she was about 11-12 years old… i remember her telling me that she has been seeing these people with black cloaks on, and hoods, no faces….and she also said, when she saw these, a huge hand would come down from her ceiling and try to grab her..

    i remember her running into my bedroom,, some nights i would be sitting there reading.. this wasnt the middle of the night….she was going through a lot of stress at the time, things i didnt know about yet…. also,, thats the time of puberty… many of us,, older folk,,,, have gone through strange things when we where this age…..

    sometimes, we are lucky,, and it all goes away,, sometimes we are not….

    there are some wonderful posts here,,,, these people really care!!!

    you are older now, and have a child,, and all of this is happening again….one thing i do know, being a mother myself.. you have to be strong for your child, and protect your child….and you are talking about being physically attacked!!! you are dealing with a very angry evil……

    Remember,, your higher power, is stronger than any evil that exists!!!! you have a higher power, you have to use it now!!!!! also,, if you are living with a lot of stress,, all of this will only increase…..stress makes us vonerable……….

    i dont know what conditions you live in, or if you can even change it….. turn to your higher power,, thats where the answers are…..

    God bless you, and your family,,,,,, you will be in my prayers, every day,,,, ktm

  41. Julie says:

    God…this sounds awful! :( I’m so sorry… I wish I could help!

    All I can say is pray, and pray hard. In the name of God, tell them to leave. They have NO right harming you or even coming near you. In the name of Jesus Christ, they must return from whence they came never again to come to harm another being.

    I wish you all the best!!!

  42. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hello Natalie:

    Your scary story received 43 comments up to date. It was very nice to see all such people trying to support You, We all pray for such reason and wish that you are O.k
    now Please leave your comment to tell us that you are alright .You need to be in touch with all people.May god help you.
    My regars.

  43. Liz says:

    Dear Natalie, how brave you are. You know we all have a Guardian Angel who stays with us all our life. Just ask that your Angel comes closer to you to give you the protection you need. Please believe me when I tell you that you are loved and protected by all who have written their comments. Take care and God Bless.

  44. DarStarr says:

    Carla Marie,
    Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. The movie you are talking about is called The Entity and the womans name in the movie was Carla Moran, but I am not sure if that was her real name, altough I believe it was. It was a very interesting story, although much of it did not happen (the whole set up in the end in the gymnasim)
    I am praying for you! I can’t even imagine. The one little bit of advice I can give is to picture yourself surrounded by God’s protective light. He is there for you when you need him.
    There are many people here giving you wonderful support and love, and if I may ask everyone to say a small prayer for you asking God to protect you.
    Bless you.

  45. DarStarr says:

    Update: Carla Moran’s actual name was Doris Bither

  46. Coyote says:

    Most of the experiences you describe sound like a decidedly _not_ mystical or supernatural experience related to sleep paralysis, sometimes called the “incubus experience” or being “hag ridden.”

    When the body is at the edge of sleep, there is a reaction in the brain that is supposed to keep you from thrashing around in your sleep, or acting out physically what is going on in your dreams.

    This mechanism doesn’t always work properly for all people. Some people sleep walk, because it doesn’t activate at all, and some people get the paralysis without being completely asleep.

    This phenomenon is usually accompanied by feelings of fear or terror, a feeling that someone or something is in the room with you, a feeling of restricted breathing, and sometimes a vivid perception that the “someone” is sitting on your chest or even having sex with you.

    While these experiences are illusory, they are also terribly frightening, and it is even possible for them to be so traumatic that you end up having symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. And _that_ can result in you having waking visions, seeing things out of the corner of your eye, etc. especially if you regularly have poor sleep.

    If you have been sleep disordered your whole life, you may not even know what good sleep actually feels like.

    Your best bet would be to investigate sleep disorders, and sleep paralysis in this case, even though it most certainly _feels_ like you are being stalked by an entity.

    If there _are_ any such supernatural beings attracted to your problem, I assure you, they’re weak and unable to do any harm and are just trying to take advantage of something that makes you afraid. You certainly don’t have to be afraid of them.

