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Restless Bones

Hi everyone. My mother was born in 1930, when she was 5 my grandparents lost their farm. They started working for a farmer about 20 miles away and moved into a workers house on the property. This house was near the barn, where they built a pig pen to raise their pork.

Several months after moving in the family started hearing someone walking on the tin roof over the living room of the house. Just the living room no where else in the house. The walking would start about dark and go on for hours. Grandpa would go out with a light and look but never saw anything.

After a couple weeks of the walking Grandpa ask the owner if the previous tenants had ever heard anything. He said no, but the last person who lived there just left without saying a word. The owner said he left everything and was never heard from again.

A little later when the …

May 19th, 2010 by Caretaker