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Monte Cristo Australias Most Haunted House

It was about a month ago when two of my friends and I went to Monte Cristo – Australia’s most haunted house.

We were non-believers at the time and determined to remain skeptical. Needles to say our experience terrified us and we are now true believers in the after life.

We toured the house and wandered about thinking it was all a big joke, when we heard what seemed like a child yelling. We were a little spooked, but thought it might be a trick.

It was only when we noticed that no one else seemed to hear the noise that we started feeling a bit uneasy. But after about 5 minutes the noise stopped and we didn’t hear anything else. We did however, get the fright of our life when we entered the dining room and saw a lady in a black dress that appeared to be dressed in clothes from the past, but as a whole she seemed …

April 6th, 2011 by Caretaker