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Am I Crazy or a White Witch?

Posted on June 20, 2010

Ever since I could remember I have had this feeling of being watched. It wasn’t until my Mam had went to a psychic that I started seeing things.

The psychic was very specific with me. She knew my age, my name she knew I was dyslexic without my mam telling her any information. What freaked me out about the psychic was she told my mam I was this “White Witch.” I tried to Google this but nothing came up to explain to me what it was. Anyway I asked my mam what a “White Witch” was according to the psychic my mam said to me I was like this glowing light that spirits are attracted to and that I am in a fit of power to the dead.

I decided to go more into it and ask my family members if they have ever encountered spirits. My Godmother had said she sees spirits all the time and it started when she was 18. Me being young only 14 at the time I started to notice more strange things. I have had more than 10 encounters with spirits. I see them wherever I go. They follow me and I don’t know what to do. I don’t like talking to them because it makes me feel more crazy and I don’t get an answer.

There are 4 spirits in my room one of which likes to show herself to me and whoever enters my room. Her name is Sarah she is 10 years old and has long black hair pale in the face has a teddy with her all the time and is in a night gown her eyes change though most of the time there just black and the rest of the time they are red and orange. She doesn’t speak to me very often. She has shown herself to me and my best friend who recently ran out of my room screaming. She told me the little girl (Sarah) was sitting at my wardrobe on a pile of clothes staring at her, she thought it was me but then realized the eyes the teddy and the paleness of her face.

Me and my friend have tried many of times to contact Sarah but most of the time we end up seeing someone else. A man I cannot see his face but he has made himself clear that he is there, he has a fondness for my friend and normally watches her while she sleeps.

On to another experience I was at my holiday home with my family and my best friend. It was 3 in the morning and I woke up suddenly to a burning smell after searching the place I found nothing so I went back to bed but noticed something at the corner of my room on the ceiling there was a green glowing upside down cross. Afraid I was seeing things I woke my friend up and she could clearly see the cross as well. After that we watched it it never moved but then we heard noises from my wall from where my friends bed and I asked her was that her banging and she said no and she was scared.

We decided to sleep but I woke up again and found a black figure floating over me. It was completely black except the mouth which smiled to show sharp teeth. Me being 14 I went under the covers and just prayed to go to sleep. The next morning I wanted to go home straight away.

Another experience I had was when I was in my own room and I woke up suddenly feeling cold. I looked up to see a black figure with a pointed hood, it spoke to me “shh go back to sleep. You wont feel a thing” after that I fell asleep not of my own will it was like something came over me to help me sleep. And now they are coming into my dreams. Sarah was in my dreams bringing me to this other world. I was so scared but I couldn’t wake up. Its not all bad all the time though I see my mam’s dad sometimes he died before I was born. So I like to catch up with him but one dream I will never forget is when my Nanny Roselein came into my dream. We walked on a road which leads to her old house talking, I asked her loads of questions about heaven and what it was like. I was glad she answered my questions but she warned me as well she said the road ahead will not be easy for you but know I am always here. I have not seen my nanny since then. I have more stories on my experiences but for now please help me.

Sent in by Forbidden, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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17 Responses to “Am I Crazy or a White Witch?”
  1. GypsyMoon says:

    There is no such thing as a “White Witch” the closest you could come to that if you were Caucasian witch.
    Witches are human and use nature for our spells and balance nature itself is niether good or bad black or white it is all things kind and cruel hot and cold.
    Like a human we are not 100% sugar and spice our majicks is a reflection of ourselfs.
    Also Witchcraft is a “pagan” belief system. So ask yourself am I pagan?
    How many Gods do I worship? When was the last sabbat or ritual I have done or attended. If the answer is none then your not a Witch.
    Someone telling you your a White Witch would be like someone telling me I am a Black Catholic. Psychic abilities is not WitchCraft. I suggest you use a search engine to look up WitchCraft or research Witchcraft…If someone told me I was a Bunny rabbit because my ears twitched I would at least check for long ears and a fluffy tail.

    • Caretaker says:

      Wicca & Witchcraft

      lots of info – several pages – //www.trueghosttales.com/wicca.php/

    • ChronicMidori says:

      errr… ya there is.. There is White Magic and Black magic, white witches and black witches. Good energy and bad energy, both are different sides to the same coin. I seriously doubt the psychic was referring to her skin color.. She was simply feeling the good energy coming from the girl..

      • Naomi says:

        I’m so glad you addressed gypsy moons comment. Of course I know next to nothing about witches but even I recognized the girl didn’t need help distinguishing her “color”.

  2. yra says:

    you’re everything except crazy, you are definitly a white witch even tough you may not want too be.
    i think i know a way you can shut it all down, but before you do, are you sure that’s what you want? at least try to handle it, you can find a way to atchely help ppl with this gift you’ve been given.
    now, back to the way i think you can stop it, ask a psychic of help to shut it down, it works for those who can see spirits so it may work for you.

    i’ll pray to the goddess’s for you to feel better and be able to handle it.
    May the goddess be with you.


