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A Look at Elves and Fairies


Here is an in depth look at different types of fairies and elves. Also take a look at Faeries ~ Truth and Legends of the Fairy Folk

Yep! I am snatching up two more titles to place under my belt. Call me an Elficologist and a Fairyologist. Because I am going to give you, the reader a fast history lesson on elves and fairies. Have I ever hunted fairies and elves? Well sort of. When I went to Ireland, I was looking for the elusive leprechaun. Of course I never found a leprechaun, but I did travel down fairy path at Dublin Castle. Then the most recent Mount Shasta excursion, in which a dozen paranormal investigators went looking for ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, the Last of the Lemurians and fairies. Dwarfs and fairies have been seen going in and out of the caverns near Mount Shasta (Read more about the Mount Shasta investigation). But, I believe these dwarfs and fairies have their origins to the infamous 'grays' of UFO lore.

There is a lot that connects fairies to UFO lore, let's look over some of the examples:

Hmmm, is that a coincidence? To be truthful, I believe there is a connection between UFOs and fairies. I also believe that UFOs are connected to our Norse - Roman/Greek - Egyptian - Mayan - Aztec myths, but that's a whole other story. Let's briefly talk about elves.

Elves and fairies on certain levels can be somewhat similar. My theory is that elves are a branch from the fairy bloodline. Elves originated with Germanic mythology. In fact if you travel to Europe, there are many people that still believe in elves. Elves were known as minor nature and fertility gods. They were looked upon as youthful and having great beauty. They are somewhat small in stature and have pointy ears. They are known to reside in underground places, caves, wells and springs. Some elves embrace the forest. In Germany's Black Forest it is rumored that a race of elves live in this mystical forest. Other reports from the Black Forest is about a man that was covered in fire, that actually flew from the forest trees to a church steeple. When the townsfolk tried to stone him, he flew away never to be seen again. Some people have called this man on fire, the Fire Elf. It is thought that elves are immortal and have magical powers.

Since I believe Elves and Fairies are actually in the same family, we will look at the variety of fairies and elves, placed together conveniently for you the reader.

At some point of time, I plan to travel to Iceland, an island that is filled with little people that live beneath the stones. In Iceland there are elves, lovelings, gnomes, trolls, huldufolk and light fairies. Icelanders take little people very seriously and when they think they are invading the space of little people, they will reroute a shopping mall to keep the little people happy.

If you ever go hunting for little people, use my list to identify what kind of little people you are dealing with. You can then make claim that you are an Elficologist or Fairyologist that has the ability to identify and deal with the small folk you have encountered. Happy little people hunting! Bag one for me!

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