Black Figure in Front of my Daughters Room

Posted on March 7, 2011

I moved into my house about 9 months ago with my 7 year old daughter. My roommate had lived there for 5 years with her ex boyfriend and his kid. Once they split up she continued to rent the place and found roommates (me and my daughter and an older German lady). She is very much into “cards.” I’m not sure what all kinds and she burns sage and is a psychic. She said she just reads people’s energy and helps guide them on their path…

When I first moved in I had a lot of nightmares about her and the house. After a while I got very comfortable and now I love my “home.”

I had one of my friends move in temporally. He has a 9 year old and an 11 year old that stays the weekend with us. One night I found them making a Ouija board in my 7 year old daughters room. She never knew of anything like this before.

My friend that moved in told me about two weeks ago he had seen a black figure in front of my daughters room. Last night I woke up and went out to get a glass of water from the kitchen, soon as I walked out I saw a lean black figure. I thought there was a mirror across the hall way and it was moving around, his arms may have been moving. I did not stand there long enough to make sense of it. I jumped back into bed and closed my door.

I feel like there is something in my house and I want it out! I don’t know if it was the kids homemade Ouija board or my psychic roommate. I called and told her about my experience. She said she has never seen anything in the house or in her entire life.

When I was taking a shower this morning I felt a very strong fear that I was being watched or I was not alone (I could just be paranoid by now) also, there are a few times I’ve been in my daughters room cleaning and I see a figure at the side of my eyes constantly and that would be the same place I saw the figure last night. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sent in by Kimberly Kay, Copyright 2011

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15 Responses to “Black Figure in Front of my Daughters Room”
  1. Rosie says:

    The figure must have something to do with either your friend or the board. If your friend is a real psychic, she should figure out what is going on, don’t you agree?

  2. Eellyuzeeya says:

    Rosie, not necessarily
    Psychics don’t know everything, only God does.
    They simply only receive information that God wants them to have

  3. Buds420 says:

    ouija boards only bring evil around you, even if you didn’t use it but someone else in the house did. and I believe your roommate has something to do with it also if she’s in those cards. talk to her and if she doesn’t agree on doin something about it to get rid of this ‘thing’ then she is hiding something and you should be aware and cautious.

  4. yumi says:

    If it is paranormal maybe you should ask the kids if they knew how to close the ouija board session, if the answer is no, then theres your problem. They shouldn’t have done that in her room, very bad mistake.
    If you really are concerned, then get the place blessed or ask it to go away etc. If you think you can live with it, then try. Just seek help if it gets out of hand.
    Knowing theres a ouija board involved though, you might want to go for the first option.
    Let us know what you decide to do, and good luck.

  5. Anonymous says:

    invision a protective white light .beam that light straight at this figure.use your imagination as a powerfull tool

  6. Stan says:

    Shadow beings and hooded black figures are always associated with negative/evil energy and not to be trifled with. Ignoring them won’t make them go away – they have diabolical motives that could involve your children. If you are able – my advice is to get yourself and your child as far away from that environment as you can – TODAY, if possible. the longer you stay, the more active these entities will become and eventually ridding yourself of them will become extremely difficult. Trust me, you want no part of what these entities represent, especially for your children. Also – never, under any circumstances, allow yourself or your child to be anywhere near anyone using a ouija board, tarot cards, any kind of majic, wica, or any form of the occult. All of those activities are like magnets for the very worst kind of spirit energy.


  7. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for all your comments and concerns. I cant not move out of my home, i have learned to love it and the budget is perfect for a single mother such as myself. My roomate that day had the house cleansed of electric energy, i was afraid for a few days after that to leave my room at night. Nothing since then has happened and i had a talk with the kids regarding playing with Ouija boards. I will keep you all informed if there is anything else that seems to be happening in my home.

