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Black Eyes

I have had various encounters with the paranormal throughout my life, but recently I had something unusual happen that I don’t understand.

On a recent Sunday morning, my husband and I stopped by our local pet mega-store for something for the cat in our lives. As we were getting back into our car to leave, I noticed an older woman who was getting into the car that was facing our car. As I glanced in her direction, I was shocked to discover that where her eyes should have been, there were two pitch black holes. The holes were bigger than her actual eyes would have been, they were more like sideways ovals that extended from the top of where her eyes should have started to about the middle of her cheeks.

I thought I must be seeing things, so I looked back at her. The black holes had gotten smaller and were disappearing into her actual eyes, so at first …

May 13th, 2010 by Caretaker