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9/11 – Did Satan Play A Role In It?

Posted on February 3, 2009

We are all painfully aware of the horrors that unfolded themselves on the 11th of September 2001. Never would one have suspected the wrangled contortion of a seemingly beautiful, picturesque day into a day of depression and woe.

Not even the malevolent and darkest of minds could have conjured those vivid, fleeting images of pure consternation and traumatic trepidation as the planes bombarded the WTC, shunning thousands of innocent lives into oblivion.

The day has been branded as a pivotal transition in the temperament of man, a day of grief and dismay, a day where the global population reflects upon the cruel potential of mankind, yet despite all of this, we still seem to be going further backwards.

There are several major conspiracies put forth to explain why 9/11 occurred. One of the more popular conspiracies, ludicrous as it may sound, is that the American government orchestrated the whole attack, (following the basis of a false flag policy) to rally support from the American citizens to invade Iraq and other Middle east countries and facilitate military spending. This plan is abhorrent and plain incredulous, yet still rather ingenious. As well as this, the conspiracy further serves to generate fear and insecurity. People can’t help but ponder over the government and whether there is something more sinister and ominous to them then they let on. This helps exercise control over the citizens, consequently killing 2 birds with one stone.

The accepted (I use this term loosely) conspiracy is that infidels and terrorists from the middle-east simply retaliated against the Americans, after a long feud with Middle-east countries extending from the early 1990s. It is believed the terrorists hijacked planes in American bases and flew them into the WTC.

These are but 2 of the many theories surrounding the occurrences of 9/11.

As we all know, the supposed amount of debris left behind is regarded to be inadequate and insubstantial, yet perhaps more significantly then the debris would be the formation of demoniac countenances in the smoke. There are several pictures on this that can easily be attained by searching them on Google images or from videos posted in Youtube.

This is perhaps not so much a question of whether Satan contributed to 9/11 because this is an argument that is rather flexible. We could say his demoniac influences urged the terrorists or the governments to act irrationally. Nevertheless, the presence of demons in this plane crash (and many others) is highly feasible.

Demons feed of disturbed emotions, i.e. trepidation/apprehension, insecurity, depression, suicidal/homicidal tendencies and domestic disturbances. The more these emotions are emanated outwards, the stronger they become by feeding on them. They can utilize this emotional energy as a medium or channel to reveal their presence. Often there are temperature drops, because of energy fluctuations in surrounding fields and an increased sense of anger or negative emotion (the demon stirs you on and attempts to make you worse off then you were before, so it can continue feeding, consequently gaining more strength) or a drained, lethargic feeling (occurring consequently of the energy fluctuations and absorption of the energy by the demons). These conditions were described by rescuers, firemen and military personnel upon gingerly traipsing and examining the interior of the WTC in the aftermath of the crashes.

In relation to the 9/11 attacks, the varied pictures of faces that were seen were most likely demons that gathered at the site to absorb the negative energy, which would have been emitted outwards like nuclear radiation in an unstable nuclei, being congenial to the general conditions there at that time. It would have been analogous to an all-you- can eat buffet for the demons, because of the profuse level of mixed-negative emotions.

9/11 isn’t the only crash where faces of demon-like creatures were captured. It is actually a rather natural phenomenon and is also applicable to general situations where a lot of emotional disturbances are occurring.

We can only hope humanity will one day learn to unite and tolerate one and another, instead of segregating/differentiating ourselves further. A global society, particularly in this time of imminent danger, is desirable if we want a better future and if we want to avoid accidents such as these. People, on an individual scale, need to learn to turn towards god and request peace of mind before his presence. Through this can we starve the demons and shun them back to the abhorrent hole they spawned from.

Take care and here are some links to pictures and videos of the faces of 9/11:


p.s. (An alternative explanation surrounding the faces, is that they are the faces of the deceased on board the plane, departing the world, however this is unlikely considering the overall malevolence of the expressions and the fact that a majority of these victims would have been tender, loving souls).

Sent in by Alpha, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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44 Responses to “9/11 – Did Satan Play A Role In It?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Most people are going to tell you that the faces are a result of matrixing, the minds predisposition to make random images form recognizable and distinct images.Think of all the things you see in clouds, as an example. But My faith recognizes an adverserial force at work in the world, that is opposed to goodness and thrives on pain and suffering. The world has become a much darker place since 911, the blood, loss and suffering that occured her has spilled out and covered many countries. If you believe in a Devil, you’d have to agree he’s rather pleased by the outcome of 911. I believe we don’t need the help of supernatural dark powers to do heinous things to one another. I do think that at certain points, we do have something egging us on a path best not taken. add on top of this the apocalyptic world view that is now the norm. So yeah it’s not a stretch of imagination to think something could have been in those photos.Gloating.

