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Am I Being Affected By Something Evil?

Posted on April 22, 2008

When I was 13, I went through a terrible stage. I battled Anorexia, Depression/suicidal thoughts and insomnia. I used to be very outgoing (though at times shy) and cheerful, but as November passed by, so did my happy moods.

I became depressed, and felt as though life was not worth living anymore. I became very dark and suicidal, wrote suicide notes and poetry, and avoided contact with anyone, if possible. I began to isolate myself, and as time went on, I began to create things for myself in my own world, I would talk to myself sometimes, and try to make “my world” seem much better, by making my self seem “much better”. Well this didn’t work.

I went through an insomniac stage, as I was having trouble in school, with friends, and family. I would take 3-4 Tylenol pills each day, just because I liked the queasy feeling I could get from those pills, and I thought they were harmless. At night, I would stare at the ceiling. All that I ignored during the day, would come back during the night and suffocate me. Literally. I found myself choking for breath every night. I felt everything was too much to take, I felt like maybe I was “crazy” and I felt as though something, somewhere, was causing me to be that way. Something…

Was I crazy? Imagining it?

One cold, winter night, I found myself able to fall asleep. I usually fell asleep with my door closed, as I felt this would help me sleep better and give me some “alone” and “quiet” time (even though I was very anti-social anyways). Well, I woke up in the middle of the night, it was around 2-3 am, and I awoke with a shake, a jolt, as if someone had shaken me away from my sleep and awoken me. I could barely move for a few minutes as I was wondering what just happened. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t scream for help. I couldn’t even breathe!

Then, the most unusual thing happened, just down the hall from my room, I could hear footsteps coming close to my room, approaching me. It sounded as though the person was wearing splash pants, and with each step they would take, it sounded as though it were coming closer and CLOSER, until the sound would fade, as though the person was in the doorway to my room and just standing there, no longer moving. It would start up again and again, that same shuffling noise.

I was terrified. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. I found myself staring down the dark hall, and within seconds, I was pulled back into my sleep. It was over. I awoke the next day, living the same life as the day before- dark and depressed.

I’m not trying to say that this mishap was due to the fact that I was Ill- anorexic, and paranoid, or delusional. I’m saying, maybe something in that house, caused me to become that way. I just need some guidance and advice. I need to know what went on that night. I haven’t got a clue. Thanks.

Written by Tabby, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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10 Responses to “Am I Being Affected By Something Evil?”
  1. Rosemary Campbell says:

    You don’t say how old you are or if you still have the problem?

    People are generally afraid of Ghosts and the Paranormal and I know how frightening it can be.

    In most cases unless you see a spirit or it touches you or tries to do something harmful to you it could be your imagination, but in some rare cases the Spirits of the dead can contact us and or appear to us and in most cases they mean no harm, its normally the spirit of a realtives or acquaintance who just wants to make contact and say hello and let you know they made it to the otherside and now are very much alive and can not visit on occassion.

    But because of the way we have been taught and the way we believe ghosts and the spirits of the dead can become very frightening if we are able to see them or hear them.

    If something in Spirit appears and you don’t feel comfortable pray and ask it to go away and it normally does.

    Once in a while someone who didn’t like us will appear and frighten us but not often.

    But if you no longer have that problem and are sleeping peacefully then don’t worry about it that has been my experience.

  2. Hazel says:

    Hi Tabby. What can I tell you. First of all I hope your doing better. From my point of you, I think you need to start reading the Bible there is a chapter in Psalm 91 read it every day believe me whatever it is will leave you alone, I was in the same situation but mine was different I used to see stuff and actually hear things. I was going in a depression that I didn’t want to do anything nor be around no one. I had this guy that always used to call me and I started telling him he told me to Open the bible in Psalm 91 what happens to me is that I don’t pray so there is bad spirit’s that are roaming this world. And they can get the weakest person. Believe me I started reading the bible and left my bible open every day in that page and I start having peace in my heart,mind and life. Spirit’s try to get you when your weak, when your depress play with your head make you feel not worth it.

    If you go to Trueghosttales.com you see some of my stories I had posted there under my name hazel vega. I had so many crazy things that happen to me, heard my name being called, my hair in my left side of my face went up as something breathed while calling my name, I had seen evil things trying to get in my body and heard my self saying words that I couldn’t and still don’t know what the mean, but I said in the name of Jesus Christ leave and go to where you came from your not welcome. Sometime’s too when the body is tired you tend to feel or hear thing.

    Just read the Bible ask the Lord you don’t have to be from certain religion or go to church or confess, you can kneel down on a corner and pray directly to God he listen’s. You don’t have to confess to human just like us your sin’s pray directly to the Lord he is always around us and he listen’s, my grandma used to tell me when I was little, I used to tell her I pray but God never listen’s to me, she used to tell me he doe’s he don’t forget us just imagine how many people ask him for guidance but didn’t you say he is everywhere she said yes that’s exactly what he does when you least expect it he is right there.

