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A Haunting in South Dakota

Posted on February 9, 2011

When the real estate agent was showing me the house, I specifically asked if it was haunted. Or if anyone had died in it. She said no. I liked the house, the price was right, and it wasn’t infested with spirits so I bought it. Everything was fine… for a month or so.

My first indication something was amiss was the simple sensation that I was being watched. Next came the creepy feelings of dread in my bedroom. Now, I’ve always slept in total darkness. When I tried doing just that in my new house, it felt as if someone was hovering mere inches from my body. That and the being watched thing. So the light stayed on. Then there are the footsteps. was in my room on the second floor and heard my partner coming up the stairs. I looked and found nothing. Turns out he was fast asleep in the basement family room.

My son woke up late one night with scratches on his back. They looked like burn welts, and the whole area was red and roughly shaped like a hand. He went into the kitchen and came back immediately to say there was a little girl standing in the back yard. It was 2 am. He said she was dressed in a white sleeping gown but couldn’t see her feet… they weren’t there. We’ve had vases knocked over, heard voices, been touched, and there’s one window in my son’s room that keeps opening on its own. I screwed it closed but a month or so later, I found the screw laying neatly on top of the open window.

I decided to start a blog to keep track of everything (ahauntinginsd.blogspot.com). I also had a psychic visit who heard growling and was totally freaked out by my son’s room. After she left, my son found a child’s dirty handprint on the wall of his room. It hadn’t been there before. It gets weirder. A good friend of mine brought his new girlfriend around. Turns out she used to live in the house with her parents and many siblings. The house terrifies her. She said that’s why she and her family moved out.

She then proceeded to tell us her experiences, which were numerous and scary. The one that really got me involved her and the kids she was nannying for. There were 10. They’d play in the back yard and she’d occasionally look out the kitchen window to count heads. Sometimes there would be 11. She saw the 11th once… a little girl. I’ve put all her stories on my blog to make sure I never forgot them.

The next step for me was to call in the local paranormal investigators, SPCTR, to do their thing. This group is a member of the TAPS family (TV’s Ghosthunters) and were very professional. They caught a lot of EVP’s. One, captured in my bedroom was a child’s voice saying, “What happened?” Footsteps and a loud bang were also recorded (no one was in the house at the time). The local newspaper and local TV station asked to interview me in my house for Halloween stories. They took it seriously and I hoped by doing them, others who may experience strange events in their homes will realize they’re not alone and that they do have options available to them. I still have activity and still report it on my blog (I also review horror movies when activity is at low ebb).

And I still sleep with my light on.

Sent in by Nate Dean, Copyright 2011

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19 Responses to “A Haunting in South Dakota”
  1. Jaybee says:

    I certainly hope that when you’re being interviewed on television, in print, etc., you very clearly and emphatically state that when you bought your house from “Realtor Person” (insert real name here), from “Realty Company Name” (insert real name here), that you clearly asked Realtor Person if it was haunted, etc. and she had stated that it was not. Then state that if anyone else is considering buying a house from Realtor Person that they re-think their purchase, because Realtor Person, from Realty Company Name lies and that you don’t think anyone should buy a house from a liar.

    All Realtor Person had to do was a bit of research and find out who had lived there before and ask them. I’m sure she would have run across your good friend’s girlfriend very easily and could have asked her family what their impressions were in the time they lived in the house prior to certifying to you whether it was or wasn’t haunted.

    I’m so sorry that you ended up living in such a house of horrors.

    • Nate Dean says:

      I should mention that I specifically asked the real estate agent if anyone had been murdered in the house. She said no and I’m sure she was telling the truth…as far as she knew. One interesting thing I forgot to say before was that the parents of my friend’s girlfriend stopped by the house a few months earlier and I asked them if they’d had any strange experiences. They said they had not. That they weren’t at all interested in entering the house should have been a clue.

  2. Stephie says:

    Youre very Brave to stay there. It must be Scarey for the Family. In most States the realator has to disclose such things to a Buyer as yourself. And I am Positive You could get out of that contract becuz it sounds thou u do have a Ghost. I would look into that Asap and get outa there fast. Keep Prayer and faith with you. God Bless and Thankyou for sharing.

    • Jaybee says:

      Stephie, a lot of my post was in jest. While I know a realtor is supposed to disclose stuff about the house, I believe it’s mostly structural items. Also hauntings sometimes are subjective. Someone could live in a house for decades and not have a thing happen, another family moves in and they might be more “sensitive” to these things, so suddenly there’s all sorts of activities. Since I grew up in an old haunted house, I’ve always hedged my bets and bought brand new homes. No guarantees, of course, but I feel a little better about my chances.