  2. E.Cheney says:

    I beleive in spirits and ghost from my own experince. But this story is the biggest WASTE OF SPACE I’ve ever seen.If you can’t come up with something more beleiveable than this story DON’T write anything. E.Cheney

    • The Caretaker says:

      E Cheney
      This really isnt a story. It is more like an expose with the purpose of getting people to think about this and to discuss it with others.

      I didnt write the story so maybe I shouldnt speak for the writer, but could you explain why you disliked the article so much?

    • Anonymous says:

      It has become a proven fact that the members of satanic bohemian grove which include george bush performed a huge satanic ritual on 9/11,while it happened bush was at a school chanting a banned childrens book that contained satanic rituals.
      Look it up and read up get the facts.

  3. E.Cheney says:

    Hello Caretaker, I can beleive the devil had something to do with 9/11. But involvement of our own goverment I don’t beleive. I reread your “story” and some of it makes since and some of it doesn’t. But to be fair to you ,you do have a right to express your thoughts . Saying that, I must also say as a story it was well written. Nothing personal meant. E Cheney

    • The Caretaker says:

      As I have said, I did not write the story so there is nothing personal about it at all. I am the owner of this website, but that does not mean that I agree or disagree with what the readers write and send in. Keep in mind that all the stories and articles here were sent in by visitors.

      • anna says:

        caretaker-i always wondered who stared this sit not thinking you were the one.how did you come up with the idea?and i love this site.i dont know if people say it but thats keep up the good work.

        • Caretaker says:

          Anna – I started this site in January of 2007 as a small hobby site because of my interest in the paranormal. From then it just kept growing.

          • anna says:

            well again thanks you for this site.the best thing about this is we get to talk to people and read there stories even though we disagree thats the best part.nobody is perfect.so thanks.and i hope this site stays for a very very long time.

            • Pat says:

              I totally agree with Anna- this is a great website full of information as well as great ghost tales! THANK YOU

  4. Ryan says:

    I have no doubt in my mind there was some spiritual aspects to 9/11 but the human mind will go to any lenght to create order in choas and the press will go to any lenght to sell a story. I saw a cloud that looked like a pirate once. Who knows that could have been legit too.

  5. Anonymous #1 says:

    Well this is my compliment i think this story isnot a waste of space its an interesting story although i didnt really much understand what you meant but its interesting now if you excuse me theres a lip in my computer!!!!

  6. E.Cheney says:

    I would like to tell The Caretaker,that I am sorry . It was a case of me not paying attention to who I’ M talken to. I’ll look before I type. THANKS E. Cheney

  7. ico says:

    Yeah, i also think the faces were just matrixing. I am completely willing to believe in the supernatural, infact i have a great interest in it but believing this kind of stuff is too much, in my opinion. in regards to the conspiracy, you have no idea how much i wanted there to be some kind of movie-like cover-up but i’ve done alot of my own investigating and i didnt really find anything that supported that. All of the “evidence” i looked at was either misrepresented or downright not true so i think if the government had something to do with it, it was something small and/or inadvertant. Apparently to some people, if you’re in power you’re automatically evil. I’d also like to add that by the end of this article, it seemed like an advertisement for religion.

  8. Alpha says:


    This article was only proposing an explanation behind the faces that were sighted by others in the aftermath of the successive plane crashes at the WTC, 9/11 2001.

    There were formations of demoniac countenances and i believed they occurred because of the demons gathering at the WTC, to feast upon the negative energy being emitted by the people on board the planes and the terrorists whom flew it. Those on board the plane would have obviously been petrified and the terrorists who took the planes would have been emitting malevolent energy. Personally, i feel demons savour this sort of energy. They relish distress and anger and general negativity, because it gives them strength. This is just my view. The demons then used this energy to reveal their presence like a medium.

    We all have inner demons. They feed of our negativity and malevolence and often (if they are strong enough to do so) steer us into paths of evil. This is simply a personal belief of mine.

    Also, I never said that the governments ‘did’ orchestrate the attacks, but was merely suggesting it as one of the more popular notions, surrounding the cause of 9/11. In fact, there is no reliable implication, whatsoever, indicating my views on how 9/11 occurred.

    and finally, this wasn’t a story. It was (like caretaker said) an expose proposing a view on the formation of the faces during 9/11.

