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Graveyard Ghosts in Namibia Africa

This happened in a town where I was living with my parents when I was 19, its in Africa, the country Namibia.

Well me and my friends wanted to play a joke on two of our friends which were girls, so we decided to take them to the graveyard in the night time. It was in the month of October, so we all got together and headed out. The graveyard was about one kilometer out of town in the desert. It was abandoned because of ‘safety reasons’ which we never found out. It was a dark and misty night, when we got near the graveyard wind started to pick up which was strange because this time of night wind does not pick up until 5:00 pm and never in my nine years in this town did the wind came up this early. The time was 23:50 when we got to the graveyard, then the wind dropped and everything started to …

January 22nd, 2010 by CareTaker