    When I was a kid, and even into my adulthood, I had _exactly_ the same sorts of experiences you describe – the breathing, the paralysis, the dark figure, the feeling of being pulled from my body.

    Note: I’m not saying that there _is_ no supernatural (I hate that word) element to your difficulty. But if there is, it’s taking advantage of a perfectly natural sleep disorder.

    As to any such entities, if they exist, here’s what I did, in general – even if I felt afraid, I insisted on confronting, belittling, even _chasing_ them. I used to be awakened in the middle of the night by the sounds of heavy breathing coming from under my bead. Finally, after years of being afraid, I just got on the floor, climbed under the bed, and “chased” the breather (which I only ever saw as a spot of darkness) until it had nowhere to go. Whether the problem was in my head, or was a real critter, the result was, once I started being brave (which is not the same as being unafraid), and started confronting my attackers (whether spirits or figments of my imagination), they lost their power to harass me.

    Deny them. Tell them you won’t be afraid. Cuss at them. Laugh at them. Tell them they are nothing.

    As for religious stuff – if you get some comfort from belief and faith in a higher power, that’s fine, but use that faith to bolster you internally, and to know that someone’s on your side who wants you to be stronger and able to take care of yourself. Don’t go running around waving holy symbols and strewing holy water everywhere. Those merely externalize your fears, and validate any entity’s (or figment’s) status as being dangerous.

    You want them to be _invalidated_ and reduced, and yourself to be meaningful. Running around chanting prayers out loud, hanging crucifixes, etc. _isn’t_ an expression of faith. Those are merely material symbols that are supposed to remind one of various religious or spiritual stories, traditions, or lessons.

    You can face down problems like this even if you are agnostic or atheist, if you’ll have faith in yourself. If you have faith in something more out there, that’s fine too.

    But first and foremost, please believe me when I tell you – most or all of what you think you see when having those scary episodes isn’t physically “real” or what it seems to be. You have classic symptoms of a sleep disorder, and you should seek help in that area.

    Even if none of your “demons” are real beyond convincing sleep-related hallucinations though, I still recommend confronting them anyway, to teach yourself that you are not a helpless victim, and to teach your brain that you do not need to live in fear.

    Even when something is “in our heads,” that doesn’t make it not real. Our brains, our minds, our feelings – those are all real.

    And even if the monsters aren’t just in our heads, that doesn’t give them power over us. They can only trick us into thinking they do.

  47. mama22bratz says:

    NATALIE, sweetie like many others have mentioned, Trust in the Lord and Believe on His Name! Just saying prayers or rebuking this demon is not enough if If you dont truly BELIEVE in Jesus and have not accepted him as your savior. Without belief its like trying to cast them aside in the name of The Easter Bunny, or Mickey Mouse, sure theyll get a good laugh out of it at your expense but it does nothing. Also please dont get me wrong, Even strong, devout Christians can be Demonically Oppressed, but there is a big difference in Oppression and Possession. Trust me I have been in direct contact with the demonic and it is NOT a Joke. I will be in Prayer for you, and God Bless!

    COYOTE, I am normally a very docile person but I have been reading your comments and they really get my back up. I dont understand why you come here, because you certainly ridicule more than support. Good people come here for a sense of community and to feel that they are not alone. You however seem to be deliberately trying to alienate and embarrass people with your First-Year Psychology Student attitude.
    Sorry for the rant but Im just keeping it real and trying to take up for the good folks here that you obviously have great distain for. And yes I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you think we are a bunch of nut-bars then why come here? I will pray for you as well, that you find something to believe in, greater than yourself. GOD BLESS!

  48. DarStarr says:

    Very well said! I don’t understand why Coyote keeps coming back to this site either!!
    I completely understand if you don’t believe in the paranormal, but don’t belittle people that do and have experienced it!

  49. Laura says:

    I have had something simliar.
    When ever i go to my friends house i see a girl standing in an archway (in the room) i close my eyes and open them again and is it just her face, right up close to mine looking angrily like frowning at me, nose to nose.

    the girl will then retreat and stand about a meter away just, frowning at me.