    Although there is no experimental basis for my view on demons being able to feed of negative energy, it is a theory i developed after examining different demoniac cases and it also correlates with the view of psychics and mediums. These people claim to see demons attached to individuals too.

    In most demoniac cases, the demons target those of pure intentions and true light. They attack these people because they don’t have any demons attached to them, so they try and attach themselves to the individual. If a demon gains enough strength (which occurs when the host emits enough negative energy, which consequently occurs after we do something bad), they can possess the individual, taking over their body. This is when you’d require an exorcism.

    In most people, demons just exist ‘alongside’ us if you prefer. They are with us and often stir us towards darkness, encouraging or tempting us to sin. They feed off the negative emotions (hatred, guilt, remorse, dismay, etc) we emanate (which often occurs when we sin) and become stronger through this, gaining more influence and control over us. They can cause us to be depressed, by making life miserable for us, depending upon their strength. (they can make things go down for us, by manipulating the energy surrounding us) They can even stir us to suicide. The more bad we are and the worse we feel, the stronger they become. This is why we should always do the right thing, because this repels them.

    Finally, please read things more carefully in the future before you post an opinion, because it appears most distasteful and ignorant.

    (P.S. Could you please point out the parts that you feel didn’t make sense?)

    Take care,

  9. Alpha says:


    god can be anything… It doesn’t always have to be a divine, immaculate, infallible spiritual being, but hope itself or the good within us and others.

    So, don’t get me mixed up with a religious fanatic who tries desperately to bring others into their embrace. I’m not a preacher or a cult maniac…

  10. ico says:


    I wasnt really calling you a religious fanatic, preacher or cult maniac but what caught my eye was “need to learn to turn towards god and request peace of mind before his presence” and i can see what you’re saying and i’d like to say you should have picked your words better but that would make me sound like an ass but you have to admit that it obviously has religious connotations. What is the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions God? I don’t know about you but i think of churches and crucifixes and priests. I’d also like to add that i’m not saying that i don’t believe in God, i’m willing to but it annoys me when it’s pushed on me so hopefully you can see what i’m saying. Oh and do you really think the government had something to do with 9/11?

  11. Jackie says:

    Do you have more info of your evidence?

  12. Jackie says:


    I agree with you! Although, i’m not going to go into detail as I find the article not to my liking and i certainly don’t like the way it is written.

    Earlier articles were lovely to read and with much more clarity.

  13. John says:

    09/11 and Satan:
    Historically, during his early days of Mohammed went to Mecca, an important center for many religions, and took over the altar dedicated to Baal. If you will recall, Baal is the false god of the Old Testament, a minion of Satan. Mohammed replaced Baal with Allah, still using an altar that was dedicated to a minion of Satan. Thus isn’t it logical to believe that Allah is also Satan’s minion, and that acts done in the name of Allah are — often unwittingly — acts that serve the interests of the prince of darkness? And Islam is Satan’s “gift” to mankind?

    • Big Chief says:

      Absolute nonsense. Christianity, Judaism, Islam all came out of the middle eastern/African region. Jesus, Muhammad, Solomon, etc.. were all the same peoples. Jesus spoke Aramaic or Ahramaic as one of his languages and in that language God is called “Allahu”. Even if you watch Passion of the Christ, in the movie Jesus called God at one point “Allahu”. Same God as the Muslim God “Allah”. No difference. Jesus was from the Palestine region so he was much of an Arab as was Muhammad. Same peoples, same God..

      • K. Smith says:

        Before Allah became the god of Islam. It is said that Muhammads grandfather Abd Al-Muttalib prayed to a god named Hubal and he called him Allah. Hubal was the Arabic name for Baal, a violent and bloody Canaanite god.

        I will say it again, the God of Christianity and Allah of Islam are NOT the same God. Christianity teaches that God has an only begotten son, Jesus.

        John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

        Islam teaches that Allah has no son but he does have three daughters Al-lat, Al Uzza and Manat. These three goddesses are worshipped throughout the Arab world as the Daughters of Allah. (Surah 53:19).

        The bible teaches that Jesus died for the sons of the world. Islam teaches that Jesus is NOT the savior of humanity but a mere prophet and he did NOT die for the sins of mankind.

