Barbie and the Demon who Fell for Her

Posted on November 4, 2009

I’m not exactly sure when it started, maybe it was when me and my sister contacted my dead grandmother, she possessed me and wrote a message to us on my arm in marker, but it was round June 26 of last year that the real scary stuff started happening.

One night I was at my boyfriend’s house the moon was full it was a clear and cloudless night. Danny and I were sleeping, and I was having the strangest dream. I was a General, my armies were preparing for battle then suddenly we were ambushed. I remember striking off the heads of the ambushers. They were the faces of people I know and love! But this dream seemed to be set in a much different time period, I was killing my boyfriend, my family and everyone I knew. Then It changed I saw a man with green eyes and black hair staring at me. Then we were alone and he was raping me, trying to tell me he loved me and one thing I will always remember about it was that he told me he would see me soon. I saw his green eyes one more time then I woke up.

It was a bright and sunny day but I felt like something was pulling me down and I felt an overwhelming feeling of power and depression. Then When Danny left to go to bring his friend to get some weed, I heard a voice say don’t do it, but I didn’t understand there was nobody in the house. His parents had gone out of town to get their car fixed and I was alone with his cat Henry. The cat was curled up in my lap and as soon as I heard the voice he jumped out of my lap and ran upstairs. At first I thought nothing of it for Danny’s real father had died in this house and I thought that maybe it was him. (His real father had died of lung cancer right in the next room. Maybe it was him warning me I don’t know).

I started to hear this voice a lot telling me what to do, what to write in my songs (I’m a musician) and what to wear to school. (HE told me that one day I would know what happened to him but I have heard nothing yet) Things started to escalate. I would see his face every night in my dreams and before I would go to sleep I would see a figure dressed in black standing over my bed. Shadows followed me everywhere, this voice responded to my thoughts and to what I saw. He followed me to the end of earth and back.

One afternoon I was home sick with the flu. I saw a figure standing in my bedroom doorway wearing all white. I saw it dash quickly away from me, but I followed it upstairs to my attic. There was nothing out of the ordinary except that the window was open and snow was blowing in blanketing the floor. It was then that I told him I didn’t want him to follow me anymore. I said if he needed help then I would try my best to help him but I couldn’t be his lover. I stopped and listened to the house trying to hear his response. All was silent, then I heard a huge bang and I felt like someone punched me in the gut. I stumbled down the stairs to my room where I laid until my mom returned from her boyfriends house. She took me to the hospital where they found bruises on my back and shoulders. When they asked what they were from I had no explanation. I didn’t want to tell them a demon had done it so I kept quiet and said I had fallen down the stairs of my attic after tripping over my cat.

That night I tried to tell him to leave me alone again, but it just got worse. I suddenly felt like someone had shot me in the leg. I started screaming and punching the headboard trying to forget the pain that was creeping up my leg. It felt like the pain was originating from my veins like my heart had betrayed me and was pumping poison into my leg. The I screamed Stop! at the top of my lungs and the pain slowly disappeared. I sat crying on my bed while my younger brother asked me frantically what was wrong. I told him I just had a really bad cramp, he looked at me funny then went back to his room.

When everyone had fallen back to sleep I spoke to the dark shadows that have come to linger at my bedside and I said Please leave me alone, I’m not what you’re looking for. Then everything stopped for a week, but that week has come and passed and there’s still those eyes watching me from the dark. There’s still those shadows following me everywhere I go, but His voice has become weaker and sometimes I cant hear him at all. But he’s still there watching me even now screaming at me to stop typing, to keep him to my self but I wont and he cant control me anymore.

Written by Sarena Kelli, Copyright 2009

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38 Responses to “Barbie and the Demon who Fell for Her”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    all i can say and what others would too is get out of the house or have the place blessed. i’m sure others here can help more than i so read carefully what they say and the best of luck!!

    • stephiie :) says:

      she cant escape it as it follows her from her house to her bfs house aand then back home she needs to be blessed herself or have an exorsism almost.

  2. Ian says:

    I would suggest you pray to God for His peace and protection to descend over you and protect you. You will be surprised at what difference it makes if you put your trust in Him.

  3. scarygirl67 says:

    I agree with Ian….if you don’t believe in God, then connect with whatever positive force you do believe in.

    I can’t imagine how frightening this must have been for you. You say that the presence is getting weaker…I am hoping that you will soon find peace from this. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. babyface says:

    I say u just need to keep your faith up and dont let this thing take over u cuz once it does you have no idea what it can do to you… i have faith that u are strong enough to handle this… i will definetly have u in my prayers… all the luck

  5. cookie monster says:

    wow i feel so sorry for u and i hope it does not happen again and if it does try to call some one who knows how to deal with demans like that and i know people think it is not real but i know it is real because i had an encounter with a demon before so i am praying for u

  6. kristen:-p says:

    wow scary but somthing similar has happend to me b4 wth a lil gurrl

  7. Mellisa says:

    I wonder what the dream means. is it your past life? is it possible that that man knew you from back the and has ever since has you in his mind, so that’s why he is desperately stay by your side?
    it’s really mysterious.. i wonder what he wants exactly.

