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Demon Possession ~ A Candid Conversation Part 2

Hey Rosemary,

Just for your information....I noticed your "friends" snooping around yesterday. They even went so far as to exert pressure on my root chakra. Thats how they get in, root chakra, solar plexus or the back of the neck and I recognize the feeling.

Thats the main reason I never get involved in such matters. I don't like being annoyed.

If you put your attention on a thing you give it power, thus I tend not to do that.

- Tim

That may be how people believe spirits get into a human body but its not true.

A Spirit can make themselves into a full size man, or animal or anything they choose to appear as and they can make themselves appear giant size or they can appear making themselves as small as say a gnat or a roach, depending on the mood they are in.

The way a Spirit gets into the human body is through the same body openings that people have sex with or that they eliminate body waste through.

I believe the reason that women are more the victims of spirit take over is because they have more body openings than men.

Once inside the Spirits can gather as many as four inside and around your brain and inflict pressure on the brain.

They can also exert pressure on the blood vessels and the heart and hinder the floor of blood.

But I believe mostly spirits do this to frighten and once you lose your fear of their being able to kill all they have is their pressure and pain they can inflict but they can no longer frighten.

At that point them themselves become to frightened to come out and until they lose their fear of coming out to face whatever punishment they might receive from a guide who has control over them by telling them what he is going to do to them once they are back under his control is what happens at that point in time.

My Spirits are too terrified to come out, and too stubborn to give in so for the time being as I sleep they bank against my brain causing pain, and when I'm up they try to con me into taking them places so they can try to make me make mistakes by purchasing things they want, then as I drive home they try to cause me to have accidents and all sorts of things.

So for the time being I go out only when its necessary to buy things to survive in the home, and other than that I just go about my day as best I can and try to talk them out.

But make no mistake about it after the years I have spent trying to deal with this situation, the truth I give the world is a one on one first hand experience with spirits and who they are and what they are capable of.

So what we need to do is accept what mythical demons really are, they are the vicious, spirits of our relatives and associates and perhaps even co-workers who grow to hate us and seek vengeance against us after they die.

And given the method some people die you can imagine that in some cases vengeance is the thing that consumes them as they look down at their lifeless bodies and go through the funerals and have to look back at earth watching people have the fun they were used to having and they will latch on to the body they think they will enjoy living in.

I think the main reason for so many spirit take overs now is the book written by Spiritual Writer Ruth Montgomery, titled 'Strangers Among Us' where she outlines the story of walk-in's.

In the book allegedly walk-in's are enlightened spirits who take over the bodies of people who no longer want to live or who are going through life threatening situations like in emergency rooms and when the body is too ill to keep the body alive, according to the book a controlling spirit puts an enlightened spirit back into the body and it brings the body back to life and it lives on to channel for spirit like I have been doing.

Allegedly according to the Guides I became a Walk-In back in the seventies when I was near death in a Hospital and when Jesus appeared to me on May 9, 1986 he told me that I am a Walk-In and that the Spirit of Mary his mother walked into this body and at that time the three relatives of the so called walk-out and Stergio decided they would try to force the spirit out of this body and take over and its been a battle royal ever since.

I didn't want to write about that again in this story but I feel anyone reading my story needs to know why this is happening and they also need to know that these four in more than 20 years have not been able to force this spirit out or take over this body but they have caused me a lot of pain and aggravation and that is why I have added Stergios full name to this copy hoping some of his relatives on earth might read the story and come to my aid and help me find a priest hoping he can exorcise them from my body.

- Rosemary

Whoaaa... That adds a whole new dimension to the affair. Looks like I need to (re)/read the articles with a closer scrutiny. I've only read the published one not whats on the site yet.

If you are a walk in...which I believe can happen but have never seen or been involved with. From my personal perspective I am not certain a walk in would necessarily be a higher evolved spirit...unless they had a purpose. Which you seem to think you have and maybe do (how would I know! :) ). I can think of several historical accounts of evil sorcerers taking over the bodies of young children when the sorcerer dies. But I hear the child has to be "prepared" and I'd rather not go into how that unpleasantness is accomplished. Satanic (worshipers) mind control works in a similar fashion.

The body was never yours to begin with so technically you "are" a possessing spirit and I can see why "they" would be furious with you and how that would compound driving them out and not "injuring" you. Doesn't mean they have the right but I understand it. Very interesting indeed.

Obviously, I am not going to change my mind on what I consider demons....smirk, I explained why earlier. I dont have any viscous family members or any historically that I know of. In fact not a single member of my family in America for almost four hundred years has ever been sent to jail or accused of murder, rape or anything else vile. What went after me was native American and there were other powers involved, it was not family or annoyed co-workers, my family doesn't and would not do something like that.

I'm not sure where you get the number 4 from. I dont see why there cant be 5, 10, 50 or 100. Why would it matter? You may be right on only 4.... but that would be saying the bible, Koran, Talmud, Hindu Vedas, and just about every spiritual writing is wrong, and everything I have read and experienced personally is wrong. Which I suppose is a possibility... as is everything, but I doubt it.

As far as how they get in, I'm sure there is a myriad of ways. But thinking back, they very well may have gotten in through my mouth as I couldn't speak at the time due to whatever they were doing, this was witnessed by half a dozen others.

The greatest accomplishment of the Lucifer (the Morningstar, the most beautiful and knowledgeable of angles, before the fall) was convincing the world he does not exist!

How would you or the spirits you are in contact with know? Are they gods? Do they have a perfect knowledge of all the spirit planes? I dont think so.

Why people see Mary I have never understood, except from the perspective of their own belief system. People who have Near Death Experiences tend to see things colored by their belief system, Catholics see cathedrals, Muslims see mosques, Mormons see temples...etc

Yes, Mary was the mother of Christ and as such deserves great respect and reverence but that doesn't mean anyone should worship her (not to say you do), that would be taking away from the Lord and false worship (I'm going to piss off a lot of people with that comment). Sure you can send a prayer or mental request to her but worship her? Thats taking it too far.

Of course they can look like whatever they wish, spirit is of a plastic nature, responding to thought and will.

Yeah you do loose your fear....I just get extremely pissed off, no longer afraid.

Finding a "priest" is easy, well for me, I could have 3 over here in a matter of hours if not minutes... and such things are somewhat routine in my religion. Not talked about per se, but far more routine than one would think.

Hrrmmm, thanks for the pondering info. I have a lot to think about.

- Tim

Contributed by Tim & Rosemary and Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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