        • Big Chief says:

          Wow!!! Haven’t been here in a minute. Where are the new ouija stories?? People afraid to play. Lol.. Anyways, Mr. K. Smith, glad you replied. First of all, how many Gods do you believe there are in the world. You mentioned something about a Caananite God and you also say that the Christian God and Muslim God are not the same Gods. How many Gods do you figure there are in this world. Remember, God existed before Jesus Christ came down on earth.. Do you believe that when people die they will either see, Allah, Jesus, The Great Spirit, Buddha and all other Gods of their culture?

          Which God did people see before Jesus Christ came down to earth? Which God did the Native Americans see before Columbus came to America? Its like people who say that “Satan” is the Christian devil. Whatever you call God or the Devil, its all the same. No culture has their own God, angel, devil or demons. Its all the same, different names worshipped in a different way but all the same one God or devil or demons. There is no different God for a different culture. That’s pure human manmade nonsense.. Isn’t there a famous Jewish scripture in the Bible that reads “Your God and My God is One”. What do you think that means? Also, if Jesus is the son of God then what are Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve didn’t have a human mother or father… Jesus had a human mother, Mary, and a human father, Joseph.. Shouldn’t Adam and Eve be more of God’s children than Jesus. They had no human parents!!! Jesus did!!!!

          Furthermore, all the prophets of the Bible were either Egyptian or Israelites. Jesus was said to be an Israelite and so was Mohammad. They were mainly the same peoples. One of Jesus’s language was Aramaic (sp) and he called his God “Allahu”. Muhammad spoke Arabic and he called God “Allah”. What’s the difference? Sorry to go off topic but just wanted to explain myself. Keep the topic going…

  14. Alpha says:

    I don’t get what’s so bad about this article
    what’s wrong with it?

    • HollywoodHarriet says:

      I think Satan had everything to do with 9/11. He feeds on hatred and influences humans to feed on it too. All of human history is good vs evil. Years after 9/11 I was sleeping in the Hilton Millennium hotel on Church St across from the World Trade Center. The site was cleaned up at this point, but some of the buildings that have been demolished since were still standing, covered with tarps that eerily waved in the breeze. We had an office at One Liberty Plaza, also on Church St, and it was the first time I had been back to NY since. I was dreaming that I was leisurely reclining in a chaise but someone very angry kept pushing hard on the chair like trying to push me out of it or wake me up. I am not a light sleeper so the pushing continued until I awoke startled and immediately I had the impression of angry spirits, multiple angry spirits hovering at the top of the doorway. I did not see anything and don’t particularly believe in ghosts, but felt a lot of anger there. I didn’t think it was any of innocent workers or plane passengers either It was something more than that. I called on Jesus and began to pray for all the people lost that day and their families and for the hijackers too. I wasn’t afraid and soon fell asleep again. Jesus said we are to pray for our enemies – this is the only way to be free of hatred and resentment. Later in the day I visited The Family Room in One Liberty Plaza that overlooks the site. It is a place for families and friends of the victims. The room was covered wall to wall, floor to ceiling with pictures of the victims, letters, cards and mementos. Seeing all this and the faces of the victims personalized 9/11 for me. But also in this room was such a comforting feeling of peace. I am thankful I left NY with that.

  15. Lee & Cindy says:

    A interesting concept that the article has, but not what we would see as real. We believe in demons and so but our personal experience with them is very different to what the writer suggests…….. Even so a well writen piece!

  16. mark says:

    the meaning or reasoning of the images in the pictures may vary,but the one thing that cant be denied,they are there.could it be that if you are looking for something like that in the pictures you ll see them?,yes it s possible,however you dont have to look real hard to see the images.i have also observed these quote unquote satanic faces in alot of disaster related pictures,im in no way claiming to know what process is creating them or what they may or may not be,but once again it comes back to one thing and that thing is that the face like images are there.i dont think that we can point to 911 as the focal point of this phenom,because in doing that it becomes a more narrow issue,it becomes to easy to blame the images on the evil that took place that day,when in reality since the images appear in so many incidents where there is death and extreme emotion,we seemingly have a broader issue here.i think to say that these images appear only to people looking for them is a bit narrow minded,however,the same can be said if one only see s the issue as being satanic in nature.but to say that nothing is causing these images is even more closed thought minded,i will say this though,how do we know what saten or demons —-if there realyy is such a thing as either—look like?,maybe in reality we are seeing something more deeply ingrained in all of us.maybe we are seeing the image of death,because if we fear evil then isnt death the ultimate evil coming to take away that which is good and what is good to mortal humans is life,thus perhaps we are looking at our deepest ingrained fear in the face.