  8. kassie says:

    Get help. Spiritual help, medical help, any help. Why should you have to suffer? I’m sorry you are hoing thru a lot, but God loves his children and would protect you—if you believe and accept him truly.

  9. tabby cat says:

    i agree with Mellisa may be hes from a past life. but my main advice is just remeber you are you no one can take that away from you not even spirts.

  10. zodiacsign says:

    omg well its obvious this demon is in love with you and he wont stop until you tell him how you fell and that its impossible for you to be together and yes also pray for peace and safety

    • callmeishmael says:

      demons arent in love with anyone if it is a demon he is praying on her kindness, trying to get close… dont believe anything it says.. it is pure evil and nothing but lies

  11. DanaGirl says:

    I’ve a couple of things to say first:

    1. Good girl, for taking a stand against this thing. The Bible says in James 4:7, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

    2. It WAS NOT the spirit of your dead grandmother that came into your body. I repeat WAS NOT. The Bible speaks about the human spirit in Ecclesiastes 12:7, saying, “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

    All of this describes a demonic attack, possibly, but not certainly, a possession. The voices, shadows, mysterious figures, disembodied voices are all evidence of a demonic haunting.

    Your first line of defense against this type of thing is the purity, grace, and salvation of Jesus Christ. Read Romans 10:9 & 10:13 in the Bible and communicate daily with Christ. Pray and ask for help, but don’t get discouraged if these things don’t just go away. They can be stubborn, but the Holy Spirit will not abandon you.

    I have the gift of “discerning of spirits” (Corinthians 12:10) and have dealt with concerted demonic attacks on myself, my family, my friends, acquaintances, as well as perfect strangers for years. I have not succumbed to any attack, nor will I by the grace of God.

    You are right to resist this attack on you.

    Sexual demons are some of the hardest to resist and they can follow you for the rest of your life and even be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

    Be aware that YOU are the only one that can get rid of these things. The bottom line is if you accept them, then they will overtake you. If you resist them, they will flee.

    You are in my prayers. If you feel you need someone to talk to about this, let me know.

  12. Dawsen says:

    this story is a very simiklar story that a lot of peolple can relate to. Barbie keep a close eye on you’r self. it looks like he has you picked out. Like Ian and every one else says try and keep the good on you’r side! Oh yah I love your title it is cute in a way…..

  13. Laura says:

    Hi Salena,

    Wow. Your story had my memories flying back to me. I also had experiences with spirits and still do occasionally. I once had three children spirits following me everywhere they took over my entire life. I could not have a normal day. They would pinch me, hit me, and play practical jokes on me they thought were funny, and they would not let me sleep. It was complete torture. But the only thing that saved me was seeing a crystal specialist. I saw someone that removed the spirits with crystal bowls called singing bowls. She spok to my spirits and so did I, I asked them to please go toward the light, move on, they reluctantly did, screaming NOOOOO we don’t want to go, we need you. I cried so hard, I felt like I had abandoned them, but at least I wasn’t crazy, of which I thought was the problem. Someone else shared the experience and taped it for me, I heard their voices, it was so sad but it had to be done, just like it does with you. You will feel so free after they leave, it is like a brand new world full of light. Embrace the Lord and his teachings if you can, that may also help if you don’t have access to the ‘singing bowls’. Going, and spending time in a church regularly also minimizes spirit flow. I wish you the best. Take Care.

  14. DemonDevourer says:

    if you feel weak become strong if you are sad make yourself happy if he speaks speak back if he hits hit back if you believe not in something but yourself nothing can defeat you or hurt you do not beleive in anything but yourself…fight until u cant fight anymore and eventually u will prevail…if you dont then you were too weak.

  15. brittany lott says:

    i think its a demon trying to possess you he doesnt really like you or want you its trying to possess you dont let it you need to get a priest and pray a lot make the priest bless you and try to go to church regularly dont you know demons will say anything just to get your soul make you believe anything for your soul its not about you its about your soul no offense but your not that special to it!! write back tell me if you read this

  16. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    im so sorry you are going through all of this….the nightmares are bad enough, but you are feeling, and seeing something also…. and he is screaming at you??? wow!!!! some great people have posted here,, and they have some good ideas…. i will send prayers your way for protection!!!

    stay strong,,,,, ktm

  17. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    but,, DemonD,,, what if a person is to weak??? what then??? it takes constant strengh, to fight demons, just to keep them at bay…. i have been fighting the battle for a long time, many years!!! it has taken a toll on my health, and even my sanity at times….but, im still here……..

    its great to believe in yourself, but,, when you have a demon after you,, if this is what Barbie has??? its hard to believe in yourself.. they take that away from you,, thats one of the first things they do.. take away your self esteem….. your ego!!!!


  18. Jonathan says:

    I miss what this has to do with barbie. Was written by serena. I am also confused by how non-chalant you described your experience with your grandmother. (watercooler conversation) “so bob how was your wekkend” “was ok, we saw a movie. got possed by my grnadmother na dwrote on my ar, checked out that new italian place, and barbequed on sunday.” “ahh, sounds about what my weekend was like.”