  8. Mackala Carrasco says:

    Try asking the hooded figure to leave in peace if not its time for a nice little blessing in the name of christ i demand you to leave this place! But try the blessing i would also see if you could get the kids out of there but try to deal with the problem my friend had a owiji board when we were kids and her mother had some type of card reader in the house the same night it ony grew more attach’d to us then it was like almost it could be in more than one place at once! It bother’d both of us! a few years ago her mom died they think she was kill’d but not sure how exa. or what kill’d her I do. Beacuse this exact. Spirit came to me when my friend move’d in with me and one night i went to her room to see how she was because something in my mind told me too! I walk’d in the light wont turn on but i hear gasping so i grab my phone and slide it up it looks as if something is sitting on her squezzing her neck and the knees were on her sides! My phone flys out of my hand i go to her and im screaming what do you want! Leave us alone! after that it went away but the next night it came after me my friend said she thought it was because it saw needed to get rid of the stronger one of us first. We had the house blessed no more cards not more boards shes fine now but i will always see demons spirits or even angels!

  9. johnny says:

    i think you should bless the house

  10. Carri says:

    It could be both the board and the psychic causing the black figure to come into your home. The mirror helps the spirit travel. the demon possible has a portal through the mirror. the portal is how these spirits travel. maybe get rid of the mirror. or get crosses and put them on the mirror. you may need a Catholic priest to help you. He has prayers for situations like this. you need to get holy water and bless the house. put on crosses. put religious things in your home, it will help. some examples are pictures or Jesus, God, mother Mary. crosses, this thing is evil. I have seen black figures dresses in black capes they are pure evil. These entities are demons. you may have to move out of that house if the haunting doesn’t stop.

  11. Meagan says:

    Black figures are often associated with demons or bad entities. If the two kids made a Ouija board it is very possible that they let something in that wasn’t there before. If the german lady would be willing you could have her bless the house. But I would defiantly have it checked out before it escalates to something more

  12. mile says:

    It must be a devil to harm u your daughter.ur friend should do all that ouja board as it is dangerous

  13. Anonymous says:

    My son has seen a black figure in our home, but only once. This figure has NEVER harmed him or anyone in our family so I am very concerned about the negative thoughts portrayed on this board. I am “sensitive” myself and have not felt anything harmful in this house, especially since my brother in law passed May 2010. I think the posts I’ve read on this board are doing nothing but confusing people with really serious questions about the paranormal…

  14. Jojo says:

    I just wanted to say, in 2008 I woke during the night to a black figure of a man standing next to my bed, I was terrified but I told myself it was someone that had passed & I needed to study who it was, as I got to the face there were no facial features but the shape of the shoulders & head looked to be my dad. . Abt 2 wks later I woke up again during the night & went dwnstairs. To watch tv, as I sat looking at the tv I saw a black fog covering my walls & ceiling, I was so scared & I knew it was evil I could feel it, I ran back up stairs closed my door & jumped in bed, somehow I fell right asleep but I don’t know how.. I’ve asked many spiritualists & they all say the figure was my dad coming back to tell me he was ok but I also spoke to a few preachers, they say it was the devil confusing me & trying to get to my mind. Since then I’ve become a christian & try to stay away from just what I’m doing now.. My advise is to not get too involved in haunting shows or any thing to do with spirits. I haven’t had that ever happen again & I pray it never does, I still wish I could know for sure why I seen these things, I moved from that house so I also wonder if it could of been that house.. I don’t know.. Goodluck. If u figure out why please tell me.. Jojo

  15. scarecroww says:

    Black figures do not mean evil. It is simply a ghost. Usually ghost aren’t something to be scared of. Most do not have the ability to move objects, and the ones that do can usually only move small things and sometimes open doors. If it hasn’t messed with you yet then you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Ghost are usually harmless so do not worry. If it was a demon it would have messed with you and the people in your house right when it came into your house. If this has happen and even if it has not bless your house. You do not need a priest to do this for you. Just simply sit and pray for your house. Ask God to rid anything evil or negative from your home. If a demon is in your home demons are only welcome if you let them in. It will not be as simple as just asking them to leave, But you can try by opening a door and asking, “In the name of God leave my house at once.” Repeat this until you feel the negative energy has past out of your house. If your roommate has stopped burning sage ask her to continue to burn the sage in your home. Burning sage is a method of purifying your home, And will help rid your home of evil energy. If the Ouija board is still in your house get rid of it. The only thing they do is let in ghost/demons and negative things into your home. Do not burn the Ouija board it will only make things worse. I hope what i have said has helped.

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