Why Do I Get Visions of Old Writing?

I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are on this:

I don�t tend to suffer from visions very often but, over the past few months, I�ve been getting odd writing appear right in front of my eyes, just as I�m going into meditation, or just about to go to drop off to sleep.

The writing reads from right to left. The nearest I can find that it might resemble is ancient Chinese writing � albeit, that reads from top to bottom. The writing I get isn�t exactly the same as the Chinese writing, but it�s the nearest �visual� I can find so to give you an approximation of what it looks like.

When I first started to get these visions, the writing was written on square tablets of stone. But, today, it appeared on what looked like an old computer screen (light green or grey writing on a dark green background). It also scrolled from right to left, so I could see the entire text.

The annoying thing is, I recognize this writing, but don�t know where from. Very odd.

Any one any theories?


Asked by A.J. Ryder

Image added 10-13-2011

Strange Writing / Symbols

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