    Your “possesion” warranted one short sentence but hearing a voice was an enitre story?

    ehhhhh I give up.

  19. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    oh Jonathan,,,dont be so hard on her!!! maybe she wants to be called Barbie,, its not big deal… and her writing,, well look at my posts!!!! sometimes its hard to get things down on paper….she seemed to be in a panick while she was writing this.. can you imagine being terrified and trying to talk about it???? i thought she told the story , as she saw it……

    hugs to all,,, ktm

  20. lonergrllove says:

    WHOLEYY COW!!!!dat waz scaryy!!!
    good story and thankx 4 sharin’!!!
    dat is lyk da bes 1 i hav read all night!!!
    good luck and god bless u!!!!
    luv alwayz,lonergrllove

  21. casey says:

    SCARY !!!!!!!!!! IT WAS COOL

  22. Ashley says:

    Wow! That was freaky, I don’t think I could handle that and I love spirits.
    So your saying this all started because you contacted your deceased grandmother on a ouija board?

  23. Steve says:

    Good read, but it sounds too much like a short story that someone made up. Sorry, but it just doesn`t feel real to me.

  24. Peace2Hope says:

    Never mind blessing the house and all that.

    I would like to help you :) x

  25. LMC says:

    Cleans your house and yourself you seem to be getting stronger and I hope it goes away but still cleans everything! May you walk with the angels of the holy light!

    have a blessed life!


  26. Peace2Hope says:

    Do you have a problem with me wanting to help someone? cause all the comments posted on here are rubbish half of you dont understand what your talking about
    i know a lot about the spirits, sorry if the way i am offended you

    • Caretaker says:

      There is no problem at all with you trying to help people, but it is clearly noted below the comment form “Please do not post personal contact information such as phone number, email address or mailing address in the body of your comment” yet you keep trying to give out your email address, please dont do that as it gets edited out anyway. This policy is only for the safety and privacy of everyone here.

      And you say that “all the comments posted on here are rubbish” well that is fairly insulting dont you think? Are you saying that only your comments are any good? If you seriously think all of these comments are wrong perhaps you can explain why.

  27. LMC says:

    p2h you didn’t offend me it’s just you can still help here it would be nice to know too… this is about all of us learning and getting answers we seek… I didn’t mean to offend you… I was just wondering why keep it a secret? If everything here is rubbish maybe you should shed some light on it… if you think you know more than us or have more knowledge then give us all advise.

    I know a lot about spirits too the advises are pretty good especially when you are new at it. this is a place of sharing and learning at the same time helping others. we all should help. No hard feelings go with peace and have a blessed life… LMC

  28. Wait, so your barbie? I’m confused about the title, but I have to admit it did catch my eye. I guess that was the point and it didn’t have anything to do with barbies? Great advertising trick! ;)

  29. LMC says:

    CareTaker you are so right! about personal contact. also I didn’t think it like that writing to p2h “are you saying that only your comments are good?” now I do!

    p2h if that’s true… that’s not nice. we are all good people here and just trying to help. we also do not judge eachother! give us your opinion I would like to know. you can still help!

    walk with peace and love… LMC

    Chronic LOL I thought the same thing� it was a great title!

    have a blessed life� LMC

  30. GODS CHILD says:

    My advice 2 u is to pray n to ask the lord to be with you and to protect you from all evil and demons… ask him to put his armor and shield up to protect you. (IF YOU DONT REMEBER ANYTHING ELSE REMEBER THIS WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU IF YOUR WITH GOD) PRAY KEEP YOUR FAITH AND TRUST IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND HE WILL KEEP YOU AND PROTECT YOU.

  31. Peace2Hope says:

    Hi guys first of all i would like to say i didn’t mean to offend any of you if you find anything i say unruly it is your freewill to let me know

    LMC If you have any problems and would like me to help (or any other on here) you are more than welcome to ask me.
    i wasn’t giving away my personal information i was saying so if she wanted to get in touch with me because there was something she wouldnt want to say on here. Again, sorry if i have caused offence.

    Secondly i would like to say to Sarena, are you familiar with your Chakras?

    Anybody who would like to reply to this comment, you are more than welcome.

  32. Erica says:

    Thats very interesting. Why don’t you try talking to him? Ask him why he finds you so attractive, and if he is a demon. Maybe even asking what kind or rank of demon he is. I’m also curious to know what he will say when you read this comment. Please tell me.

  33. Lil'Devil says:

    wow… that is scary!!!! but i think the best to do is to either blessed the house or get out… good luck….

  34. Big Chief says:

    Hmm, strange one but why do demons always try to rape people or do sexual things with people? I always wondered about that.

  35. Tess says:

    It’s a dead people demons don’t do sex but naturally a human has human desires. You’re doing fine so don’t worry, you seem to know how this works. Ignore people saying bless the house or get out that won’t do a thing. Say him he can’t hurt you really and you won’t take it keep doing as you are. Mind him if you have a living lover that he doesn’t get jealous when you say leave, that’s all. But say him he’s not giving you love so you won’t have him.

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