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The Man in the Picture

I have many ghost encounter experienced. Some hair raising and some I just keep in myself.

This story is way back year 2003 when I was working in Cambodia. I am a homebody person and I enjoy staying in the four walls of my room than going outside. I am the only female expat hired by my company and the three were male Koreans. I am holding the merchandiser position and this is the reason why I have to spend longer hours in the office even after working time. Sometimes I continue my work in my room. I sometimes go back to our staff house late night 11 pm or 12pm. The reason for going back late is because of the time differences between our customers. Most of our customers are American and European.This is just normal time for me because I need to get all the information I needed for the next days work in the factory. If I …

April 23rd, 2010 by Caretaker