  3. AnNa says:

    i do believe you but i dont know about the witch thing.im sorry i dont believe in that.no offence.but if you are a white witch then thats cool.you have that gift.i dont think your crazy.that would be scary with everything else.thanks for the story.

  4. Pat says:

    I have heard the term “white witch” and what I have heard is this is referring to a good witch- someone who uses their gift for good. But I would not be comfortable with anyone else labeling you even if spirits are attracted to the good light you give off. I think some people are more sensitive to the spirit world and you may well be one of these people…. try to understand and use your gift to HELP spirits…. good luck!

  5. Liz says:

    First, no one can psychically say you are a witch when you’ve never practiced withcraft, especially when they don’t know you. No offense, but unless you were there at the time of your mother’s psychic reading, it’s impossible to say if your mom was told specific details about without the psychic baiting her or not. It’s called cold reading, though, and it’s extremely common and extremely sneaky. You are only what you decide to be- in this case, you’re not a witch unless you believe you are. I would not make an obsession of the comment- not saying you are, but just advising not to take it too seriously. Many “psychics” are completely full of it.

    As to the “little girl” named Sarah…that is not a ghost who simply wants a friend. Spirits may or may not be attracted to you, I don’t know. But please realize that even if that’s the case, not all “spirits” are good. If someone has eyes that are red, orange or are like black holes, I hate to say it, but they are most likely demonic. Good spirits NEVER have those attributes. Demons are extremely attracted to youth, to the curious and to the religious, as well. They love their life energy and/or faith and want to take both attributes away. A ghost, on the other hand, will probably not make itself known to you on purpose- many will try to avoid humans at all times. And ghosts are not evil, they are just spirits who’ve chosen to stay on earth instead of going to the light. It may only be by accident that you see them. If you see Sarah again and tell her to “go to the light”, don’t be surprised if you get a violent reaction.

    I don’t really know how to help you, other than give you the benefit of my experience. But I would seriously suggest that you stop trying to communicate with spirits- at the very least, with Sarah- and focus on getting out a enjoying a life with the living. Exercise, get out in nature, form solid relationships, plan for your career, etc. I say this not to be harsh, but because I’ve seen some people head down the slippery slope of “connecting with spirits” only to find their real lives in a complete disarray, and their mind messed up. Perhaps when you let yourself get fully engaged in physical life, the things following you will go away. Good luck to you.

  6. melissa says:

    I dont think you are a white witch you just have a gift from God that lets you see and sense spirits. I have experiances like that often do not worry just pray when you see a spirit that you do not like and tresure being able to see your nanny and other people you were close to.

    • A.M.S.J.F says:

      i totally agree with you. God told me that i could so a she does but just a bit more. i can get rid of them an fill the empty space with God’s presence so the demons won’t come back,

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wicca is a FARCE created by Gardner in the mid 1950′s …there is no long line of traditions
    I sugest you people educate yourselvs on these topics

    • Caretaker says:

      Anonymous – Then why not provide some real info instead of calling people names and inferring that everyone is stupid? Yes, your comment was edited to remove all the insulting and name calling.

      To be blunt about it if you disagree or if you want to present your view point of what the facts are then fine but if all you are interested in is insulting and calling people names then dont even bother to comment again. I have better things to do than to edit your comment when the rules clearly say NO INSULTS and NO NAME CALLING!

  8. A.M.S.J.F says:

    You my dear are a clarvoient it means you can see demonic spirits around you and other people. I am the same way. I am only 13 and I have seen things that the naked eye can’t see. Sometimes it scares the crap out of me or I just go along with it. Sometimes i am drawn back in time to find myself at a village or a town or whatever. It’s scary when it first happens but you get used to it. You need to get rid of the demons in the place you are living at because if not you will find yourself waking up in a cold sweat or even screaming yourself awake. You also need to let your parents know.

  9. srd says:

    Please don’t be scared.
    I went to a convention in connectcut, and I had a tarrot card reading and the psychic told me the exact same thing. I experience things like you do. But not the exact same things. I wouldn’t worry. But I would try to handle it if I were you. It’s nothing you can get rid of. Try using it for good, like I do. But PLEASE DO NOT go around preaching about this new thing to people if you don’t understand it fully. Do A LOT of research on this. maybe not the “white witch” but Pagan, Wicca, witches, everything. Do as much research as you can before makingany final decisions.
    Good luck, :)

  10. Steph says:

    I’d be interested to know what your Nanny told you about Heaven! :)

  11. Anthony says:

    So I have been experiencing a lot with this whole magic and psychic business. And do you know what the best advise i could give you. Magic works like this, you simply want something and you let your self have it. There is no one and nothing that is stronger then you and your love for you life, your present being and the ones you love and live within it.
    Yes, you can see people from the spirit realm. One thing i wouldl advise you too look up is how not to exercise ghost or anything but to bring peace, harmony and protection to your life and your loved ones. At least in your house. It’s called making a sanctuary. Go around your house just seeing how awesome of a place it is. Even if it is small I am sure there are things you could be grateful for in it. Talk with your parents about it and tell them that you would never want to lie about this and that your friends have even seen it. Tell them that it is ok and that we just need to do some research on the subject together :)

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