Bag Lady Troll of Knoxville Tennessee

Posted on June 4, 2011

This happened many years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in college (Knoxville, Tennessee) at the time. I would say it was 1989. I was asleep in my apartment, on the second floor, well the basement apartment was actually about half underground so my apartment was about 8 feel above the ground. I had a big sliding window next to my bed, that went from the floor up to the ceiling. Outside the window was a small ledge, and a big field, and then solids woods. I often slept with the window open.

This night was rather warm, so of course the window was open. I remember it had been raining earlier and it was kinda misty and foggy out. I don’t know why I awoke, but I dead with a startled reaction. I remember it was a sense of being watched. I awoke, as I said, and starred out the window at the most disturbing sight I will ever see.

It was a full moon, so I could see clearly the figure that was standing outside my window looking at me, watching me sleep. It was female, about 6 feet 6 inches tall. I remember feeling very naked and also feeling like the thing was trying to steal something from me by just looking and watching me! She looked to be ancient, rotted face, huge distorted nose, rotten teeth, winkled, rotted apple looking face, and hair that has never been combed. Her clothes hung on her loss and looked like a tramps blankets. She had a big walking stick in her hand, and the eyes, were human, but also not. She had a sinister stare. She locked eyes with me for about 30 seconds, it seemed like minutes, and then just walked away. I know if I had not awaken she would have taken something from me, and I also know if she still had wanted whatever it was, she could have still taken it. I was under a spell of some kind. I think she decided another time, or another person.

I jumped from my bed and slammed the window shut and put my back to the wall and just kinda froze there for hours. I new she wasn’t coming back that night, but I never slept with that window open again. She had a smell to her, that I think is what woke me up. The smell was strange, animistic, but not unpleasant, just odd, and not natural. The best I can describe, it wet, moldy magazines. I know I did not dream this, and after all these years, I can not forget it. I would love to hear from anyone who might know what she was, and what she wanted.

Sent in by Paul Doig, Copyright 2011

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11 Responses to “Bag Lady Troll of Knoxville Tennessee”
  1. Moya says:

    Yea I would like to know too, Girl, do not sleep with your windows, doors open, after this I am not either, great story.

    • Paul Doig says:

      Thank you, I want to know what she is. I have never seen her again, and I never slept with my window open again while I lived there. I forget about it alot, very strange. Last night I was asleep and I awoke and it came over me like a glass of water being thrown in my face! I jumped out of bed and closed the window, she wasn’t there, I no longer live in Tn. I image there might be others of whatever she is. Funny thing is, I would never sleep with the window open when I remember the inncident, but I forget about it alot, my mind blokes it as too scary I think. I believe she was sucking life out of me, or energy, but I believe she was feeding on something. I don’t think she thought of it as wrong, much like people don’t think twice eatting chicken. She could have killed me, I believe that as strongly as I believe anything, something in me stopped her, or something scared her, I don’t know, but I never want to meet one of them again.

  2. tazmanian says:

    Thats scary. Do you think you might of still been half asleep still. I wander also what the heck. It sounds like some sort of witch…

    • Paul Doig says:

      I knew then I saw what I saw, years later I wonder about the being asleep, but I think my mind has just tried to reason the unreasonable. It is strange, I will go years without ever thinking about it, much as I have gone months since writting this account, and never a thought of it, then it will come to me like the hairs on my neck standing up and it will consume me for days. I think my mind still tries to hide it, and that might be what she did to me. Maybe she tried to erase whatever was happening that my awaking stopped. I know she could of killed me, and she didn’t. I believe she considered it.

  3. kristen says:

    I was a bit taken aback by this story, as a similar thing happened to me as a child. (One of only a few “weird” experiences that have happened in my life.) I was little — 10 or 11 — and I awoke to a witch knocking at my second story window, obviously wanting to be let in. “Witch” is the best way I can describe it — ugly, warts and all. Don’t know if this thing was male or female.