    I have spoken to my friend (who has suffered from night terrors since age of 8) and she says that the girl did it to her too, she even showed me a pre-written book of noteson what she had seen.

  50. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hey Natalie

    Kindly to say something or at least answer any one of the above comments. You posted your scary story which broken our hearts, then keep on silence .all the above people cared about you very much.Are you alright now?
    Please keep on touch.

  51. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i also have to jump in here… when a person has been terrorized,, it is hard to just stand up to evil… if it be spirits or live people… i have been terrorized by both… and i will tell you this,,, i am afraid,, i know what can happen to a person….

    i also wonder why some people come here??? it just doesnt make sense to me when a person isnt here to support other people that are in trouble, and begging for help.. i dont get it….how can a person be so hard nosed???

    i do agree that some do seem to come here to get our backs up,, for sure…. i was always taught,, if you cant be nice,,, keep your opinions to yourself….

    Natalie has obviously come here needing help,, like right now!!! im sure she was even afraid to post the story, as that could even cause her problems…. she is in a dangerous situation,and this could even effect her child..

    many of us here support each other fully, no matter what our story is.. no matter how unbelievable it is…because,, we understand how it feels, and we are full of empathy and love.. it breaks our hearts to hear these stories… when people get together and support others, it does make a huge difference…..

    i came here, and i am feeling so much better,,, by the people that have supported me.. but not the people that have belittled me… they know who they are!!!

    this is a paranormal website,, its not a scientific website,, there is a difference…. scientists seem to have an answer for everything,, that there is logic in everything.. well,, thats not why we are here… this is a paranormal site,, thats what we are talking about..

    maybe,, some people like to see us get upset.. well, all i can say for those type people is… i hope you live a wonderful life….. i just see so much bitterness!!!!

    praying for those that have unhappy lives,,,,, ktm

  52. christian says:

    mr. knowtomuch….

    i agree with you, however you were wrong in one thing. you implied that people are not here to find logic and reason in their happenings. When i see people asking for help, what to do, constantly. Based upon what i have expierenced i have a good grasp of what the world is truly like behind closed doors.
    i look around and see a lot of people with absolutes, little room for a gray area, which saddens me because of the nature of this forum. we live in the gray world people…

    try to implore logic in thoes who want legitimate answers to their problems. not rely only leaps of faith. they will believe when it is their time to believe.

    scientific paranormal research is not an oxymoron

  53. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Christian,, i think you need to reread my comment hun,,,,, you totally turned my words around… about logic…. common sense will tell anyone, that we would like a logical answer for everything….. yes,, i would also….. i said,, scientists want to find logic in everything,,

    what you dont understand is,,, people that come here,, have already heard from thier loved ones,, all the logic they can stand.. i know,, been there, done that.. they are coming here as a last resort in some cases.. they are coming here to seek answers about the paranormal, and others who have experienced the same sorts of things.. its not a debate team……

    many of us have had the same things happen to us, and we dont have the answers,, but,, we can offer support to the ones who are terrified by whats happening to them.!!!!!

    we can offer good advice,, as many of us have been there, and walked in thier shoes!! maybe you dont understand how terrifying life can be when you dont understand what is happening to you…

    take care all,, from MRS. ktm

  54. christian says:

    alright well then my apologies at first glance just seemed that science was a copout to belief…

    i have been through many life times worth of fair shares i want to help others as i do in real life. thats why im here..

  55. DarStarr says:

    How perfectly put! I am at a total loss as to why people come to a PARANORMAL site and belittle the people on here that are only trying to find answers, or support!
    Yes, we DO live in a grey world, that’s the point here! That NOTHING is black and white, that there ARE things out there that can’t be explained!
    What bothers me most is your comment about it bothering you that people are on here constantly asking for help – All that goes through my mind is what kind of individual are you that you are bothered by someone asking for our help! Isn’t that what makes us human??? The absolute WORST thing anyone can do is to turn their back on someone in need!