    Pray for peace in your life and in your heart, read the bible the Psalm I told you. The Lord is Marvelous,powerful he is one but he is everywhere. Don’t only look for the lord when your in trouble but look for him always. I hope this helps and you get better. Your always welcome to email me at Belizeangial82 @ hotmail.com. Bless you Tabby

  3. jay says:

    well beleive it or not i went throught the same thing, i am a very possitive person always saw the silver lining in everything, and no matter what i always made sure everyone was happy even if it ment my own happiness was sacrifised….i was very suicidal inhigh school i cut myself on a regular basis, and always tryed to make friends by lieing to them about myself and my life…….i still cant sleep at night and my boyfriend sometimes treats me like shit and i keep goin back to him like i enjoy being hurt, my whole life has been hard i was alwys a happy person but around the age of 13 things became well like i said, depressed…its just life, it will go away, nothing is haunting you i promise.

    also just know that what ever that was, was probably something that was in your mind, things like that happend to me alot and it was because of my depression, i started hillucinating and hearing things and seeing things all you have to do is look at what ever it is and say your not real im real and you are notthat always worked for me.well hope this helped

    • Anonymous says:

      I hate to be the one to break this to you nonbelievers, but evil spirit attacks and possessions are real, and it doesn’t do anyone any good to keep pretending these things can’t happen and it also does no good to make those with this problem believe they are dillussional the way many ignorant health professionals do, these things arer very real and spirits of the dead if they choose to can make our lives miserable if they choose to but what we need to accept is if we have a problem with the spirit of a deceased person which normally we refer to as demons, but the real truth is the spirits who torment humans are the spirits of realtives or acquaintenances who have unfinished business with us and choose to frighten and torment us and the only way I know to end the sitaution is to find out who it is if we can and try to work things out with them and after that the torment may stop or not depending on ow long it takes the human spirit to accept their death and stop being jealous of those back on earth who are still alive.

  4. KinguNoKin says:

    Tabby i have the ssame problem but myne started when i was 6 well at 6 i meet the boogeyman in person (really) at 13 guess what i meet satan that scared the crap outa me …Hazel i gotta say this 2 you but you were calm reading the bible because u were beliving that the holy spirits protected you …well they didnt it just made you calm … and i will say this 2 you but religion is an verry proffitable business you can call it fraud … and the bible doesent say the truth … Tabby i have one question for you : Did you see this spirit and do you remember how he looked … did he look like this : Verry tall black an black male big as the door thick voice … i came up with some interesting theoryes … well i’m 2 lazy 2 tipe more oh and one last thing Did you feel incomfortable in your body …

  5. Tabby says:

    Hi folks. Sorry, I forgot to mention my current status. I am now 15, and doing much better than I was before. I am slowly beating anorexia, and depression (though some days it gets un manageable!). I appreciate all of your help!
    Love forever,

  6. Deon R Colvin says:

    hey how are you. I will tell you that youre not alone on what happens to you and believe me when I tell you it happens to me on a daily basis. It’s not simple to explain but I will try to.

    Pretty much your under spiritual attack, the feeling of you not being able to move a muscle or even breath can be scary but dont fear it. Take control of it, start praying when it has you in its grip. If you keep saying “jesus help me” and it will take a minute or two for it 2 lift up off you and wutever you do dont stop when it lifts off you because if you stop right then it will w/o a doubt hop back on you full force and it will make you wanna give up, please whatever you do dont let it win b/c if you know it or not it will change you little by little if you let it win.

    Just pray trust me it helps as a matter of a fact I had 1 of those encounters last night, and I swear on my life to you that I’m not lying. Trust me that sound that you heard was jus to test how much it would scare…sooner or later you will start 2 see images like I do, it happens as you get older from what I’ve noticed about mine.

    The encounter I had last night was a bit weird to me yet I let my nosyness get me into it. I felt a presence around me so I awoke and saw this black orb lingering over my head and I suddenly heard a sound come from it (it sounded like when someone slaps you on your ears) and I immediately couldn’t move, speak, or hardly breath. But this spirit enjoyed toying with me b/c it let me mutter a word to my girlfriend then it started choking me again, I said” snap me out of this” which she couldn’t make out what I was saying. So I prayed and told it to leave my dwelling you are not welcome here. when I said that a tall figure opened my door, I was still in the dream stage of the encounter, and it whispered something I couldn’t make out and walked down the hallway and that’s when I gained mobility back. But 2 rap things up just dont fear it b/c they love it when you fear them.

    Respond back 2 me b/c I would like 2 know if you have other unique things that happen also b/c I know I have like a sixth sense I guess…I’m not 2 sure I completly understand it yet but I’m getting 2 know myself as I get older.

  7. willz says:

    Depression is a very powerful thing. You don’t need to be sad to suffer from depression. It can strike at any time in your life an can affect you in a number of ways. That said I think that your insomnia may have been an aspect in this too. And your eating habbits. Your anorexia will have meant that you didn’t have the right nutrition in your body, affecting your sleep, then lack of sleep causes all sorts of problems. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful when I say this but I think that ghosts aren’t your problem. You are a strong person, you are beating your anorexia, and I’m glad to hear it . Take care Tabby

  8. Jackie says:

    Hi Tabby, just to say that I hope you don’t listen to KINGUNOKIN in the message above, where he says things like the bible doesn’t speak the truth. Just one thing i would ask King to do is to read Isiah 40 (can’t remember the verse) where it states that the world was a sphere (circle), how did Isiah know such truth as that. People only a few centuries ago thought the earth was flat.
    If King believes in the ‘bogey man’ and satan, then why does he not believe in God? I didn’t used to believe in God until my experience with evil, my story is under the title, ‘get satan off my back’. I know now if there is evil there has to be good.

    Also King states that religion is profit making etc, well you get people scamming everything in this world, but it doesn’t mean that everone involved in religion is like that and that believing in God is wrong. You pray girl, then you will find out the truth as i did.

  9. Liam says:

    Tabby, the best advice I can give you is the same that a wiccan (a close friend) gave me a while ago. It won’t necessarily help with any of your problems, but it will make you feel safe and secure and help you get past everything.

    If something like this happens again, just close your eyes, breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Invision 3 seperate energy hoops surrounding your body and repeat this to yourself:

    Thrice around, the circles bound
    Evil sink into the ground

    Do that for a few minutes, continiously repeating and imagining the energy hoops, and you should feel rejuvinated.

    I’m not a religious person in any way really, so I won’t suggest praying or anything that may not be your beliefs, but that simple spell has helped me through a lot – it feels very familiar after a while, almost like a comfort blanket

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