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A Price For My Soul

Posted on August 14, 2008

My name is Lissette and since I was a child I have had a strong belief in God and Satan. Though I was never a very good Christian I always knew exactly where my heart was in my own religious meaning. God comes before all including my very own children and that is one rule that I follow.

When I was about 19 years old I was at a point in my life where everything went from bad to worse. I found myself becoming very tired of the old saying, “God doesn’t always answer when you call but he always answers when it’s needed the most”. As a 19 year old mother I just wanted life to be easier for me. I wanted everything to just fall from the sky and I would be happy.

So one day when I was home all alone I said, “The hell with this,” and ran to my local library. There I began researching devil worship and thought to myself, if God won’t make it easier then the devil will because I know my soul is worth it to him.

I began looking into chants and spells to conjure up Satan. So that evening I took the book home with me and when my family arrived home like any other day I made dinner, got the kids a bath and waited for my husband to fall asleep.

At exactly 12:00 am I walked into the bathroom, made my pentagram from salt and lit a black candle and started chanting. I don’t remember the chant, but I know I looked in the mirror and said I wanna make a deal, true happiness for my soul. Nothing happened so after a dozen tries I decided I was calling it a night.

I went to bed and suddenly was suddenly awoken by some one calling my name. I got up and looked at my husband who was still sound asleep. I turned over in my bed ready to lie back down when I looked at my heater; we had one of the old iron heaters. There sat a shadow. I couldn’t see what it was in detail, it just looked like someone was sitting on top of my heater and he sat like crow. All I could see was this black figure in a pitch black room.

He brought one leg down and in one step was at the foot of my bed. I opened my eyes and began shaking my husband to wake him. When it spoke he said, “You have been calling me haven’t you so I’m here Lissette. Name your price.”

I freaked out. I jumped out of my bed waking my husband and pointing to the heater and asking him if he saw him. I kept telling my husband he was sitting right there. My husband turned on the light and nothing, there was nothing there. He walked to heater and said, “The heater is on anyone sitting on there is going to get burned babe”.

I fell to my knees and begged Gods forgiveness. I now live by the saying “Don’t mess with things you don’t understand.”

Sent in by Lissette Pagan, Copyright 2008

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10 Responses to “A Price For My Soul”
  1. Warrior Priestess says:

    Lisette, one of the reasons your pentagram didnt work is because you used SALT, Salt Repells evil. I know that for a fact, sand is almost the same as Salt when it comes to repelling evil, i think that if you wanted it to work you shoulda found some bones from a dead animal and ground it into powder. Trust me i know, i dont do Magic or witchcraft or Voodoo, but ive been around it, ive had to deal with it in my area. Ive also done a bit of research on it, its not good.
    Youre lucky things didnt get worse. Also, i dont know where you come from, but Witchcraft and Devil-cojuring-books arent allowed in 80 percent of libraries.

  2. samm says:

    Wow! My experience I had I was depressed contemplating about life and God. Asking him to take my soul. It was night time and that’s all I did was questioning and doubting life and few cries in the bedroom . But meanwhile my partner was having a dream of riding a bus and a hobo sat next to her and their conversation were of life and me. The hobo giving her advise of how to settle my depression and he even knew her name! While she was dreaming I realize it was like wee hour in the morning I was going to the bathroom I got up slowly and my partner sits up on and was saying come here and we hugged. She said in her dream as the hobo was getting off the bus. He told her “now go comfort your friend” and that was time I got up. So I think instead of coming to me or answering my questions He ( I believe a angel) went to partner in her.

  3. Jackie says:

    You were VERY lucky there Lisette, and if you don’t mind me saying, if i was your husband i’d have been kicking your ass out for doing that. You could have brought serious problems to your family. Like W P said, salt repels evil and it’s a good job you performed your ritual wrong. I’m pretty much surprised your being left alone by that evil you summoned.
    I’ve come across books on black witchcraft before, which did surprise me that they were not stripped off the shelves as they were pretty detailed. One i came across did relate a story similar to yours and was more of a warning to people not to mess around with black witchcraft, but in it it did explain what two young uni students who lived in halls of residence did when they summoned evil and how they achieved it. It is very easy to do and you’re more or less guaranteed results, unlike if you try and seek proof of God who will not be tested. Evil is not subtle and is more than willing to come like a bat outta hell and grant you requests, but at what price? Don’t be fooled into thinking you will have a happy life when dealing with evil. Even if you became prosperous, there would be a price to pay for this.
    Maybe in the USA W P you can’t easily get your hands on these types of books, but in the UK you can. Don’t know where you come from Lisette to have got hold of that book.
    One book i recommend to all who are considering doing something similar to Lisette is called, ‘From Witchcraft to Christ’ by Doreen Irvine. That will turn you away from it if nothing else will. She was a high priestess in a coven near Dartmoor, UK. You’ll be sleeping with your lights on for years after reading her true life story. She now lives her life solely for God and her mission is to stop all kinds of devil worship and occult meddling.

  4. nicole says:

    dear lissete im a kid who is 12 and is very spiritual and u shouldn’t have done that if u had made the deal u would have been in deep trouble if u know what im saying. i have spoken to god myself and i asked him if i could be a gaurdian. and answers have shown so. god answers but everyone talks to god and trys to answer everyone but there is alot of people on earth. and i have been haunted myself. but i understand why. i asked god to give the messages he has sent me. and he said yes. so i did. and now he told me to have my own apprentice and teach her the ways of god. and she has been taught many things.

  5. Warrior Priestess says:

    Also, Jackie i dont need to read a book to know how evil Witchcraft and witches are, even Wicca is not to be messed with, Wicca worships a male and a female figure which i think is unwise, Praise and respect is one thing, but Worship is another. I Only Worship ONE, one cannot serve 2 masters. So you either Serve the Higher-Power, or you serve yourself, and then theres the Evil entities in power and thats bad too. What really is the point of Worshipping something that only controls you during Lafe with no real reward after our bodies die? When you serve yourself or evil then your not getting any reward whatsoever, so whats the point? When you follow your heart and do the right thing then the afterlife will be rewarding, but take my word for it, dont just do it because you expect a congratulaions, Do the right thing BECAUSE it is the Right thing to Do. eh, Nevermind, if you dont care then there’s no hope for you, i cant Help those who dont first wish to Help themselves.

  6. Jackie says:

    I know you don’t need to read that book W P, i know you know about these things, but some may find it interesting.

  7. selene says:

    well i be live u?

  8. vanessa says:


    never NEVER pray or ask the devil for a thing he will grant your every wish yes but the price is always to high for just you to pay he takes evrything you have and love and then some for generations imagine that thing going to your kids instead. you make the deal but they pay the price for it in the end. all thru the line. your kids first then theirs and so on till your blood line is dead and gone. suffering and pain all the way. i suggest you find a good church and do some for real soul searching before its to late.

  9. razika says:

    wow did that happen for real. well there was a good lesson learned there dont mess with the dead.

  10. AlanD says:

    Salt only repels evil on TV shows. It’s not a tool for good. It’s a seasoning.

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