      • Caretaker says:

        These days Im not so sure a realtor would want to hide the fact that a place is haunted. I mean that would cause many to be interested and might even help the realtor to get a good price.

        We get “stories” submitted here quite often which are nothing more than ads for houses that are for sale that are supposedly haunted. They all get rejected of course.

        Imagine trying to take a Realtor to court claiming that they sold you a haunted house without disclosing that fact. My guess is that they would laugh you out of there and it would be doubtful you could even find an attorney to go with something like that.

  3. Stephie says:

    Jay; I did not see your post before I comment mine. And Yes and as with any Hauntings or Ghosts, they happen. But I do believe a Place that is Haunted should be disclosed. That is if the Agent knows about it of course. And it could be the person who is haunted, or sensitive but it didnt sound that way to me. I myself would not want 2 live in a House with Ghost.. Have done that before. So I sure wouldnt want to buy one. As for going to court and being laughed at CT.. That is a chance I would take. Stranger things have happened. And there are loop holes you could most definatley get around. Thanks for both of Your input. But this is not my Story or my Experiance, I was just stating my Opinion and Advice on the matter. Take Care!

    • Caretaker says:

      Stephie your opinions are welcomed! I lived for a short time in one haunted house and I am sure that the owner knew it was haunted. //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/haunted-house-for-sale/

    • Jaybee says:

      Oh Stephie, did you think I was being rude in my response to you? If so, it certainly wasn’t meant that way. I thought you had read my post before you posted yours, my apologies. I think the whole purpose here is to read the stories and comment with your opinions — and people certainly do have lots of opinions. Caretaker posted something that never occurred to me, the fact that there are folks who actually WANT to find a haunted house. Ugh, creepy to me, but again – to each his own.

      Please don’t ever think that anyone else has a more valid point or better opinion, or that anyone is denigrating your point or opinion. It’s all good!

      • Stephie says:

        Jaybee; No I did not think You were being rude at all! I did not mean for it to sound that way. I enjoy feedback and others Opinions as well. Yes it is all Good!! Thanks!

  4. trolldoll says:

    i should call one of my realtor friends and ask just for the heck of it. now i’m curious!

    • Stephie says:

      Trolldoll; Please do ask an Agent Friend of Yours, I am Very Curious to know now also. Let us know what if any are the laws and or guidelines on the subject. Thanks, take care!

      • trolldoll says:

        i will stephie! i don’t see her as often as i’d like, and she knows me well enough to know i can come up with ?s. she helped me sell a house. that house might have been, but i didn’t live there long enough for me to actually confirm it.

        • trolldoll says:

          it’s a funny thing about our house too. we moved in in june and at halloween, when we were handing out candy, a woman with a bunch of kids came to the door. she had used to live here when it was a rental. she asked me if i had had anything weird happen and i told her yes. she then said, i could tell you some stories about this house. unfortunately i never saw her again. asking a previous renter or owner can help too.

  5. Stephie says:

    Thanks CT! I just read House for Sale and that was interesting and frighting as well. I need to really find the time to post my Experiences sometime soon. I do enjoy the Stories and People on this site and the best thing is that you let us express our Opinions weather some agree or not. And you join in the discussions also. Thanks again. And going to look for your story about the man in the graveyard. That does sound Spooky. God Bless!

  6. sharayah says:

    maybe the realtor really didn’t know the house is hunted. MAYBE, who knows? you are a strong person to stay in that home.tell me do you think it’s just ghost or do you think you have a demon there too? you take care. thanks for your story :)

  7. melissa says:

    omg, scary story!! you are very brave to still be living there. how old is your house? i’m interested in reading your blogs next.

  8. Nate Dean says:

    The psychic said there was a demon of sorts (a weak one) attached to my son. This makes sense because he was spending one night at a friend’s house and woke up with scratches there. But there is also a spirit here just knocking about. I’m pretty sure it’s the little girl. My house was built in 1941 and I found the names of all the past owners. I emailed one of them (a successful psychologist) and he did get back to me. However, when I asked him the big question about strange activity, I never heard from him again. Odd. Well, maybe not so odd. Lately, it’s just been the window opening on its own. Oh, and a loud knock on my bedroom wall every night when I go to bed. And so it goes…

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