  56. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i live in a gray world,, for sure!!! now, on the other hand,, my sis lives in the black and white world, so there are times that we dont agree……. i live in reality!!! its just in my nature,, i didnt plan it this way,, it just is,,, the saying is,,,( I AM) that simple…


  57. ichigo says:

    I think ktm is right because I’ve had shadow creature experiences and other thing. These creatures have scratched and bruised me and my parents shrugged it off and made fun of me for thinkin that it could be a ghost.

  58. Molly says:

    Form a relationship with Jesus!!! My husband and I have both seen the black figure several times, and everytime I say (or think) the name of Jesus, that thing goes flying out of the room! And do esteemable things (live volenteer work, charities etc.) I believe they like to prey on those with emotional or self esteem issues.

  59. dragonstar says:

    First, is it still happening? Where do you live? I lived in a house that tried to bring harm to myself and the girl i was dating at the time, I ended up fighting back and won, after that I began to help others with their misfortunes. Please let me know what your status is now, if you live close maybe i can help

  60. DNT_JUDGE says:


  61. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Is Natalie still here???

  62. DNT_JUDGE says:


  63. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Thank you DNT, if you dont mind, could you not use caps.. its very hard on the eyes.. I dont think that Natalie has come back, we are all concerned for her!!!! ktm

  64. Lotus S. Dust says:

    sorry i didnt read any other comments i just scrolled don as fast as i could to give mine. i ill read them when i finish.

    INCUBUS/SUCCUBUS < DEMONS WHO RAPE PEOPLE IN THEIR SLEEP. I HAD ONE FOR MANY YEARS SINCE I WAS 2 (YES I DO REMEMBER VERY CLEARLY) i am now 30 yrs old. my suggestion is to go get prayer serious prayer a soaking prayer can go on for hours. please get some help, i am praying for you now & i rebuke that spirit in JESUS" name! please let us know!

    i apologize for the dramatic response to this heart renching story but i can %1000000 relate to this & its serious, not just another ghost story. i hope to hear from you soon & if anyone else reads this comment i ask for you to pray, or bless this woman in any way you know how. thank you.

  65. Malenkov says:

    Not sure if anyone has suggested this. However, you could use some protection it seems.Perhaps putting up “protective charms” or painting a symbol on the walls would help. The wedjat or Eye of Horus might perhaps help. Not familiar with these sort of things but it’s defiently worth a shot.

  66. kandy says:

    I tink its an incubus… what ever you do dont show or feel fear.. they feed of negative energy…

  67. Anonymous says:

    Ryan, my brother died when he was 18yrs old……….it was ruled undecieded, he died in my mom and dads back yard,,,,,,,,,,soon after my mom and dad moved out of state!From what I understand he haunts that house no one has stayed there .The houise has been sold many times because everyone says they are haunted!Can you helpm me find out the truth please???We all have moved out of state it seems he is looking for us!Please help me put him to rest!Ryan I need your help!!

  68. Computer freak says:

    Do not show fear because that thing feeds of fear. Recite this prayer:
    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.
    I’ll also pray for you
    God bless you

  69. Computer freak says:

    Do not show fear, this things feed on fear. Try and recite this prayer with your son before going to sleep and in the morning:
    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.
    I will also pray for you both
    God bless you

  70. Computer freak says:

    Sorry, are you a christian or Islamic like me? If you understand what i am saying, say aytatul kursi three times. May Allah keep you and your son safe.

  71. Computer freak says:

    say ayatul khursi three times every day with your son. This will work even if you’re not islamic
    May Allah’s peace be upon you

  72. unrulykatsis says:

    sorry to hear you are going through this . maybe you can go to different kinda church to get the spirit gone for good! you are in my prayers, I hear pentecostal people pray for things like this! god bless and keep you safe!

  73. BMW Princess says:

    Flip it back on the demon.
    Say You are weak & cowardly Demon.
    Then think of a really really good thing you did for somebody.
    I did that with my demon experience & it worked

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