  17. Disaffected Intelligence says:

    It’s called pareidolia.

    Seeing demonic influences behind directive acts or random events is paranoia.

  18. mark says:

    i would agree with that

  19. elephant says:

    I think I was only four years old when this took place and I am unsure of what happened.

  20. mark miller says:

    hi elephant,without going into the whole story,because im sure you know about the world trade center being hit by hijacked planes on sept 11 2001.the main story here however,is that in many pictures taken after the impact of the planes,face like images turn up in the smoke coming from the towers,some people feel that the face or images may be satanic in nature

  21. newyorkshedoc says:

    Come on, “the devil made me do it.”

    9/11 was an atrocity committed by HUMANS! Demons influence just as angels do but do not make choices for humans…please..

  22. mark miller says:

    im with ya doc,humans were the only devils on 911,i was just telling elephant that some people feel—im not one of them—that satanic forces may have been at work that day

  23. Big Chief says:

    Americans did do 9-11!!! I believe it was demon influenced too. How could some bumbling Arabs who couldn’t even pass flight school be able to take over planes in mid-air and find their targets precisely with no maps in the air. They couldn’t even pass flight school for God’s sake!!! How could they possible be pros at flying boeings in mid-air and precisely finding their targets. Plus, the plane that crashed into the Pentagon left little to no debris. It just desintergrated. Yeah right!!! And that plane just happened to be the only plane with the only 2 Al Qaeda members of the 19 highjackers. Yeah right!!! Who gained more from 9-11. Americans or Arabs???

    • Speed says:

      Yes!! I have always kept my belief that the US government planned it all but not alot of people agree with, or maybe they don’t want to believe that they are capable of such things. The Fahrenheit 9/11 movie really opened my eyes, not only did we lose lives on that day, but also all the US troops that died for god knows what reason?? Definitely not worth all the lives lost including innocent Afghan people when we first attacked them….. It’s sad to think that the government could be so sinister but hey….. I believe it’s all a big cover up to what they truly are. There are a lot of inconsistencies and there is secrecy all over when it comes to matters that will affect the public.

  24. anna says:

    that is so very sad about all the people that lost there lives.maybe the people that made them crash was possessed and thats what they did.or they were mad at the world and they wanted revenge.but no matter how sucure the area is i for got what the word is.were you waiting for the plains anyways no matter how sucure it is there will always be a way for idiots to bring stuff that there not supose to bring or bomb the place.so it could be possessed and or it couldnt be but we will never know now will we?and im sorry but i think it was stupid for the guys to do that what they did.i heard that someone knew what was up and they didnt do anything.if someone looks like there up to no good do something.thats my opoion

  25. GirlRacer says:

    Well. This article is brilliantly written, and thought provoking.

    Throughout history, religion has been involved in war. What happened on 11th September 2001 is no different.

    I was in work in London, the day of the London attacks. I normally get the tube but on the day, I drove in an hour earlier than I should have been there.

    Anyhow. Whilst I agree with the majority that demon activity is rife amongst tragedy, so is kindness and love and selflessness. I am English, but the compassion of the free people of the world was focused upon New York. Help came from thousands of people searching the rubble. Donations were flooding in. People were bonded, united, working as one. Prayers were being said and whispered throughout the world.

    I myself helped out with the tube survivors in London. One kid, about 12 was on his own. He was crying, blackened face, but unhurt physically. I went over to him, gave him my mobile and told him to call his parents. I stayed with him until they arrived. The boy flung his arms around me and we both hugged tight. His mum and dad then took him to the hospital for checks. He’s grown up and is training to be a firefighter.

    Wherever there is tragedy, you will always see God working through us. He does come through.

  26. AnNa bites back says:

    i am so very sorry for all of those people that lost loved ones that day.it will never be the same.the ones that got hurt that day will have scares for life and every year on is day.we can point fingers who did it but the question is really why?why did it happen? why those people?why?all we can say is we dont know.im sorry again for those who lost there lifes R.I.P.

  27. Mountainheart says:

    Even if the devil’s face was true or not, he was still involved in it cos …… you know what i’m tryin’ to say. He was workin’ in the hearts of whoeverplanned it anyway.

  28. Speed says:

    It’s all a big conspiracy theory !! The devils faces that are seen on pictures are those of Bush !!!

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