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Unexplained Experiences in Rural England

Hello all. I thought I might share some of my family’s experiences with the unexplained. The following is true so far as I am involved in the events, and where I am not, the information is from people I believe are credible. I should add that there is nothing particularly dramatic about what I have to relate: if it’s supernatural melodrama you are after, you should probably move on.

I grew up in rural Shropshire, a county in England in Great Britain for those not in the know and it was during this childhood that my only significant experience of the unexplained occurred. Incidentally, by rural I mean that our nearest neighbour was approximately half a mile away, and the nearest significant centre of civilization was some sixteen miles. In England we don’t have any real wildernesses: the country is so old and so populated nowhere is very far from some sort of urbanization.

The house I lived in was …

January 14th, 2010 by Caretaker