    The next morning when I woke, one of my eyes was swollen shut. My mother told me it was a spider bite. I told her about the witch at my window the night before, and of course she thought I was just dreaming.

    I wasn’t dreaming. I was awake for a good 15 minutes, scared to death and trying to hide from this thing that kept knocking on my window. It only left when anger replaced my fear and I yelled at it to go away. (I wonder if there’s a lesson here about intention and taking control?) Anyway, I always thought having my eye swollen shut was it’s way of getting the last laugh.

    I’m 53 and I’ve never forgotten that episode. Of course the few people that know about this all think the same thing — that either it was my childish imagination, or I was dreaming.

    I know better.

    • Paul Doig says:

      I think your memory is very close to mine. I know the Hag wanted something and was trying to take “something” from me, some sort of energy. I had the weirdest feeling of connection between us when I woke up, I wasn’t startled, like I could feel her starring at me. She had some power, so hold onto part of me, and when I awoke I somehow broke her hold on me and stopped her from whatever she was in touch with. I know she could have come through the window and killed me as easily as she walked away. I suttered reading your reply, I felt what you felt.

      • kristen says:

        Hey Paul, you still hanging around? I’ve been thinking about your post again, and wondering why this creature is drawn to young people…I read a lot of “woo woo” stuff (just for fun) and your post is the only other “hag at my window” story I’ve read that was at all similar to my experience.

        For some reason, I don’t think this thing was a spirit, but rather a flesh and blood creature that preys on children. Your thoughts are welcomed.

        • Paul says:

          Kristen, I awoke tonight thinking about it again. I got on my computer and searched for this post. i wish there was an easy way to find my post and others. I am in 100% agreement, my encounter and yours were both with flesh and blood creatures! I am not sure on if she was human, or human as we define it, maybe a branch of the genetic tree that wonders in another deminsion or something. I believe she was either very old, or eternal. I don’t think she was unhealthy as in sick or feable, but she wanted something. I forgot that at the time I had a very small dog, 7 lbs, that would sleep in my bed. I remember she was growling really low, fearful like, more than threatening, and she may have been what awoke me!. I remember she was kinda behind me on the bed, like alerting me to wake up and protect her. I know the Hag, troll, was not interested in my dog, she was locked in, connected on me. I also remember when she did start to move away, she did so effortlessly, like she was floating, or hovering inches off the ground, instead of walking!

          I was not a child, but I do believe I was what was available, and my window was open, for some reason she moved on, I certainly did not threaten her, but merely maybe, made her intentions more difficult than she wanted. I truly believe a child would be an easier pray, and that very well might be what she moved on too. I have decided to search aducted children, or deaths around that time, and see if any were in that area.

          About a month ago, over Christmas, I was back in Knoxville visiting family for the holidays. I had been out drinking, and decided to drive by my old apartment building. As I stated the apartment building was in a field and then there was a deep woods. The parking lot has a road that goes out right beside the woods which is never parked in as it is a good 100 yards from the building. I drove up there and parked. I was sitting listening to music, and just thinking about old times, then I remembered the Hag! I got out of the car, the woods had not been touched and nothing had been developed in them still. I had to pee really bad so I walked into them and went to the bathroom. I smelled that smell again, and felt like I was being stalked. I didn’t hear anything, but I ran to my car with my pants still undone and floored it out of there!

          In know what I saw years ago. I know it meant harm to me. I know it decided to let me go then. I know it will be around longer than me, so it is still somewhere, and I know it remembers me. I will never go into those woods again, it was stupid.

  4. dawna says:

    the thing you saw could be a boo hag or some other type of hag she was most likely wanting your energy or part of your life sorce

    • Paul Doig says:

      She obviously was trying to take some sort of aura or power from me, I know I felt a strange connection between us, like she was communicating, touching me, non verbally, I think she had a hold of me somehow and I awoke and pulled it back somehow. I have never felt anything like that scense, but I know it was happening and it was a very dangerous connection that was broken.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i’m sorry my expertise is in comunication with spirits not cryptids but if i catch a wiff of anything I’ll look into it

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